I do not judge people. I love people and my assigned job/purpose from God is to point people toward God and the salvation He offers by using His Holy Scriptures illuminated by the Holy Spirit. If you desire to know how impossible it was for me to construct a Christian website and how it came about please feel free to read the article About the Writer located to the left of the commentary titles on this website.

Please read (Ezek. 3:18-21): paraphrased: (V.18) If I do not warn the wicked their blood will be required by me. (V.19) If I do warn the wicked and they do not stop their wicked ways they will have to pay but I will have delivered my own soul. (V.20) When a righteous person turns to wicked ways and I do not warn them their blood will be required by me. (V.21) If I do warn the righteous and they do not stop their wicked ways they will have to pay but I will have delivered my own soul. This is what God has inspired and guided me to write in His website and place on the internet. So, in God’s eyes, I have delivered my own soul.

I think it would be best if I begin with a scriptural study of Satan the devil (**2Cor. 4:4 keywords: in whom the god of this world hath blinded **2Cor. 11:13-15 esp. V.14 keywords: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light **Eph. 6:12: keywords: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.**Rev. 12:9 keywords: deceiveth the whole world) because he is our greatest enemy, mine, yours and every other living human on this earth.


(1Pet. 5:8) “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

(Isa. 14:12) gives the name Lucifer (Strong’s #1966: in the sense of brightness, shining one, morning star). (Luke 22:3-22) Satan can and does enter (Strong’s #1525: to come in a man, taking possession of the body of a person) any person, (Luke 22:31 then V.55-60) even a disciple to cause him to betray Jesus when Judas spoke words AND (Luke 22:31 then 56-60) causing emotions in a disciple so he will deny knowing Jesus. (Luke 4:1-8) Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him (2Cor. 4:3-4) and he could have given them because he is the god of this world. **(Isa. 14:12)** even weakening a whole nation.

**(Isa. 14:12)** even weakening a whole nation! You don’t believe it? (Rev. 12:3-4 then 7-9) Remember that Satan, the devil, and his demons are spiritual creatures so it is a spiritual weakening that cause physical events.

(John 4:42, Phil. 3:18-20, & 2Tim. 1:10 among many) Think about all the nations whose national religion will not accept Jesus as God’s Son but accept Jesus as a prophet. And think about all the nations whose national religion is a worship of some philosopher and/or a god of the imagination! (Phil. 3:18-19) Regardless of wealth or armament but because they will not let their citizens consider the reality of what the only God has to offer through Jesus they are condemning their citizens to hell because (2Cor. 4:4 keywords: In whom the god of this world (Satan, the devil) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.) (Rev. 20:10-15) at the judgement their weakness will be plain to see as they scream, writhe, and beg their eyes bulging in their hideously twisted expressions as strong angels cast them into the lake of fire and brimstone!

(1Chron. 21:1-5) (V.1) Satan even entered King David’s thoughts (V.2) and provoked (Strong’s #5496: to incite, allure, instigate, entice) David to speak to  Joab to  number (Strong’s # 4487: to count, what is now called a census) Israel. (V.3) Joab told David it would cause a trespass (Strong’s #819: guilt, offense, sin, wrong doing). (V.4) but David prevailed (V.5) and Joab performed the command. (Ex. 30:12-15) God had not told David to perform the census and David had failed to follow the process of taking a census that God had decreed and Joab had also numbered the men who drew the sword (soldiers). (1Chron. Ch. 18, 19 & 20 David had destroyed all the enemies of Israel) So, obviously Satan had seen there was pride in David and Satan provoked David’s pride (Prov. 6:16-19 esp. V.15) which is an abomination (Strong’s #8441: something disgusting, abhorrence, wickedness) to the Lord. (V.9-14) God let David decide what punishment God would send and 70,000 men died of pestilence.

***(Luke & 13:10-16 esp. V.16 keywords: Satan hath bound Strong’s #1210: a demon preventing her from standing upright) and Jesus loosed her and she was made straight.*** JESUS CAN SET YOU FREE! (Acts 5:1-10) Satan filled the hearts of (Acts 4:27-37 esp. V.31) the newly saved Ananias and his wife Sapphira to lie to the (V.3) Holy Ghost (V.9 “the Spirit of the Lord”) and they died. (Rev. 21:8) ALL LIARS WILL BE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE as described in (Rev 20:10-15).

God’s scriptural identity and how mankind is made in His image will be given at the end of this SCRIPTURAL STUDY OF SATAN THE DEVIL

(Ezek. 28:13-17) This scripture describes Lucifer and states he had been in Eden, the garden of God, that he had a heart (Strong’s #3820: mind, emotions, soul), that he was lifted up (Strong’s #1361: haughty, to be proud) because of his beauty and (V.14) he is the anointed (Strong’s #4473: expansion, outspread, to consecrate) cherub that covereth (Strong’s #5226: to hedge about, protecter, stop the approach to). (V.15) The iniquity (Strong’s #5766: wickedness, evil, perverseness) in Lucifer had been revealed by his teaching and deception of Eve in Eden (V.17) Satan was “lifted up (Strong’s #1361: haughty, to be proud) and it had sprung from Lucifer’s pride in his beauty, wisdom (Strong’s #2451 **skill in war**, to be wise, to teach, shrewdness) and his brightness (Strong’s #3314: splendor).

Can you imagine Lucifer’s thoughts; “I am the great angel, the shining one, and God expects me to protect this puny man and woman from disobeying God, BAH!”

Satan was an especially beautiful angel (Ezek. 28:14) with a special anointing to do the assigned job to protect Adam and Eve from disobeying God (Gen. 3:1-7) but he rebelled against God’s orders, sweetly tempted Eve (Gen.2:17) so they would disobey God and die. He has the same plan for you. Satan is proud, rebellious and willful!

(Gen. 1:26 & 2:7) His pride caused his jealousy because God had given special attention to this man (Adam) He had formed (Strong’s #3335: to mold as a potter) out of the dust of the earth in His own image, God had given Adam the breath of life (Gen. 2:8-25) and then God had started a companionship, friendship relationship with Adam whom He had formed. Satan is proud, jealous, wise and he teaches!

Old serpent identifies Lucifer from the Garden of Eden as Satan the Devil (Gen. 3:13-15) because he left there as the serpent. ***(Isa. 14:12-15)*** Here Lucifer is called son of the morning and his 5 “I wills” against God are given; #1) “I will ascend (Strong’s #5927: to go up, climb) into heaven, #2) I will exalt (Strong’s Book #7311: exalt self, haughty, to be lofty) my throne above the stars (Strong’s #3556: princes: Dan. 10:13-21 Princes are identified as more powerful angels) of God: #3) I will sit also upon the mount (mountain) of the congregation (Strong’s #4150: place of meeting), in the sides (Strong’s #3411: flank, extreme parts) of the north (Strong’s #6828: gloomy and unknown): #4) I will ascend above the heights of the clouds (Strong’s #5645: darkness); #5) I will be like (Strong’s #1819: to compare, to resemble) the most High (Strong’s #5945: the Supreme).”

#1) Satan planned to take over the angels in heaven. #2) (Rev. 12:4-9) One third of the angels did follow him. #3) Satan did defeat Israel as a nation by leading them into sin. Israel disappeared for almost 2,000 years. #4) He plans to take over the church, #5) to be equal to God and be above the angels the way God is. Do not underestimate him! 

(1Chron. 21:1) God changed Lucifer’s name to Satan (O.T. Hebrew: Strong’s #7853-54: adversary, to accuse, the arch enemy of good: N.T. Greek: Strong’s #4566-67: the devil, the accuser) due to Lucifer’s rebellion in Eden (Isa. 14:12-15) because he had become God’s adversary through his 5 “I wills (1Pet. 5:8 keywords: your adversary the devil) and he is also every Christian’s adversary. (John 8:44) The devil is a “murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the father of it.”


(Luke 4:2 keyword devil: Strong’s #1228: a traducer, slanderous, false accuser, metaphorically applied to a man who, by opposing the cause of God, may be said to act the part of the devil or to side with him) The Devil tempted Jesus. (Matt. 4:3) The Devil is called the tempter (Strong’s #3985: tester, scrutinize, entice, examine). (Matt. 4:1 keyword: devil: (Strong’s #2451 **skill in war**, to be wise, to teach, shrewdness).  A traducer speaks falsely, maliciously, to lead. Satan is our adversary, a tempter (tester), a false accuser, a slanderer, speaks maliciously and he leads!

(Rev. 12:9) Satan is identified as the great dragon (Strong’s #1404-1405: to fascinate, to capture, to grasp, to entrap, to take). Satan is also identified as that old serpent. (Rev. 12:9) Old serpent signifies he was in Eden. (Isa. 14:29 keyword: serpent’s Strong’s book # 5172: to hiss, to whisper, #1) to prognosticate, #2) is an enchanter, #3) and uses incantation.

COMPLETE INTERNET DEFINITIONS: #1) To prognosticate is defined to diligently observe and learn by experience and to predict by using present indications as a guide. #2) To enchant is defined to cast under a spell, bewitch, to attract and delight completely. #3) An incantation is verbal charms spoken, chanted or sung designed to produce a particular emotional effect.

Satan fascinates, grasps, entraps, takes, whispers into man’s thoughts, diligently observes, learns by experience, predicts by using present indicators such as a person’s thoughts, actions, reactions and emotions as a guide, casts under a spell, bewitches, attracts and delights completely, inspires people by verbal charms spoken, chanted or sung which is designed to produce a particular effect, think: Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock, C&W and etc. AND the music in other languages, which enhances the mood (emotions) for one to commit sin. He inspires sorcery, magic and witchcraft. through his (Strong’s #2451 **skill in war**, to be wise, to teach, shrewdness** against mankind.

That means every human on earth! AND: Satan has had almost 6,000 Biblical years to observe mankind and learn about us and he can accurately predict what we think because basic mankind has not changed.

(Rev. 12:9) The great dragon, the serpent, the Devil and Satan are names for the same supernatural person. The devil’s method: (2Cor. 11:3 keywords: “as the serpent *beguiled Eve through his **subtility; (*beguiled: defined: Strong’s #1818: to seduce wholly and to deceive) (**subtility: defined: Strong’s #3834: adroit trickery, sophistry, cunning, craftiness. Sophistry defined by Oxford languages dictionary is: the use fallacious arguments with the intention of deceiving. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/ defines sophisticated: to use sophistry, to cause to be less natural, to corrupt or pervert. (Gen. 3:1-5) Basically the devil lies, seduces, perverts and corrupts any way possible! (Gen. 3:6-24) Eve and Adam chose death instead of life and chose a cursed world instead of a paradise! What about you?

Remember the sixth paragraph above? (Luke 4:2 keyword devil: Strong’s #1228: a traducer, slanderous, false accuser, metaphorically applied to a man who, by opposing the cause of God, may be said to act the part of the devil or to side with him)

Acts 20:29-30 keywords: shall grievous wolves enter among you, not sparing the flock,; Rom. 16:17-18 keywords: For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, 2Cor. 11:13-15 (V.13) “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. (V.14) And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (V.15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers (Strong’s #1249: one who executes the commands of another) of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” Col. 2:8 keywords: Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy (Strong’s #5285: love of wisdom, used either of zeal for or skill in any art or branch of knowledge) and vain (Strong’s #2756: empty, void of truth) deceit (Strong’s #539: delusion),  You can see that Satan speaks into our thoughts!

2Tim. 4:3-4 keywords: And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables (Strong’s #3454: fiction). 1John 2:15-18 keywords: even now are there many antichrists;” and 1John 4:1 keywords: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try (Strong’s #1381: to test, examine, prove, scrutinize to see whether a thing is genuine) the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets (Strong’s #5578: pretended foreteller or religious imposter) are gone out into the world. (1Cor. 12:31) “But covet earnestly (Strong’s #2206: to burn with zeal) the best gifts:” (1Cor. 11:4-11) Here are listed the gifts of the Holy Spirit and (V.10) “discerning of spirits” is one of the gifts we are supposed to burn with zeal to obtain from God.


(Rom. 1:20) The Godhead (Supreme Divinity) is one who is composed of three who are totally and completely one in identity, thought, power, purpose and will. God’s presentation of Himself to man is (Gen. 1:1-31 & John 4:24) #1 God- spirit of life- the essence of life- life itself/Creator, (John 4:29-42) #2 Jesus-body/Saviour and (John 14:15-23 & Rom. 8:9) #3 Holy Spirit-God’s soul/Comforter. (Col. 2:8-9) In Jesus dwells all the Godhead bodily.


(Col. 1:13-17 esp. V.15) Jesus is the image (representation) of the invisible God. When God said; “Let US make man in our image” God’s body, soul, and spirit was the US and man, made in God’s image, (1Thess. 5:23) is also body, soul and spirit. You can read all about it; click on the commentary The Holy Spirit & You then scroll the menu to the article Who is The Holy Spirit and read that.

(Malachi 3:6) God does not change. (Num. 23:19) God does not lie. (Heb. 6:18) It is impossible for God to lie. (1Pet. 1:25) The word of the Lord endures forever. (Matt. 24:35) Jesus’ words shall not pass away. (Prov. 15:3 & Heb. 4:13) The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good.

(Jer. 27:9 & Dan. 2:2 keyword: sorcerers then Lev. 19:31 & 20:6 keywords: familiar spirits, wizards, Ex. 22:18 & Deut. 18:9-12 esp. V.10 keyword: witch, and V.12 keywords: for all that do these things are an abomination) (2Chron. 33:6 keyword: witchcraft Strong’s #3784: to whisper a spell, enchant, practice magic, sorcerer) (Mic. 5:12 & Nah. 3:4 keyword: witchcrafts Strong’s #3785: from 1374, the same). As you can see by the related scripture that these are abominations to God. WHY? Because they are of the devil! (1Chron. 10:13) King Saul died for his transgression he committed against the Lord because he would not keep the word of the Lord and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it: (V.14) therefore the Lord slew him and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse.


(Acts 8:9-24 esp. V.9 keyword: sorcery) (Acts 13:6-12 esp. V.6 & 8 keyword in both: sorcerer) (Rev. 9:21 & 18:23 keyword in both: sorceries and Rev. 21:8 & 22:15 keyword in both: sorcerers) With these given scriptures you can read about these sorcerers in the times the Bible was written and (Revelation scriptures) understand concerning modern day sorcerers. Witches are not mentioned in the New Testament but since God does not change (Ex. 22:16 & Deut. 18:10) it is obvious what the punishment those who call themselves modern day witches (after the Holy Scriptures were written) will suffer. THINK ABOUT IT: they call on spirits, tell fortunes, use the Ouija board also known as a spirit board, talking board, or witch board OR they worship nature and etc.


Some people have said taking drugs is not mentioned in the Bible so it must not be sin. It is obvious that many of Satan’s weapons deceive people into drug abuse. (Acts 5:1-10) Satan aids and enhances people to do what they are curious about or already want to do AND to trick, delude or seduce people to do what they had not planned to do AND to take them further than they wanted to go because then they cannot come back.

The scriptural word witchcraft is really, really important so please study it closely; (Gal. 5:19-21 esp. V.20) gives a list of the works of the flesh and witchcraft is one of those works of the flesh and (V.21) “they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” That is God’s bottom line, the word witchcraft (Strong’s #5331: medication, by extension magic, sorcery) sends a person to hell.

The Greek word from which witchcraft is translated is farmakeia (phonetically written and pronounced) and is defined (Strong’s #5331: medication) and also is the source of the English word pharmaceutical. Farmakeia by extension is defined (Strong’s #5331: magic–> #1 below and figuratively it is defined sorcery–> #2 below).

The first person use of farmakeia is pharmakon which is defined (Strong’s #5332: pharmacist, druggist, POISONER by extension a magician, sorcerer). Poison is toxic. Intoxicate means (to poison). Intoxicated means (you are poisoned). Medications are Chemicals. Medication, commonly called drugs, is used to help cure people from disease but it always poisons or kills something.

The whole idea behind regulated proper drug treatment is prescribed dosage and method of delivery of the drug. Take enough poison to “kill” whatever one is after without killing the brain, or the human body, or both; kill germs, kill emotions, kill the immune system, kill a tumor in you and etc. There are certain drugs that kill pain.

Alcohol is a chemical intoxicant so it is also a drug. Alcohol (ethyl alcohol-the drinking kind) is so commonly accepted by American society most people are surprised to find out it is really a chemical intoxicant with its chemistry commonly written as CH3CH20H. For a further breakdown of its chemistry please look up ethyl alcohol on Wikipedia. SO:

Alcohol is simply another drug! Alcohol enhances emotions which increases the propensity to sin. “YIPEE! @#$&, Hold my drink and watch this!” BUT: (Prov. 23:29-32) (V.29) “who hath woe (Strong’s #188: a passionate cry of grief or despair)? who hath sorrow (Strong’s #17: woe! indicates pain, desire, uneasiness)? who hath contentions (Strong’s #4079: brawling, strife)? who hath babbling (Strong’s # 7879: an utterance, meditation, complaint, musing)? who hath wounds (Strong’s #6481-6482: bruise, split) without cause (Strong’s #2600: devoid of cost, reason, or advantage)? Who hath redness of eyes (Strong’s #2448: bleariness, dullness)?

(V.30) They that tarry long (Strong’s #309: to loiter, hesitate, procrastinate)  at the wine (Strong’s #3196: intoxication, banqueting, wine bibber); they that go to seek (Strong’s #2713: to examine intimately, search) mixed wine (Strong’s #4469: mixed drink). (V.31) Look not thou upon the wine (Strong’s #3196: same as above) when it is red (Strong’s #119: to show red in the face, flush, turn rosy), when it giveth his color (Strong’s #5869: physical eye as showing mental qualities) in the cup, when it moveth (Strong’s #1980: to walk) itself aright (Strong’s #4339: evenness, uprightness). (V.32) At the last (Strong’s #319: the end, the future) it biteth (Strong’s #5391: to strike with a sting, to oppress) like a serpent (Strong’s #5175: snake), and stingeth (Strong’s #6567: to make distinct, declare, distinguish, separate) like an adder (Strong’s #6848: poisonous serpent, a viper). (Gal. 5:19-21) Gives a list of sins (V.21) drunkenness is one of them and they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

ADVISE: YOU THAT DRINK ALCOHOL PLEASE, PLEASE click on the commentary The Holy Spirit & You, scroll the menu to the article Old Walter: A Chosen Vessel (Part 2), click on that, read it and you will see what God, through the Holy Spirit, can do for you. Or, if you know someone who drinks alcohol please make them a hard copy and give that to them, or read it with them on a computer. I thank you with all of my heart. It is the true story about what God did in the life of an old drunkard and eight little boys.

The abuse in drug abuse is when a person takes enough chemical intoxicant ON PURPOSE to poison their brain to the point the brain malfunctions and hallucinates.

This hallucination results in the much sought after “high” where as if by #1 magic (from above) everything becomes warm, cozy, good, alright and problems are gone right along with reality. The #2 sorcery (from above) hallucination part is unaided flight, the sounds of different colors, seeing and talking to beings not really there, the color of music and other hallucinations. Brain chemistry is such that addiction to various chemicals is the result.

The soul (the inward man, which is the mind, me, person, self, soul) also becomes addicted to the magic and sorcery by the illusion of freedom and craves to depart from the reality, responsibility, drudgery, work, failure, pain and other problems of normal life that every person faces daily.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I have seen, with my eyes, on different occasions, several people walking down the street of our local hometown, face turned toward the sky talking to something or someone. I wondered if it was Satan, the devil, talking to them in their thoughts and they were verbally answering or questioning. I was parked, waiting for my wife, when a druggie approached a concrete filled, painted bright red, 8 inch steel post at the entrance of the city parking lot. A druggie approached, stopped, looked it over, came very close and with my ears I heard him start wooing and flirting with the post about how pretty she was and that he would like to date her. I could not help but wonder if Satan, the devil, was answering him in his thoughts and he thought it was the post (female) having a conversation with him.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: A few years ago a well-known Pastor in this area started taking pain relievers for a physical ailment. To make a long story short; he eventually got hooked on pain relievers. His doctor refused to give him the amount of pain relievers he demanded and the Pastor started getting his drugs from illicit pushers. I have heard him preach several times, his drug addiction did not show in the way he preached and conducted himself and nobody knew; yet. His job was handling the customers payments as an employee of an insurance company. He got caught stealing funds and was fired. Then everybody knew and he was voted out as Pastor and lost his Pastorship of his church.

He had no way to support his habit and a few weeks later he committed suicide with a pistol (Heb. 6:4-6 & Rev. 3:1-6 esp. V.5 then 21:8) and he went on to his judgment while his Christian wife and beautiful child struggled with their broken hearts, disbelief, pain, confusion, anger and sorrow. I know about that because the Pastor’s brother-in-law has been my good friend and Christian brother for many years and his wife and the Pastor’s wife were sisters. I lived just down the road and knew their wives’ family while the little girls/wives were growing up. Their father was my friend and his wife, the daughters  mother, was related to my wife. Yes, I am several years older than both men’s wives.

EXAMPLE OF PROPER MEDICATION USAGE AND ITS TWO I’s OF DELIVERY: INGESTED, INJECTED: The pain pill of a doctor prescribed dosage is swallowed into the digestive system to begin the method of delivery, the medication is slowly released into the system by digestive action, blood carries the drug to the pain receptors in the brain in a time-release sequence and pain is controlled over a pre-determined amount of time OR for quicker relief from severe pain usually in a hospital ER by injecting a predetermined amount by a Doctor.

EXAMPLE OF IMPROPER MEDICATION USAGE AND ITS THREE I’s OF DELIVERY: INGESTED, INJECTED, INHALED: The same doctor prescribed pain pill can be crushed, the powder is inhaled into the nostrils, the digestive tract is bypassed and the method of delivery is also bypassed, the crushed pain pill dust is absorbed rapidly into the blood vessels in the airway and lungs and the prescribed dosage is also bypassed, the whole dosage quickly goes to the brain, the pain receptors are overwhelmed and the brain begins to malfunction and hallucinate.

Two other ‘types’ of intoxicating chemicals commonly referred to as drugs use all three methods, ingested, inhaled or injected, to obtain the desired high. #1) Various plants such as marijuana, peyote, opium poppy, cocoa plant and etc. contain chemical intoxicants which can be extracted for use and also #2) various store purchased chemicals can be combined to illegally manufacture chemical intoxicants such as amphetamine commonly called “crystal meth, meth, crank, chalk, Mexican crack and etc.”; and both of these ‘types’ use the same blood to brain METHOD OF DELIVERY with the DOSAGE AMOUNT dependent upon what the user thinks he needs to achieve his “high”.

Long term habitual use of toxic substances or too much toxic substance (poison) at one time and the brain can become permanently damaged or even die. The addiction to toxic chemicals becomes so great the drug abuser will do anything to feed his habit which has become his god; throw their children away, steal, lie, beg, prostitute, murder; anything! An intoxicated brain loses the ability to feel compassion or sympathy for other people and moral inhibitions are lost. A drug addict becomes capable of any act, any degradation and any sin to feed his habit (Gen. 3:1-7 & Eph. 2:2-3 then 6:11-12) and Satan, the devil, is overjoyed at what he has helped cause in (Gen. 1:26) a beautiful, made in God’s image human being.

Usually the drug abusers family, especially children, is his most helpless, hopeless, and worst hurt victims. The intoxicated brain and soul are easy victims for Satan to deceive, suggest to and inhabit. Drug abuse is sin and it leads to more sin.

Remember this because it is the WHY of salvation: (Gen. 1:26) You are made in God’s image. PROOF: Look within yourself and you will see that the only love that will satisfy you in this life is when someone loves you for who you are and what you are and that is exactly the way God is because God wants people to love Him for who He is and what He is.

You might think; “why should I make the first move by going to church?” Please consider this: God loves you so much he made all the first moves.

God made the first move when He sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to be the sacrifice to cleanse you of your sins. The innocent animals that bled to hide Adam and Eve’s sin was a prophesy of innocent Jesus’ shed blood. God made a second first move when He made a Bible containing His word available for you. Remember all the old Bible writers who died to write and protect God’s word? He made a third first move when he sent His Christians in person to you with His words, written, radio, TV, Church and etc. (John 6:44 & 12:32) God is making a fourth first move right in your soul by having His Holy Spirit draw you toward Him and His salvation.

And then this: (John 5:30 & Rev. 20:10-15) God does not have a choice in the matter of who He sends to heaven or hell! When a person decides to accept salvation their name goes into the book of life. When judgment time comes God reads the names written in the book of life. If the name of the person standing before God is not in the book of life that person is cast into the fire (Rev. 20:10 & 15) to be tormented and to experience dying forever but cannot get it accomplished to escape. So, just like Adam and Eve’s choice, each person makes the choice to live forever or die forever; accept salvation or refuse salvation!

(John 5: 24-30 esp. V28-29) “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good (accept salvation), unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil (refuse salvation), unto the resurrection of damnation.” (Rom. 8:6-17 esp. V.7 keyword: carnal: defined: unregenerate) God sends each person WHERE THAT PERSON HAS CHOSEN TO GO!

You already know all these things about your life: You know what you have done and how you have lived. You know something is missing and things are just not quite right in your life. What you do not know is there is a God place in you that is empty because; (Col. 1:16) you were made by God and for God. God wants you to love Him for who He is and what He is. God is not living in your soul in your God Place and that causes the sense of lacking within you that asks: “There must be more to life than what I’ve got and what I feel.” From that God place comes the need to worship.

People try to fill God’s place with things and, in a sense, people worship pleasing self by entertaining self (god self), by wanting money, possessions, power, popularity, a sport, a club, a lawn, a house, other people, the list is endless. But the God place will still be empty and you will always want more of whatever it is you are attempting to fill your God place with; but it will never be enough because it is God’s place in you and nothing else can ever fill that place except God.

(Ezek. 33:11) God takes no pleasure that you are lost, (Isa. 45:21-22) it breaks His heart (Joshua 24:15 & Matt. 12:30 then Matt. 11:28-30) but God’s honesty makes Him live by your choice. Being saved brings you an assurance that overrides all disappointment, worry and defeat because you know everything will be alright in the end. (Luke 12:32) It is God’s good pleasure to save you. (James 5:11) God is very pitiful and of tender mercy (Luke 15:10) and God expresses His joy in the presence of His angels when a person accepts the salvation He offers.

Please understand that you are caught right in the middle of God and Satan’s (Rev. 12:9: the Devil’s) war for your eternal soul. (John 14:30) Jesus identified the devil, Satan, as the prince of this world who has nothing to do with Jesus and (2Cor. 4:3-4) he is later identified as the god of this world who tries to, and will, blind your mind to God’s salvation efforts. (2Cor. 4:3-4 & Eph. 6:10-18 esp. V.11 & 12) Reveals the devil’s method of attack on you, and we Christian’s war with him, are identified (V.12) and he is called a powerful ruler of darkness who deals in spiritual wickedness.

We humans, me, you, all of us, are by nature tuned in to our own thoughts and we think every thought originates within ourselves but they don’t.

In our thoughts is where both God’s Holy Spirit and the devil’s unholy spirit work. Your “thought” comes; “Maybe I ought to go to Church Sunday and see about getting my life straightened out.” and immediately more “thoughts” come concerning reasons not to go to Church; “Maybe I’ll go next Sunday ’cause this Sunday I’ve got to—— OR ’cause this Sunday I want to——OR—–the list can be endless and, as proved by the scriptures explained above, the devil knows all about you.

Your first thought came from God’s Holy Spirit invitation to help yourself AND your second thought is from the devil’s unholy spirit suggestion to resist God’s invitation by bringing to your attention the things you already like to do. AND: (Gen. 3:1-7) That is the exact pattern the devil used on Adam and Eve in the beginning, it worked then and it still works today. Your thoughts are the arena in which God and Satan fight their war for your soul (Rev. 20: 10-15 & 21:27) and the one you choose as the winner will be the one with which you will go with into eternity.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Jesus did not bring a religion. Jesus did not bring a bunch of impossible to keep rules and laws so He can send people to hell for breaking them. The following one sentence paragraph is based on these two scriptures: (Rom. 8:13-17) for non-Jews and (Gal. 4:4-7) for Jews.

(John 14:1-23 esp. V.9, 18 & 23) Jesus brought the offer of an individual, personal relationship with God (1John 4:8 & 16) founded on love because God is love, (Rom. 5:8 & Gal. 2:20) based on love because Jesus loved us enough to die so we can get saved and (all through the New Testament) built on love by keeping our Christian relationship with God alive and well through the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Word, our own values, attitude, activities, desires and abilities in our growth as a Christian after we get saved.

Normally a seeker of Christ doesn’t know the scriptural process of getting saved. He or she is simply drawn to church and Jesus and they go. They listen to some preaching and teaching about Jesus and salvation. They realize they are lost and they want saved. A time of decision comes. They decide to either accept Jesus as Saviour or refuse Jesus as Saviour. It is obvious they already believe in Jesus if they are willing to pray. They pray and it is done; they are saved. When they get done they are glad to confess that Jesus saved them. It is that simple.

ANOTHER PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Don was my friend from grade school  and he was a pusher before he finally got saved. He told me; “Jim, I can make a phone call and any one of a dozen different women will have sex with me for one pill.” According to him he also took some pills. No, I never saw him do it.

I have to share this with you. After a long time of witnessing to him he married the backslidden woman he was living with and started going to church. She rededicated and one Sunday Don ran to the altar and got saved, got up from the altar and shouted; “I’m saved, the Lord has saved me!” As he shouted that over and over he was dancing around in the front of the church as he shouted then he hesitated a minute from his dance; “I wanna be baptized right now!” several times until a preacher shouted back; “OK, my brand-new Brother!” They started taking him down the steps of the baptistry when he shouted again while knee deep in the water; “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Here, take my pistol! I don’t wanna get it wet!” An obliging deacon took the pistol and went outside with it while my long-time friend and brand-new Brother went under the water for our Lord.

Drug abuse is selfishness in its most extreme because nothing else matters but pleasing self. (Gal. 5:20-21) They which do witchcraft (drug abuse) shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (Rev. 21:8) Sorcerers shall have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone forever. THE MOST AMAZING THING ABOUT DRUG ABUSE IS THAT ANYONE WHO IS ABLE TO THINK WOULD EVEN START WITH THAT FIRST “HIT”! THAT FIRST HIT IS THE FIRST STEP IN “THE LONG GOODBYE” TO WHO YOU USED TO BE and the “slow, torturous hello” to hell!

All you have to do is look around and you will see the waste, the loss, the pain, the tragedy and the degradation. Drug abuse makes life hard, bitter and painful so why would anyone ever touch the stuff?? Just think how miserable it is to come down from a high all sick, miserable, cold, lost and dying for a hit of the stuff that got you in that shape in the first place. HOW STUPID!

I have had many friends and acquaintances enter drug abuse; some of them died from overdose, some were killed in car wrecks or committed suicide, some are still alive. BUT PRAISE GOD here and there a very few kicked their habit and are living ordinary lives and one even managed to regain her nursing license.


Please read the Old Walter: A Chosen Vessel (Part 2) article in the menu of the commentary The Holy Spirit & You on this website. It is the true story of an old drunkard and eight little boys that will absolutely astonish anyone who reads it. Especially what he said to the congregation in general and specifically  to me from the pulpit on the night he accepted Jesus as his Saviour! He gave me certain instructions and how I followed them exactly! I carry copies of it in my car along with other witnessing articles and when I talk to a stranger and they are a Christian I give them a copy. I witness to so many people I forget who they are and some of them that I meet again say they keep a copy in their night stand or desk and when they are feeling blue they read the Old Walter story to pick them up. Many people have told me that after they read it and one person said I had given him a copy seven or eight years ago and he still reads it. Only God can accomplish something like that!

Please read the one article commentary Breath of Life on this website if you desire salvation. If you have been a Christian in the past and desire to come back to Jesus please click on the commentary Sin in Church, scroll the table of contents to the article Backsliding: The Failure Principal and read that. If you wish to know more about God’s scriptural identity than is given here click on the commentary The Holy Spirit & You, scroll the menu to the article Who is the Holy Spirit and read that.


Jentzen Franklin, the TV minister who holds TV services from his Church in Gainesville, Georgia titled Kingdom Connection told this story on his Sunday service on Jan 14, 2024; “In 1949 Billy Graham a young evangelist felt led to go Los Angeles (L.A.) California to conduct a three week revival. Billy Graham was not known nationwide at that time and surely not worldwide. He put up his revival tent in the middle of Hollywood where the rich and famous movie stars, radio stars, singing stars and etc. lived in their mansions but few came to the Billy Graham revival and none of the rich and famous came. Billy Graham held a press conference to announce his revival but it had no effect. But Helen Meyers invited Billy Graham to her mansion to speak to a group of  the most famous stars at that time. There was a country and western star there named Stuart Hamblen who hosted a radio show, starred in movies, made 45 RPM record recordings to sell, composed songs many of which were later sung by famous singers and made the top hits charts and played in personalized music conferences. Against all the odds Stuart Hamblen and Billy Graham became friends during that meeting and spent much of their free time together off of from their jobs where they would dine together talk and laugh together.

Stuart Hamblen was infamous for drinking, carousing with women, public brawling and other destructive behavior which landed him in jail many times but his sponsors of his #1 rated radio show bailed him out of jail and smoothed things over. No he did not come to the Billy Graham revival. At the end of the Billy Graham revival he was ready to fold up his tent and go home but his administration and sponsors told him to continue with his revival. Billy Graham said he would pray about it. During that prayer he asked God to give him a sign to continue with his revival. That night God gave Billy Graham his sign because at 4:30AM Billy Graham received a call from Stuart Hamblen that he and his wife wanted to meet with him that afternoon in Billy Graham’s hotel room. They met and they talked about how Stuart Hamblen’s life was so screw up, how broken his marriage was, how he was addicted to alcohol etc. Of course Billy Graham invited him to the revival that night and Stuart Hamblen had the faith to accept Jesus as his Saviour.

WRITER’S NOTE: with scripture and highlighted Biblical definitions: (2Cor. 5:17) At salvation Stuart Hamblen was a new creature in Christ (creature is defined creation) because he had the faith (Heb. 11:1) Now faith is the substance (the underlying reality of all things) of things hoped (a burning expectation) for, the evidence (proves a legal point in a court of law) of things not seen. (John 14:22-26 the prophesy then Rom. 8:13-17 then 22-28 the reality) It is a I know it happened salvation event because the Holy Spirit told me. END OF WRITER’S NOTE.

We will see later in the Stuart Hamblen story how he paid a price because he held fast to his faith.

Stuart Hamblen’s best friend at that time was the actor John Wayne. They were neighbors and John Wayne had missed the whole revival because he was in another location making a movie and he did not know what had happened. John Wayne invited his friend Stuart Hamblen to a gathering of some of their neighbors in Hollywood to a dinner and social event in John Wayne’s home. The after dinner discussion was one at a time talking about how they solve problems within themselves. Everyone told about their philosophies and etc. Not one time was God or Jesus mentioned. It came Stuart Hamblen’s turn and he simply said; “It is no secret what God can do in a man’s life.” And sat down. About 2 hours later when Stuart Hamblen got up to leave John Wayne followed him to the door and said; “That statement “It is no secret what God can do in a man’s life” got me right here as he patted his own chest. Then he told his best friend at that time Stuart Hamblen the song composer he should go home and write a song about “It is no secret what God can do in a man’s life.” He left John Wayne’s home and went to his own mansion, sat down at his piano and composed:

“The chimes of time ring out the news
Another day is through
Someone slipped and fell
Was that someone you

You may have longed for added strength
Your courage to renew
Do not be disheartened
I have news for you

It is no secret what God can do
What he has done for others
He’ll do for you
With arms wide open
He’ll pardon you
It is no secret what God can do

There is no night, for in His light
You’ll never walk alone
You’ll always feel at home wherever you may roam
There is no power can conquer you
While God is on your side
Take Him at His promise
Don’t run away and hide

It is no secret what God can do
What he has done for others
He’ll do for you
With arms wide open
He’ll pardon you
It is no secret what God can do”

Billy Graham said when Stuart Hamblen announced his conversion to Christianity it was the turning point in his ministry, the crowd in his revival increased to a flood from what had been a disappointing trickle of attendees and was the force that established his nationwide ministry and as we know now his ministry became worldwide.

Stuart Hamblen’s price paid because he held true to his faith: When Stuart Hamblen refused to do alcohol commercials on his radio show they fired him! He went on to establish his own Christian radio show that ran until 1952. He joined the temperance movement. In Billy Graham’s first nationwide broadcast Stuart Hamblen gave his testimony about becoming a Christian and sang the song IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970, was presented the ACM Pioneer award in 1972, received the Gene Autry Golden Boot Award in 1988 and was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. He later received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of fame. He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Western Music Hall of Fame in 1999. At his well-attended funeral in Los Angeles Billy Graham gave the eulogy.

IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU has been recorded by popular singers Rosemary Clooney, Kate Smith, Jim Reeves, Wayne Newton, Leslie Uggams, Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae (Duet), Anne Murray, Tom Netherton, Eddy Arnold, Pat Boone, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Snow and Earnest Tubb.

The day I saw the Jentzen Franklin religious broadcast on the Daystar Christian Broadcast Station they sang IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU and a crowd of people came to the altar at the end of the service and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. My wife and I regularly watch the religious programming on the Daystar Christian Broadcast Station and on the 24/7 hour around the world by television and radio SonLife Broadcasting Network an independent network for over 50 years by Jimmie Swaggart when he bought the rights for a religious channel paid for by viewers contributions and obviously some of the funds he raises through sales of his books, CDs and etc. The point I am making is that we have seen many religious programs where IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU was sung as part of the service and we’ve seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of people come to the altar at the end of the services and accept Jesus as Saviour.


Johnny Cash in his autobiography “The Man in Black” tells how he became a Christian when he met June Carter and started going to church with her, became a Christian and God removed Johnny’s drug addiction just like He had removed Stuart Hamblen’s alcohol addiction and June Carter became June Carter Cash.

Mike Lindell in his autobiography “From Crack Addict to CEO” tells how he was a weak Christian drug addict, he was inspired by powerful jaw dropping message of the Senate Chaplin Barry Black describing an interventionist God, still active in in the matters of humanity, who takes action in prayers and Mike Lindell became a full-fledged Conservative Christian on Feb. 18, 2017, on his knees and God took away his drug addiction and he went on to become a CEO. He is popular on the Christian Broadcast Network and told them “I said, God please, show me you are real, show me, you know? I want that personal relationship.

WRITER’S NOTE: I completely understand What happened to Mike Lindell. For many years I have witnessed to people everywhere I go and many times I have had people say to me; Well I used to be a Christian but—–” OR “I used to go to church but—-” I carry witnessing hard copies of articles from this website to give to people I talk to and when I explain (John 14:15-26) that Jesus desires to build a personal relationship with people after their salvation event.

I explain it this way; Salvation is like a car wreck. You are driving your car down the road (going carefree down your road of life). Suddenly you are in a terrible wreck and your car rolls over and over and over then stops upright on its wheels (conviction- the drawing of God). Shook up but glad you are OK you pull the door handle but the door is jammed, you grab your seat belt latch but that is also jammed. I’m trapped! But people are stopping and on the way to help you. I hope this thing don’t catch on fire.

Whrumppp and fire shoots up around the hood even back to the windshield (awareness and realization of the reality of hell). You look desperately at the rescuers but they are afraid of an explosion and are backing away (no human can help you)! Then this person you’ve heard was so exceptionally kind comes to your rescue. He reaches out for the door handle and you notice He has terrible scars in His hands. He easily opens the door. When He leans in to reach your seatbelt His shirt falls open and there is a terrible scar in His side and there are terrible scars where He has been wounded all the way around His head. He easily unlatches your seatbelt, gently helps you out of the car and guides you up the road away from the danger of the fire. Sitting on the guardrail you would love your Saviour (Jesus).

You Would love Him with all your heart for saving you but you wouldn’t know Him any better than you did before your wreck! Then it is up to you to desire to build a personal relationship with your Saviour! Because Jesus is perfect you are the person who has to do all the changing to be more like Him. (Eph. 4:15, Phil. 1:9, 2Tim. 2:15 & 3:16, 2Pet 3:18, then 1 John 1:7 thru 2:1 keywords: we, us & our) It is commonly called; “spiritual growth as a Christian”. It took Mike Lindell a long time to make his decision to engage in dedication to Jesus and enter spiritual growth as a Christian. The article telling how Jesus desires building a personal relationship with Him is accomplished and how the High Court of Heaven operates can be found in the Sin in Church Commentary menu, the article Backsliding: The Failure Principal. END OF WRITER’S NOTE.

Give your drug addiction to God and He will throw it away. IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT THE HARD WAY READ THE BELOW PARAGRAPH.

(as of Dec. 2023) The National Helpline 1-800-662-4357 provides confidential support for individuals and families facing substance abuse and mental health issues. Their website is www.samhsa.gov if you desire information. There are usually local organizations where you can obtain help. If you are a military veteran contact recoverysoldierministries.org. or 423-518-1450 by veterans for veterans. I have talked with them; gave them this website address and some literature I carry in the car to give out to the public. They are having amazing success in their 12 month program. The least you vets (my brothers in arms) can do is check them out!