You will find understanding yourself will be vital in understanding and developing your relationship with God because to understand God’s influence in our lives we must first understand what we are, who we are and what makes us act. God said, (Gen. 1:26) “Let us make man in our image (resemblance), after our likeness (be like):” (Gen. 2:7) “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath (spirit) of life; and man became a living soul (mind, me, person, self, heart).”

(1Thess. 5:23) Man is composed of body, (the physical structure) spirit (eternal life that has nothing to do with the breathing that keeps your temporary body alive) and soul, (mind, me, person, self, heart) in God’s image. (Psa. 22:26 & Matt. 25:46) You must understand God has already given all people eternal life. God set the knowledge of eternity in our hearts.

Example: (2Cor. 4:16) To test that knowledge just imagine yourself dead; there is your body (outward man) right in front of you but it is you, (Luke 16:19-31 esp. V.23 keyword: seeth- to see) the soul (inward man), doing the looking! Now imagine yourself not existing; you simply cannot do it. You might superficially do it, especially in front of your friends, BUT:

In the darkness of night, alone, that fearful searching time, looking at the vulnerability of your fragile hold on life you will understand that you will be you forever. Read these to understand-> (2Cor. 4:4 keywords: god of this world & 11:13-15 keywords: angel of light THEN John 14: 9 then 15-23 & 1John 4:8 & 16 keywords: God is love) that ultimately this lifetime simplified is a time for each individual to choose which (Satan the devil 2Cor. 4:4 the god of this world John 8:44 the lying murderer or God the Creator John 3:14-19 who is love itself) god/God you wish to be with in eternity. For complete details concerning your eternal decision please read the one-article commentary Breath of Life on this website.

(2Cor. 5:1-6) The body, including the brain, is the temporary, organized physical organism, “the house” in which the individual lives. (Jas. 2:26) The spirit is the vital principal of the body; it is the breath of life which we commonly call the spark of life (Gen. 2:7 & Psa. 139:13-16) which was given before man started normal physical breathing. (Matt. 10:28 & Titus 1:15) The soul is defined as (mind, me, personality, self, heart). These six soul words are interchangeable throughout the Bible.

It is interesting to note the Greek word for soul is psuche (psoo-khay) and from that came the English word psyche (si-ke) which also means soul (me, each individual’s personality). Ego from the Latin also means self (me). Sure you have words like id, super ego and all that but when you read about it you realize it is all just soul. Question: If your personality is not your soul, then who are you???

(Rom. 6:17 & Heb. 3:12) It is interesting that the Holy Bible also sometimes uses “heart” as a word for the soul. Who knows; maybe the soul does live in the physical heart instead of the physical brain. I do know my soul does live someplace in my body because I am me and that’s good enough. What is the point of knowing more?

THIS IS IMPORTANT: (2Cor. 4:16) You, the temporary outward man, contain all your sensory organs, brain and body systems. You the outward man with your finger prints, DNA, retinal scan, hair, eyes and skin color, body structure and facial features are uniquely you.

You, the eternal inward man, are the supernatural, eternal you (SOUL) and there are three parts. You, the inward man, with your #1 personality, #2 God place and #3 conscience are uniquely you. (2Cor. 4:16) You, the eternal inward man, live in your temporary physical body, the temporary outward man, in a span of time commonly called the individual’s lifetime.

The #1 PERSONALITY (2Tim. 3:2 & Eph. 4:31) is listed by as being comprised of one hundred and forty six personality parts such as love, hate, humble, proud, kind, mean, generous, stubborn, selfish, gentle, harsh and etc. Other websites offer different numbers of soul parts in their lists but I’m sure you understand what I am saying. These personality parts, often called character traits, are the individual soul’s identity. This information is not written as a “list” in the Bible but the Bible does list character traits (personality parts) here and there.

The #2 GOD PLACE in man is because (Col. 1:16 & Rev. 4:11) “man was created (to fabricate through the idea of proprietorship of the manufacturer) by God and for God” and (John 4:23 & Acts 7:39-43) that causes man to have a need to worship. God gave man the freedom of choice and man is free to worship who or what he wishes. Think about this: If we were fabricated to worship God without choice we would be robots and incapable of love; just press a button and “I love You” pops out and we would be just another pop up toaster or gumball machine.


If we were forced to worship God in spite of our freedom of choice we would be unwilling slaves giving lip service to God. We would feel resentment instead of love and our “I love You” would be a lie. But God, in His brilliance, did the perfect thing.

(Prov. 1:29 & Heb. 11:25) If a free soul chooses to love and worship God for who and what God is (1Cor. 10:31) God will get glory out of that situation and the individual is also (John 17:13) fulfilled with joy (Rom. 15:9-14) because God will bless the person with the peace and knowledge the person is doing what he was created to do and that (1Tim. 6:6) brings contentment.

(1Tim. 6:6-11 & Heb. 13:5-6) When God is not in the God place there is always a feeling that something is missing, an aggravating emptiness in the sense of wanting something more, a hunger for more fulfillment that is commonly called an itch you can’t scratch, a need of the inward man the outward man cannot fulfill with the accumulation of “things or conquests” because there is always something more to want.

Because people are made (designed) to worship (Matt. 6:`9-34 esp. V.24) people continually try to fill their God place with everything but God and they “worship” possessions, power, status, wealth, alcohol/drugs, entertainment or another individual (the list is endless) which are those tempting things that promise pleasure to self.

(James 5:1-5) That kind of pleasure never brings lasting contentment and fulfillment. Then wanting self always crams in more and more of the endless list of things listed above but they are never enough. (Col. 3:1-5) The God place can never be successfully filled with anything but God (Matt.11:29 & 1Pet.2:25) because God reserved it for Himself. (John 3:3-21 esp. V.3 keywords: born again, Rom. 8:6-17 & 2Cor. 5:17-21 esp. V.17 keyword: creature: defined: Strong’s w #2937 creation) The most pitiful state are the billions of people whose religion worships an empty god, (Rev. 12:9 Satan the devil), in their myriad religions who do not have Jesus as the Living Central Part of their religion.

(2Cor. 1:12 & Titus 1:15) #3 CONSCIENCE: Conscience in the New Testament is defined as (moral consciousness, the soul’s perception of what is right or wrong) which is an individual’s (perception of what is right or wrong). To have a moral consciousness there must be a capacity for moral consciousness God “built in” when He created man. (Gen. 1:27-31 & 3:8) Adam and Eve personally knew God.

(Gen. 2:15-17) God programmed their conscience with His words; “Don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” The first instance of the activation of mankind’s conscience was when Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:6) disobeyed God, (Gen. 3:7) gained the knowledge of good and evil, (Gen. 3:8) knew they had disobeyed God and they hid from God.

A person’s conscience is “programmed” by whatever they are taught is right or wrong by their home “family” environment, their environment away from home, the laws of society and their own desires by convincing themselves what they want is right.

Example: A perfect example of the (Rom. 8:5-9) fallen/carnal nature of mankind is in the attitude of every child. The nature of a child, as soon as it is aware there are consequences to its actions, is to lie to avoid the “bad” consequences of its “bad actions” and that child must be taught to tell the truth.

The nature of a child, as soon as it discovers “things” have a value, is to take what it wants. “MINE” is one of the first words learned and the child will (Eph. 2:3) by nature hurt, steal, lie, or whatever the child deems necessary to satisfy that want and that is the beginning of the principal of pleasing self which is “do what it takes to feel good and look good.”

A child must be taught acceptable actions in its society whether its society is headhunters taught to take their neighbors head or a Christian taught to love his neighbor as himself and (Titus 1:15) the child’s conscience is programmed in the process.

Conscience programming is how a parent’s sin (1Ki. 15:25-26 & Prov. 22:6) can be handed down to their children. Example: A liar teaches his son to lie because the son sees, hears and follows his Father’s example. An immoral Mother teaches her daughter immorality by example. The conscience must be stressed because (Acts 23:1; Rom. 2:15; & 2Cor. 4:2) the Bible identifies conscience as the guide mechanism of the soul.

Here is an extreme example of a conscience taught to please self instead of pleasing society. Serial killers are defined as sociopaths (a person with anti-social behavior) or psychopaths (a person with a personality disorder manifested in aggressively anti-social behavior) or serial killers are sometimes identified by both names.

You already know the old wore out reasons the mental health professionals give; somebody was mean to the little dear when he was a child. The little dear tortured bugs, then pets, then other children and now he has evolved into a killer while he has been trying to achieve power and seek an outlet for his frustrations.

Give me a break! The little jerk is just mean and he trained his own conscience! If they don’t have a conscience why do they always try to hide their deeds? The only reason they hide their deeds is because they know it is wrong and they don’t want to be caught and punished by society’s conscience which is civil law!

Why didn’t the millions of other children who had a rough and sorry childhood turn into murderers? The mental health professionals agree that a serial killer has no conscience but that is absolutely wrong because his conscience is alive and well. A serial killer has a conscience (1Tim. 4:2) seared (cauterize, render insensitive) to the extreme opposite of whatever society’s collective conscience dictates is acceptable moral behavior (civil laws).

The professionals fail to realize everything about him is actually self-oriented. His conscience is totally programmed to pleasing self. He is not insane; he is totally and completely self-oriented. He is selfish, defined (concerned only with oneself without regard for the well-being of others), to the extreme.

(Mat. 14:3-11; 1Tim. 5:6; Jas. 5:4-5; & 2Pet. 2:1-3 esp. V.3) A serial killer’s deeds are based on the principal of pleasing self. Of course some people have brain disease or injury that results in aberrant behavior but that subject is studied in depth in an entirely different commentary titled; “Is God Fair” on this website.

(2Cor. 4:16) The inward man lives in and uses the outward man to exist in this temporary existence called lifetime. Everyone, to one degree or another, understands how the human body works so not much will be said about bodily functions. The problem is the inward man and the outward man are so closely linked the majority of people, even Christians, cannot separate the two.

To fully understand God’s purpose and man’s place in that purpose we must understand God’s concept of man from creation through individual birth to eternity. Please be patient because this information will help you understand the relationship God wants to build with you. We will get to Jesus!!

THINKING: Sometimes thinking is called the mental process.

#1 Science has invented machines to measure brain activity in different areas of the brain during various stimuli. Science arrived at the conclusion the brain controls a person’s actions but all science and its machines really prove is what part of the brain (a thinking and information storage organ) the soul is using to think with. As a matter of fact the word brain is not used in the unrevised KJV Holy Bible. See the article About the Writer listed at the top beside the Home page on this website to see how this writer came to the decision to use the KJV Holy Bible. You may either laugh, cry or deeply consider my decision!

Example: Picture a subject with electrodes connected all over his head and his brain is pictured on a monitor screen. Thinking is stimulated by showing the test subject a sexy picture of the opposite sex, OR: a peaceful nature scene OR: a picture of extreme violence. The monitor screen shows the amount of activation in various parts of the brain caused by the soul using the brain to think about the various pictures.

The brain is no different than any other organ. Compare it to the physical heart (a blood pumping organ), the aorta does one thing, the left ventricle does something else, a valve does this or that and etc. So do the parts of the brain.

#2 Science says the brain has an automatic pilot called the autonomic nervous system. That part of the brain regulates involuntary actions such as eye adjustment, digestion, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, glandular actions and etc. without the individual having to think about it. Isn’t that just like God; “He makes it easy on us.” If we had to beat our own heart, breathe our lungs and all the rest of it we’d never have time for anything else. OR:

We would get excited about some event, forget what we were supposed to be doing with our survival systems and simply fall over dead. NOTE: God also had a scriptural, much greater, glorious, surprising plan for the use of the autonomic nervous system which is given in I Have Experienced Christian Physical Death Parts 1 & 2 located on this commentary. END OF NOTE.

#3 Science teaches there is a thinking (mental) activity called the subconscious. An internet definition of subconscious is: (the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities). In other words; it is thinking a person does not know about and cannot talk about. It is ridiculous to believe God would judge a person for a type of thinking we do not even know is happening.

The above three things are not mentioned in the Holy Bible. BUT: God gave us our brain to think with and He does expect us to figure out a few things for ourselves.

BRAIN: Think about this for a minute: Your sensory organs collect information but your brain sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels touch. If you drove a vehicle your brain solved mathematical problems of distance, angles, curves, inertia, speed and velocity concerning your vehicle plus the inertia, speed, distance and velocity of a bunch of other vehicles and deciphered what the other drivers were attempting to accomplish.

If you walked your brain kept you upright and solved distance and angle problems so it could steer your body through a complicated obstacle course. Your brain recognized the familiar sights, sounds, colors, shapes and locations of objects in your home; how your clothes matched, fit and felt; and calculated food color, taste, texture and benefit.

Your brain recognized familiar people and gauged their expression, dress and emotional state; “sized up” strangers; and recognized and tested your familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. Your brain recognized the location, shapes, colors and condition of trees, flowers, grass, concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, windows, fashion, buildings and a zillion other things.

Your brain heard words, made decisions, operated speaking organs, controlled body systems and made calculations from stored data and new data and kept you as aware, safe and comfortable as it could.

Your brain used touch to feel, grip, push, lift, test temperature and etc. In addition to all this your brain was making your mental calendar for your day; where am I going, what am I going to go, who will I see, what will I say and what is my schedule? But why was the brain doing all this and who was the brain working for since it is only an information storage, reasoning and body directing physical organ?


(Luke 5:22) The brain is the information storage and reasoning organ used by the soul. Consciousness, the brain’s awake state, is (awareness of one’s own existence, identity, sensations, environment and situation). Consciousness is also the (ability to think, perceive and achieve understanding). Consciousness is (awareness of self, ME).

Consciousness is (the soul’s state of awareness, at any given time, depending on the state, quality and ability of the soul’s thinking organ which (Mark 8:14-21) stores information and processes current data gathered by the body’s five senses; taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing).

While living in its body the soul uses the ability of the body’s thinking organ, the brain, to think. (Acts 18:1-19 esp. V.4, 14, & 19) REASON is the process of logical thinking and reason is measured by (Acts 26:1-32 esp. V3-26) INTELLECT which is the brain’s capacity to collect, process and store information.

When reason is finished a conclusion is reached and (Rom.3:19-31 esp. V.28 keyword, conclude) RATIONALIZATION is the result. This process of thinking holds true from washing dishes to building skyscrapers to selecting a God to worship. That is why humans are called RATIONAL beings.

WILL: Will is the strength of an action taken, guided by the conscience, based upon the soul’s faith and value. This definition of faith is about spiritual matters; (Heb. 11:1) “Now faith is the substance (assurance, the support of underlying reality) of things hoped for, the evidence (proof) of things not seen.” But the principal of faith; that faith is reality, holds true in non-spiritual matters as well. Your faith is your reality and your reality will have value to you.

Example: You believe (faith) your vehicle will start (reality) because you acted (will) by spending money to buy a good one and you pay to keep the maintenance up (value). OR: You doubt (faith) your vehicle will start (reality) because you (will) did not spend very much money for a vehicle and did not pay for proper maintenance (value). Either way your conscience says; “I did all I could or I did not do all I could.”

Read (Acts 17:2-10): These souls reached rational conclusions which results in faith in and a value of the object of their faith. Their faith and value is the basis for which their souls told their brains to use their bodies to act or react by speaking or performing tasks in a magnitude (will) that was directly proportional to the value of their faith.

This interactive process of faith, value, conscience and will is the origin of loyalty and allegiance. (John 6:53-69) Loyalty is (being faithful to a person, ideal, custom, or inanimate object) and allegiance is (the obligation of loyalty), commonly called taking a side.

(Matt. 6:20 & 15:20) There is varying strength of faith and (Matt. 10:31) value. Example: Reality, the floor you are about to walk on is rotten, you have faith it will fall with you, you value you, your loyalty is to you, so your new reality is to take an action, will, and go another way.

Think about this for a minute. If God had created us with will as part of our soul He could not judge fairly if one person had a weak will and another had a strong will. Consider this concerning values: A person does not have a strong enough will to take his family to church so his child can obtain eternal salvation; yet the same person has a strong enough will to die trying to protect that same child from some physical threat.

Our will is the strength of an action taken, guided by our conscience, based on our faith and value. Everything a person does is based on faith and value. What do you think of Jesus? See, I asked you to be patient and now we have finally gotten to Jesus.

BIBLICAL EXAMPLE OF A SOUL’S INTERACTION WITH JESUS: (John 6:53-69) In these scriptures we see a group of people who heard and saw the exact same thing. The content of Jesus’ statement forced a decision from each person in the group which automatically divided the large group into two smaller groups because there was no third choice.

(V.66) One group’s faith in and value of was against the situation and against what Jesus said. Their loyalty and allegiance was to whomever and whatever they were going back to and their will was to leave. Their soul told their brain to operate their body parts and they left Jesus.

(V.68) The other group’s faith in and value of was for the situation and for what Jesus said. Their loyalty and allegiance was to who Jesus is and what Jesus said. Their will was to stay with Jesus. Their soul told their brain to operate body parts and they followed Jesus.

Each person in the two groups was a soul (the inward man) who contained character traits, a God place and a conscience. Each soul had faith and values which resulted in loyalty and allegiance. Each soul instructed the body (outward man) to do something and the strength of their action (will) was to go or stay.

Jesus set up a situation so each individual had to choose if he was for Jesus or against Jesus and each person performed a conscious action based on his faith and values. If a person had not gone with either group he would have still been against Jesus because he did not follow Jesus!

(John 6:53-69) Both actions, for or against, required an equal amount of faith, value and will.

#1 (Please, please read these in the order given. Rom. 10:8-13 THEN 8:5-17) This event is an exact portrayal of the emotional and thinking process used in the acceptance or refusal of the salvation experience offered by God through the blood of his Son Jesus Christ.

#2 (John 14:17, 20 & 23-26 esp. V.26 keyword: teach) It is also an exact portrayal of the thinking and emotional process used by a born again Christian in the acceptance or refusal of the Holy Spirit’s guidance to obey God according to God’s word.

#3 A Christian makes these types of decisions every day such as whether to read the Bible or watch TV, etc; to go pray or stay glued to facebook, etc; to visit and witness to a lost person or stay at home; to pursue or not pursue a sexual relationship with a forbidden person or whatever.


PASSION: (Acts 14:14-15 & James 5:17) Personality parts (soul) commonly called character traits are based on emotions and have emotional value and their values are set by the conscience. The expression of these emotions is measured in passion. (Acts 1:3) That’s why the crucifixion of Jesus is called Christ’s passion; (John 3:16) it was the measure of Jesus’ love for us.

Proof of self; me: Remember the one hundred and forty-six words that describe the inward man of all of us such as love, hate, humble, proud, kind, mean, generous, stubborn, selfish, gentle, harsh and etc. They are the character traits that identify each of us as a self, heart, mind, a soul, a person, a me! Stop here and think about it a minute. If this is not you; then who are you? What is your identity? You are surely not a blank page.

Please consider this aspect of self: Take one emotion like love and think of it like it is a barrel of water. One soul gets his barrel with one molecule of love less, another soul’s barrel has two molecules of love less, and a third—you get what I’m saying. Now imagine all the one hundred or so character traits measured the same way. In each soul each amount of any single character trait has a direct, specific effect on some or all of the others.

You could actually have two souls with ninety nine character traits exactly alike except one soul has one more molecule of love than the other. That one tiny difference would cause some or all of the other character traits to change a tiny bit and each of those would change all the others a tiny bit on into infinity. The two souls would be so very much alike, yet infinitely different. SO: There are an infinite number of souls possible without ever a repetition.

That is why every person who will ever exist will be alike; yet each one is infinitely and wonderfully different from all the rest of us. God knew all the time even “identical twins” are different individuals but science is just now realizing and studying that fact.

You are you, there has never been another you, there will never be another you and you are the only you that will ever be. Just think about how unique and important each person is in God’s eyes. Just think about how so many of us waste ourselves in so many useless ways. It makes one want to weep.

(Acts 9:2-9) That is why Jesus’ salvation is so intimately personal. YET: (Heb. 2:9) Jesus’ salvation is also intimately universal. SO: That gives rise to the inherent (Eph. 2:8-22 and Col. 1:9-14 then Rom. 8:8-17 key: to come into possession of, to receive from another person, to take possession of an inheritance) selfishness of Christianity!

(Phil. 2:10-13 esp. V.12 keywords: work out your own salvation AND Matt. 25:3-12 key: the oil represents the Holy Spirit) I’ve got mine! I’ll do all I can to help you get or keep yours but, regardless of your outcome, I’ve still got mine!

Before we end this article let us explore abortion for a minute. Do you think an unborn baby is a SELF?

ABORTION: (Gen. 2:7) God breathed HIS breath (eternal life) into the first man and the man immediately became A LIVING SOUL (a self, a person, a me). Adam started taking in taking in oxygen first (breathing) then his heart started beating but self-awareness would come later.

At that beginning Adam didn’t know anything! He had no idea of self or self’s identity. He was awake but there was no data stored in his brain for him to have consciousness of self, he didn’t know he could think or be intellectually aware.

He didn’t even know he was alive because he didn’t know what life was. He didn’t know anything about his surroundings. Adam was looking into God’s eyes from just a few inches away and he didn’t know if God was a person or a thing, no, that’s wrong; Adam didn’t even know what person or thing meant.

Adam’s brain was empty of information and he had to learn everything. He even had to learn self-identity. His conscience was there but it had to be programmed. THE BIG QUESTIONS ARE; WAS ADAM ALIVE? WAS HE A SELF? WAS HE ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE SINGLE CELL THAT BEGINS ANY HUMAN LIFE IN ITS MOTHER’S WOMB?

The naysayers will deny all this because of lack of faith or belief in evolution but God walked with Adam in the cool of the day and taught him everything, even a language, then He gave Adam a test; (Gen. 2:19) “You name all these animals.” If you trace the names back through the old languages you will see they were named for their physical characteristics. (Gen 2:15-17) God also programmed Adam’s conscience!

Now think about this: (Ex. 21:22-24)If men strive (quarrel, to lay waste: sounds like a fight to me), and hurt (push, strike, stumble) a woman with child (pregnant), so that her fruit (offspring) depart (break out, bring forth) from her, and yet no mischief (hurt) follow: he shall be surely punished (inflict a penalty)——-. and the person shall be punished with a specified punishment. BUT: (V.23-24) And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye tooth for tooth hand for hand, foot for foot.

SO: This Biblical abortion is caused by an accident but is still punishable. The point I’m making is that God recognized the baby/fetus as a life. (Psa. 139:13-16) God recognized David as being alive when he was conceived in his mother’s womb. In the end God’s word is all that will ever count.

THEN: (Luke 1:27 through 2:5 esp. 1:36-43, 49 & 60) Mary was pregnant with Jesus and Elisabeth, Mary’s cousin, was pregnant with John who would be known (Matt. 3:1) as John the Baptist. These two unborn children (two selves) were obviously consciously alive in their Mothers’ wombs’ because one was aware of the other! Think about (Gen. 2:7) again:

The point I’m making is: #1) The earthen body of the first man, later named Adam, was just that, earth. UNTIL: God gave him the breath (vital breath commonly called the spark of life: in other words, the vitality of life; the spirit of life, the animating force) of life, the man became a living soul (a self, a person, a me) and his body came to physical life, he started breathing and started taking in nutrients.

Think about the other end of a self’s lifetime here on earth. (James 2:26) #2) The body dies when the spirit departs (Luke 16:19-31 esp. V.22-23) and the soul (a self, a person, a me) goes right along with the spirit of life and leaves the un-animated, dead, earthen body behind to once more become one with the earth. THINK: If you cut off a body part, a thumb or whatever, and throw it out in the yard it is already dying because it isn’t complete. If you leave it there it will finish dying, decay and become earth once again.


The female egg is not complete and is naturally expelled every month, it dies and becomes earth once again. Depending on the circumstances the same thing happens to the male sperm cells either by spilling or re-absorption by the flesh, either way, if they don’t join with a female egg, they die, decay and become earth again because they are not complete.

Both types of these reproductive cells have no independent life of their own because they are not complete. These dead cells, one way or another, go back to the earth.

BUT: When the female egg cell and the male sperm cell unite in conception life is ignited (created) right then, because God gives that single cell self (a person, a me) life and soul JUST LIKE HE DID ADAM and this new person starts using oxygen and nutrients from their Mother’s body, (Psa. 139:13-16) JUST LIKE DAVID.

HE/SHE IS COMPLETE; through cell division is how the baby (a self, a person, a me) grows! Nothing else is ever added except oxygen and nutrients through the amniotic fluid first and then through the umbilical cord later, just like Adam except they come through a different delivery system.


We really need to go into more detail concerning this subject. SO: Abortion and miscarriage: There appears to be 5 main questions concerning the controversy over abortion and miscarriage. Is it alive? Is it human? Is abortion murder? Did I lose a fetus or did I lose a baby?

Of course these 5 questions engender a host of other questions but when they are answered the others are also answered. It is easier and safer to let God answer these questions by the KJV Bible scriptures given below. (Rev. 20:10-15) In the long run God’s opinion is the only one that counts anyway.

Medical science has proved at conception the egg and sperm unite and become one cell. Nothing else is ever added except nutrients and oxygen. Everything is there and it is alive. It must be living because the cell contains the information to divide and keep dividing until the body is complete.

It will be shown below that the soul is there even if the cell has not divided enough for the body to have a brain with which that little one celled person can think. All this is obvious because babies exhibit emotions in the womb and as soon as a baby is born it exhibits emotions which demonstrate a personality, a mind, a self, a me, a person, a soul.

AGAIN, IN DETAIL: The Hebrew definitions will be given in the below scriptures so you can clearly understand your miscarried or aborted baby will be waiting in heaven for you if you make it your choice to go there. (Psa. 139:13-16) (V.13) “For thou hast possessed my reins (essential organ, interior self, mind): thou hast covered (protect, screen, fence, defend) me in my mother’s womb. (V.14) I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

(V.15) “My substance- Strong’s Concordance #6105 (life, might, strength) was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.” (This denotes David’s humility, he knew by scripture our body is composed of the elements of the earth and David is saying his body is made from the deepest, poorest earth.)

(V.16) “Thine eyes did see my substance- Strong’s concordance #1564 (a different Hebrew word meaning unformed mass, embryo), yet being unperfect (not whole, not made) and in thy book all my members were written (to record), which in continuance (forever, process of time) were fashioned (earthen, fashion as a potter), when as yet there was none of them.”

At the moment of conception God recognizes that one cell as a person, a self, a soul, a me. At death that beautiful baby goes back to God. BECAUSE:

(Psa. 139:13-16 & Phil. 3:20-21 esp. V.21 keywords: like unto his glorious body) Even if that one cell made by the uniting of the egg and sperm never divides that miscarried or aborted baby will receive a complete, glorified body just like that of Jesus because it is a person.

God had its design recorded and nothing can change that and your baby will be the baby it was intended to be. (Matt. 17:1-2) The description of Jesus’ glorified body is recorded and his face shown as the sun but he was easily recognizable.

Your shining baby is waiting for you in heaven if you are a born again Christian. If you are not a born again Christian and wish to be one please read The Breath of Life commentary on this website. If you were a Christian and have backslidden please click on the commentary Sin in Church on this website, scroll the menu to the article Backsliding: The Failure Principal and read that. You can make it back into the grace of God. Remember this: (Rev. 20:10-15 esp. V.10 keywords: for ever and ever & 21:8 keyword: murderers) Murderers will go to the lake of fire and (Prov. 6:16-19 esp. V.17) God hates those who shed innocent blood BUT:

(Acts 8:1-3 esp. V.1 keyword: consenting & 9:1) Saul, the man who would become the apostle Paul, was a murderer because he agreed Stephen must be stoned to death (1Tim. 1:12-14) but Jesus forgave him of his sins and made him an apostle. You can be forgiven for murder.

If this is not a living, created person (a self, a me) at the moment of conception, WHEN DOES IT BECOME A SELF? Think about you: according to science the cells in your body are constantly dying and being replaced through cell division by new ones in YOUR BODY all the time.

Does that mean you are not a self (a person, a me) yet? If you (a self) agree that abortion is OK you are no different in principal than the person (a self) performing the abortion to rid a Mother of what science calls not a self.


Let’s get gruesome and figure out how to kill this brand new self (according to God) OR: not a self (according to science). Two year old babies don’t “know” much, they aren’t aware of self so let’s murder them? “Oh no, that’s too old! The law says that’s murder!” OK let’s back it up and kill one year old babies because they aren’t aware of self. “Oh no, that’s too old! It’s still murder!”

OK, three month old babies don’t know anything, let’s kill them? “Oh no! MURDER!” OK, one month old babies (a self) don’t even know they are alive let’s kill them. “OH NO! MURDER! MURDER!”

Alright, let’s wait until just before they’re born. We’ll grab ’em by the feet, pull ’em out far enough to reach the base of their skull with snips and we can snip their spine in two and they’ll just go limp, deader ‘n a door nail. “Wellll, yeah that’s a little better, we can live with that, butttt!” You sound doubtful so let’s back it up a trimester and murder babies (selves) in Mommy’s (Mother’s) womb. “Hey! That’s great. Tear ’em out in pieces ‘n throw ’em in the trash. They ain’t people anyway!”

Here’s a better idea. We can give you a “morning after pill” and you’ll never even know if you’ve had an abortion, but God will know. “Heyyyyy man, allllrighttttt!” Are you starting to see how stupid abortion really is? Plain and simple; abortion is murder!

While you are reading this are you secretly glad your mother did not abort you? —4-20-11— I, this writer, am a step-child to my Daddy and I’m thrilled to death MY MOMMY didn’t kill me while she was pregnant! Yes, it was tough, sometimes very tough, but we made it, especially with Granny’s help there at the beginning of me (a self). Mommy, I still call her that, is 90 years old now. I’m taking care of her and she also is thrilled to death SHE didn’t kill me by abortion because I’m all she has!

(Matt. 1:18-19) People knew the Virgin Mary was pregnant out of wedlock! Where would we be if she had aborted Jesus? For a completely detailed study concerning conception and birth please see the Jesus commentary the Jesus’ Conception and Birth article. If you wonder what God thinks about abortion please read (Psa. 10:1-12 esp. V.8 keywords: in secret places doth he murder the innocent) sounds like an abortionist AND (Psa. 6:16-17 esp. V.16 &17 keywords: These six things doth the Lord hate: V. 17 keywords: hands that shed innocent blood).

Even if you never actively participate in abortion you, THE SOUL, will decide to be for or against abortion and there is no neutral position because: (Heb. 4:12) the word of God is a discerner (decisive judge) of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Remember who you vote for in elections, all politicians have a political platform. If you vote for a politician who supports abortion you have supported abortion. If you vote for a politician who is against abortion you have voted against abortion.

If you have a choice between political parties and politicians and do not vote you have not voted against abortion nor have you voted for abortion you are neutral but Christians must remember; (Heb. 3:12) there is no neutral position with God; you do or you don’t uphold God’s principals. According to the above scriptures YOUR DECISION WILL HAVE ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES FOR YOU!