To keep our focus a few paragraphs below this one are carried over from section 2 because through them is revealed the meaning of the number of the beast (1John 2:18) who is the antichrist. (Rev. 13:2-18 esp. V.2 keywords: dragon which gave him his power and V.18 keywords: six hundred threescore and six). A dragon gives the beast his power and the number of the beast is 666. (Rev. 19:20 thru 20:3) It is revealed that Satan is the dragon who gave the antichrist and the false prophet their power.

Counterfeit: used as an adjective is; made in exact imitation of something valuable but is not: used as a noun; a fraudulent imitation of something else: as a verb; imitate fraudulently. The synonym for all 3 is; fake. (2Cor. 11:13-15 esp. v.14) “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

Satan had said; (Isa. 14:12-14 esp. V.14) I will be like the most High) (2Cor. 4:4) Satan is a counterfeit god, (Eph. 6:12) with a counterfeit kingdom, (John. 4:18 & Rev. 3:9 keywords: but do lie) a counterfeit Israel (& 2Cor. 11:15) and a counterfeit church led by counterfeit ministers (2Tim. 4:3-4) who lead their counterfeit Christians, (Rom. 8:6-9 esp. V.9) who do not have the Holy Spirit, to worship a god of fables instead of the God of truth.

Examples; (Gal. 5:20-21 keyword: witchcraft, Strong’s # 5132-33 defined medication, potion that gives hallucinations-spells), the church of pot (marijuana) (Lev. 18:22, 20:13 & Rom. 1:24-31 then 1Cor. 6:9-10) and the homosexual (gay) church, AND:

(Matt. 13:24-30 key point: tares- hypocrites- are fake wheat that will be burned, AND real wheat- Christians- go to the barn- heaven) (Matt. 24:37-51) There are hypocrites (an actor under an assumed character), counterfeit Christians, scattered throughout the true church who will not go to heaven when Jesus catches away his church.

ALSO: (Parts 2, 5, 6 & 7) Satan even had counterfeit humans (various monkey species and Neandertals) the future evolutionists would worship and teach others about. AND: (Gen. 6:1-4, Num. 13:33, Josh. 15:8 & 1Sam 17:4) The giants DNA had crossed the flood mixed with Ham’s wife’s DNA and resulted in Goliath’s breed) See (Part 11) which describes how Noah’s son Ham and his wife were the grandparents of Nimrod the first giant born after the flood. Noah’s wife was of the “First Son” bloodline so the giants DNA had to be in Ham’s wife’s bloodline.

(Rev. 3:10) Philadelphia, CONTINUED

Then Jesus continued with the rest of; (Rev. 3:10) “I also will keep thee from the hour (instant, hour, day, season, time) of temptation (putting to proof, adversity), which shall come upon all the world, to try (test, scrutinize) them that dwell upon the earth.”

The rest of (Rev. 3:10) really opens up when you understand the Greek definition of hour is (instant, hour, day, season, time). The Philadelphian Christians were like true Christians everywhere, in all times and in all situations. The world’s people, Satan and our own desires (self) bombard each Christian with opportunities to sin which is a putting to proof of your loyalty to Jesus and his words. As shown below the first 4 definitions of hour apply to intermittent, normal spans of time of temptation in every Christian life.


Instant, hour, day, season: Depending upon #1) your society, #2) your government and #3) your life itself every Christian will face adversity (difficulties, misfortune). (Matt. 12:30) Jesus said; “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad (in different directions, or different countries).”

#1) (2Tim. 2:4) Your non-Christian society and its non-Christian religions are against Jesus and his church and they will try to scatter you and your church by societal pressure. #2) Your non-Christian government will pass laws that encourage sin and suppress Christian rights and values. In democracies you do have the responsibility to vote. #3) Your physical Christian life itself (Gen. 3:16-19) is a cursed life rent with opportunities to sin, physical ailments, emotional turmoil and spiritual struggle that come in normal spans of time.

(Luke 9:23) “And he (Jesus) said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” The Christians at Philadelphia had obviously taken up their cross daily and had learned to love doing it because that act of obedience receives Jesus’ quiet, loving, tender seal of approval in their hearts.

The Philadelphians had found that rarest of all human emotions; they enjoyed being at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, doing the exactly right thing while serving God!  Let us read the Philadelphian’s answer below as to how they handled temptation because below is a common answer that should come from all true Christians.


(Rev. 3:10) Temptation (putting to proof). (1Cor. 6:9-10, Gal. 5:13-21 & Col. 3:2-9) There are many temptations that come a Christian’s way, that temptation to lie a little bit to embellish self or a something, a forbidden sexual opportunity, to cheat people a little bit here and there, to steal, to find something and not return it, be unreasonably proud or stubborn, the list is as endless as there are opportunities. That is the putting to proof, a test, of what the world, the devil and self offers Christians. AND:

Then there is the temptation (putting to proof), a testing, to ignore acquaintances or strangers; someone in need of help, a child in need, an elderly neighbor needing help, a fellow Christian in need of an uplifting word, being rude because you are in a hurry, not witnessing to the lost, not sharing the blessing of Jesus with a Christian, not helping a backslider find his way back to Jesus, not giving kind words to people, that list is also as endless as there are opportunities. Philadelphian answer; We have stood firm.”

(Matt. 22:37-40) The looking, perceiving and volunteering is also a putting to proof, the testing, of a servant’s heart. (Gal. 5:22-25 & Col. 3:10-17) Philadelphian answer; We have shown the love of Jesus by our words and our actions.”

(Matt. 5:11-12 & 24:3-14) There is a temptation (adversity), the testing, brought on by pain and struggle. The mockery and resistance to the message of salvation through Jesus by unbelievers, the cruelty toward Jesus and his cause by other religions, the sarcastic cruelty of one denomination toward another, the slow smothering as a government ever seeks to greater destroy Christian freedom of true worship. AND:

The slow smothering as a society ever seeks to greater destroy Christian freedom of expression and works. A serpent (Satan) smothers its prey by constriction. Governments and societies do not realize they are committing spiritual suicide and destroying themselves eternally when they let Satan lead them with a spiritual rope tied to a ring in their nose like a beef led to the slaughter. (Rom. 8:35-39) Philadelphian answer; We will be faithful unto death.”

Let us examine death. From the viewpoint of this side every person has to die. There they are and they are dead. That’s it. Finality. Done with. On and on go the questions, how, who, what, why, where, when. But let us examine death from the other side. If you had experienced all the bitter, straining agony, (1Cor. 15:55) the sting of dying and came out on the other side of death with the power to prevent those you love most from experiencing what you had experienced would you do it? Would you help them circumvent that agony? Of course you would!

AND: Jesus did. (Acts 7:54-60) The furious Jews bit, pummeled, threw out and finally stoned Stephen to death. But no mention is made of suffering or pain. Jesus had the power to make death like a falling asleep for Stephen. (Heb. 2:9-15 esp. V.11 keyword: brethren) (V.9) Jesus tasted death for every man (V.10) to bring a general offer of salvation to all men. (V.11-13) Those who accept Jesus’ salvation are counted as brethren by Jesus and just like Stephen you will not have to experience the agony of death like non-Christians will.

(V.14) Through his death (Rev. 1:9 keywords: keys of hell and death) Jesus destroyed the devil’s power of death. (V.15) And Jesus’ brethren, us, you, me, all Christians are released from the bondage of the fear of death. This writer’s miraculous, personal experience with death can be read in the 2 articles, Part 1 (the event) and Part 2 (scripturally how God accomplishes it), I have Experienced Christian Physical Death, scriptures for Biblical proof included, listed on the menu of The Holy Spirit and You commentary. Please read them. They will give you great spiritual comfort and courage.


The fifth definition of hour is time: (instant, hour, day, season, time) the first 3 are easily understood. #4) A season is a 3 month measure of time, there are 4 seasons in a year. But time implies a much longer span. (Rev. 3:10) Time explains the rest of “the hour (time) of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

There has never yet been a time that has tried (test, scrutinize) every individual in the whole world. The great passage of time until that end time, time of trying (test, scrutinize), speaks of a building of something secretive over that vast stretch of time that will cause all people to be tried.

Satan, the counterfeit god, had discovered mankind’s fascination for and desperate need for numbers a few years after man’s expulsion from Eden, (Gen. 4:8-16) “2 sons gone”. He had watched the progression of various numbering systems in societies all over the world for thousands of years before he finally realized the value of numbers in the building of his counterfeit earthly kingdom.

Present time, 2016: If you have a cell phone or a landline you have a number. If you have a computer you have a number. If you own a vehicle, property, pay taxes, draw welfare, have a bank account, require medical treatment, draw a paycheck, visit a vet with your animal, visit a doctor, hospital or dentist you have a number.

If you are part of a census, use electricity, a charge account, have any business with a local, district, state, or national government, live in an urban, suburban or rural area you have a number, if you receive mail; and on, and on, and on; you have a number.

Satan has diligently observed mankind condition himself to live by numbers. Every war, every conflict, every land dispute, every trade, every buying, every cheating, every famine, every counting, all of it, everything done involved numbers and Satan learned to involve himself and maliciously help teach men to lie and cheat by using numbers. Satan learned to enchant and completely delight men in their use of numbers. Satan learned by experience that mankind can be controlled by numbers.

(Rev. 16:16) As the time of Armageddon draws very near Satan is planning to take over mankind’s numbers game. (Rev. 13:16-17) Satan’s number will identify the mark or the name of the beast (antichrist) and will be added to a person’s individual number.

A person can’t pay his taxes and he will lose his property. A person can’t do banking, can’t buy groceries, gas or goods, can’t obtain any services and cannot buy or sell anything. (Rev. 13:17-18) Satan’s number that will be used by the (Rev. 13:11) lamb-like beast to identify the wounded beast’s name and mark is revealed.

It will be the number of the counterfeits:

#1) (Isa. 14:12-14 & Rev. 12:9) Lucifer, a son of the morning, the great dragon, that old serpent, Devil, Satan, the counterfeit god—#6,

#2) (Rev. 13:1-10) beast-antichrist, possessing Satan given power, a wonder who will be worshipped, a mouth speaking great things, a blasphemer, a war maker, the counterfeit Christ—#6

#3) (Rev. 13:11-14) and a worship leader, a wonder doer, a miracle worker, an image maker, a mark giver, the counterfeit prophet—#6,

(Rev. 13:18) Satan’s number of identity is 666 and it will be a united, horrid, unclean, unholy, politicized, counterfeit religion.

(Rev. 3:10) “—the hour (instant, hour, day, season, time) of temptation (putting to proof, adversity), which shall come upon all the world, to try (test, scrutinize) them that dwell (reside, inhabit) upon the earth (world).” (Luke 9:23) “And he (Jesus) said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

(Rev.13:9) Would you give your earthly life to keep the word of God and to hold your testimony of Jesus? (Rev. 6:1-8 key: four horsemen) When looking at world events it seems one can hear the creak of saddle leather, the rattle of bit chains and the stamping hooves of impatient horses in the world of prophesy as the four horsemen prepare to ride into our present.   


(Rev. 2:11 & James 1:12 keyword in both: crown) “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.” As has been shown all through this website a relationship with Jesus in this church age is an intimate, personal, spiritual relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit that is in accordance with God’s word.

The crown spoken of here is the crown of eternal life. When you read the scriptures, church history and other historical information you can plainly see how the earth has run red with Christian blood shed by the forces (the world system of various religions and governments) of Satan to eradicate Jesus’ church. (Rev. 6:9-11) (V.9-10) The people who have already given their lives for the cause of Christ are living right under God’s altar. (V.11) It is a place of rest but the killing of Christians is far from over as evidenced by the current events (1-7-16) in Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the what is now known as the Middle East.

We have discussed death and Jesus will help us overcome that. (Rev. 3:12 keyword: overcometh) After your overcoming is done, (Mark 8:35) even if it is overcoming until you are killed because you are a servant of Christ, you will receive the beautiful, awesome crown of eternal life with Jesus. (Mark 8:36) All that will ever matter is getting to Jesus (1Cor. 2:9 & Rev. 21:1 thru 22:6) so we can forever live with him in an unimaginable paradise of love, beauty and peace.

Remember in the very beginning in section one of this study of the Church at Philadelphia (one who loves his brother) I wrote that the name Philadelphia is a fake, a counterfeit, because of the blood spilled there? Remember that I also wrote; “I’m done writing about mankind’s fake, Cain and Able, counterfeit, Philadelphian Brotherly Love”. Then we explored how Satan is a counterfeiter. SO: (1John 4:8 &16) “God is love.” God’s love is real, God’s love is eternal, (Rom. 8:14-15) God’s love is personal (1John 3:14-34) and Christians express God’s love when we love our Christian brethren the way Jesus loves us. AND: (Matt. 5:14-16 &) It’s personal.

AND: (Matt. 5:14-16) Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill and cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.(Mark 12:30 & Phil. 2:5-8 key: let the mind of Christ be in you: mind is defined: be of one with) “In the house” tells us we are to love our Christian brethren, not just our own congregation, like Jesus loves us. “Before men” tells us (Rom. 12:1-2) we are in the world but not of the world (2Cor. 5:20) because we are ambassadors for Christ.

THINK: Christian bodies, hands, mouth, eyes, feet, fingers, all of it is the only body Jesus has with which to do His work (2Tim. 2:15) which must be based on God’s word (Rom. 8:14 & Gal. 5:18) and empowered by and led by the Holy Spirit.

The Christians in the church at Philadelphia had learned and practiced 3 things because they loved Jesus: #1 (Rev. 3:8) They had learned and kept Jesus word. #2) (James 2:14-26) They performed the works set forth in Jesus’ word. #3) (John 15:1-27 esp.V.14 keyword: friends) They produced the spiritual fruit, they witnessed to the lost and they had not denied Jesus’ name because they knew they were in a personal relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit of truth. (Rev. 3:10) “I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation.” It is personal with Jesus too. GOD BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS.