There, in the far, far future, near where, the modern city of Varazdin would be built in a nation named Croatia Satan again copied God’s method because Croatia is a country that is a crossroads of central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean nations, a country well situated to disburse a population and/or disburse information.

In the beginning we learned Satan hated humans because he was proud and jealous that God had taken such special care to make them in His own image. He hated all the hybrid types of Neandertals just as bad because he had a distinct sense of failure concerning them. But Satan had discovered he could whisper and suggest to some of them and they would follow his leading.

The 9 men, 6 children and 2 ancient midwife women in the Cro-Magnon city containing a few stone, mud and log huts were fascinated by the 3 large, strong, native born Neandertal/Neandertal hybrids (NEW MAN), genetically almost human, soulless, ape females Satan led to them. Man’s natural curiosity, physical needs and their willingness to share insured the three Neandertal women were soon pregnant.

In 9 months the 3 Neandertal women gave birth to 3 Cro-Magnon/native born Neandertal hybrid daughters. They looked like Cro-Magnons but with the slightly flattened faces, slightly sloping foreheads, large jaws and robust bodies that showed their Neandertal heritage. They were the normal looking hybrids just like the few others who had been born here and there. Except:

The special time had been reached in the timetable set by the God of Eden and He had added the small genetic change in their genome that would let them interbreed with angels!

(Gen. 6:4) In the process of time the 3 female hybrid daughters were 15 years old, fully grown and these 3 daughters of men had become giants by Cro-Magnon standards because they were almost 7 feet tall. The Cro-Magnons were planning the initiation ritual the next full moon after their 16th birthdays that would bring their daughters to full womanhood and they would be eligible for marriage.

“Satan, think what would happen if you thought made three angel/Neandertal hybrids to impregnate these daughters of men?” “Huh?” Satan looked around suspiciously. “Was that my thought?” He carefully checked all around himself and breathed a sigh of relief. “That felt like the God of Eden but He’s not here.” The God of Eden smiled. Satan went about “his plan” to have his 3 angel/Neandertal hybrids impregnate the 3 Cro-Magnon/native born Neandertal “new man” hybrid daughters of men.

The night of the initiation ceremony after the Cro-Magnons were passed out from Qumbu was when Satan guided his 3 angel/Neandertals to the tent where the 3 girls were sleeping.

“Men, our 3 daughters must be somehow different, only 3 months from initiation night and they are already large with child, who did this.” Nobody claimed responsibility. The two old women cast worried glances at each other and at 6 months the new man hybrid daughters of men’s pregnancy burden was so great and so painful the two old midwives fashioned slings to go under their grotesquely swollen bellies and tied them behind their necks so they could walk.

When the babies moved or kicked the women grunted and sometimes even screamed. At 8 months the first one had to lay in her bed and could only scoot over to answer the call of nature into a deer hide container. By the time their delivery was due all three badly frightened hybrid daughters of men were bedfast with their hideously swollen bellies.

That was when the screaming started. The two old midwives tried every potion and medicine they had. The men beat on hide drums outside, chanted and sang their magic songs. The hybrids writhed, sweated, twisted and screamed and screamed. Their neck veins were swollen, faces twisted and their skin was a dull, dangerous red as they grimly fought to deliver their huge babies.

Then the bleeding started and they grimly fought for their lives while they screamed and screamed. Three of the men were asked to help. Then the tearing started and the bleeding became hemorrhages. Then one of them died and they noticed her bloody lips were bitten through from the agony of an impossible delivery.

The old midwife grabbed her flint knife and ripped through the skin, muscle and membranes. She grabbed the humongous baby and handed it to the other midwife who, with the help of a man, cleaned the strong, threshing, squalling baby. Another hybrid was dying. And that’s the way the horrible night went until all 3 male babies were born. After the awful night had finally been conquered by the god of the dawning and they could see; the men carried the swollen, bloody, broken remains of their 3 hybrid Cro-Magnon/Neandertal daughters up on the side of the mountain and buried them in a cave that would be called Vindija cave.

Far into the future their fossilized bones would be discovered in 1974 at the lowest level in Vindija cave near Varazdin, Croatia and would become known over the whole world as the best preserved Neandertal fossilized specimens ever found. There must have been something special about that cave because for years after this clan of Cro-Magnons left the valley there would be other waves of settlers come to that valley, live there a few years, bury their dead on top of the accumulating layers of fossilizing bones in that cave and move on.

The valley was special too because another discovery was made by another wandering band of Cro-Magnon. If a Neandertal man impregnated a Cro-Magnon woman the offspring would grow to be about the same size as a Cro-Magnon at maturity and their resemblance would be more Cro-Magnon and less Neandertal; except in the crossbred situation above when the God of Eden used Satan to make some tiny genetic changes by using Satan’s burning desire to ‘create Satan’s own type of man’ when Satan used his 3 angel/Neandertal hybrids to impregnate the 3 Cro-Magnon/native born Neandertal “new man” hybrid daughters of men.

The evolutionary scientists would wonder and wonder and study and study and try to classify the order of all the different species in the genus of man.

The scientists would never doubt Cro-Magnon man existed because we are all still Cro-Magnon. Yes, we have some very sophisticated caves but they are still caves. We have some sophisticated and convenient methods of travel, communication, food delivery, preparation of food, entertainment, religion and etc. but, we are still Cro-Magnon and even science agrees with that.

Scientists would struggle to discover how so many modern people of European descent would have tiny traces of ancient Neandertal DNA that would match the DNA they would extract from the Neandertal DNA in the fossilized bones found in that cave in Croatia. The God of Eden was pleased, (Prov. 12:15) then He frowned and shook His head; “They will use all their tools and thought process to disprove My existence; (Psa. 7:11-16) and they will swear they know all the truth (Rom. 14:11) until they meet Me face to face.”

Satan had not realized the Neandertals he thought into existence would have procreated and produced natural born Neandertals who procreated and produced even more. When the Neandertals he thought into existence died for whatever reason the rebellious angels who had been their living matrix had come out and had not realized any time had passed!

Nor had Satan realized most of the surviving native born Neandertals would clan together, and sooner or later most of them would move far away from the Cro-Magnons. The fossil record of Neandertals would show they loved the North Country and they would go no further south than what would be called Israel.

He had not realized the angels that inhabited them wouldn’t be able to realize they were in a body in the sense of being able to think that man took for granted because Satan had not realized the Neandertals would be of such low intelligence the angels could not intellectually interact with them and that, for effect, the Neandertals were too stupid to live because they would regress in intelligence instead of progress in understanding their world until they could not compete for food and would die out in a few generations.

He had not realized most of the angels would give up on the process and refuse to inhabit the bodies Satan thought into existence because they were an eternal creation placed in a mortal body they couldn’t connect with and they had simply lain down and got up without realizing they had inhabited a Neandertal for its lifetime. Satan had not realized he would not be able to repetitiously think exact copy after exact copy of the Neandertals into being.

It was as if he occasionally had some type of thought process hiccup and a different variety would be thought into existence for a while, they were all Neandertals to be sure but there were varieties in the species. And the God of Eden had loaned Satan the power to almost do what he had wanted most, and he had finally thought into existence a race of soulless, almost human apes. God was pleased with Satan’s problems.

Satan was mystified and he didn’t know the God of Eden had finally given him the answer just to see him squirm; “Its because the Neandertals don’t have the brain capacity for the angels to tap into. That’s why they are regressing, they will not be able to compete for food and they will die out after a few generations!” That thought was like a scream through Satan’s being; “I’ve failed again!” and Satan went into a paroxysm of cursing, frustrated fury and whizzed wildly about the meadow! The God of Eden almost had to laugh.

Satan didn’t know God directed him to bring forth Neandertals in far off places that would be called Spain, Iraq, Portugal, Gibraltar, Romania, Southern Britain and others because God’s Cro-Magnons were also moving far away from Seth’s valley.  

(Gen. 6:1-4) A little over thirty years had passed while the original group of Vindija cave city dwellers were wandering. At first it had been really hard to hunter/gather enough food to stoke the immense bodies of “their three children” (V.4) who were really the sons of the angels who had “came in unto” the daughters of men.

As they had grown older they had shown an amazing success in their propensity to hunt and fish. Even as teenagers they could throw a spear further than any man had ever dreamed. They were immensely strong, fast, quick and they were around 10 feet tall. They were giants.

When the giants were about 30 years old their family group came across another group of wanderers with around 40 men besides the women and children. They tried to talk but there was an antagonism that developed, one of the strangers made a threatening move and the giants went berserk. In less time than it takes to tell about it 37 men lay dead in the open meadow.

The survivors had fled into the forest and the Vindija group went on after they had collected the valuables the strangers had dropped as they died or fled. An idea was born and every group they met paid a tribute or they died, it was that simple. The survivors scattered far and wide in that crossroads of Europe and they took the news of the giants with them (Gen. 6:4) and the giants had become men of renown. Satan brightened; “The giants will rule the world!” He didn’t hear the God of Eden mutter; “We’ll see about that.”  

As other groups learned of the ferocity and battle prowess of the renowned Giants they also wanted a giant but they didn’t know where they came from or how to obtain one. Satan was right there to provide them a Neandertal and help them with his whispers and suggestions to their souls.

But most of the time the Cro-Magnons killed the native born Neandertal/Neandertal, new man, almost human hybrids before they could breed with the Cro-Magnons which would produce the 7′ tall Cro-Magnon/ Neandertal hybrid daughters of men who, when bred to a Satan produced angel/Neandertal hybrid, (Gen.6:4) would produce the 10-12 foot tall giants, the men of renown.

The giants were 1/4 human DNA, 1/4 Neandertal/Neandertal hybrid and 2/4 angel/Neandertal hybrid exotic apes. Satan spiritually gnawed his spiritual fists with his spiritual teeth and spiritually screamed his towering rage and frustration to the high heavens. Then Satan brightened; “at least a few of them are successful.” The God of Eden was pleased with the emotional yo-yo effect He was creating on his arch-enemy Satan.

(Gen. 2:7) Satan would never understand only God can give a soul and God absolutely would not give a soul, (2Cor. 4:16 & 1Thess. 5:23) the inward man, to something He had not created that was not in His image. They, even the giants, looked a lot like humans and even acted like humans but they were only extremely intelligent apes, animals.

Noah was 200 years old and he shook his head in sorrow at the deterioration of his society. He knew well the stories the “First Borns” of Seth’s lineage had passed on to the next generations of “First Borns” so Noah knew what the progress and deterioration of his society had been from the beginning. He shook his head sadly because of the way so many had chosen to follow the foolishness of idol worship. Some splinter groups had started worshipping the moon, or sun, or lightening, or the stars, especially that constellation they called the dragon.

Noah knew many of the few who still worshipped the God of Eden really only “half worshipped” Him with their mouths but not their hearts. Many of the people worshipped various idols, but the majority of the population just did not care and they went about their daily lives doing what attracted and delighted them.

Noah did not really understand it was Satan and just how successful Satan had been as he diligently observed, learned by experience, taught, led, charmed, enchanted and blinded that majority of the population. Satan had learned how to teach people to worship god self!

When Noah suddenly realized there was an ever-narrowing segment of his society who worshipped the God of Eden a sudden shiver shook Noah’s body; “Will I be the last man on earth who worships the God of Eden with my whole heart?” A sense of depressive foreboding entered Noah’s soul and he shivered a 2nd time; “Where are we going?” The God of Eden stood silently beside and silently breathed one word; “Judgment.” Noah shivered a third time.

There were so few who still followed the teaching and practice of the “First Borns” Noah did not know whether to burst into tears or tear out his teeth in frustration. Those who still did worship the God of Eden did not have much of an effect on their society, the God of Eden rarely attended their worship meetings and in most of them the God of Eden did not attend, they did not seem to notice and were content with their chants, speeches and songs.

Noah was glad he and the “First Borns” had kept the original Adam altar secret, the way things were he would not put it past some of society to destroy their altar. Silently the God of Eden put His arm around Noah and loved him. Noah suddenly felt better but he did not know why.

(Eccl. 1:9) “There is no new thing under the sun.” Noah’s society was just like the society in the place that would be called America in the far, far off time at the beginning of the 21st century, in 2014. America would even have its giants too but they would be giants in entertainment, politics, sports, sociology, science, medicine, finance and business.

In that year, when Noah was 200 years old, Lamech, now the leader of the Cain-ites in his father’s place and possessing two wives he begat twin boys Jabal and Jubal by Adah. That same year Lamech begat a second set of twins from his other wife Zillah, Tubal-cain, his third son, and a daughter, Naamah (agreeable, be a delight, splendor, pass in beauty, pleasure).

(Gen. 4:21-22) According to scripture, in the Cain-ite lineage there would be fathers but no one would ever again begat or bare a first son. The God of Eden had drawn a fine line in the sand. When the God of Eden draws a line in the sand, be it fine or deep and wide, that line will not be crossed!

Noah was 300 years old when Jabal gathered his cattle (property but only livestock; flock, herd, possession, substance) flock of sheep, herd of cattle, donkeys and camels for his substance, his possessions and he became a nomad, moving with his wife from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.

The Book containing the names of the first born men in the generations of Cain was already written in the mind of the God of Eden, there were only 7 and Jabal was sterile so it was a good thing he became a nomad. It appeared to him that every time they met a clan in some far place or entered a city to worship the goddess Pen-Vul his wife became pregnant.

He believed the goddess blessed him at those events, he was proud of the children he didn’t know he did not begat and he was called the father of the nomads. Just as the scripture said he would!

Satan found a ready and willing pupil in Jubal with his natural talent as a gifted musician who charmed people with his singing and, in the process of time, (Psa. 106:39) he invented the harp (stringed, to twang) and organ (a reed instrument to breathe into sensually). Jubal was a fanatical worshipper of the god Pen-Pen. He wrote songs and chants and was wildly successful and bewitched them when he went to the various Pen-Vul, Pen-Pen and Vul-Vul idol worshippers to show off his abilities and discoveries.

The Qunubu incense sniffers loved and worshipped what he brought because he attracted and delighted them completely with his music. Even the robbers and murderers were enchanted with his craft as his instruments and his Satan music spread throughout the clans and cities of their society. Because of his worship of the pagan god Pen-Pen he begat no one (Gen. 4:21) but because of his fame in inventing a new kind of music, and the way his music spread he was called the “father” of musicians. Its in the scripture!

Satan’s Method of Teaching

But Tubal-cain was Satan’s greatest success story to date because he was curious, intelligent, imaginative, talented, patient and very inventive. Tubal-cain was extremely enchanted and devoted to the worship of the long, hairless, smooth headed, four-footed beast with tiny legs they called Pen-Pen and he was addicted to and completely delighted with the constant use of Qunubu as were many others in his society.

He had a tattoo of the Mark of Cain on his forehead that was surprisingly similar to what Cain’s had been. He was proud of it; “Why shouldn’t I be proud of it? I am named after my great, great, great, great, grandfather the revered Cain.” Tubal-cain did not know his generation, including Cain, was the 7th of the Cain-ite generations and it was to be the last generation.

(Gen. 4:22 keywords: brass: defined: copper & iron: defined: cutting, to pierce) It started when Tubal-cain was investigating a landslide and noticed several broken stones that contained other stones that were a beautiful reddish-orange color. In the far, far future men would call this concentrated copper native copper because it had very few impurities. Tubal-cain worried and worried a piece of it until it fell loose from the rock in which it was still partially embedded.

He fingered it a while then experimentally bit it; “It is soft rock!” He looked at where he’d bit it and it was even shinier. He laid it on rock and hit it with another rock and it flattened a bit. He hit it some more and completely flattened it. It was a much larger diameter. A cunning look came into Tubal-cain’s eyes, he concealed the other rocks containing the native copper with dirt, hid the copper piece under his clothes and went back to the privacy of his home.

“Keep this discovery, I have shown you a secret, it will be very valuable when we get finished.” Tubal-cain was glad the Qunubu helped him talk to his god in private.

The next Pen-Pen worship time, 2 weeks later, Tubal-cain showed up with a copper amulet around his neck on a leather string. He’d had time to discover copper could be shaped, smoothed and shined to a beautiful glow. “Look, look, Tubal-cain has the representation of Pen-Pen right around his own neck!”

He was the life of the worship service because he told the worshippers Pen-Pen himself had given the image to him and many covetous eyes followed Tubal-cain as he gyrated to the pulsating, throbbing beat of Jubal’s music. Pen-Pen was the disguise Satan used to deceive these people. He did not care what idol got the credit because he knew he “owned” them and all other idol worshippers.

It would take a while for Tubal-cain to realize he had a craft that was valuable to more than his pride. He had everything anybody else had and they had everything he had so what could he want? “What is it that you do not want? I do not want to till the ground any more. I do not want to tend those stupid sheep any more. “Well?”

Tubal-cain eyes were filled with cunning. “A tiny copper medallion of your god for 7 sheep.” “A tiny copper medallion of your god for a year’s supply of corn or 2 year’s worth of wheat or 5 hands full of Qunubu.” He realized personal services had a value too; after all, there were a few of those beautiful young men who had resisted his advances. Tubal-cain did not realize it yet but he had invented money and prostitution!

After Tubal-cain found the copper deposit he realized there could be untold riches right under his feet so he started looking right under his feet and that’s how he found the meteorite, he was astonished by its weight. When he bit it he almost broke a tooth. That night by his fire he worried the stone in his hands and remembered how easy the copper melted.

The process was to take several weeks because Tubal-cain was busy with other things but somehow he couldn’t shake the thought the heavy stone held a great secret. “Use fire on it.”  “I will throw it in the fire.” There was no effect. “Make the fire hotter.” I wonder how I can make the fire hotter. “Remember starting a fire?”

Tubal-cain remembered blowing on coals to make them hotter so small bits of kindling would catch fire before the fire died then he’d add larger and larger pieces of wood until he had made the fire as big as he wanted. He blew until he saw black dots before his eyes. He made huge fires and the heavy dark stone remained as it was. He called on Pen-Pen. “Remember the wild oxen stomach?”

Tubal-cain suddenly remembered the wild oxen’s huge stomach he was once washing out so he could tan it and then use to store water in his house and how he had filled it with water and squirted Jubal with it. “If you can squirt water you can squirt air.”  He got out his water storage container. It was a long process of discovery because Satan was “somehow” hindered in his ability to talk to Tubal-cain and he was “somehow” confined to this cursed house with this idiot, he did not know what the other people were doing and that galled him.

It was just like the times he had to report to God about his activities. Oh, how he hated those times because he, all of him, had to be present to report and sometimes he had to wait and wait. It never entered his mind to wonder how he could chaff with endless waiting there in the place of now! The God of Eden was satisfied with both Tubal-cain and Satan’s frustration.

In the process of time: “It will not get hot enough.” “Put it in a clay cup.” Tubal-cain put it in a clay cup and sat it right back in the same old fire and Satan screamed in frustration; “Will this dull thing I hate so badly never learn to listen.” and he went on a rant, streaking and shrieking all through Tubal-cain’s house. Tubal-cain could not hear, nor did he see, he was patiently squirting air on the fire. The God of Eden smiled. Satan streaked and shrieked through seven light and dark times (days) of Tubal-cain’s life before he finally calmed himself.

It took many trials and errors and Satan was wondering if Tubal-cain would die of old age and not get finished; “Build a kiln.”  Tubal-cain built dozens of kilns, tried them, they failed and he tore them down before he finally got it right. The iron meteorite melted and Tubal-cain nodded off to sleep, he had worshipped Qunubu hot and heavy during the 40 straight hours he had worked on this last kiln.

When Tubal-cain woke up the fire was out and he now had a cup shaped meteorite. Satan was streaking through the house at supersonic speed shrieking at the top of his spiritual lungs; “Make a mold. Make a mold.” Cain did not notice, he was too excited and he left the house for a 3 day meeting to worship the god Pen-Pen with a friend. Satan, “strangely confined” to the house, was left to hover over the cup shaped meteorite in smothering frustration. The God of Eden smiled.

It took 144 tries in constructing various molds before an iron ax head fell out after the iron had cooled and the clay mold was broken. Tubal-cain’s eyes gleamed with cunning. Satan wiped the spiritual sweat from his spiritual brow with his spiritual hand and left the house in a spiritual hurry to spread back over “his” kingdom; “Freedom never tasted so good!’

A new, terrible, much more efficient way for men to kill each other was born with the birthing of that iron ax head from the 144th clay mold. Tubal-cain realized a man would sell his mother, his wife or commit murder for a small iron ax or 3 tiny iron arrowheads. And on another day when Tubal-cain was heavy and sodden with god Qunubu:

“Tubal-cain?”  “Huh?” “Have you ever thought of a sword?” “What is a sword?” Satan took a deep breath. Suddenly he felt like he was going to cry like he had seen the mothers do over their sons slain with ax or arrow. The withdrawing had happened, he could not see what was happening in the world and he knew he would be confined to this cursed house with this hated idiot for who knows how long! “And he has got 70 hands full of Qunubu too!”

Tubal-cain realized he needed help because he could not do two things at once. He hired three men completely addicted to Qunubu (Gen. 4:22) and instructed them to be artificers in brass and iron; and they would keep his secret upon penalty of death. Sure enough one of them quit and let it be known he was going into business for himself but two days later when Tubal-cain showed his remaining two workers the man’s severed head he never had another labor problem again.

“A man can buy anything if he has the money.” Tubal-cain hired another man; for some reason there had to be 3.

Noah remembered, as if it was yesterday, what had happened to Tubal-cain’s lovely sister Naamah. She had been an agreeable, delightful, smiling person and as a beautiful young woman she loved to walk before the men and pass by them with her hip swinging, rolling stroll. She worshipped the fertility goddess Pen-Vul idol and participated in the festivities with all her might but somehow she could never reach the heavy lidded, sensual satisfaction the other worshippers enjoyed.

In her appearance she showed the promise of everything any man could ever possibly want in a woman but the consummation itself was cold, mechanical and unsatisfying to everyone involved. The male worshippers of Pen-Vul carried out their worship duties with Naamah reluctantly because their religion demanded it, not because they liked it. Everyone knew there was “something” wrong with Naamah. Maybe she was somehow cursed.

She was at the height of her despair the day they brought the two Neandertals they had captured into the camp in a cage. When she looked at the male Neandertal in his magnificent nakedness a calculating look crossed her beautiful features. The men had heard it rumored the source of the giants was somehow involved with cross-breeding with the Neandertals and they intended to find out how so they could have their own giant. They separated the two into separate cages. They’d start tomorrow.

Naamah was not one to hesitate and that night in the Neandertal’s cage she finally found a gasping, pounding, spasm drawn satisfaction. She had made a choice, a horrible choice, to allay her screaming desire to please her genetically cursed flesh.

Two days later Naamah wiped her lips innocently and looked down bashfully as she passed the cages on her way to the worship services. No one there ever dreamed one so bashful had done what she’d done.

An invisible One did know and through her He would give this society their last visible warning to change its ways. She didn’t know her genetic mixture really was cursed. It would be something unusual and terrible and there would not be an eighth generation of Cain’s seed. The worshippers figured that was the night she was impregnated because she worshipped with such abandon is seemed as if Pen-Vul himself had entered her.

It was a very bad pregnancy, she was sick a lot, lost weight, vomited often and when her delivery time came early at 7 1/2 months there were dark circles under her eyes, she was gaunt except for her huge belly and her face was ashen. They could see a very, very active baby which seemed to be writhing and struggling in some type of awful struggle.

When the baby was delivered two of the old midwives attempted to get the baby to breathe and the third silently fought to stanch Naamah’s bleeding with the tiny grains made from the dried and ground capsicum-annuum plant. Then she mixed dried, ground willow bark for pain into the miraa plant tea that would stimulate her and she gently poured sips into Naamah’s slack mouth.

All 3 midwives somehow knew there would never be another baby born like this one, not ever. It was nearly 3 feet long, very slender and perfectly proportioned yet, even in repose, its muscles were delineated and promised great strength, if they could get it to breathe. In their admiration of its beauty they didn’t care that it was not a normal pink, hairy, pudgy baby. They intensified their efforts until they gave all that was in them to get the “Baby” to breathe.

The SIGN: Like a beautiful, supernatural tattoo starting with small sooty black scales like those of a timber rattlesnake in its hairline going around the back of its neck from ear to ear, down its neck, the scales enlarged across its shoulders covering the tops of them, dividing there with one fork going down and covering both its arms and the other fork going down the sides of its back and extended down to cover its buttocks and then covered both its legs as if they were 5 serpent’s necks.

The mottled black, grey and grayish pale-yellow scales were outlined as if in dark charcoal and were perfectly proportioned in their ascending or descending size to look as if “somehow” a serpent had been grafted into the baby’s skin. Five is God’s number of grace. (2Cor. 11:13-15) Five heads and necks, beware the false grace of the serpent! THE SIGN OF THE SERPENT!

Its forearms and lower legs kept getting darker until its wrists, ankles, hands and feet were sooty black but the smaller scales were still outlined in a darker black like the neck of a timber rattlesnake. Its sooty black, slender hands, fingers and slender feet and toes were long and matched its overall appearance of extreme length and the toes and fingers were tipped with 1 inch long, coal black nails that started straight and broad at its finger tips then tapered to razor sharp points.

On the middle of the baby’s back between the rows of scales down its sides was a bluish grey, swirling cloud with streaks of sapphire lightening as it was rumored to have looked above the altar of the God of Eden. (Song of Solomon 2:1 keywords: lily, rose) It was in stark relief yet the effect was as if one was looking at a beautiful, supernatural Lily of the Valley.

On the baby’s chest, plain as day, were 12 ocher and brown stones stacked together with splashes of scarlet and clumps of yellowish white on their top that some remembered as being like the “old path First Sons” altar and sacrifices of blood and fat yet the effect was like looking at an eerie, otherworldly Rose of Sharon. THE SIGN OF THE GOD OF EDEN! 

The baby’s face was startling on its long, slender head. Its forehead sloped backward and upward to the back of its head. Starting far above its eyes the brush of dark, matted hair formed a twisted mass at the back of its head then went straight down the back of its head to where the headless serpent started and went on down its long, slender neck. Its slim, muscular face was dominated by straight, slightly up tilted, wing-like eyebrows over deep set eyes above bold cheek bones.

The eyes were tilted slightly upward and promised to be slitted if they ever opened. The baby’s nose was straight and thin yet somehow reminded one of the beak of a hungry raptor and its wide, straight, full lipped, mouth was lightly stamped in a permanent sneer of sarcastic cruelty. Those in attendance had never seen anything so beautiful in their lives.

Suddenly it took a short, ragged breath, hesitated, took a longer one, barely hesitated, took a still longer one, gasped a couple of times, then started breathing in a fast rhythm for 2 or 3 minutes then its breathing slowed and became regular. Its muscles tightened and its long, slender fingers curved into a likeness of talons, it raised a knee and the “baby” sprang athletically to its feet on the bed.

It stood straight and tall as if in some sort of a trance then it raised its stiffened arms until they stuck straight out from its shoulders. Its head was held straight, its legs were together, it formed a perfect cross and it held that pose for nearly a minute. The admiring Cro-Magnons looked at the beauty of the serpent etched into its beautifully slender, muscular body and they never noticed the last sign of the God of Eden “So be it.” written there.

Suddenly its eyes flew open. They were cold, heartless and golden yellow like those of a bird of prey. The pupils contracted to black points as it focused its soulless, cold, hard yellow gaze upon them. It crouched slightly, spread itself to look bigger and more threatening, cocked its arms like an animal preparing to attack, its black, sharp nailed fingers were curved like widespread talons, and it hissed like a serpent while its golden yellow eyes seemed to burn into them. Chimera!!!

NOTE: Chimera is defined: #1) A thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to believe. Synonyms: illusion, fantasy, delusion, dream, fancy. #2) An organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryos, grafting or mutation. (Source: 2Cor. 4:3-4, 2Cor 11:13-15 then 1Cor. 15:1-4) Chimera is used here to demonstrate the illusion and delusion that Satan can give true, eternal happiness to any race, creed or color. END OF NOTE.

One of the mid wives, overcome by its beauty, stepped forward with her hands reaching toward it to embrace it. It suddenly lashed out with its beautiful hand and its talons tore four bloody slashes from her shoulder to her elbow. Then it bounded lithely and athletically off the bed and out the door. They were not about to let this beautiful, beautiful creature escape them and they tore out of the room in pursuit.

(Job 1:7) The “baby” darted here and there through the whole town, to and fro, and up and down in it until the whole population had seen it and fallen in love with its beauty. Whole crowds chased it, tried to corner it and wanted it more than anything! Somehow a chant started; “We want to be like you! We want to be like you!” The chant spread through the town until it became a roar. The “baby” left the city and ran through the country side with the city dwellers in close pursuit.

The country folks saw it, wanted it, wanted to be like it, joined the chase and added their voices to the din; “We want to be like you! We want to be like you!” Some of the people in the families of the “First Borns” of the Seth-ites were caught up in the excitement and ran madly after the baby!

The “baby” ran furiously all day until the whole area was in a frenzied uproar, most did not notice it was leading them instead of trying to escape, those who did notice did not seem to care; “We want to be like you! The God of Eden was grim because He knew men would do the same thing again in the far, far future. (Luke 23:18) “release unto us Barabbas:” (Eccl. 9:1) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

The “baby” came to the edge of a mid-sized stream and started to cross. Upstream a log jam dam had somehow burst. The “baby” was waist deep in mid-stream when the flood of water hit it. As it washed downstream it struggled, floundered, sank, gaped a few times, stiffened then relaxed and it was gone in the flood. The God of Eden was sad and stern as He stood there with them thinking; “Not one of them gave more than a cursory glance at the sign of the God of Eden They have had their sign; they have had their chance!”

READ (John 3:14-16 esp. V.16 keywords: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son) you have had your sign (Rev. 20:8-15 esp. V.15 keywords: book of life) and your chance is now! “and there is no new thing under the sun.”

The people were shocked speechless. They watched all their dreams disappear in the flood. They stood there silently staring at the water for a while. Finally, silently, they turned and started away. The soundless, persuasive, seductive, tender, hiss of the serpent’s whisper came so sweet and soft to every heart; “Chimera did not die. He is waiting.

(Gen. 3:4-5) You can become as gods. You will not die.” It worked before, why not again? “When you have become enough like me you can come to me in the flood.” The serpent’s whisper was no different then than what it would be to the people in the far, far future in the year 2014, including many in the Church! It is Satan’s tried and true recipe of destruction.

The news eventually spread over their whole world about their sign of the baby and they incorporated the chant into the chants of their worship services; “We want to be like you! We want to be like you!” And Naamah?

(Gen. 3:15) Satan remembered God’s curse on him; “No woman’s seed is going to bruise my head! (Jer. 7:18 & 44:17-19 keywords: queen of heaven) I’ll teach them to worship Naamah as the mother of god, they saw him born. Naamah will be their intercessor with god ME for she is the queen mother of MY heaven.”

The seeds for the Babylonian worship of the queen mother of heaven had been sown. Tubal-cain and his brother Jubal were busy writing songs concerning; “We want to be like you! We want to be like you!” and they started calling them Jubalees. Naamah became wildly famous and much sought after because she could make intercessions that would help one obtain Qunubu or that certain sexually desired person.

The idea of trade caravans came to Tubal-cain and Jubal when their nomad brother Jabel had come for a visit from his wanderings. He told them about all the people they had met in their travels to the far north, to the east, to the west and to the great salt sea.

He talked about items like abundant salt, oils, beautiful furs, sea shells, beads, dried or salt pickled foods of strange delicious variety, strange idols made from peculiar wood and odd stone, they wore cloth clothes made from sheep’s wool and plant fiber and he mentioned ochre, vermillion and blue dyes.

It was a natural. Tubal-cain had his metal religious objects and Jubal had his musical instruments to trade. (Gen. 4:21-22) They needed help so they hired more people to be artificers and swore them to secrecy upon punishment of death. After two more of their artificers were found tortured and murdered the others took the hint and kept their mouths shut.

The brothers became much more famous and rich; Jubal as the father of all such as handle the harp and organ and Tubal-cain as an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron. Tubal-cain and Jubal sent a steady stream of the instruments of worship and war to the rest of their world in a slow but steady stream from their manufactories.

The first three giants had fascinated Satan and he had spent much time diligently observing them and learning about them. Their sudden, violent, ferocity that had resulted in the deaths of 37 men in moments had shocked even him. He forgot to dance and cavort through their steaming blood on that cool morning because he realized here were three vehicles to be used for the destruction of many men if he could only find a way to absolutely control them instead of just suggesting and whispering ideas.

He found it fascinating they could not talk yet they could hear and understand what the Cro-Magnon humans said. He found it fascinating the three giants were working out a way to communicate by using subtle hand movements and signals and the humans never noticed. Another group of Cro-Magnons had finally “discovered” how to obtain their giant.

The humans didn’t know the giants had a peculiar sense of the presence of their own kind even though they were several miles away and once in a great while the three giants would meet their “relatives” in the forest and teach them their “language”. As the centuries passed the giants developed their own communication system. Being superb hunters the giants were realizing they could live indefinitely in the forest.

Satan wondered; “How can I find a way to absolutely control the giants?”