Hell: Covenant: Judaism, Christianity and Islam



Part 1: The Reality of Hell, Four Other Non-Biblical Religions, Satan.

Part 2: The Origin of Man, God’s Covenant with Abram, Israel’s Founding.

Part 3: How Gentiles were Included with Israel From Their Beginning, How Israel’s Judaism Rose to its Highest Mark and its Downward Spiral, The Biblical Location of The Ark of the Covenant.

Part 4: Mankind’s Timeline, How Jesus Fulfilled Prophesy, The Unveiling of the Spiritual Side of Abraham’s Covenant, Application of Overshadow, The Four Gospels, Jesus’ Ministry.

Part 5: Jesus’ Torture, Death, Burial and Resurrection, The Unveiling of Abraham’s Covenant Continues.

Part 6: Pentecost, God’s Identity, The Founding of Christianity.

Part 7: Saul’s Persecution of the Fledgling Church and His Conversion, The Spiritual Side of Stephen’s murder, The Church on the Run, Who the Samaritans Really Were, Did Saul/Paul Know Jesus Before Jesus was Murdered, Origin of the Semitic Language, Saul/Paul’s Disappearance.

Part 8: Cornelius’ True Identity, Peter’s Spiritual Struggle, Cornelius’ Conversion.

Part 9: The Pharisees, The Talmud, Who Was the Real Paul, Could Saul/Paul Have Been One of the Pharisees Jesus Condemned, Paul’s Face to Face Time with Jesus, Paul Reappears, Was the Twelfth Apostle Paul or Matthias, Paul’s Ministry and Writing.

Part 10: God’s Power, God’s Personality, Does God Need Us, Review of Man Before Jesus, Review of Hebrew Writings, The Building of Abraham’s Faith, The Crusades, The Three Religions’ Blood Kin Claim to Abraham, The Religious World in Mohammad’s Time.

Part 11: Mohammad’s World, Mohammad and his Search for God.

Part 12: Similarities in the Three Main World Religions, Divisions Within the Individual Religions, The Koran (Quran).

Part 13: The Koran.

Part 14: Satan, God, Prophesy, Does God Want Man to Come Back to Him.

Part 15: Comparison, Questions, Conclusion