The scope of this commentary begins in Eden and continues into the present day. (Col. 1:16) All things were created by God and for God. So, that tells us man has a “God Place” within him that demands man must worship someone or something to try to fill that “urge”. The vast majority of religions originating from man worship deities such as stone images, natural phenomena, imaginary deities, a prophet, a philosopher, a person; the list is long. With his self-created worship practices man always creates a list or rituals and a list of behaviors.

The three main religions in the world today, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, listed in the order of their founding, all claim the same God, based on a blood kin relationship to Abraham to whom God gave a covenant. Their writings contain the names of many of the same prophets and even many of the same words but they are diametrically different in their concept of God and God’s purpose. How can man with his fallen, carnal nature with its frailties and passions ever hope to regain an Eden relationship with God?

Of a necessity there is a bit of repetition in various parts as situations are clarified, as writings are compared, as points are made and as comparisons are made. You will understand and appreciate them as you read.

Please read the Table of Contents to understand the true depth of this exploration into the three great religions.