Introduction to The Holy Spirit And You

NOTE: The first part of this introduction makes this commentary sound a bit "teachy and it is but it also reveals the kind, loving, intimate, personal relationship God desires to develop with (Rom. 8:15-17) His Christian  family. Near the end is a guide, with small summaries, to some of the articles that contain true personal stories that will reveal God's personality as He is and (Rom. 8:9) and as how He is in us. "END OF NOTE:

The objective of this commentary is:

To recognize the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a Christian life;

To discern the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a Christian life;

To understand what the Holy Spirit does in a Christian life;

To know the Holy Spirit.


These five notes, though rather dry reading, are necessary to "set the stage" for the rest of this commentary. The unrevised KING JAMES Holy Bible is the reference used.

NOTE #1: (1Cor. 12:10) The discerning (to separate thoroughly) of spirits is a gift. (1Cor. 12:31) We are told to “covet earnestly the best gifts” and that puts the burden of responsibility squarely on Christians to know the Holy Spirit. People pray for and struggle to recognize the devil and they should but they hardly ever pray for and struggle to recognize the Holy Spirit.

God does not cram knowledge into our unwilling brain; we must study. What do you really know about the Holy Spirit? (Rom. 8:9) “if any man hath not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his.” The indwelling Holy Spirit is the only way we can know we are a Christian.

For your own security and peace of mind concerning your salvation it is imperative for you to recognize the Holy Spirit’s work in your Christian life. (John 14:16-26) This commentary will show you how the Holy Spirit is attempting to work, uncultivated, unrecognized and misunderstood, in every aspect of your life. Through the failure in personal responsibility to know the Holy Spirit a Christian can be “lukewarm” and not even know it.

If this has frightened you I am sorry. If you have decided to read no further AT LEAST TAKE THIS MUCH WITH YOU and do what this scripture says. (Psa. 139:23-24) "Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."

You must have "alone time" with God so go to a quiet place with no interruptions and pray this prayer: Search me, O God, and if You find sin and failure in my relationship with You please reveal them to me and help me overcome them because I don't want to be (Rev. 3:16) lukewarm and miss heaven.

THEN YOU LISTEN AND MEDITATE FOR A WHILE. (Rom. 8:26-32 esp. V.28) "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God," Whatever God tells you in your thoughts is because (1John 4:8) He loves you but (Matt. 22:36-37) DO YOU LOVE GOD?

NOTE #2: Ignorance defined by scripture:

(1Tim. 1:13) #1 Legitimate Ignorance is the state of being unaware of certain scriptural information or being misled concerning certain information, but willing to learn.

(2Pet. 3:5) #2 Willful Ignorance is the state of being too proud or too stubborn to accept certain scriptural information.

(1Cor. 14:38) #3 Neglectful Ignorance is being proud, selfish, lazy, uncaring, or unwilling to accept or to obtain certain scriptural information.

(Eph. 4:17-19 & 1Pet. 1:13-14) #4 Lustful Ignorance is disregarding certain scriptural information due to hunger for sensation, emotional gratification, and appetite for the forbidden thing regardless of the cost, regardless of the consequences one thinks might come later, or regardless of the consequences one knows will come later.

According to those scriptures given we, as Christians, will be held accountable for our ignorance. The Holy Scripture, the scripture, the Word of God, and the Word are interchangeable words throughout scripture that all mean the same thing which is (the Holy writ, the full contents, or a statement in the Holy Writ). (2Tim. 4:13) “books” (Biblion) is the Greek source word for Bible so sometimes Bible or Holy Bible is also used to denote (the Holy Writ) in this commentary. This study will require your full attention.

NOTE #3: (Prov. 2:1-12) Sometimes it is necessary to use a Greek and Hebrew to English Dictionary when one desires full understanding of a word. (2Tim. 2:15) Study (to make effort, be diligent, labor) to show thyself approved (acceptable, tried) unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing (dissect correctly the divine message) the word of truth.”

Dissect means (to examine in the smallest detail). Obviously rightly dividing God’s word of truth is a requirement and an ongoing trial for Christians. That makes sense because when we refuse to study all God hears us say is; "No, I don't want to know you God!"

How are we going to rightly divide God’s word of truth if we don’t even know the definition of words? (John 19:19-20) The three dominant languages used in Roman dominated Israel were Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Generally the original Old Testament texts are written in Hebrew and the original New Testament texts are written in Greek. Later the Holy Scriptures were translated into other languages.

People use a dictionary of their native language if they desire to know the definition of a word. SO: It is a common sense approach to use a Hebrew or Greek dictionary when one desires to know exactly what an English Bible word means. This does not “change” the wording of the Bible as many people fear; it merely illuminates and expands our understanding.

In this commentary definitions are in parenthesis at the end of the defined word. All effort has been made to write this commentary, on a complex subject, in an easy read format because your eternal life will depend upon your ability to understand what is written in God’s word.

If you pray and earnestly seek God’s guidance, if you pray and honestly desire to have a closer walk with God and if you pray and need God to reveal Himself to you; this commentary will change you forever.

NOTE #4: (2Tim.3:12-13) American culture, secular America, due to political and social correctness, is becoming more anti-Christian. (2Tim. 3:1-7 esp. V.5 keyword; power) The Church, meaning everything that considers itself Christian, grouped together, is becoming more anti-Holy Spirit. (2Tim 4:3-4) Some denominations, congregations and individual Christians are becoming more anti-Holy Word of God.


This commentary concerns Christians. (1John 4:1) We, as Christians, must understand the Holy Spirit’s part in achieving God’s final objective in His creation purpose because we, individual Christians, will be judged for our part in the achievement of that objective.

(Eph. 3:7-19) It is terrible that so many Christians do not comprehend God’s final objective in His creation purpose. Although written in a semi-story style; certain reference scripture numbers are unobtrusively inserted into the text for reference if desired.

It is better to read straight through a section of this commentary so you won't lose the story line then come back and reference as you read the same section again if you wish to do an in-depth study. When you study using the references the section automatically becomes a Biblical study guide. This information will require your concentration.


This commentary also contains several real-life events, true, stories I, the writer, have experienced that any Christian should enjoy. They are included in informational articles or sometimes the stories are the complete article SUCH AS: WHERE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT Part 2 The LIGHT which is an incredible true story about the spiritual knuckle and skull, last stand spiritual war a young woman fought for the soul of her Father. A part of the article THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN BE BLASPHEMED contains a story of my dear friend JR who blasphemed the Holy Spirit and met the consequences of his actions head on.

The last part of the article CHOSEN VESSELS contains the story of THE HAT and how it silently talks to socially isolated veterans. Part 2 of CHOSEN VESSELS: Old Walter: A CHOSEN VESSEL is the story of the great wonder God accomplished in the lives of an old drunkard and eight little boys. It is a vivid, Holy Spirit anointed story that shows how far God can and will reach into the degradation of a human life. Part one and Part two of the article I HAVE EXPERIENCED CHRISTIAN PHYSICAL DEATH scripturally reveals how God's grace and mercy extend far beyond what the vast majority of Christians believe.

The article THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TRUTH contains the awful story of our dear, dear friend to three generations of my family who refused (John 6:44) the drawing of God and suffered the consequences. It is very good for witnessing to your lost friends! THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TRUTH Part two: Jesus, My Daddy And Me is the story of my hard case, dries on the rough side of the towel Daddy and me and our twenty-one year war for his soul. I still had water running out of my britches from my baptism when Daddy started it.

MAN'S CONSCIENCE contains the story of two people; well you'll just have to read it because there is no explanation except the God I serve is so much more than really special, more than really unique. He is the Lord of all lords, the King of all kings, the God of all gods, He is love itself and there is none other like Him.

The article WHEN IS HOLY SPIRIT TIME contains the amazing story of a man whom the devil had convinced my congregation was a cult and had his wife in some type of bondage. He came from another state to our church with violence on his mind to rescue her but had a head-on collision with a group of small children and the Holy Spirit.

This story happened in another church and was told to me by that pastor but it is too good not to share with you. CHRISTIAN WAS WITH THE FLESH contains the story of a wild living, skating on the thin edge of lawlessness, "good ole boy" type who got saved, got up from the altar, started testifying about Jesus saving him, then started telling how the devil had made such a fool of him for years, lost his temper, cursed the devil 'til a fly wouldn't light on him' right there in church, realized what he'd done, he ran out the door, jumped in his car and roared away. And how a kindly, loving pastor handled that situation. 

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