God, Satan and Man: The Relationship


Please be patient as you read this Introduction and Part 1 because they explain the spiritual and physical situations and involved individuals that lead up to bringing these Biblical people to life.

Have you ever wondered: (Gen. 2:7) Why does the Bible say God formed (squeeze, to mould into a form as a potter) man from the dust of the earth? What is the origin of fossils? Science proves the earth is much older than the time given in the Holy Bible, how'd that happen? What was Lucifer's assignment from God concerning Adam and Eve? When did Lucifer become Satan?

Did Adam and Eve climb into a new Corvette, or was it a 4-wheel drive SUV, and drive on down to their air conditioned condo or were they Cro-Magnon cavemen? Who were the Neandertals, were they human? (Gen. 6:2) The sons of God were angels so how did "spirits" father giants with physical human women? How did the giants become men of renown?

What was it like for 2 small, insignificant people in the seemingly endless, huge, threatening, pristine world? (Gen. 4:26) What was it like when a bunch of hairy, nasty, bug bitten, fearful Cro-Magnons first started calling on the God of Eden? Were they "protected" in some special way or were they simply prey for the evil angel Satan and the ravenous predators that wanted to eat them? What was survival like? How did they learn the use of fire? How did they learn to cook food? How did they learn to fish and hunt? How did they start animal husbandry and farming?

Did the pre-flood people cross the oceans? What was the source of the water that submerged the whole world? Does modern science prove the source of that water? If you carefully place the present day continents together they give evidence of a super-continent? How did that break up? Would Noah's ark even float? How many animals got on the ark? What did the animals eat? How many got off? How did the world reseed itself after being submerged 150 days? Was Satan on the ark to torment them? How did the evil people drown in the flood? (Gen. 4:22) Tubal-cain and his sister Naamah were obviously leaders? How did they die?

How, who, what, why, where and when was Nimrod? What is Nimrod's influence on the world today? What did Nimrod's tower look like? What type of architectural structure, based on Nimrod's tower, is prevalent throughout the world today? What was the population when the people were scattered from Nimrod's tower? What was the Eden language that came to earth? How many basic languages left with the Babel groups? What was the origin of the races?

What spiritual steps did God take to insure no man could call Jesus illegitimate? It was against Moses' Law for a priest to serve without the ceremonial washing service by the high priest. Jesus said He did not break the Law of Moses. The Jewish priesthood hated Jesus so how was Jesus washed? What was the single act done by Abraham that insured Jesus would come? Do you know the one thing Jesus had to do to give Him the right to take back the keys to hell and death from Satan?

God's covenant with Abraham has three definitions that will cover man's past, present and future. It will encompass all of time from beginning to end. Of course Satan will also counterfeit that covenant and found a counterfeit religion. You cannot even imagine Abram's failures and trials that will bring him to the point where God will trust him to comply with that most amazing covenant. They will be explained here.

Jesus said if He was lifted up (crucified) He would draw all men to Him! Really? All? Millions of people had lived and died before He ever came so how did He arrange that? The word overshadow has three definitions and it took 30 years to accomplish overshadow. You will be amazed at the cleverly hidden, scriptural events during Jesus' life that shows beyond doubt He is the Son of God and that His ministry was a "true ministry from God". There's a lot of information about Jesus given here that you never hear in church.

Is God even fair? (John 12:32 & 6:44) God's drawing is obviously the key to salvation. What about people who are killed or die before they are drawn? What about the tribal people all over the world who died before the church got to their place? What about mentally challenged people who cannot comprehend salvation? What happened to them? Does God let these people just fall through the cracks? (Luke 16:19-31) All people are born eternal creatures so where did they go?

(Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) Why are these 2 scriptures worded differently? Are there 2 synagogues (Jewish temples of worship) that have a hidden meaning? (Rev. 2:17) What is the meaning of the white stone? There were many churches in existence when Jesus directed John to write His revelation. Why did Jesus select these 7 churches? Is there a message here for all churches and Christians of all eras of time? Why? Can a person actually backslide out of church? If so, How?

(Rev. 3:1) What or who are the seven Spirits of God? I thought there was only one Holy Spirit? Jesus said the thief on the cross who called on Him would be in paradise with Jesus that same day. Where and what is paradise? How did they go? Did they go someplace else besides paradise? You will be surprised. When and where did Jesus take the keys to hell and death? Why? How? Did Satan fight Jesus? Satan will be exposed as the great counterfeiter from Eden to (Rev. 20:10) the final judgment and you will be shocked by how he has used you, Christian or not, and your church, faithful or not, to construct his very own kingdom of darkness.

These few questions only touch the surface of the seemingly numberless questions answered in this commentary. If you read the 47 articles in this commentary with prayer and a hungry heart you will be closer to God than you have ever been.

This commentary starts just before the creation of man then explores the relationship between God, Satan and man from the creation of Adam through the lives of the first born sons through the flood and on to the end of Abraham's life including the incredible, all-encompassing importance of God's covenant with Abraham.

It then explores Jesus' life and "hidden ministry" to all of mankind as was set forth in the "hidden side" of God's covenant with Abraham. Of course Satan's attempts to destroy mankind are revealed in their entirety in his relationship with the Biblical characters in this commentary. I am sure, if you finish this commentary, you will know Satan in a way you never thought possible.

This commentary is written in a semi-story style with scriptural references. If a person was told to write your life story he could do it in one of two ways.

#1) The writer could just give the facts of your life; born on, related to, worked at, lived at, belonged to such-n-such and etc. and then they died on such-and-such date. It would be like an obituary and we all know an obituary does not tell anything about the personality of the person; it only tells a few skimpy events in that person's life.


#2) The same writer could research and discover all the recorded information they could about you. The writer could obtain all the information they could from people, friend or foe, who intimately or casually knew you and could reveal to the writer your values, morals, personality, temperament, reactions to and attitude toward various events, situations, and etc.

The writer, could examine your activities throughout your life, the people who shared your activities, your recorded intimate feelings concerning defeat, victory, desires, despair and joy by the people closest to you, the society and its functions in which you lived and the writer could tell a very accurate story about how you, the person, lived your life and through your story the writer could bring you the personality to life once again so other people could live your life with you and understand what motivated your actions and reactions in whatever society in which you lived.

That second way, #2, is what I have used here to reconstruct the daily lives of these ancient people. As I researched and wrote I was surprised because basically it is the story about all of us and Satan's influence in our lives. SO: It is written in a semi-story format, almost a novel, but based on the Holy Bible and the researched subjects listed 15 paragraphs below.


Have you ever asked yourself: Did Lucifer have the free will to make choices? Did Lucifer know what a human was before he saw God form one out of the dirt in Eden and give it life? What was Lucifer's Biblical job assignment from God concerning the first man and woman? Exactly when did Lucifer became jealous and rebel against God?

Is Lucifer and Satan even the same being? If Lucifer became Satan the devil when, how and why did it happen? You will find Satan's scriptural methods he uses to develop a relationship with people are much more subtle than his scriptural job descriptions.

This commentary follows God, people and Satan's relationship, interaction and activities from before creation through God's covenant with Abraham and Abraham's one act that sealed the covenant to God's satisfaction so He could activate the covenant. It explores the obvious physical side of the covenant and also reveals the hidden spiritual side of God's covenant with Abraham.

Satan's agenda to replace God and become the deity of mankind's worship is revealed in the ordinary and extraordinary daily lives of these Biblical people from Adam to Abraham based on the information sources given below. It is my hope and prayer you will be made very aware of Satan's involvement in your daily Christian life or your non-Christian life.

This commentary also follows God's great plan for the salvation of mankind from Eden to Jesus and it rises to a crescendo of the revelation of God's immeasurable love and mercy He extends to all people.

KJ Bible: (Eccl. 1:9) "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."


#1) (Gen. 11:1-9) The events that happened to bring about the scattering at Babel,

#2) (Deut. 7:25-26) the events that caused the destruction of Israel,

#3) (Rev. 17:1 thru 19:21) the events that are bringing on the destruction of the world today,

#4) (Rom. 1:18-32 & 8:6-9 and 2Tim. 3:13) and the events that are destroying the Church today

#5) (Gen. 6:5-13 & Jude 1-24 esp. V.11) are the same things that brought about the destruction of the people who lived before the flood because "there is no new thing under the sun".

The people before the flood, their society, entertainment, work, type of worship, conveniences, mode of travel, living conditions and etc. were different (Gen. 6:5-11) but their mechanisms to commit sin were the same as ours because of the carnal nature each of us inherited from the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

Of course I have taken certain liberties in attempting to reconstruct the society before the flood but I have drawn on accurate historical data, archaeological records and Biblical information to perform that task. Each of you will judge my efforts on an individual basis according to your knowledge and values and that is right and proper. But, please use your own ability to reason, your prayers, free internet information and the Biblical record when you do.

If the Bible gave everything about everything it would be several miles thick and nobody in their right mind would try to read that. How would you ever pick out the important parts? Example: (Gen. 4:16 thru 5:32) Why didn't the Bible list all the generations of all those other sons and daughters of Seth's and Cain's lineages? It would be a waste and God does not waste space. Everything He gives us in the Holy Bible means something. He also gave us a brain and His supernatural inspiration to figure out a few things for ourselves.

The fossils from various prehistoric eras are real, they are here, you can see and touch them and you cannot deny their existence. There are various time measuring methods which are used to determine the age of various fossils and earth strata that prove the various Cambrian, Silurian, Triassic, Jurassic and etc. eras of time existed. The methods of dating are disputed, under development and changing but they definitely prove a past far earlier than what the Bible tells us.


Two main types of people who are diametrically opposed in their beliefs are evolutionists (do not believe in God the Creator) and creationists (do believe in God the Creator) and they argue incessantly, offer various proofs and at times get loud and all red in the face concerning their beliefs.

There are 3 popular schools of thought concerning God's creation:

#1) There is no God. The cosmos appeared with a "big bang". All the conditions were exactly right in a primordial sea side pool of water on planet earth and a tiny, single cell blob of protoplasm was accidentally brought to life. Over billions of years all life on earth evolved from that blob of protoplasm in a family tree type affair that produced all the different forms of life on earth.

#2) God created the earth with its fossils, oil, eras of time (Jurassic and all those) and etc. already in place. Then on the 3rd day God created the plant life, the 5th day God created the fish, birds, and animal life, then on the 6th day God created man.

#3) God created the earth, let it "work through" all those identified eras of time, the reptile (serpent) kingdom and etc. Then God created all the animals, birds and fish. And then, as His crowning achievement, God created man.


Perhaps God did it some other way which explains all those fossils and eras of time that are barely hinted at in the Bible. If you read on, you will see that possibility.

Using the example of Job we see God uses Satan to further His own agenda in matters of faith. Example: (Job 1:1) Job was as perfect as he could be at that time in his life. (Job 1:5) But, Job's prayers were restricted to his own family.

(Job 4:7-8, 8:5-7 & 11:6-15) Job learned understanding, compassion and patience through his own sufferings at the hands of Satan and had spiritually grown in faith to the point (Job 42:10) he could pray for his friends who had made such terrible accusations against him. God used Satan to further God's own agenda in the perfection of Job. God will not let science prove or disprove His existence because EVERYTHING ABOUT GOD IS A MATTER OF FAITH!

Think about this. Since God provoked Satan (Job 1:12) and God "loaned" Satan "some" power over Job so He could use Satan to perfect Job's faith do you suppose in the beginning (Genesis) of man God provoked Satan and "loaned" Satan "some" creative power so Satan would set up the fossils and time eras such as the Jurassic era in order to give man a choice to believe or disbelieve in the existence of God (a matter of faith)?

To put the question bluntly; what if God gave Satan some creative power and let Satan have a shot at creation but the best Satan could do was create A Reptile (serpent) Kingdom? Let's give it a try in Part 2 and see how believable it is!

Part 1 scripturally shows God's special efforts in the creation of man and why Lucifer rebelled against God. Part 5 explores the possible origin of the Neandertals and Part 6 explores the possible origin of the Giants. Look up the articles about the archaeological finds concerning these two types of creatures, they are there, you can go to museums and touch their fossilized remains.

They are real so where did they originate? Part 3 explores how the Cro-Magnon cavemen had to start from scratch on the earth God had cursed from Eden? You will be amazed.

I, the writer, have used the KJ Holy Bible, Jewish legend, ancient Jewish Rabbinical writings, history, ancient records and fossil records of population migrations, records of various societies use of medicinal and hallucinogenic plants and the geographic locations in which they would grow, paleontology records, archaeology records, geological records, scientific fossil dating methods, certain mathematical usages, historic geographic information, ancient maps, metallurgical formations, ancient mining techniques and ancient smelting processes.

I have used Biblical information about Satan, Greek dictionaries, Hebrew dictionaries and Biblical information about ancient societies so I can bring these ancient people to life and explore their relationships with God, with Satan and with each other, in the reality of the way they lived their lives from Adam and Eve through the life of Abraham, to the life and ministry of Jesus and on to our now, all based on the Holy Bible.

I was and am astonished by how the Biblical story of God, Satan and humanity is so precise and real when using the same data so many men use to disprove the existence of God!

(Job 1:6 & 2:1 then Heb. 4:3 & 9:26) The Bible is about God and His relationship with mankind. When you take it under consideration very, very little is written about Satan and that makes sense. Anything more would give Satan a false fame and cause some Bible readers to rank him higher than he is.

Certain situations, in the Bible, with individual men, Christians, non-Christians, with the leaders of nations and armies, with angels and with the people of nations in which Satan is involved gives the Bible reader a revelation into Satan's method and scope of operation.

(James 4:7) "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." Really? How can you resist Satan if you are unaware of how he works? Ask any of your Christian acquaintances if they know the "attributes" of Satan. Do you? Most Christians never think about Satan but; (2Cor. 11:14) "for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness;"

What if Satan infiltrates your Church, you become deceived (Rev. 20:10-15) and you are sent to the lake of fire forever? (Acts 20:28-30 & 2Tim. 4:2-4) Satan will be more than glad to have one of his "grievous wolves", disguised in the sheep's clothing of a "minister of righteousness", waste a congregations Holy Spirit/Holy Word "salvation energy" in rock me to sleep, ear scratching, feel goodism religious futility.

One might ask; "The scripture is open to all, (Rev. 20:10) why won't Satan believe God when God says Satan, the devil, will be sent to the lake of fire?" I suppose I could flip out an answer; "Why won't people believe God because people have access to the same information as does Satan?"

But it is unfair to answer a question with a question. Here are some hints at what you will find as you read. Does Satan believe God is a liar? Does Satan think he has the power to take God's throne? When did Satan become the essence of absolute evil?

One thing you must understand and remember when reading this commentary is (Job 1:6 & 2:1) the angels are required by God to present themselves at certain times and give a report of their activities yet (Prov. 15:3) "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." Nothing is kept secret from God.

God tells the angels to present themselves and tell what they have been doing and that lulls them into thinking they can keep their disobedient activities secret from God; (Job 1:7 & 2:2) Satan confessed nothing other than "Well, I've just been walking around on the earth." which was a lie. SO: At certain times God hid His presence from the angels so He could judge them. BUT, AT A GIVEN TIME IN THE FUTURE, THAT WOULD CHANGE!

(Eccl. 1:9) "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."

(2Pet. 2:5) Noah was a preacher (a herald of divine truth as a public crier) of righteousness. He's no different than today's preachers. His whole world was plunging toward destruction just like ours. False religions, idolatry, devil worship, greed, hallucinogenic drugs, murder, lust and etc. abounded then just like they do today.

(Mark 13:20-27) God will shorten the days in this age or there will be no elect left. (Luke 17:26-30) Jesus said it would be the same way as it was in the days of Noe (N.T. Greek form of Noah). That ties today's activities right back to the activities of the people before the flood. (Jude 7-11 esp. V.11keyword: Cain) Cain lived before the flood so Jude agrees.

This world and the life we live are cursed from Eden, Satan is alive and well and mankind is sinful, wicked, bloody, selfish and violent. Please do not be offended by the reality of what you read in this commentary.

I am thankful to all the authors of the free internet information I have used concerning this work, thank you.

When the first thought came to write this commentary I was repelled by the idea of giving Satan equal billing with Jesus. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The burden grew worse and would not go away. Of course I prayed about it as the seemingly endless days drew on while the burden to do this work increased. I believe God planted questions in me because my curiosity also started increasing as the time passed.

I have only a high school education and that was more than 50 years ago so I felt extremely ill equipped to explore the Biblical, historical, scientific and mathematical data concerning the ideas and questions that had started plaguing me through the ever increasing burden. Only the great and beautiful God of all Glory, the God of Eden, could have used a dull little tool like me to write this.

I am thankful to and humble before the all-powerful and wonderful God of glory for the leading and inspiration of His Holy Spirit, His Holy Bible, His power, lovingkindness, mercy, patience and grace that saved me, keeps me and protects me from Satan, the devil. I thank Thee Heavenly Father with my whole heart.