(1John 4:8 & 16) God is love itself. God’s love is Pure Love. God’s pure love is infinite because it cannot be measured. Pure Love is filled with tender pity, grace and kindness. Pure Love is gracious, generous and merciful and is a giver of gifts. Pure Love is useless unless it is expressed so Love wants what is best for another.

(Gen 1:1 thru 3:24) God’s creation sequence: (Ezek. 28:28:13 keyword: created) God had created the angels. God (Pure Love) had created a perfect world and in that world He planted a perfect garden and in that garden He had formed two perfect people with the power of choice. (Gen. 2:9) In that garden God made to grow the tree of life and also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Gen. 2:16-17) God told the man he could freely eat of every tree in the garden BUT to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because if he did he would surely die.

(Ezek. 28:13-17 esp. V.15 keyword: perfect) God placed a perfect angel with the power of choice in that Garden in Eden. (14) He was the anointed cherub angel that was assigned to covereth (guard and protect). There was only one thing to guard and protect, the people. But from what? There was only one thing that was a danger to them, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

(Gen. 3:1-5 esp. V.4 & Isa. 14:12-15 esp. V.12 keyword: fallen) The anointed cherub angel betrayed God, called God a liar and helped (Gen. 3:7-24) the woman and man disobey God. Spiritually the man and woman (Isa. 5:13-16) held the keys to death and hell and by their choice, (Heb. 2:2:14 & Rev. 1:18) expressed by their actions, they gave those keys (Isa. 14:12) to the anointed cherub angel named Lucifer who was called (Gen. 3:1) the serpent (Heb. definition: a snake that hisses, to whisper, prognosticate- to predict from present indications, diligently observe and learn by experience, an enchanter).

(Gen. 3:14-24) God cursed the serpent, the woman, the man and the earth. (Gen. 3:15) God said a seed was coming from the woman sometime in the future that would bruise the serpent’s head (think skull) and the serpent would bruise the seed’s heel (think nail, something sharp). (Gen. 3:21) God also showed them what death was when He killed innocent animals to cover their nakedness. You know the story.

(Gen. 3:18 keywords: thorns and thistles- which are lesser thorns) When the earth was cursed thorns were part of the curse. It is obvious there are two types of thorns, the physical thorns which pierce the body and the spiritual thorns which pierce the soul because Adam and Eve faced physical thorns in their physical work of survival in a cursed world and they also faced the spiritual thorns of their emotional stress of survival, their separation from God and their approaching death.

(1Tim. 3:16) In the great mystery of His existence God, Pure Love, manifested Himself as His own Son, Jesus, (Col. 2:8-9 esp. V.9) in whom dwelt all the Godhead bodily. Why a Son? Because we can understand there is no greater price than a Son that a Father can give for something.

Pure Love puts itself in the place of another, to walk in their shoes, to share their laughter, to share their company, to be with them, to feel their sinking inside in the face of danger and the threat of death. Love wants to share their burdens, feel their disappointment, (Luke 22:41-44) to feel their anxiety and uncertainty, and feel their tears on Love’s own face. Pure Love will share all their earthly life from the beginning of it to ending of it. Pure Love will even take their judgment and pay their penalty and Pure Love is willing to give His life for our life.

*** (Matt. 1:20-23 Esp. V.23 keywords: God with us and 1Tim. 3:16) And God, Pure Love, Jesus, did come to share our life. (Luke 2:9-14) From a squalling baby, (Luke 2:41-46) to a curious child, (Luke 4:16-22) to a grown man, (John 19:1-5 keywords: crown of thorns) and on to wearing a crown (the insignia of royalty) of thorns (sharp points) to become THE KING OF THE THORNS. ***


(Rev. 12:9 keyword: serpent- a new word is added to the definition: sharpness which is the state or quality of being sharp. Thorns are sharp.) (Rev. 12:9 again) “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan” (Gen. 3:15) was about to see the ancient “word” of God’s prophesy come true and it would stun him (Heb. 4:12) with the blinding “quickness” of a powerful, supernatural two-edged sword that was infinitely “sharper” than any earthly “two-edged” sword! Any paragraph reference to this will be identified by the scripture (Gen. 3:15).


(Gen. 3:15 key thought: Satan had rebelled against God’s anointing to guard and protect and had become the anti-anointed.) (1Sam. 16:1-13 esp. V.1) God told Samuel the prophet to anoint David (the anointed) the King of Israel because God had rejected Saul (the ex-anointed). (1Sam. 17:1-11) The Philistines, the army of Satan, who was represented by Goliath (the anti-anointed) came to fight the army of Israel (the un-anointed). The only anointed were a few prophets, judges, some kings and etc.

(V.8-9) Goliath, physically representing Satan, challenged Israel. (V.11) Saul and all of Israel were “dismayed and greatly afraid” and wouldn’t fight him. (1Sam. 17:19-29) David (the anointed) took up the challenge; “Is there not a cause?” (1Sam. 17:38-39) Saul offered his earthly armor but David refused because armor is a personal thing. (Eph. 6:10-17) David chose the armor of grace (truth, righteousness, faith, 2Sam. 6:14-17 Law of Moses- peace, 1Sam. 16:13 physical- salvation) it’s personal.

(1Sam. 17:40) David chose five (the Biblical number of grace) smooth stones (John 4:14 keyword: water) out of the brook and he carried his staff (David was still a shepherd) and David intended to kill Goliath. BECAUSE:

(Psa. 23:4 keywords: rod and staff) A shepherd’s staff was a deadly weapon with which the shepherd could bash in the head (1Pet. 5:8) of a charging lion. (Heb. 12:5-11) A shepherd’s rod was used to tap (chastise) a sheep and drive it away from danger (poison plants, cliffs and dark places where a predator might ambush it) and to keep the flock together (1Pet. 2:11) as they traveled.

(1Sam. 17:43-44) “Goliath cursed David by his Gods” (Goliath’s spiritual thorn aimed at David). It was common practice in ancient times for one people to distain another people’s gods when they were going to war by saying; “our gods are stronger than your weak, puny, wormy God.” (1Sam 17:45-48) David said; “I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, and the God of the armies of Israel.” (V.46) And David promised to take Goliath’s head from him.

(V.46-48) Then David exhibited his faith and brought God into the fight; This day will the Lord deliver thee into my hand; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. for the battle is the Lord’s and he will give you into our hands. The whole Philistine army rose up to watch Goliath the anti-anointed destroy this anointed pip-squeak Hebrew boy. They were shocked when David ran toward their whole army to fight Goliath right in front of them!

Somewhere along the way David had decided to lay down his own weapon, the staff, and fight with God’s weapon, grace, because the staff is not mentioned any more. (Lev. 24:16) The Law of Moses said a blasphemer must be stoned. (1Sam. 17:49-53) Goliath’s anti-anointed, (Isa. 14:12-14 & 2Cor. 4:4) counterfeit god Satan whom Goliath represented was too weak and puny (V.40) and David stoned Goliath (V.50 keyword: slew) to death with grace. Only one stone was needed to bring Goliath down so why were there four stones left?

(1Chron. 20:4-6 keywords: Sip’pai, Lah’mi, and V.6 one unnamed but with 24 fingers and toes then 2Sam. 21:15-16 keyword: Ish’bi-be’nob) Scripture shows there were four more giants left in Goliath’s family. God was sending them a message; “Grace is ready to stone you all to death”.

A COMPARISON: (Gen. 3:1-15 esp. V.15) Satan’s own sharp tongue (a spiritual thorn) spoke lying words to Eve, God cut off Satan’s anointing and he became the anti-anointed with (Rev. 20:10) a curse upon him. (1Sam. 17: 51 keyword: sword) Goliath the anti-anointed came to kill David the anointed with a sharp sword (a physical thorn) but David cut off Goliath’s head with Goliath’s own sharp sword (1Sam. 17:50-51) and the curse of death was upon Goliath.

David cut off Goliath’s head and took his armor. Obviously Goliath’s body was left on the battlefield as food for the worms, wormy. God had turned Goliath’s curse back upon him. Goliath’s god was too weak and puny to give him victory, Goliath became wormy then Goliath was no more! But what about the head, why the head? It was a physical event that would have severe spiritual consequences for Satan.

(Gen. 3:15 keywords: her seed; it shall bruise thy head,) (1Sam. 17:54-57) Obviously David brought Goliath’s head and armor to Jerusalem as trophies of war. David kept the armor but what in the world was he going to do with an already stinking, maggot ridden head? He got rid of it after the victory parade.

David went out the eastern gate and buried Goliath’s head on a small hill and they obviously named the hill the place of a skull (Golgotha, also Calvary) because the worms ate the flesh (source: very ancient rabbinical records called Midrashim) but the skull remained and Goliath was no more. Weak, puny, wormy physical Goliath, Satan’s physical representative, was gone (never shalt thou be any more).

(Ezek. 28:14-19 esp. V.19) “never shalt thou be any more.” was the curse placed on Satan and physically fulfilled on Goliath. (Rev. 20:10) It would be thousands of years before it would be spiritually fulfilled upon Satan.


#1) (Gen. 3:15 keywords: and thou shalt bruise his heel- think: nails- thorns- piercing) He truly is a king wearing a king’s robe (Mark 15:17) lined on the inside with royal purple (Matt. 27:28) and on the outside the robe was royal scarlet. The King of the Thorns (read these: Matt. 27:37 & Luke 2:32 keywords: Gentiles and Israel) is a king on the inside bleeding on the outside for His people.

(Matt. 27:33, Mark 15:22 & John 19:17) Then they took Jesus to Golgotha (Hebrew word) “the place of a skull” and (Luke 23:33) Calvary (Greek word) also defined as; the place of a skull and there they crucified Him.

#2) Even there in the horror of the crucifixion, there, (Luke 23:33) where three lonely crosses stood, a great hidden truth dramatically unfolded; (Luke 23:33 then 39-42) rebellion was on one side, repentance was on the other and Redemption was in the middle. (Rev. 4:8) God is holy and holiness demands pure judgment against sin. (1John 4:8 & 16) God is Love and Love demands pure mercy for repentance. How could two things so far apart in one Person ever possibly come together?

The KING OF THE THORNS wearing his crown of thorns brought judgment and mercy together on his cross in his living Pure Love heart. REDEMPTION was in the middle with one nailed hand extended to rebellion on one side and one nailed hand extended to repentance on the other in silent agonized supplication; “Come to Me” (Rom. 5:8) because Pure Love loved them both! (Luke 23:39) Rebellion railed on Pure Love and did not believe nor did he understand and Rebellion was ignored because Rebellion had chosen death!

(Gen. 3:15) (Luke 23:40-42) Repentance did believe, he did understand and repentance gasped to Pure Love; I am guilty of sin but you did not sin, please remember me, when you have your kingdom. Pure Love always answers repentance; (Luke 23:43) “To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Repentance had chosen life!

(Matt. 27:46-50 & Rom. 5:8) And then, wearing His bloody crown of thorns, Pure Love died. (John 8:12) Pure Love had been the light of the world (Matt. 27:45-51 & Eph. 6:12) but the darkness came and the Light died. (Matt. 1:20-23 esp. V.23 keywords: God with us & Rom. 5:8 keywords: while were yet sinners, Christ died for us) From birth on through death Pure Love had shared the full spectrum of the life of those He loved.

#3) (John 19:30-33) Another great, hidden truth is revealed when the King of the Thorns died first. (Isa. 53:14 keyword: marred) Physically the King of the Thorns had been fist beaten more than any man ever was (John 19:1) and nearly scourged to death. (Ex. 30:1-10 esp. V.10 & Heb. 9:7-12) Spiritually when the King of the Thorns died He became the Great High Priest (Rev. 8:3) and He entered into the holy place alone and offered His own blood on the great golden altar before the throne of God to cleanse sins and thus redeem those who will believe SO:

(Heb.4:14-16) He could keep His promise; (Luke 23:43) “To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” The King of the Thorns had conquered (Luke 19:10) the thorns of being lost (1John 1:7) and of sin. And His word was true to the man who repented on the cross beside Him and so His Word is truth to us.

#4) BUT FIRST: Let us go back to an even greater hidden truth said on Calvary that few even dare to believe. Let us go back and remember (Acts 2:23, Col. 1:16-17 & 1Pet. 1:2 & 20) that the Holy scriptures were written in God’s mind before they were physically written by Holy Spirit inspired men.

Let us go back and remember because now it is written the King of the Thorns said; (John 11:26) “He who liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? It is written; (2Tim. 1:10) “Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death.”

And it is written (Heb. 2:9) Jesus tasted death for every man and that is clarified by stating (Heb. 2:11-15 esp. V.11 keyword: brethren and V.15 keywords: deliver them who through fear of death- defined: to die) those who are sanctified, (made holy, purified, consecrated), and Christians, will not have to face death.

There on their crosses the man on his cross who had repented and Jesus said To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Jesus had sanctified him and accepted him! (Heb. 2:11) He had become Jesus’ brother. Let us go back and explore anew Love’s experiencing. Let us look into Pure Love’s need to put Himself into the place of another, to know, to experience. You must understand that Pure Love goes all the way.

(2Cor. 5:21 keywords: made him to be sin for us & 1Cor. 15:56 keywords: the sting of death is sin) The King of the Thorns’ naked body was soaked in blood, He sweated and strained against the all-consuming pain which was like a fire that engulfed every part of His body. He knew he had been physically weakening ever since it had started. He blinked to see better but His vision was still dim and Pure Love knew His retinas were dying.

(Luke 23:46) Jesus cried out; “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit:” (1Cor. 15:55 keyword: sting- defined as- something sharp, to prick- like a thorn) Then the fetid breath of death had him in its gaping jaws and Jesus felt as if His brain was exploding from the screaming, pain shrieking nerve overload as every atom, every cell, every nerve, every organ, every bone, all of Him suffered endlessly while the burning sting of death consumed him and He died.

Let me ask you something and you decide. If you had suffered as Jesus did and your brother or sister had to die and you could prevent their sting of death; would you? Of course, even with your finite capacity to love, you would prevent it. (John 15:13-15 & Heb. 2:9-11) Jesus, with His infinite capacity to love, will and does prevent those He loves best from the sting of dying!

(Heb. 2:11) Tenderly Jesus spiritually aided His first, new brother. The suffering man’s eyes widened, of course they did, (Acts 10:43-45) when Jesus’ is there a person knows it beyond any doubt. Then Jesus took the man’s soul out of his body before the thorn of death could come and they went away. Please click on the Jesus commentary, scroll the menu to the article Jesus Takes the Keys to Hell and Death and read it for full Biblical information about what Jesus did in the spirit world while His body was dead.

The autonomic nervous system in the man’s brain kept his physical body alive but the spiritual man (the soul, the person) was gone. The Roman soldier broke the man’s legs, the body’s nervous system caused the body to flinch and gasp, the soldier laughed with a soldier’s cruelty but the King of the Thorns’ new brother never felt a thing (Acts 7:54-60) just like a man named Stephen would in the near future. Pure Love goes all the way.  

Please see the two articles Part 1 and Part 2 of I have Experienced Christian Physical Death that are listed in the Table of Contents on this commentary for a true life experience, with the required scriptural witnesses, that Jesus does prevent His Christian brothers and sisters from experiencing the sting (thorn) of death.  

(Ex. 30:10 & Heb. 9:7-12) Spiritually the King of the Thorns had become the Great High Priest (Rev. 5:9 & 8:3) when He offered His blood on the golden altar then He had returned prevent the actual dying of the repentant man (John 19:31-33) when they broke the legs of the two malefactors so they would die faster and the Jewish celebration of Passover would not be defiled.

#5) (Rom. 11:25) The Jews did not know the genuine Passover had already happened that day! (Ex. 11:1 thru 12:51 esp. 12:13-14 keywords: ordinance for ever & 49 keywords: and unto the stranger defined as a foreigner, an alien- a non-Jew) These scriptures give the complete story of the origin of the Passover celebration. We all know the story of the blood of the lamb that protected Israel and the strangers (Gentiles) among them from the death angel. (Gen. 17:1-16) After that Israel the nation received their everlasting covenant from God to and through Abraham.

(Gen. 17:7, 13 & 19 keywords: everlasting covenant) The key to understanding covenant is in the definition of the word everlasting because it means 2 entities, a physical Israel and a spiritual Church. God said; "And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed in their generations for an everlasting (defined as: #1 eternal, always, perpetual and #2 concealed, to veil) covenant to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.

(Heb. 8:1 thru 9:12) (V.1-6) Jesus is the mediator of a better covenant (V.8) with Israel (V.10) in which the Lord said; “I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:” (John 14:26) which describes the work of the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit (V.13) because the old covenant is ready to vanish away.

(Heb. 9:1-10) The physical Passover, the covenant and the divine service with its physical tabernacle accouterments of worship were but a foreshadowing (Heb. 9:11-12) of the spiritual grace covenant brought by Jesus. The new spiritual covenant had been reflected in the earlier physical covenant #2 concealed, to veil.

And the Jews as a nation missed it! But individual Jews, James, John, Peter, Paul and etc. “I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:” did accept the new covenant (Acts 2:1-47) and they founded the spiritual church.

(Isa. 53:1-9 esp. V.7 & John 1:29) The blood of the true Passover Lamb had been shed the day before the celebration of the physical lamb’s blood Passover in Egypt (Heb. 8:13 keyword: old) to physically show the new spiritual grace covenant, (Rom. 10:8-13 then 2:28-29) “the spiritual circumcision of the soul, had superseded the old physical covenant, (Gen. 17:11) of the physical circumcision of the flesh. AND:

(Ex. 11:1 thru 12:51 from 6 paragraphs above keywords: and unto the stranger- a non-Jew and Eph. 2:7-22 esp. V.11 keyword: Gentiles) The Gentiles (non-Jews) (Rom. 2:29) were protected by the blood of the Lamb and were included in the new grace covenant just like they had been in Egypt.

#6) (Matt. 1:20 thru 2:1) Jesus, the Son of God, was spiritually born into the physical world with a gush of blood and water from His Mother’s womb. (Luke 22:20, John 19:34 & Col. 1:13-22 esp. V.18 keyword: church and V.22 keywords: in the body of his flesh through death) On Golgotha when the spear was thrust into Jesus’ side and went upward into Jesus’ heart the church was physically born into the spiritual world with a gush of blood and water from the spiritual womb (heart) of Jesus’ love.

#7) (Gen. 3:15 and thou shalt bruise his head) There in the spirit world surely Satan, (Heb. 2:14 keywords: power of death) the god of death, was spiritually there to claim another victim but this was something new! (Matt. 28:18) Spiritually Jesus, the King of the Thorns, was also there, He radiated a new and terrible power and Satan could not touch the repentant man!

Jesus’ blood was a horrid, frightening, offensive spiritual thing of sanctification to Satan and Satan ignominiously fled. With stark, blinding, bitter, hateful clarity Satan finally understood the curse God placed on him in Eden.

(Gen. 3:15 and thou shalt bruise his head) Time didn’t mean anything to Satan because he was in timeless. But he knew by man’s accounting of time more than a thousand years had passed since he had inspired the Philistine giant Goliath to lead his people to once again try to destroy God’s covenant people. Satan thought he would win that time because he was also controlling Israel’s own King Saul. BECAUSE:

Saul had disobeyed God over and over. That was one thing about God, He played fair; “If you want the Devil you can have him.” (1Sam. 16:14-15 keywords: evil spirit from the Lord) Saul had the devil but more important the devil had Saul. Satan scoffed and smirked at God’s sense of fairness; (John 8:44 & Rev. 12:9) “I’ll take them any way I can get them.”

(1Sam. 17:49-54) “Then this, this, this, &$@#&* David came along and ruined my plan.” Satan had nearly spiritually suffocated with simmering anger as he watched David show off Goliath’s huge head. Then David had buried the stupid relic outside Jerusalem and they’d named the hill; “a place of a skull.”

(1Cor. 2:6-8) Satan did not know God had a secret plan to redeem man. God did know Satan had plans of his own and God set a trap for Satan. (1Tim. 3:16) “God came in the flesh (Matt. 1:23) as His own Son Jesus.” (Luke 4:1-13) “Jesus defeated me with words.” (Matt. 8:16 & Mark. 1:39) “Jesus cast out (Eph. 6:12) a lot of my possessing spirits.”

(John 18:36) “Jesus told Pilate His kingdom was not of this world. (Acts 1:6) But Satan asked himself; “why else would He come in the flesh except to bring Israel back to being a world power like they were under Joshua?”

(2Cor. 4:4) “I’m the god of this world, it’s mine, and I knew I would eventually find a way to kill God in the flesh and win.” (Luke 22:3) “I inspired Judas to betray Jesus.” (Luke 22:31) “I inspired Simon Peter to deny Jesus.” (John 8:44) “I inspired the Jews (John 19:12-16) to force Pilate to crucify Jesus.” (2Cor. 4:4) “I blinded the Romans and they killed Jesus.”

(Read this: 1Cor. 2:7-8) Satan had wondered and wondered what God had meant; (Gen. 3:15) “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head and thou shall bruise his heel.” Now he knew! God had come in a body of flesh named Jesus and spiritually Satan was enjoying the slaughter of Jesus, especially when they nailed His tender hands and feet to the cross. THEN:

They dropped the cross holding Jesus into the hole in the hill named “a place of a skull” where Goliath’s head had been buried. And there in the spirit world Satan’s head felt like it had exploded with excruciating pain. He hadn’t understood the curse but now he did! (Gen. 3:15 from above) It was a seed (one) of the woman and that seed was a man (his) and now Satan knew that one man was named Jesus. (1Cor. 2:7-8) Satan’s heart sank within him. “I inspired them to kill Jesus and it was a trap!”

(Luke 4:1-13, & 2Cor. 5:21 keywords: who knew no sin then 1John 3:5 keywords: in him is no sin) “I couldn’t tempt Him to sin and I didn’t have the right to have Him killed. I spilled His innocent blood and now look what that blood has done to me. I can’t get the repentant man on the cross! What else is His blood going to do to me?” And the excruciating spiritual pain when Jesus' cross was dropped into its hole grew and grew inside Satan's spiritual head as he fled across the expanse. (Rev. 1:18) There in the spirit world Satan couldn’t run far enough, he couldn’t run fast enough and he couldn’t hide.

(Heb. 2:14 keywords: power of death) Satan’s only sanctuary was his dark, stinking, rotted, horrid throne of death. But a chariot of fire was there as quick as thought. (Eph. 6:12) One of his horrified devils whispers in awe; “That driver is the man on the third cross. You put away the first man on the first cross fast enough but why didn’t you put away Jesus and the other man? It was deathly silent now and they couldn’t take their eyes off Jesus.

(Isa. 62:1-4) Jesus is no longer the Forsaken One (Rev. 14:14) because upon His head is the royal diadem of the greatest, the eternal *King, (Ex. 28:4-31 esp. V.15-30, Hosea 3:4; and Heb. 4:14) and upon His breast is the ephod of the great *High Priest. An awful, shrinking dread fills Satan (Psa. 45:6 & Heb. 1:8) as Jesus casually leaves His scepter of mercy leaning against the flaming chariot.

(Rev. 20:10) No quarter and no mercy would be shown these fallen ones who have become the epitome of all that is evil. There in the spirit world, (Rev. 5:6-9) true enough, it is the Lamb as it had been slain (Matt. 17:2) but this time Jesus' face is shining like the sun, He is dressed in light and He radiates (Rev. 20:10) danger (Matt. 28:18) and power as He strides (Mark 1:23-25 & 5:1-18 esp. V.12) toward the shrinking, horrified devils. The light He radiates burns upon them but they are afraid to move.

The face of the beautiful Son of the Almighty God of all glory, the Lord of all lords, the King of all kings, the God of all gods, the King of the Thorns (Matt. 17:2) is set with SHINING VICTORY and He plainly speaks; (Isa. 53:1-12) "I took all the cruelty, pain, degradation and humiliation you had and you didn't have enough! You are beaten! I didn't sin, you didn't have the right to kill Me, you killed My sinless body unjustly and that unhooked sin and death! You've lost the keys to hell and death!”

In the spirit world: (Isa. 14:22-32 esp. V.13-14 key: Satan had revealed his five I wills’ of anti-grace. Now Jesus states his five I wills’ of grace) “I was be born as a man, I did shed My blood for a sacrifice for sin, I will resurrect My body, I will have My blood bought Church, I will have Me a people in My Kingdom of peace and safety (Rev. 21:4) where there shall never be any more 1) tears, nor any more 2) death, neither 3) sorrow, nor 4) crying, neither shall there be any more 5) pain!"

No explanation is offered and none is needed when His cold voice rings out with a triumphant, whiplash clarity; (Rev. 1:18) "Give Me the keys of hell and death, now!" With lowered head and averted eyes; with cringing, shrinking, craven, drooling servitude Satan hands over the keys.

The Royal Chariot thunders away and it is dark and putrid again. There is silence in the darkness. Satan, the devil, is writhing in the shame of frustrated defeat. He won't meet the other, lesser devil's eyes. Finally his trembling hand waves them away from him. Seven, God’s number of perfection. END OF THE SEVEN HIDDEN TRUTHS.

(Luke 24:1-3) The grave could not contain the King of the Thorns. (Luke 24:5-7 esp. V.6 keywords at Jesus grave: He is not here, but is risen) And death could not hold the King of the Thorns. (Heb. 2:14 & Rev. 12:1-9 keywords in both: the devil) The King of the Thorns destroyed the thorn of him who held the power of death (1Cor. 15:55) and Pure Love’s presence shouted his victory over those two thorns; “Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?”

(Matt. 28:5-9) Jesus was resurrected from the dead. (John 8:12) Light had come back into the world. (John 20:25-29 esp. V.26 keywords: eight days) The Light of Pure Love came to visit His friends on the eighth day (Luke 1:59) which is the day of naming (John 20:28) and Thomas named the King of the Thorns; “My Lord and my God”.

(Acts 1:3-11) And after forty days, (Luke 2:22-24) the fortieth day, the day of showing and presentation, (Luke 24:50-53) the King of the Thorns went to heaven for His showing and presentation there (Heb. 4:14-16 esp. V.16 keyword: throne) where He seated himself upon the throne of grace beside His Father. (Matt. 5:14 & Luke 24:46-49 then Acts 2:1-41 and Eph. 1:13-14) And the King of the Thorns, the light of the world, Pure Love, sent His light back to the world to live in the hearts of people who trust Him as their Saviour.

(Acts 7:54-60) Pure Love, the King of the Thorns, went all the way with Stephen. On this commentary scroll the menu to the two articles I Have Experienced Christian Physical Death. Pure Love, the King of the Thorns, went all the way with me, the writer, too.

And yonder in heaven the King of the Thorns (Acts 7:55-60) is ever at the right hand of God because He shared all of our life from birth through death. The King of the Thorns, Pure Love personified, (Heb. *4:14-16) (*V.14) Jesus, the Son of God is our great high priest (*V.15) because He knows the feeling of our infirmities (feebleness of body and soul, moral frailty, sickness, weakness); but was in all points (something that pricks, sharp tips) tempted (tested) as we are, yet did not sin.

(John 5:22-27) (V.22) The Father (God) judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son (Jesus). (V.27) “And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.” The King of the Thorns, Pure Love personified, knows how it is with us because He lived as a man!

He knows! He understands! He felt the same things we do! He has lived our struggle, our travail, our temptation, our weakness, our pain of body and soul and He can have compassion and help our feebleness. He loves us with everything He has, body, soul and spirit and He understands. Yipeee! Yahooo! Yawwww! He knows!

That’s why (*V.16) the King of the Thorns has a throne of grace. “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

(1Tim. 3:16 keywords: great is the mystery of godliness) I am finite (limited). God is infinite (unlimited). My understanding is finite (limited). In my finite knowledge, based on scripture, I can only finitely explain God, judgment and a sin account due by using an earthly example.


(Rom. 1:20) The Godhead (Supreme Divinity) is one who is composed of three who are totally and completely one in identity, thought, power, purpose and will. God’s presentation of Himself to man is (Gen. 1:1-31) #1 God-spirit-essence of life itself/Creator, (John 4:29-42 esp. V.42) #2 Jesus-body/Saviour and (John 14:15-26) #3 Holy Spirit-God's soul/Comforter. (Col. 2:8-9) In Jesus dwells all the Godhead bodily.

Please think of an earthly judicial system with three personages, three offices and three manifestations of power but only one man. The allegory: One person is #1 Judge (God), #2 defense advocate (Jesus) and #3 Sheriff (Holy Spirit). I will use a physical earth time court system to illustrate the spiritual High Court of heaven.


(John 6:44 & 12:32 keyword: draw & 2Cor. 3:17) The Judge, in his robes, issues a warrant to draw you to court. The Judge (God) takes off his robes, (John 16:7-9) puts on his Sheriff’s uniform, becomes the Sheriff (Holy Spirit) and serves the warrant that draws you to court. The Supreme Court of heaven is a strange place because you’ve never felt so loved in your life; “Love in a place like this when I’m on trial for my life? Is this some kind of Pure Love Supreme Court?”

When you come to court the Sheriff takes off his uniform, (John 10:30 & 1John 2:1-2) puts on the defense advocate’s suit and introduces Himself; “My name is Jesus and I will defend you If you want me to.” And somehow you can’t look up because you are shy and unclean for this court appearance; “I’m too dirty to be here.”

You feel a beautiful, unexplainable Love radiating from Him then you raise your head to really get a good look at Him and you are shocked. As your eyes travel upward they are suddenly riveted on His badly scarred hands that are holding your arrest warrant and the charges against you.

His shirt has fallen open and there is a huge puckered scar in his side, on his sides and the front of His shoulders are scars where He has been whip cut to the bone and the scars around His head look like some kind of crown of pain and horror had been jammed there. You finally work up the nerve to look into His eyes and a look of unutterable Love, sympathy, kindness and gracious compassion is in their depths.

For some reason you ask a stupid question; Are you the only advocate available? Look up the Biblical Greek definitions of these on your computer: (Acts 17:16-18 keywords: disputed, idolatry, philosophers of the Epicureans and Stoicks: meaning: man thinks he can create his own societal utopia on earth, meditation, mindfulness, political correctness, etc. and Col. 2:8-9 keywords: Beware, philosophy, vain deceit, tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world: meaning: evolution) There are many other advocates available (Christless religions). (Acts 4:10-12 esp. V.12 keywords: none other name) but I’m the only real one.

Sudden realization flares through your whole being; “I want You!”

Your advocate starts a counseling session with you; (Luke 19:10) You are lost! (Rom. 3:23) Look, here is overwhelming evidence of your guilt (sin). (John 6:44 keyword: draw) You’ve been arrested (2Cor. 5:10) and your sin account has come due. Your sin must be removed before you can be saved from being lost. (1John 2:1-2) You can face your judgment here in this life with Me as your advocate OR (Rev.20:12) you can face your judgment alone after your life here is done!”

You see yourself with new eyes, your sins are like infected thorn wounds and you are unclean. (1John 4:8 &16) The magnificent Pure Love that bathes that eternal courtroom is beyond description as it swirls around you and bathes you.

(Acts 5:15-17) “You need a gift because you are destitute and you can’t pay your sin account. (Prov. 28:13 & John 3:4) You can’t go back and undo your sins. (Psa. 25:11) You can’t live pure enough from here on out to deserve salvation. Your sentence will be (Rev. 20:15) eternal banishment in the fire!” He lets you think about that for a while; (Luke 16:23-26 & Rev. 20:14) “Man, that sentence is pure hell and then I go to a worse place, forever.”

Your voice is a hoarse, trembling, sobbing whisper; “Sir, is there any way for me to escape this awful sin debt?” He sets a golden bowl of blood on God’s golden altar; “This is the gift, I can wash away your sins in this blood and your sins will be gone.” “Wh, wh, where, where did this blood come from?” With a tiny smile He whispers; “Your sins are like thorns and they have wounded you many times.” He touches his scars; “This blood came from my thorn wounds but I am the King of the Thorns.”

The magnitude of His love and sacrifice have caused you to fall on your knees. Your sobbing nearly drowns out your voice; “My Lord and my God I’m so sorry I’ve sinned, please cleanse me in your blood, (Jer. 29:13 keywords: whole heart) I’ll do anything if you’ll just save me!” (1John 1:7) It was fast, fast beyond reckoning, as Jesus cleansed you of your sins. The infection of sin is healed (Rev. 7:14) and Jesus' blood has washed you white as snow. You have been judged! and Jesus speaks; “This is the evidence that his thorns (sins) are gone.”

It all happens at one breathless instant! So fast you cannot see your advocate (Jesus) is gone and He has on his Judge’s robes; “You are saved and you are now free!” (Eph. 1:12-14 esp. V.13 keywords: sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise and V.14 redemption of the purchased possession) You have been redeemed, you are a purchased (bought with Jesus' blood) possession (acquisition, preservation). Which means (Rom. 8:10-17 esp. V.16 keywords: children of God) you are now part of God's personal family.

Again so fast you cannot see Jesus has on the uniform of the High Sheriff of heaven (the Holy Spirit) and somehow (John 14:23) He is within you, is a part of you, you are filled with love to overflowing and He gives you a receipt written in the blood of Jesus, the King of the Thorns; "NO CHARGE! PAID IN FULL"! 

(Luke 15:10) You didn’t see it but when you repented (the activity of reviewing one’s actions and feeling contrition and regret for past wrongs, a change of mind, to turn) the King of the Thorns expressed joy (cheerfulness, great gladness) right there in the presence of the angels. And you know the angels were smiling when He did.


(Matt. 24:13) “But he who shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” “Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I’m saved! I’m saved! I’m saved!” Then you sinned! (1John 1:8-10 keywords: we, us, our sins) It’s inevitable! The Holy Spirit helps you, God’s word guides you but somehow you blew it. You are beginning to learn you are in a war with (Gal. 5:17) self, (Eph. 6:11-12) the devil (1John 2:15-16) and the world.

(Heb. 4:14-16) (V.15 keywords: in all points) The King of the Thorns knows how it is because He shared all of our life from birth through death (V.16) and He keeps His throne of grace open for His people (Christians, God's children) all the time. So it starts again. (Eph. 4:30 keyword: grieve: defined: make sorry, to distress, to be sad, cause grief, be sorrowful) The grieving High Sheriff of heaven (the Holy Spirit) serves another warrant on you. BUT you are so interested in self you don’t see the grief on his face as he serves the warrant; “You’ve sinned!”

He escorts you back to heaven but it’s different this time (Rev. 12:10 keywords: the accuser of our brethren) there’s a prosecuting attorney present. Satan, the devil, speaks with great sneers and scorn; (2Tim. 2:15 & 3:16) “This moron didn’t study your word, I tempted him with a little nothing and he fell for it hook (catches you like a thorn), line (holds you) and sinker (and drags you down).”

When you realize how easy it was to hook you an even greater shame sets in and you slouch along in dejection until the last few steps you take to get to the throne of grace the seat of your spiritual britches are dragging out your spiritual tracks BECAUSE (Prov. 15:3) you realize your defense Advocate, Jesus, was right there through the Holy Spirit, (Eph 4:30 keywords: "grieve not the Holy Spirit": grieve defined: sorrowfulness, distress, sadness and grief) and He was grieving, hearing, smelling and looking at you while you sinned.

Your defense Advocate looks at you (2Pet. 3:9 keyword: longsuffering: defined: patiently endure) with sorrowfulness, distress, sadness and grief but patiently enduring the pain of sorrow and grief because He loves us, you and me. It breaks your heart when you realize how you and your sin have hurt Pure Love and driven your thorn into Him. Pure Love always hurts. The prosecuting attorney, the accuser, Satan, reads the charges; “blah, blah, blah”.

Your defense advocate looks at you in sorrow; “Are those charges true?” “Oh my Lord and my God yes! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Your advocate, Jesus, simply looks sad and is silent. (John 14:26 keyword: teach) Your teacher, the Holy Spirit, the High Sheriff of heaven, nudges you and whispers; (2Tim. 2:15) "You didn’t study your Bible, did you?” You feel even guiltier than you had before. (Heb. 4:14-16 esp. V.16) “Listen Dummy, you are back at the throne of grace, (Rom. 8:15-17 esp. V.17 keywords: joint heirs with Christ) God adopted you through me, you’re a child of God now and a joint-heir with Jesus.”

(Heb. 4:16) The Sheriff quotes scripture; “Let us therefore come boldly come to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” He continues; “There’s only one place for a Christian to find grace and that’s at Jesus’ throne of grace. It’s where you go to find help in time of need. Just like the rest of the earthly children of God you’ve got to have help because you’ve got the greatest need of all. You’ve sinned and have deeply hurt Pure Love. (1John 1:7) Ask Jesus to cleanse you with His blood. I’m tired of listening to the prosecutor.”

With shame and sorrow you drag yourself up to the throne of grace where you were saved from being lost. You repent and beg forgiveness and quicker than thought the King of the Thorns with matchless love and grace (1John 1:7) cleanses you of your thorn wound with His blood and gives His verdict to the Judge. "The thorn of sin is gone!"

The Judge pronounces: “YOU HAVE NO SIN! YOU ARE FREE TO GO!” Satan slinks away in defeat. The High Sheriff of heaven brings you another receipt written in the blood of JESUS, the King of the Thorns; “NO CHARGE! PAID IN FULL!” (Heb. 4:14 & 1John 1:1:7 thru 2:1) Sin will happen many times (1Pet. 2:1-12) while you grow in God’s word and in your Christian walk with Jesus (Heb. 13:5) but Jesus said; “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Through and by the love, kindness, grace, mercy and power of the King of the Thorns WE WIN!

What about Lucifer, the anointed cherub that didn’t guard and protect, the serpent, the anti-anointed, Satan, the devil, our accuser? Later, (Rev. 20:10) just like Goliath, (Ezek. 28:14-19 esp. V.19 keywords: never shalt thou be any more and Rev. 20:10) Satan won't be around us forever.

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