THESE THREE DEFINITIONS IN THE FOLLOWING SCRIPTURE ARE VERY IMPORTANT: (1Cor.12:1-31) (V.7) “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” Manifestation is defined (#1 exhibition, #2 expression, and #3 bestowment). Profit is defined (to bear together in the sense of contribution, be better for, and bring together). Withal is defined (at the same time, close association, together).

Obviously (V.7) “the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal” describes the possibility of a local church service where the members are of one accord and one heart, each member is giving the Holy Spirit free reign to use him and the Holy Spirit is exhibiting, expressing and bestowing (manifestation) His gifts through individuals in the congregation for the betterment (profit) of the whole congregation at the same time together (withal).

Wow, what a church service that would be! Just think about it: (Luke 12:22-32) Nobody worrying how they do or don’t look; nobody thinking of tomorrow or yesterday; nobody thinking about what’s for lunch or where they are going after church; nobody thinking about work, bills, problems, school, dating, cars, trucks, boating and etc.

(Gal. 5:19-21) Nobody with unholy thoughts, (Matt. 12:34) every person completely focused on, in touch with, and 100% obedient to God through the Holy Spirit and (Acts 2:1 keyword: accord) of one accord (unanimous) with every Christian so in unity with each other and with God through the Holy Spirit there would be a (Acts 2:1-46 & 3:1 thru 37) true Pentecost revival in that church. BUT: There is another kind of revival that is scriptural!

It is in (Isaiah 57:15 keyword: revive: defined: keep alive, recover, repair, restore). Someone, or maybe a whole bunch of them, shall surely scream; “THAT’S OLD TESTAMENT; ITS ABOUT ISRAEL!” That is true. Israel did not heed Isaiah’s warning prophesy of revival, the Jews kept right on backsliding with their sins and finally God let the idolatrous heathen nations destroy Israel the nation and disburse the survivors, obedient and disobedient, as slaves into the heathen nations.

(Luke 16:14-31) Jesus said disobedient Jews went to hell! By this same scripture we also see that obedient Jews went to Abraham’s bosom (a paradise, a garden named in honor ofJames 2:22-23God’s Friend Abraham because he was faithful). Israel’s surviving, dispersed people (obedient and disobedient) went to Abraham’s bosom or went to hell when they died. Examples: obedient Daniel the prophet and disobedient Ahab and Jezebel.

(Isa. 14:29-32 esp. V.29 & 31) Isaiah even prophesied Israel the nation would be changed to Palestina. Israel the nation was destroyed by the Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans and the name Israel was replaced with the name Palestina/Palestine by the Romans which lasted from 163 AD until 1948 AD  BUT: More than 1900 years before Jesus was born (BC) God had made a covenant!

(Gen. 12:1-3) When God told Abram to depart his homeland, He promised to lead him to a new land. (Gen. 15:1-21 esp. V.18-21) God started His covenant (pledge, compact, alliance) process with Abram in which God promised to Give him (V.18-21) Unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt (Nile River) to the great river, the river Euphrates” and (V.19-21) God named the tribes Abram’s seed would replace. (Gen. 17:1-22) (V.5) God changed Abram’s name to Abraham (V.7) and said it was an everlasting covenant.

Everlasting has two definitions. #1 is: forever, always and #2 is: something concealed-veiled. (V.8 keywords: all the land of Canaan) God pledged the land of Canaan (Gen. 15:18-21) He had already described to Abraham. (Gen. 17:19) God told Abraham his yet unborn son, whom God named Isaac, would be the son who would inherit Abraham’s everlasting covenant, all the land of Canaan, (Gen. 35:1-13 esp. V.10 & 12) then God (V.10) changed Isaac’s son Jacob’s (Abraham’s grandson) name to Israel and (V.12) gave Abraham’s everlasting covenant to Israel and in God’s mind and word Israel the nation was formed for always.

The screamers shall say; “BUT ISRAEL IS BACK.” But those particular, individual Jews are not! When they died, they either went to hell or went to Abraham’s Bosom. The obedient Jews could not yet go on to heaven into God’s presence because the way had not been made (unveiled) (Acts 4:10-12) because Jesus had not yet been born. Yes, certain men in the OT were guided by God in one fashion or another, but scripturally they were never permanently (John 14:23-26, Rom. 8:9, 1Cor. 6:14-20 then Eph. 1:12-14) inhabited by the Holy Spirit.

(1Ki. 11:35 keywords: ten tribes then 2Ki. 17:1-18 esp. V.18 keywords: none left) Ten tribes rebelled, called themselves Israel, made Samaria their homeland, called themselves the northern kingdom, and they went so far into sin God let the Assyrians overrun them and carry them away until there was not one Jew left. (1Ki. 12:20-24 esp. V.21) The southern kingdom, Judah (Judea- Judaea), was comprised of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (1Ki. 12:26-33) and the cast away priests, the sons of Levi, that wandered back to Judah.

(Luke 1:5-73 esp. V.5 keyword: Judaea & V.73 keywords: the oath he sware to Abraham) The unveiling part of Abraham’s everlasting covenant started  when Jesus was born in the waning days of Roman dominated Judaea and would last (Rev. 22:21 esp. V.16-19) until (1Tim. 3:16 keywords: God was manifest in the flesh, then John 1:1-4 esp. V.1 & 1John 1:1-4 esp. V.1 keyword in both: Word and 5:6-7 keywords: these three are one) God/Jesus has His (Rom. 8:9-17) forever family with Him forever (Gen. 1:26 thru 4:1) just like He intended from the beginning (Rom. 9:22-30) and we Gentiles (non-Jew) will be part of it (Isa. 42:6-9) just like God promised!


Have you ever been in a revival like the Pentecost revival? Me neither! But I was in a single Church service something like that when a large, athletic, filled with rage man came to destroy my congregation. You can read about it on this commentary listed on the menu as #6 WHEN IS HOLY SPIRIT TIME.

(John 14:15-26) Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus (V.23) through the Holy Spirit (1Tim. 2:15) based on God’s word. (2Tim. 3:16) Christianity requires study and thought (2Tim. 3:1-5) and not ignorance.  Ignorance, convoluted scripture and tradition must be done away with. (Heb. 4:12) God’s word must pierce our very soul if it is to be of effect. God’s word must prevail over all else if a person is to be a successful Christian. A normal Bible study generally contains 10 to 20% of a congregation. Preaching service generally does not contain in-depth explanations/studies of pinpointed Biblical foundations.

So, what does a week’s worth of Church attendance produce in-depth, pinpointed Bible study for you? Thirty minutes? Maybe. forty minutes? I doubt it. Usually that is not the preacher’s fault. People’s attention span is short especially with all the entertainment offered by the electronic world. Let’s see; 30 minutes times 52 weeks if you make every service equals 1,560 minutes divided by 60 equals 26 hours. That sounds like a lot of Bible study! EXCEPT: There are 8,760 hours in a year, 26 hours is .296, rounded off to .3, of a year. Congratulations; you gave 3 tenths of one percent of your year (Matt. 11:29) to learn all about Jesus!

(John 6:63) Jesus said; “the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” (1Tim. 4:1) “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly (distinctly) that in the latter (eventually) times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” (2Cor. 4:4) The devil can blind people (2Cor. 11:14-15) because he can transform (transfigure, disguise) himself into an angel (messenger) of light (make manifest, an illuminator) and his ministers (messengers, attendant, preacher, pastor) be transformed as the ministers of righteousness. (John 8:44) Jesus said the devil is a murderer, a liar and the father of liars.

(1Cor. 1:10-13 & 3:1-4 esp. V.1 keywords: carnal & babes in Christ) It is obvious the Corinthian Church was dividing into sects, eventually denominations, led by carnal (human nature with its frailties and passions) babes (infant, immature, simple-minded) in Christ! Read the three article Introduction to the Sin in Church commentary, I guarantee you will be shocked!

(Rev. 3:14-22) The weakening by denominationalism is why so many Bible scholars think and declare this is the Laodicean Church age. That is why so many Christians are lukewarm and don’t even know it! Look at what’s happening to the churches in the developed nations! Surely you will see some or many individual Christians in almost all churches, many churches, denominations, or parts of denominations are scripturally bankrupt, spiritually deaf, morally corrupt, or seek materialism as they embrace obvious sin, disregard fundamental Biblical truths and deny the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit! (1Pet. 5:8 & John 8:44) The devil is murdering many Christians and whole churches.

(Rev. 1:20) The church is called a candlestick. (Rev. 2:1-5) Jesus said He would remove Ephesus’ candlestick because they had left their first love. A whole church GONE? Yes, (V.4-5) unless they repented and did the first works. The first works (Eph. 1:13-19) are a complete dependence on Jesus (Eph. 3:16-21) and an absolute love for Jesus and each other! That type of church would be spiritually gone in God’s eyes but it would remain a type of physical unholy social club called a church but it would be (2Cor. 11:14-15) operated by the false angel and false preachers. Do you know any churches like that today? Sure, you do! Read the news; (Lev. 18:22 & Rom. 1:6-7 then V.16-32) they even ordain abominations.

What about you? Do you have the zeal to study the Bible so you could learn and build a personal relationship with Jesus and with joy you gladly told people what He had done for you and that He would do the same for them back there in your beginning? OR: (Rev. 3:1-5) Like the church at Sardis have you lost your zeal and joy? (V.5) Is the recording angel’s hand ready to blot (smear out, obliterate) out your name out of the book of life (Eph. 4:30 keyword: grieve) while he waits for sad, sad Jesus to give him the order to blot your name out of the book of life? (1Thess. 4:13-18) If the catching away of the church happened at your church service do you think every member would get taken? REALLY?

What is your idea of a lack, enough or too much things; things like time, money, possessions, entertainment? What is your idea of persecution and tribulation? (Matt. 13:19-23) Have you read what Jesus thinks about those things? (Rev. 3:14-22 esp. V.15-17) The Laodiceans were a rather wealthy, laid back, enjoy life type of Christians who were lukewarm (V.17) and useless. I once communicated with a famous church leader in England who lamented that their seminaries were graduating the best preachers he had ever seen and heard and they had the largest, most beautiful churches England had ever had yet they were empty or nearly empty of Christians.

I emailed him a message based on (Luke 14:15-24) that, for effect, said; The battleground is on the streets, on the porches, on the lawns, in grocery stores and sundry stores, gas stations, parking lots, wherever you are is the place to witness, hand out Biblical information sheets like the 1 article commentary Breath of Life for the lost,  Backsliding: The Failure Principal on the Sin in Church commentary for the growing cold or even backslid Christians and The Light or Part 2: Old Walter: A Chosen Vessel on this commentary to share a blessing with Christians. His answer: What a novel idea.

Then he looked over some of the other articles on this website and said he disagreed with some of what was written. In other words, he wanted to argue about doctrine (teaching). I have no time for that foolishness. I think his and their problem is answered in the rest of the Luke scripture.

(Luke 14:25-35) I must clarify the word hate in (V.26) that word hate by extension means to love less. (V.26 agrees with Mark 12:30) To freely, by choice love Jesus for who He is and what He is more than anything else is a requirement, (V.27) commitment, prayer and study is required, (V.28-35 agrees with John 15:1-6 esp. V.5) complete dependence on Jesus and His word through the Holy Spirit is required before we can serve Jesus.

We Christians are a product of (1John 4:8 & 16) Pure Love and (Rom. 5:17 grace, Eph. 2:8 salvation faith, 1Cor. 12:7 the Holy Spirit, Rom. 3:24 justification, 1Cor. 1:30 righteousness, sanctification, and redemption) all of Pure Love’s magnificent, beautiful free gifts. AND CHRISTIANS DON’T WANT TO SPEND THEIR HOME TIME STUDYING THEIR BIBLE TO DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH PURE LOVE. THAT’S UNBELIEVABLE BUT IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. 

You have God’s word to guide you and The Holy Spirit to teach you and that’s it! How much do you study the Bible at home each week, each day, each month? You will be shocked to find out just how many Christians do not ever open their Bible at home or how many open it just once in a while for a perfunctory 15 minutes (2Cor. 4:4) while the devil rocks them to sleep. Jesus said; Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek (gentle) and lowly (humble) in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” It is unbelievably mind blowing that Christians would rather watch TV and etc. than realize how personal God’s Word speaks to us. 

(1Cor. 12:7) “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. Profit defined is to bear together, contribute, be better for, bring together. The location of this scripture (1Cor. 12:7) right in the middle of the scriptures that describe the gifts of the Holy Spirit is very meaningful to the whole chapter.

(1Cor. 12:18) “But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body (as a sound whole), as it hath pleased (choose, prefer) him.” I wonder how many Christians are in direct disobedience to God by being in the wrong congregation/church! This scripture does not say go someplace else to follow some man, because you didn’t like someone, were insulted, didn’t like the message, on into the infinity of gagging on the reasons to not be in “that other” congregation.

God wants you someplace so go there and stay there until God tells you to leave, He has His reasons.

The Holy Spirit is a gift giver and church operator IF PEOPLE WILL LET HIM: (1Cor. 12:1) Brethren don’t be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts. That is rather straight forward.

(V.2-3) Paul writes that unsaved Gentiles were once idol worshippers and for effect nobody who is saved is, through the Holy Spirit, going to call Jesus accursed and nobody who is lost can, through the Holy Spirit, call Jesus their Lord. So the Holy Spirit, as written many times before, is the dividing factor between lost and saved.

(V.4-6)Now there are diversities (variety) of gifts, (free spiritual endowment) but the same Spirit (the Holy Spirit). And there are differences (variety) of administrations (ministering servants) but the same Lord (supreme in authority, controller). And there are diversities (variety) of operations (working), but it is the same God (the Supreme Divinity) which worketh all in all.” These verses simply mean different people are doing different jobs within the Church as they are endowed to do by God/Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

There is also a hidden meaning in this scripture. It can also mean different congregations can worship God in different ways but it had better be according to scripture before God, through the Holy Spirit, will anoint and bless that service and work. Whew! That gives denominations a little “breathing room“. This is just one more scripture that shows the foresight, love, compassion, provision and understanding of our wonderful, kindly affectioned God. God knew man would foolishly start denominations before man dreamed up the word denomination.

THE FOLLOWING SCRIPTURES ARE PARAPHRASED to achieve understanding of how God desires a “speaking to the inward man” personal relationship of love with His children manifested through the Holy Spirit.

(1Cor. Ch. 12) PARAPHRASED: God is saying; (V.1-7) Look, don’t be ignorant, it’s Me, God. OPEN YOUR HEART TO ME! This chapter is how some of my work is done. You are going to see some activity and it is Me organizing, operating, blessing, encouraging and building up My church through the Holy Spirit. I am in every one of you through the Holy Spirit, open your spiritual eyes, open your God awareness and you’ll see!

N0W LISTEN! This is how it works. When you receive My Word; read, preached, taught, or talked My Holy Spirit will verify if it is the truth and you will know it is the truth BUT I expect you to verify their statement in your own Bible (My Word). Then, through My Holy Spirit, I will burden you to do what I told you to do through My Word. If you still won’t do what I want I’ll chastise you about it until you feel guilty.

If you still won’t I’ll condemn you for your disobedience. If you still won’t be obedient I’ll pull back and slow our relationship down and you’ll be heading toward lukewarmness and a seared conscience.

The next step is a hardened heart and that is up to you! Read (Prov. 1:23-33). I’ll give you plenty of time but if you want out of our relationship you can go. But don’t call out for Me or try to come back when your calamity comes and you are afraid to die because I will mock you and laugh at you.

Don’t try to make Me into a band aid God to jerk out and patch up a hurt place. I want you to serve Me and have a special relationship with Me now. Think about what I’ve said. Read what I had Luke write to you; (Luke 12:22-34) Serve me; you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

(V.8-11) I’ll give each of you however much wisdom and knowledge I can trust you with. I’ll give everybody the amount of faith they are worthy of and I’ll give the gift of healing as I see fit. Somebody will perform a miracle, somebody else will prophecy, another will discern the spirits, I’ll have somebody speak in divers kinds of tongues which are naturally un-acquired languages.

But don’t pop a gasket because I’ll have an interpreter of that language. It’s Me, I’m God and I’m going to shake this place up through My Holy Spirit and I’ll divide up My gifts the way I want to.

(V. 12-14) Look at your physical body. It is one organism and needs all its parts. Your little local congregation is part of My worldwide Church which is Christ’s body and it needs all its parts. You are saved through My Holy Spirit; you are baptized into My Church through My Holy Spirit and after that is finished you are baptized in water by man. You are to be a useful part and you are to accept all my other parts because My Church needs all its parts.

(V.15-17) Look at your physical body again; it needs all its parts. What if your feet got jealous because they aren’t hands and they left; how would your body walk? What if your ears get angry because they aren’t the eyes and they leave? Your whole body can’t be the eye; how are you going to hear?

If your whole body was an ear how in the world are you going to smell anything? Your physical body needs all its various parts to function properly. Can you imagine a big eye laying there on the ground, seeing everything, but unable to speak or hear? It’s rather ridiculous isn’t it? Do you think I want My church in that condition? MY CHURCH ALSO NEEDS ALL ITS PARTS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY!

(V.18-21) My Church is like your physical body, it needs all its parts. If everybody was a tongue talker there would be no interpreter. If everyone had great faith but no knowledge, then what? If all had great wisdom then where is the healing? Don’t be jealous of another Christian’s gift; enjoy it and them. I give My gifts as I see fit through My Holy Spirit. I want individuals in My congregation to have all the gifts for the betterment of My whole congregation.

(V.22-24) Some of the members of your congregation do not have spectacular gifts like others. I honor them and I expect you to honor them. I, God, have tempered your congregation together as it suits Me. You are no more important than any other member of your congregation. Don’t you dare be arrogant, swollen with self pride and think you are worth more than any of My children; they are Mine and I love them just as much as I love you.

I am God, I am giving you an example and I expect you to understand it because you are a strong child: It outrages a father when he sees his strong child pick on his weak child. A father expects his strong child to protect and defend his weak brother or sister.

I am God! Wake up; this is a reality check! That is your sibling through the Blood of Jesus, My only begotten Son. That Christian, male or female, is your little brother or sister; love him, defend him, help him, teach him.

(V.25-27) I do not want splits and divisions in My local churches. You must never think more of one member than another. These divisions (schisms) will produce horrible results if you let them.

If My people will not follow My directions and fail to rightly divide (dissect) My word of truth My local churches will split up into factions and quarrel; sometimes they will form different churches because of pride and jealousy.

Various local churches will group up and form into denominations which criticize and mock the teaching, beliefs and gifts of other denominations. It will weaken My church as a whole until there won’t be one local church in the whole world that will be worthy of ALL My gifts.

I don’t want my church broken up into tiny local congregations that can hardly afford to keep a roof over their sanctimonious heads and can not afford to feed the poor, operate a church bus ministry and the other works I’m concerned with.

My Christians are to present a united front against the devil’s world. My church will divide up into little warring, sinning factions until it is an object of ridicule by the whole world. How do you think I feel about that? It breaks my heart!

You are the body of Christ and you need all your members. To do this you, My Christians, must be in fellowship. I am going to have My Apostle John write a Book of Revelation about the future. When he gets it done I will see that you get a copy. I want you to closely study the seven types of churches given in the first three chapters.

Forget the prophecy part; I’ll take care of that. (2Pet. 1:20) Know this first; no prophecy (prediction) of the scripture (Holy Document) is of any private (own) interpretation (explanation or application). That’s why prophecy is the future foretold; so you can recognize it when it happens.

Some of My people will expend all their energy attempting to figure out My prophecy; then they’ll stand around and tell Christians to move up close to Me and for sinners to get saved because time is about to end.

Wake up! When you die time just ended for you! You won’t care about prophecy when you are dying so why care about it now. If you see prophecy come true you’ll know it because I’ll show you.

If you have paid any attention My Apostle Paul “(1Cor.1:10-13)” has already had some trouble because the disintegration of My Church has already started due to pride and jealousy.

(V.12) Can you believe how narrow minded these people are? Some of them actually think they can “bottle Me up” all for themselves like I am (John 2:7) some waterpot of wine. They will be surprised when they see the true size of My Church and it may be an unpleasant surprise if they cause someone to be lost!

By the time Christians read “The Revelation to John” 2000 years from now My precious, precious Church with its denominations and sects will be a fragmented mess more like birds of a feather flocking together than a unified world-wide Church of honest, sincere, sober Christians caring for each other in humility and prayer.

I will hold the pastors responsible; some pastors do not realize they are supposed to be humble servant leaders. They rule “their little kingdoms” with spiritual selfishness and narrow mindedness. Some pastors will think they are the actual mouth of God and they will discourage some of my children from studying anything except what the pastor tells them to study.

Don’t forget I am God and I know pride and selfishness when I see it in a pastor’s heart. There will be foolish pastors who tell my children that if they don’t believe every bit of what the pastor’s denomination teaches they can “just get out the door”; they may as well sing from that pagan song “hit the road Jack and don’t come back no more, no more” because that attitude is pagan!

Some pastors do not show charity in their actions toward people other than “their little bunch” (congregation) and affection is only a word to them. They have no idea of the size of My Church. Just remember this: You must endure to the end to be saved; Not everyone who says Lord, Lord shall enter into My Heaven.

I will judge, the words I speak will judge you, the words you speak will bring your judgment so you pray and study My Holy Bible a lot and don’t have willful neglectful ignorance about it!

(V.28-31) I am God and I will set people’s gifts as it pleases Me. They are My gifts to give. There are plenty of jobs to go around. I want you to pray, study and covet earnestly the best gifts but I also want to show you something SO SPECIAL I actually call it a more excellent way. It too will be PARAPHRASED because it is the PERSONALITY of accomplishing My work!

(1Cor. 13:1-13)

(V.1) Think about what I am going to say my child and then check yourself because you are the purpose of what I’m about to say and don’t forget that in another place in my scriptures I said that I, God, am love.

You can speak with the tongues of men and with tongues of angels but if you don’t have charity you might as well be a brass gong or a tinkling cymbal and we know both of those things do not have any life in them because they are man made. Sure, they make a pretty sound but without charity they are as useless as a side-saddle on an earthworm. Charity is life! CHARITY IS GOD MADE.

(V.2) You can do prophecy, you can understand mysteries and pack a bunch of knowledge into your brain; you can have all the faith in the world but if you don’t have charity you are worthless. CHARITY IS GRACE IN ACTION!

(V.3) You can give every penny you can scratch up to feed the poor; you can sacrifice your life for Me but if you don’t have charity it won’t do you a bit of good.

Note this: If you want to; you can look all this up in some of My other scriptures. You desperately need to understand what charity means. Most people think charity means what you give to help the needy and that is true but charity goes much deeper than that. The Greek word I had My Apostle Paul write for charity is agape, (ag-ah-pay), and it is defined (#1 affection, #2 benevolence, and #3 love).

Charity is Godly love. Charity is being gracious. I’m sure you read in my Bible that God is love. (John 14:23) My Son Jesus told you He and I would come to you and be in you in our Holy Spirit person after He ascended into Heaven. Now, if we, as the Holy Spirit, are living in you, you ought to be showing some Godly love! If My Holy Word and My Holy Spirit have changed your human nature enough you will begin to show some Godly nature, to be gracious. I will thoroughly explain grace/gracious in a few minutes.

Agape means #1 affection which is (the disposition to be fond and tender toward other people). Remember how affectionate, tender, kind and giving My Son was toward people in need? His love and kindness drew people. My Son Jesus cared and it showed and that’s the way I want you to be. People can “feel” affection coming off you when you have it.

Agape also means #2 benevolent which is (a tendency to do kind things). I am love so My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of love! If My Holy Spirit is in you it’s past time for you to start saying and doing kind things for people. When they thank you, be sure to tell them you are a Christian because of Jesus (2Cor. 5:17 keyword: creature: defined: creation) and that I gave you your kind heart when I saved you. Just tell them what you are doing is in Jesus’ name.

I know, I know; sometimes you are afraid to just walk up to strangers and start talking about Me and My Son Jesus; but just remember what I wrote in My Bible just for you; (1John 4:18)Perfect love casteth out fear.” What is there to be afraid of? The very worst thing anybody can do to you is send you to Heaven to be with me. They will think they have killed you but we know better don’t we? People can “feel” it when you have a tendency to do kind things. Writer’s NOTE: Please read the two articles I Have Experienced Christian Physical Death on this commentary. END OF NOTE.

And agape means #3 love which is (deep affection, tenderness and concern) and I’m trying to get you to understand that you are supposed to develop the attitude of love. With My love IN YOU through the Holy Spirit how can you be any other way?

If you just flat out love people (they are made in My image) and take time, your time, that I gave you, to be kind, to be gracious, be helpful, be concerned, be cheerful, wish them well and show them you care about what happens to them they will respond, their day will be better and your actions will bring glory to my name.

You will be different from the world! You might say; “But, oh Great God, people are nasty, mean, selfish and cold hearted.” My dear sweet child who I love so dearly; you were nasty, mean, selfish and cold hearted too and some of My dear Christians told you about Me; remember that?

You may need to read some more in Matt., Mark, Luke, and John because My Son Jesus spent most of His time with the poorest and sickest people in Israel. Do you think you are somehow better than Him? If you have Godly love you will give yourself, yes, give yourself.

Jesus was gracious so you be gracious. If you have the charity I’m talking about; people will see that you are different and when you tell them about Me and Jesus they will want the salvation you have. People can “feel” My love come off you.

Before we get back to My scripture I have one more little point to make. First, I want you to know I am proud of you because you have learned the finer details of the word charity. I want you to know the translators didn’t get anything wrong. I had them use the word charity on purpose.

I could have had them use the word love or even Godly love or anything else I wanted them to use but I like My little mysteries I can reveal by My Holy Spirit to whoever I choose. It is My Holy Bible and I will not let anybody butcher it up.

This dull little pencil I am using has permission to paraphrase some of My scriptures to help you understand. He is the pencil, he writes; but I am the Author and I do the thinking. He didn’t change a thing and he knows he’d better not! He very well knows he is nothing without Me and he very well knows he can do nothing without Me!

You see, you and him were in the same boat. When I showed you that you were lost I watched both of you scramble around and try some self-justification and etc. but it finally dawned on both of you that you were poor, blind, dirty, naked, helpless and worthless. You had nothing with which to pay your sin debt; you were destitute.

Now about My charity: I gave you the gift of life there in the beginning when you were conceived. I gave you the gift of enough faith to get saved. I gave you the gift of my Son’s blood to wash your sins away. I gave you the gift of salvation. I gave you the gift of My Holy Spirit.

I AM A GIVING GOD. I AM A GRACIOUS GOD. GRACIOUS IS WHERE GRACE CAME FROM! I am giving you the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, discerning of spirits and etc. and I will keep on giving until I call you home to be with Me face to face. Then I will give you the gift of eternal life in paradise with Me.

I can hardly wait for you to get here and be at home with Me forever. That will be exciting won’t it? Charity in your soul will manifest itself in the attitude of charity. If your soul is filled up with charity and you won’t let it out; it will just rot there, your charity won’t do anybody even a speck of good and I will regard you as an unfaithful servant. Don’t you dare make Me sad. Now I want you to understand how you will act when you have charity in your soul.

(V.4) Charity will cause you to suffer a long time to accomplish My purpose. You will grind your teeth at the rudeness of people but you won’t return that obscene gesture or tell them what you think of them. As a parent you’ll be the loving, forgiving, there every time they need help, give, give, give Mommy or Daddy to those rowdy, excitement seeking, goofy children of yours just like I am toward you.

My child, charity is kind. If you are kind you’ll put other people before yourself. It isn’t your job to make people miserable; the world, other people and the devil take care of that very well; as a matter of fact people have the uncanny ability to do things to make themselves miserable like taking drugs, drinking alcohol, blowing their top and getting into sexual situations that have disastrous results such as disease, unwanted children, divorce and plain old shame.

It’s your job to lift people up with a kind word, a kind act and a helping hand. It’s your job to represent Me; you’re not going to let Me down are you? Charity won’t let you get eaten up with envy because “they” are richer, prettier, have a bigger car or house, have that job, or a position in the community you’ve always wanted.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; if a proud person knows you envy them it will tickle them pink because it will feed their cursed vanity. Think about it a minute: That thing they have that you covet may be their own private little god; you don’t want to replace Me do you?

Charity won’t let you vaunt yourself; you wouldn’t dare brag on yourself would you, especially since you are nothing without Me? As a reality check take one breath and keep it; see what I mean? If you have to brag; try bragging on Me.

Charity is too humble to let you get puffed up. You know that I hate pride and I resist pride. If you blow yourself up with pride in yourself I’ll let the hot air out of you so fast it will make you dizzy. I said in My scriptures that pride goeth before a fall and I MEAN IT!

(V.5) If you have charity you won’t behave unseemly which is shamefully. You won’t make me ashamed of you by telling dirty jokes, let yourself have a dirty mind, or flirt sexually with the opposite sex will you?

You won’t make me ashamed of you by telling what people call “little white lies” or “appropriating” some little insignificant thing that belongs to someone else would you? You wouldn’t cheat someone would you?

Some Christians say doing things like that “don’t amount to a hill of beans.” They are liars but just in case they tempt you; search My scriptures: I didn’t say little thief and I didn’t say little liar and I didn’t say it’s all right to steal and lie and, read (Luke 6:38), I didn’t say take advantage by cheating did I?

(Rev. 22:15) Liars will go to hell. (1Cor. 6:10) Thieves will not inherit my kingdom. (Ex. 20:1-17 esp. V. 15 & 16) DO NOT STEAL. DO NOT LIE. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!

Let’s talk about giving things: Charity will not seek its own, and that means don’t you dare seek something in return for your charity. How can it be charity if you expect work, money, or trade items in return for your charity? How can it be charity if you put emotional strings on it? Don’t brag about what you gave or did for somebody. That makes me furious because I see it as worshipping yourself.

Do your charity, forget it, go on your way and shut your mouth. Giving something to a friend who does not need your gift is not charity! Don’t fool yourself; I do not want you to do charity to someone who is not in need just so you can ingrate yourself with them. The world calls that a word I won’t say. All you are doing is humiliating yourself when you try to make points with someone. You are My child, I live within you and you are better than that.

Charity won’t let you be easily provoked. I hate to see you exasperated and all stirred up over little things. You need to work on your patience. (Rom. 5:3) You’ve read where I said in another scripture that tribulation worketh patience so don’t make Me teach you patience by letting you have a little tribulation. I love you and I want you to have good things and patience is one of them. Don’t you know calmness prevents heart attacks? You will live longer and be able to serve Me longer.

I don’t want you to think about evil either. If you dwell on evil the devil will start painting pictures in your mind and the first thing you know you will be reaching out to take that forbidden thing.

If you start having bad thoughts go pray; I’ll talk back to you in your thoughts. If you start having bad thoughts go read my Bible, there’s good things in it that will take your thoughts off of evil.

I won’t coddle you along like a little baby forever, you are better than that; it’s time for you to stand up strong and be of some use to Me. (John 12:46) Jesus came a light unto the world, that whosoever believeth on Him should not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

(John 12:36) You are a child of light. (Matt. 5:14-16) Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket! Think about charity; really, really think about charity and let your light shine.

#3 Unrighteousness is (when you have become completely unjust toward Me, your character traits are more evil than good and you are immersing yourself in sin). Unrighteousness is the final step in backsliding; you finally made it, you have backslid. I had Simon Peter write about it in (2Pet. 1:9 & 2:20-22) and I had Paul write about your type in (Heb. 6:4-6). You will reap the reward of your deeds and those rewards will make you incredibly sad.

I want you to rejoice in the truth. My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. My Son spoke the truth. My Bible is truth. Following Me and My Son will bring you joy, security and a good life. Earthly things won’t mean so much to you that you will be miserable if you don’t have them.

I want you to realize how much I love you by the gifts I give you. I offer you forever in paradise and comfort. That will be My final gift but I want you to stay where you are for a while and work for Me; that will prove to both you and Me that you are worthy to enter into My new Heaven and new Earth.

(V.6) Don’t rejoice in iniquity because it is a three headed monster that will destroy you. Iniquity is (#1 injustice, #2 wrongfulness and #3 unrighteousness). Have you ever realized that #1 injustice is how backsliding starts?

#1 INJUSTICE means (acts or conditions that cause another person to suffer hardship or loss undeservedly)? That means don’t be mean natured or rude, don’t take revenge and you are to be thoughtful of other people. Offer that service person who comes to your house a cold drink and a snack; he is working and may be thirsty and hungry; show him some Godly love and tell him about Me!

Give fair trades and fair wages for work. It isn’t your job to make people miserable, Satan takes care of that very well; you don’t want to act like the devil, do you?

Have you ever thought; “What’s the use of witnessing to that old drunk. He looks like a varmint and smells worse. He’ll never get saved anyway.” Do you think you are God and are qualified to make a judgment like that? That old drunk is just as important to Me as you were before I saved you, so you get over there and witness to him. For a personal view into the true story of what God did in the life of an ‘old drunkard’ and eight little boys please read Part 2: Old Walter: A CHOSEN VESSEL on this commentary.

Somebody’s house burns down and you think; “That sorry jerk got just what he deserved.” If that’s the case how many times have you deserved to have your house burned down? Who made you a judge? How would you like to see everything you own in ashes? Get your wallet out, go over there, help him by sharing what I empowered you to get and tell him about Me. Charity sees opportunity and then goes to work.

#2 WRONGFULNESS is how backsliding gets worse and I hate it. Wrongfulness is (being unfaithful) and it is contrary to your own conscience. Wrongfulness is when you come to an obvious time of decision that compares to a fork in the road and you take the wrong road like flirting with a member of the opposite sex in a sexual way instead of just being a friendly witness for Me.

Wrongfulness is also (turning around from righteousness and heading in the other direction toward unrighteousness); WRONGFULNESS IS UNHOLY REPENTANCE and is for effect that you are sorry you are a Christian because you want to sin!

You know and I know when you are starting to get lukewarm. We both know (Matt. 6:24) when you try to straddle the fence and serve yourself and Me at the same time. We both know when you have decided to stop serving Me and are turning around to go serve yourself, the world and the devil.

#3. Judas was wicked, devil filled and he treacherously sold my precious son Jesus’ life for thirty pieces of silver. Jesus’ blood was His life (Matt. 27:3-6 esp. V.4) and Judas betrayed that innocent blood. How many people do you know who have quit church, gone back into sin and thus betrayed Jesus’ innocent blood?

(V.7) Remember; it’s an enduring way and if you endure to the end you will be saved. Sure, it might get tough once in a while and you will sin, act stupid, and make mistakes.

Sometimes Christians will judge you or neglect you when you need them the most and that will desperately hurt you. Your own family and friends will grievously wound you and sometimes turn against you. You will hate the sin, but not the sinners, in the world.

The results of the world’s sin will disgust you to the point of gagging. Sometimes you’ll give your love and your testimony but sinners and backslid Christians will sling it right back in your face and that will break your heart.

But I and My Son will never forsake you, We will always be watching and if it gets too tough We’ll step in the fight and you will win. Talk to Me and read in my Book to the Ephesians (6:11-18). I’m not promising you the FABLED easy street that liar Satan offers.


I’ll give you a set of armor. I’ll make you one of My soldiers. You’ll fight and it will make you strong. You’ll have battles. See with your spiritual eye. You’ll be in the arena that is the world. You’ll be tired, bloody and wounded. You’ll feel like all of hell is against you.

Spiritually you will look through the visor of your battle dented, bent and battered helmet of salvation and there will be that horde of sneering, shrieking, snarling devils gathered for the final onslaught that will overrun you and destroy you. Your strong arm will be weak from exhaustion and your slashed and banged up shield of faith will slowly start lowering.

Your breastplate of righteousness will be stinking and fiery dart scarred from the darts where the wicked have tried to pierce your pure heart that I purified. The rest of your armor is in ragged tatters where Satan’s evil has torn at you. You’ll try to hold the Word of God high, that sword of the Spirit, but it’s just too heavy. It is chipped and nicked where you fought so well.

Slowly, reluctantly, bitterly; in spite of you; it will drag your quivering arm down until the point of your sword will rest in the torn and ripped dirt where you have fought your lonely, desperate, magnificent, battle. You’ll blink your eyes as the sacred sweat burns them. I am God; My heart is bursting with love for you My child.

Through tears and parched, trembling lips you’ll whisper; “My Lord and my God, please help me; I’m about to go down!” That’s what I was waiting for; that released Me! I am God; I will fly to your aid faster than light. You’ll blink one more time and there they’ll be with faces like lightening and drawn swords, My angels, holding the devils at bay. There is a dead silence while the devils cringe and slither away.

I will come to you, I will hold you, I will bless you, I will give you a drink from My own cup, I will make the pain go away, I will fix your sin wounded and broken heart, I will show you how much I love you. I will make it better and I will comfort you. I am God, you are Mine and no man nor all the devils there are take you away from Me. Through me, and only Me, you are victorious.

(V. 8-13) Charity cannot fail. I am charity. I am Jesus. I am God. I am Love. I am the Word. The gifts will cease. You just know part of it because your physical existence could not survive the full magnificence of My glory. Right now you just see through a glass darkly but the time will come when we visit face to face. That’s My promise.

Right now there is faith, hope and charity but just remember the greatest of these three is charity. Faith is reality, hope is a burning expectancy. Charity, My charity, is what brought you safe this far; charity is Me living through you; and charity is your life’s work.”