Writer’s NOTE: I would like to personally thank those scholars who painstakingly investigated the ancient records, uncovered the various types of worship, identified their astrology, idols and mythological beings, discovered the meaning and connection of those names, traced the connections backwards from civilization to civilization back to their beginning and published their findings in the free internet information media. Their conclusion that the basic concept of astrological and mythological idolatry originated around Babylon was enlightening.

Those scholars discovered, (1Sam. 4:2 thru 6:18) when tribes or nations conquered other tribes or nations they would “capture” that nation’s gods and sometimes adopt that god and fit it into their own worship to suit their own perceived ideas, needs and concepts of god and change the names of those gods into names of their own language to fit their own developing culture and belief. The identity of the idols and mythological characters remained the same except when, now and then, some civilization cast aside some god, or added a new god.

I have dubbed this process the continuity of Satan. The scholars’ exhausting work ran the gamut of astrological and mythological idolatry from Babylonian, Canaanite, Assyrian, Egyptian, Syrian, Norse, Greek, Roman, and everything in between and even on into some modern religions. I hope I have done you scholars justice with this fictionalized account of the real life Biblical people who originated some of those idolatrous, mythological images. END OF NOTE.

(Gen. 1:26) Mankind, created in God’s image, (Gen. 2:7) was God’s only creation that have souls AND: (Col. 1:16) “all things were created (to fabricate through the idea of proprietorship of the manufacturer) by him, and for him:” SO: each person has a God Place within their soul and (John 4:23 & Acts 7:39-43) that causes man to have a need to worship. Each person will worship something be it God, a god, a person, place, thing, or self’s wants. God gave man the freedom of choice and man is free to worship who or what he wishes.

You can read the complete discussion concerning self in the commentary The Holy Spirit and You in the article titled Self. You will be surprised to discover your soul identity is composed of your emotions. If not, then who are you? Your emotions (soul) is where Satan does his “best” work!

Summary of Satan From the Previous 11 Parts

We have learned Satan uses his wisdom to teach, so he’s a teacher. He’s a traducer which means to speak falsely or maliciously and to lead so Satan is a liar, he’s malicious and he’s a leader. We have also learned Satan diligently observes and learns by experience. (Gen. 3:1-14 keyword: serpent) The definition of the word serpent tells us Satan prognosticates which means to predict by using present indications as a guide. Satan is an enchanter which means a sorcerer or magician. To enchant means to cast under a spell, bewitch, to attract and delight completely, to charm. (2Cor. 4:4) As Satan enchants, leads and teaches he inspires a person to do Satan’s will.

In Latin enchanter is incantare which means to be against (adversary) and to sing. (Ezek. 28:13) “The workmanship of thy tabrets (tambourine, to drum, to play with timbrels which are ancient percussion instruments) and of thy pipes (a flute like perforated wind instrument) was prepared in thee in the day thou wast created”.

Satan has his own kind of music, he teaches his music to people, he charms, attracts, delights and casts people under the spell of his music. He uses his music to induce and enhance people’s emotions and that causes them to do various actions. By controlling their emotions Satan teaches people what physically feels good is the right thing to do. By controlling emotions (souls) Satan controls world events. That’s how he controlled building the tower there in the plain of Shinar.

Satan’s idea and inspiration for the development of a mystery language of the gods was a stroke of genius and when his flunky Nimrod instructed the priests he was gratified at how fast they learned it. Even if the priests didn’t know what they were saying they could mumbo-jumbo some unknown words and tell the people the gods were telling them to instruct the people to do this, that, or the other.

The only thing that mattered to Satan, Nimrod and the priests was getting the job done, so who cared what the gods said as long as the people did what the priests translated and then instructed them to do for their god. #1) Man worshipped Satan through worshipping those false gods, #2) Nimrod and the priests kept their prideful, arrogant power #3) and the ignorant people were held in religious bondage. Satan had developed a pattern that would hold true from (Gen. 3:5-6) to (Rev. 20:10-15). Pure genius!

Satan had developed a pattern that would hold true from (Gen. 3:5-6) to (Rev. 20:10-15 esp. V.10 keywords: the devil that deceived them & V.15 keywords: And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire) and any person who will not accept (Acts 4:10-12) Jesus, the sacrificial Son of God, as their Saviour and have their name written in Jesus book of life, (Rev. 13:8) will be cast into the lake of fire. Christless religions are started and kept going by Satan. If you wish to know how to get saved please see the one article commentary Breath of Life on this website.

Nimrod woke up that particular morning with nothing on his mind except his basic needs, voiding himself, sex and food. Afterward, as he washed, he thought back to his solution to their fuel shortage. It had all started when he had discovered the naturally occurring, thick viscosity oil seep. Satan, standing right there with Nimrod as he washed and remembered, rolled his spiritual eyes. “I sure am smart to have discovered that foul stuff would burn. It makes good torches too.” Satan gritted his spiritual teeth; “He’s more stupid than Tubal-cain ever was. It took months for me to get it through his thick skull to see if that oil would burn!” Unseen, the Lord God smiled; “I love to see Satan frustrated.”

It was midmorning and Nimrod, still pleased with himself, riding his beautiful horse, was on his nearly every day inspection tour of the work on his tower, of course he called it “our tower” but everybody knew he was the driving force behind the organization, discipline and work. He was riding the huge pale stallion he so favored. Nimrod rode so well people had commented on how Nimrod and his horse looked like one who was half horse and half man.

Satan added his suggestions to the conversation. The priests had listened, looked, discussed it and a few days before this day they had drawn some preliminary pictures of a breathtakingly graceful, muscular horse with Nimrod’s muscular upper body, bow in hand, in place of the horse’s head and neck. Centaur, half man half horse, a god of protection and order, was being foaled.

As the workers and priests admired him from their work on the tower none of them knew that nearly a week ago 3 teenage boys had wounded an enormous black bull. They had been trying to emulate their hero Nimrod with his mighty bow. They had traveled into the forest in their endeavor to bring meat back home just as Nimrod had done. They had come across a small herd of wild cattle guarded by an enormous, truculent black bull. When they examined the size of the beast they each wished in the privacy of their thoughts they had practiced more and were better marksmen, but Nimrod wouldn’t run, would he?

The boys, wise for their age, had waited in the tree line of bushes and young poplars until some of the cows had wandered near. They started howling and yipping like young wolves and the bull came at a angry, bellowing run to protect his harem. He stomped along the edge of the tree line, stopped, bellowed a challenge and pawed the ground with his enormous front hooves that threw dirt clumps high into the air.

He was a perfect, stationary, broadside target. Up close, in the splendor of his threatening animal power, the bull made the boys apprehensive yet excited. On signal they loosed their arrows. The bull flinched, shook his head and 3 more arrows hit him. The boys were Nimrod in their own eyes but they were not Nimrod in the strength of their arms and bows. Only 2 of the 6 arrows hit vital areas but their weak bows would not drive their arrows deep enough to penetrate into the vitals of the bull.

The other 4 arrows made slashing, painful wounds along the bull’s shoulders, side and flank. Mad with pain from the non-lethal yet deep, burning wounds the bull saw their movement and charged his attackers like some huge, furious, red eyed, grunting, indestructible engine of destruction. His huge hooves thundered the ground as he came toward them with a ferocity that stunned them into motionlessness for a few precious seconds.

With the awful realization of their danger they dropped their bows and, with amazing agility, they took to the trees. They barely made it out of his reach and there they clung with their arms and legs wrapped around the slim poplar tree trunks! With a frightening cracking and breaking of brush and bushes the bull gored and butted their trees, and the terrified boys felt their trees would surely break. He snorted, bellowed, stomped and even gored his horns into the ground and tossed great gobs of forest litter hither and yon with his massive neck and shoulders.

His stomping and goring broke their bows and arrows. The bull’s furious rage terrified them, their eyes bulged and they hung on for dear life when he gored their slender poplars again and again. Finally it ended when the angry bull stomped away toward his herd of cows and calves which had meandered almost to the other side of the meadow. Fear kept them in their trees long after the wild cattle had faded into the trees across the way and had gone on down a path that led to a small stream.

The boys slowly, very slowly, slid down. Every sound was magnified and there was a wild bull behind every bush. They silently gathered their broken weapons, they stood silently for a long time, looking and listening nervously then they finally started talking in whispers. They came to 2 conclusions. They would never tell anyone about this shameful event and, no matter how many detours they had to take, they would never leave the safety of the trees on their way back home.

They didn’t know it yet but they were marked for life because they would never again feel safe while crossing an open meadow or glade when they were hunting in the forest. They didn’t know the bull had bumped a tree, driven an arrow a couple of inches deeper before it had broken off and the arrowhead had nicked an intestine. There was one other thing they didn’t know too, they had started a chain of events that would elevate Nimrod to legend.

Nimrod didn’t know the bull was wounded nor did he know its wounds had become infected, he didn’t even know there was a bull. He didn’t know the bull had been driven into a fury by the raging fire of pain in its suppurating intestines and the swarms of flies that gleefully fed on his burning, painful, pus dripping wounds. Nimrod didn’t know the surly, aggressive, pain maddened bull had finally abandoned his herd and, in their dull bovine way, the herd was glad to see their tormentor go.

Nimrod didn’t know the bull, wandering aimlessly, had come through his town, killed 7 people and seriously injured several more. Nimrod had insisted a line of trees be left along the road between the town and the tower for their aesthetic value. Nimrod also had an artistic streak and it was very nearly his undoing because the half mad, furious bull had approached unseen.

Nimrod had stopped in his circuitous route of inspection around the walls of his tower. He saw a flaw of alignment near the top, he shouted, a crowd of workers gathered at the spot, he shouted instructions and they shouted right back! Infuriated; “#&%$@#, get those *&#% brick out and lay new ones $*%#@ straight!” he roared. Satan was screaming; “Look out Nimrod! Look out!” and that added to the confusion going on in Nimrod’s brain!

Nimrod would brook no rebellion at this stage of the game! His horse suddenly tried to rear up, he clamped his legs around it and savagely jerked the reins. A fleeting thought; “My %$&*#$ horse is in on it too! I was having a great day and now they’ve ruined it!” Nimrod didn’t know his day was about to get much worse because the commotion had drowned out the bull’s approach!

The workers kept right on shouting and that’s when he noticed they were pointing! Nimrod swiveled his head to the right and 40′ away was 1800 pounds of furious bull racing at him like a runaway freight train. Nimrod only had time to raise his right leg clear and that was the exact spot the bull’s head impacted a split second later. As his kind do, the bull’s muscles were already instinctively jerking his head in a vicious hooking motion to bring his horns into play. The impact broke most of the horse’s ribcage, a horn hooked deep into the horse’s side and impaled it for part of a second before the horse’s body slid off the horn and tumbled sideways. That’s all it took to save Nimrod’s life.

The fact Nimrod had one leg up in the air made him easy to unhorse. The impact threw Nimrod more than 20′ feet through the air in an ungainly whirl of arms and legs! The slight hesitation caused by the impalement kept the horse from going right along with him and pinning him when they fell. Nimrod was thrown clear but he landed squarely on top of his head and collapsed into a shapeless heap! Satan knew Nimrod was dead; “Well, I can always find another Nimrod!” Such is Satan’s loyalty.

The grunting bull was violently, viciously goring the dying horse. Nimrod sat up and fell back over. Befuddled he pushed himself back up. His primitive instinct for survival made him struggle to stand erect. Perception came fast and he realized what had happened. Above all things Nimrod was a warrior, he grabbed for his knife and it was gone! Then he saw the 12″ long, razor sharp flint blade of his knife glittering in the sun where it lay in the grass. Satan shouted his delight; “Nimrod’s alive! Run Nimrod! Run! Run!”

Nimrod bent and raised back up to a slight crouch with his knife in his hand, the bull saw the motion and they both froze for a few brief seconds, staring at each other. Blood smeared the side of Nimrod’s head, face and shoulder from a gash on top of his head. Great slobbers of foam drooled from the bull’s mouth and its horns, the top of its head and face dripped horse blood.

It was a savage, violent, primordial scene that could only have come from the Genesis (the beginning) of us when man began his domination of a world that refused to be dominated. The tormented, truculent, pain filled bull hated everything that lived. Nimrod was a child of the feud; “You hurt me, I’ll hurt you; you kill mine, I’ll kill you!”

The bull had killed Nimrod’s horse and almost killed Nimrod and Nimrod was filled with a wild, berserker, bloodlust fury. The bull outweighed Nimrod at least 6 times but they both radiated a hot feral danger! Both were bulls of their species, both were filled with towering rage, both did not know what it meant to run, one or both of them had to die, here, now, today!

There was absolute silence. The watchers on the wall weren’t even aware they breathed. Wild fury glittering in his eyes, Nimrod took a step toward the huge, dangerous bull. The bull had two huge horns made of dermal bone with a hard keratin cover and Nimrod had only one comparatively slender horn fabricated from razor sharp flint but he had an invisible weapon that was the greatest weapon of all; a human brain, he could think and the bull had only animal instinct.

That was when the runners from town arrived with the news of the awful havoc the bull had wreaked in town. They were struck dumb by the tableau of throbbing danger, forgot their news and breathlessly watched. Even Satan was transfixed and mute by the impending violence!

The bull shook its shaggy head, roared a bawl and charged! It appeared Nimrod was frozen with fear but his brain was working overtime; “Wait, wait, wait.” At the very last moment, as Nimrod twisted lithely away, his hand flashed toward its throat and back just before the bull tilted its head to hook him with its horn. Nimrod athletically finished his spin like some Stone Age matador and stood in a half crouch, waiting, with his bloody knife ready. The bull thundered by, slid to a stop and whirled in a spray of dirt and grass. Blood gushed from a deep wound in its throat but the arteries remained intact.

The bull bellowed, pawed the dirt and threw great gouts of it into the air. Nimrod weaved his upper body back and forth to confuse the bull. Then with great grunts of exertion it charged again. “Wait, wait, wait, now!” This time the bull hooked earlier and quicker in an instinctive move to counter Nimrod’s earlier stabbing assault but, almost as if reading the bull’s intent, Nimrod tried another tactic.

He spun earlier and a little further out of reach. He didn’t try for the bull’s throat this time but a split second after the bull’s head with its wicked horns had passed him his hand flickered out and he thrust his knife into the base of the bull’s neck at the shoulder. As he charged past, the bull’s own speed helped Nimrod cut a long bloody gash from the base of its neck all the way down its side to its flank; “I’ll bleed the #@%$# to death!” The onlookers were astonished that Nimrod had apparently read the beast’s mind!

The bull skidded to a stop, turned, roared its rage, shook its massive head and charged again. That’s the way it went for more than an hour as man and bull fought to the death in the bloody, ripped dirt under the wall of Nimrod’s tower. Nimrod automatically performed naturally graceful moves that would have been the envy of any matador in the far, far future. He was a magnificently muscled will-o-the-wisp as he darted, spun and whirled with his bloody knife striking like a Stone Age flint serpent.

Finally, exhausted, foam streaked, covered in blood and trembling, the bull stood straddle legged, head down, foaming slobber drooled from its mouth and it gasped for breath. Exhausted, gasping for breath, slick with sweat and blood, Nimrod staggered to the bloody, exhausted bull, savagely stabbed into its throat and stumbled back out of the way when the bull feebly hooked at him. He was bent over with his hands on his knees, then he sagged to one knee, he gasped great draughts of air into his aching lungs to feed his oxygen starved muscles.

As he watched the bull stagger Nimrod thought; “Go down #&%# you! If you don’t go down I’m a dead man! I can’t move! My lungs are on fire! I can’t get enough air! Suddenly the bull collapsed and went into its death throes as its hind leg raised into the air, the leg kicked spasmodically a few times then it slowly lowered to the ground. Trembling, sagging, Nimrod looked up at the tower but could see only a murky blur through the sweat, blood, oxygen starvation and exhaustion. Then the crowd swarmed him.

The jubilant crowd carried Nimrod on their shoulders back to his home on the edge of town nearest his tower. It’s a good thing they did, Nimrod was too weak to have made the trip by his own strength. Adrenaline fired extreme exertion burns oxygen and energy at an unbelievable rate. When they deposited him on his elevated front porch he leaned against a porch roof support post, weakly grinned and waved.

Then Nimrod bade his worshippers goodbye while his wife and 2 of her female servants leaned against him in adoration but surreptitiously propped him up. Nimrod was coming down from the biggest adrenaline high and energy depletion he had ever experienced and he was still weak as a kitten. When the crowd of tower workers left to tell about Nimrod’s great victory the women helped Nimrod stagger into the house where they bathed him and finally let him sleep. Even a legend needs to be blessed with having an observant, intelligent wife.

On the way back toward the tower the messengers remembered their news, told it and the crowd broke into a run toward the bull’s trail of carnage through their town. Satan was right there with them whispering into their thoughts; “Nimrod knew what the bull had done! Nimrod knew! Nimrod avenged our loss, pain and tears even before we knew it had happened! Nimrod has a god’s eye within him that sees all things! Nimrod knows the past, present and future! Nimrod knew!”

Satan repeated it over and over until they excitedly started repeating it to each other; “Nimrod has an all seeing eye that sees all things!” Satan had well learned human nature! Those people didn’t know they had prophesied a symbol, the all Seeing Eye that would persist down through the millennia, through many cultures and civilizations and culminate in the great seal of a nation called America!

Nimrod’s snores were jarring the bed where he lay in a near coma and he couldn’t have heard if someone had said; “Nimrod, in the eyes and from the mouths of men you are becoming a legend”. Nimrod’s wife eyed him coldly. She had not missed the familiarity when Nimrod’s bloody hand had briefly touched the breast of one of her servant girls while they helped him, half unconscious, into the house.

Satan keenly observed the anger in her eyes and it brought forth from his memory of long ago when Adam and Eve had quarreled in their cave about whose fault it was that they’d gotten kicked out of the Garden of Eden. He remembered other times with other men and women too, lots of them. “I’ll cause them to quarrel!” That day Satan paid special attention to Nimrod’s wife; suggesting, charming, leading, teaching, distorting some of her memories and enhancing others; “I’ll see how this turns out. I can always fix it back!”  Satan was diligently studying and learning about all of us when he set up his “grand experiment“.

While Nimrod slept the priests held a conference concerning Nimrod’s epic fight with the bull. By the end of their conference they had reached a decision that would have far reaching consequences through several millennia and many cultures. The first step was when they went and claimed the bull’s body. Satan had led the conference.

The next morning Nimrod ate a huge breakfast, rested again from his exertions then decided to get away from it all for a while and took his strangely silent wife and his sore, aching body on a weeklong camping, resting, fishing trip; “Why do I feel this strange resistance coming off her, she hasn’t said a word?” Nimrod had made a mistake. He should have gone alone. Through that mistake Satan would have a revelation into human nature that had been right under his nose for centuries.

Secretly, in their own chambers, the priests went to work tanning the bull’s head and neck skin. Satan whispered, inspired, guided, charmed, suggested and did his level best to answer every prayer they prayed to whatever god they chose at any particular time. How could they know who answered them since they did not believe in Satan? By that time Lucifer had been relegated to an old wives tale that Noah sometimes brought up in his incessant preaching that they should repent and return to the Lord God, the One he sometimes referred to as the God of Eden.

The priests constructed an exceptionally light, cage like affair that fit neatly inside the skin and held the head to its true shape while the skin dried. They cut two small eyeholes that were cleverly concealed in the bull’s curly forehead hair. The bull’s normal eyeholes were covered with pieces of obsidian glued to the inside of the skin. They constructed a cone shaped, birch bark amplifier that fitted perfectly inside the bull’s large nose. The back part of the amplifier had a mouthpiece that extended back into the bull’s head proper. If a man inserted his head into the bull’s head the mouthpiece could easily and conveniently fit into the man’s mouth. Minotaur was being calved.

Nimrod’s vacation lasted only 3 days. He had never seen his wife, Agaruk, (water carrier) in such a state. He never called his wife by her given name because he liked to use pet names for the love of his life. Nimrod was also a romantic but there would be no romance on this vacation. “Honey, my shoulders and back are really hurting, will you rub this perfumed ointment on me?” Her eyes were cold as an arctic wind while she stared at him a few seconds, gave a decidedly unladylike snort through her nostrils, turned her back to him and rolled up in her cover there beside their suddenly very lonely campfire.

The next morning all was forgiven in Nimrod’s great heart. It’s always that way when a man feels his urgency that only his woman can fulfill. He was tender and kind when he snuggled close to her rigid back and gently put his hands upon her body; “Baby, I lov–”, “Not now. I have a headache.” Satan had been busy!

Nimrod would come to realize that first night and morning were the very best part of his “vacation” because it soon turned into hot, angry words, recriminations and accusations. The fish he caught were no longer firm, flaky, moist and succulent from her fire, they were turned into rancid cinders over the coals. The rabbits he snared were served bloody and raw around the bone when she removed them from the spit over the campfire and her angry, glaring eyes dared any comment.

“#@$%&# its time to go home!” She was silent as they rode back. Nimrod was also silent and cold and it scared her when she remembered the voluptuous, nubile, yielding bodies and warm, admiring eyes of her female attendants; “Have I pushed him too far? He has proved many times he desperately loves me. Other than being his woman, I have no real power over him! Will he shun me and give one of them my place?” Doubt and fear washed over her, slowly drowning the anger.

Satan, floating effortlessly along with them, remembered Eden; “The woman took the lead! Why? Why? Why? Why did Eve rebel against the roll God had assigned her?” (Gen. 2:18 & 20 keywords: help meet) Satan remembered what God had said about Adam; “I will make him an help meet for him.” Satan knew help meet meant; (surround, protect or aid, and succor) “Well, when I got done with her she really helped him, she helped him fall from grace and get cast out of the Garden of Eden.”

Satan turned his spiritual head sidewise in puzzlement; “But she got cast out too, so what did she gain?” (Gen. 2:24) Satan suddenly remembered what Adam had said; “A man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave (cling, adhere, pursue hard, catch, follow close) unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Satan suddenly understood; “For effect Adam rebelled against God when he considered Eve’s wishes more important than what God had told him! Eve rebelled against God when she refused her roll in life and used her femininity to take the lead, to be dominant and seduce Adam into eating of the forbidden tree!” “Yaawwww! Yippeeee! Yawwhoooo!” Satan joyously whizzed around and around Nimrod and his wife as they rode their horses stiffly, angrily, emotionally wounded along the trail. “Pride, it’s pride, pride, pride, pride!”

The riders never heard a sound except their horses and their own morbid thoughts because they could not hear what happens in the spirit world nor could they see Satan’s jubilation because they could not see what happens in the spirit world either. The riders didn’t know the seeds of how to use feminism, women’s suffrage, women’s equal rights and women’s liberation to bring misery to people had been sown in the fertile mind of Satan the great arch enemy of God and man.

(Prov. 31:10-31, Matt. 19:3-9 esp. V.3 keywords: every cause & John 8:3-11 esp. V.7) Satan was also learning the vast majority of men, down through time, in every tribe, nation, state and civilization would never admit they had their own self exalted, arrogant part in causing the feminist mindset when they, in their manly pride of dominance, tried to change their own help meets into doormats and women in general into chattel like goats and sheep! Satan had indeed found fertile ground in which to sow his seeds of discontent.

Satan didn’t know there would be a nation called America or that Americans would claim they had started the feminist movement. The Americans would not realize the feminist movement actually started in the Garden of Eden and had been going on since the genesis of man. The only claim the Americans could make was that they had done much to organize people and consolidate power so the feminist movement would wield much greater social and political power. The Americans would not realize Satan knew he had found another wonderful weapon he would diligently use to spread discord and division, a weapon he would use to spread endless pain, suffering and heartache.

The Americans would not realize because they would not believe Satan had such power to control their emotions (souls). Even those few Americans who had truly cast their lot with the Lord God through a spiritual rebirth would not realize because their deceived preachers would say; “The devil has no more power than what you give him!” But a very few, one here and there, would say; Go tell that to Job while he’s weeping at the graves of his children. The Lord God controls Satan, not man. Man can only cry out to the Lord God of Eden for help when Satan has him in his clutches; (1Cor. 12:10 then 2Cor. 4:4, Isa. 35:5 & Psa. 146:8) if he has spiritual discerning.”

(Prov. 6:16-19) Satan knew pride was a killer because he knew the Lord God hates pride. Satan knew pride was a mother emotion because pride gives birth to lies, bloodshed, wicked imaginations, mischief, false witnesses and discord. Satan didn’t realize pride was his own downfall; (Isa. 14:12-14) “I am greater than God and I &%*$@# intend to take his throne!”

Satan spiritually slapped himself on his spiritual forehead; “#%$&**# I must be blind as a bat to have somehow missed the fact I can create war between the sexes! $#@%&, I must be more diligent in my observations and learn more about people by what I observe them doing!” (Isa. 5:14-15 keyword: hell) The Lord God, the God of Eden, unseen, drifted silently along with them and upon His beautiful face was an expression of unutterable pain, sorrow and sadness and He silently whispered to Himself; “I always give people a free choice in what they do. (James 4:8) When they come toward me I will move toward them.”

At that exact same time the Lord God was with Nimrod and his wife He was also with Noah. He was also with the other members of the post flood lineage of the First Born Sons and their families. There with Noah and the First Borns the Lord God was loved and worshipped because they feared Him, loved Him, prayed to Him, sung songs about His glory and goodness and praised Him. Noah’s people had chosen to love, worship and work toward having a relationship with God. The Lord God was filled with joy and He gave His immeasurable love right back to them and they wept and cried out with joy and thanksgiving.

Satan was barred from there, he wasn’t even allowed to stand on a mountain top to look down on them and it frustrated him to no end that he had to stand on the far side of the mountain because the Lord God had them hedged about. It was the Lord God’s special time with His people and He would not permit Satan to try to spoil it. (Heb. 11:6-7) Upon His beautiful spiritual face was an expression of unutterable love, tenderness and kindness and He silently whispered; “You have chosen to love me and worship Me and you will have your reward.”

Agaruk’s angry spell was over, her eyes became tender when she thought about his magnificent fight with the bull; “Imagine that, my man fought and killed a wild bull with nothing but his knife, wits, courage and strength. I am the wife of a legend.” She looked at his broad shoulders, thick neck, strong legs; her eyes warmed, she felt a loosening within her; “He loves for me to sit behind him on his horse and touch him. Maybe before we get back?” She felt a warmth and a wetness, she kicked her horse with her heels, pulled the reins and the obedient horse trotted up beside Nimrod; “Nimrod, I’m sor–“.

That’s the exact moment they came out of the timber on the bluff across the small stream that bordered the plain of Shinar. Nimrod’s tower dominated the scene and it was breathtaking; “Hush woman, look at that.” Her shoulders slumped, her warmth grew cold, silent tears trickled down her beautiful face; “Pride! Men and their pride! If he had just listened I would have shown him pride, I would have shown him with my words and my body!”

Historical NOTE: The below information is from Nebuchadnezzar in his Borsippa Inscription on a stone cylinder, the writings of Greek historian Herodotus born in Turkey 500 years before Christ, the Jewish Virtual Library and various depictions by ancient artists who followed what the descriptions said. END OF NOTE.

The tower was square, 880 cubits on a side (1/4 mile). Its 8 stories soared 433 cubits into the sky (650 feet). Each ascending story was smaller than the one below it and used the roof of the one below it as its floor. There was a veranda, a porch, that circled each story and a 2.5 cubit (45 inches) tall wall circled the outer perimeter of each balcony for safety. The first story had numerous doors in its four walls and the number of doors lessened with each ascending, smaller floor. There were arches and gables to protect and accentuate those doors. The bitumen mortared brick had been coated with pure white lime and ocher tinted lime until the tower shown snow white with golden trim.

The tower was decorated with huge painted pictures in various shades of blue, red, ocher and green upon the pure white, flat planes of the tower. They were wild, barbaric, pagan pictures of mythological beings, hieroglyphic words, symbols, strangely fearsome gods, astrological signs, the sun, the moon, constellations of the sky and there was one grotesque, terrifying picture of a stylized serpent on every side – east, west, south and north – on the bottom story; a tower built on a serpent.

Nimrod knew every floor was a hall of worship dedicated to the ascending knowledge of the intimates of their religion, the more one learned about the intricacies of their worship and if they passed the knowledge tests administered by the priests the higher one could go, a proud accomplishment. The priests were content to make their beds on the 7th floor and rarely, only after rigorous testing, could an initiate be admitted to the priesthood usually after the death of a priest.

The final floor, when completed, would be where their chief god of all gods would dwell when that 8th story was finished. Nimrod fully expected to make his bed there and if this woman with him refused to worship him as she should and was unworthy to make her bed with him there were other women, many of them if he decreed it so. The tower was the most beautiful thing in Nimrod’s world, Satan fully agreed; “Let them worship as they please because they worship only me. There are only 2 gods, the Lord God of Eden (2Cor. 4:4) and me and soon I’ll take over then there will be only one god, me!” Unseen, the Lord God of Eden stared at Satan with cold, cold eyes.

A couple of months later the people were in a near religious frenzy because tonight was the “big night” of worship. No work was done that day because all the people fasted, completed their ritual cleansings and chanted their prayers. Tomorrow was the turning point of the year and tonight they would celebrate.

It was to be the longest day of the year (summer solstice, June 20th) and for a few days afterward the days would all appear the same length upon their crude sundials. It had to happen, the light gods in the sky, the moon, the sun and the constellations had said it would happen and nothing could stop it. Had they known what was about to happen they would have huddled in their houses in dread and terror.

NOTE: (Rom. 1:20) The Godhead (Supreme Divinity) is one who is composed of three who are totally and completely one in identity, thought, power, purpose and will. God’s presentation of Himself to man is (Gen. 1:1-31 & John 4:24) #1 God- spirit of life- the essence of life- life itself/Creator, (John 4:29-42) #2 Jesus-body/Saviour and (John 14:15-23 & Rom. 8:9) #3 Holy Spirit-God’s soul/Comforter. (Col. 2:8-9) In Jesus dwells all the Godhead bodily.

(Col. 1:13-17 esp. V.15) Jesus is the image (representation) of the invisible God. When God said; “Let US make man in our image” God’s body, soul, and spirit was the US and man, made in God’s image, (1Thess. 5:23) is also body, soul and spirit. END OF NOTE

(Gen. 11:5-7 esp. V.7 keywords: let us go down) The day before preparation day, in the trees along one of the roads that led into Nimrodtown from one of the suburbs, a Cloud formed and slowly coalesced into the form of a Man Who stood silently for a few moments then He started walking toward Nimrodtown. (Josh. 5:13-15 key thought: Joshua worshipped him and called him “my lord”, Dan. 3:24-25 & 1Tim. 3:16) He was just an ordinary looking Man to those who saw Him walking. (John 1:1-14 & 14:8-9, 17, then 23 and 1John 1:1-3 keyword: Word then 5:7 then Gen. 1:26) The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were One, the us, and He was walking toward the tower to see and to judge.

Nobody noticed the Stranger because He looked like everybody else. If anybody looked at Him twice they merely thought; “Well I’m just not acquainted with him.” and truly they were not. The Stranger, the us, simply lounged around while the people made their preparations. Somehow they didn’t notice He was making no preparation, nor did they notice He was looking and evaluating with His eyes.

The worship of the “changing of the time” decreed by the gods was held outside on the gigantic, dirt, courtyard area in front of the tower. It started after the darkness had fallen. The oil torches lit the area with a weird, flickering, shape shifting, reddish-amber light. More than 5,000 people had gathered to worship. Attendants filtered through the crowd handing out god Qunubu to every person. Wild, pagan, emotion firing music from drums, flutes, pipes and strings roused the already excited people to a higher, sharper, more expectant mood.

The drums never stopped their throbbing tempo and rhythm that was only louder or softer depending on the dynamic of their worship. There was wild pagan dancing in the torch light. The priests led them in chants and prayers. Accompanied by shrill, keening flutes a chorus of early teens virgins sang hot, throbbing songs and many a man hoped to have one of them. They would not be virgins tomorrow!  The music rose and rose to a pitch that maddened the people then, with a crash of sound, the music stopped. In the absolute silence they heard a bull bellow!

The drums picked up a beat that sounded like a bull’s stomping walk, an apparition entered the opening in the middle of the worshippers where the girls had performed, they gasped in unison with an audible sound, then it was silent again except for the drums. It was easy to recognize Nimrod’s great physique, he had oiled himself until every muscle was delineated with raw physical power. But it was not Nimrod!

His shoulders, neck, head and terrible horns were bull and the bull grunted and bellowed. When he turned, shook his massive head, bent and threatened them with short runs at them his obsidian eyes reflecting the firelight looked red and threatening. Unseen, Satan was delighted to make every move Nimrod made. They were delighted with terror because Nimrod was half man-half bull and even though he frightened them when he bent over and made his short threatening runs at them they knew he was their protector and avenger. He had proved it when he killed the bull, took the bull’s essence and made the bull part of him.

Suddenly he stopped and began giving instructions in the deep, bellowing Nimrod/bull voice from the birch bark amplifier hidden in the bull’s nose. He pointed dramatically toward the tables laden under mounds of steaming, wonderful smelling food and many 14 gallon earthen jars of strong wine the attendants had been busily setting out.

(Gen. 11:4) “There is no God of Eden! That is an old wives tale by Noah to try to keep us under his control. We have made a name for ourselves here and here we will stay! Nobody can scatter us! We will not multiply and replenish the earth as Noah says we must do! Eat and drink well my children. This is the night of the changing of the time and I decree this to be the night of the woman.

I instruct each woman here to select a man with which to experience joy and before this night is over I command each woman to have selected 5 different men.” With a full throated bellow the man/bull stomped and strutted from the dirt stage to the thunder of drums. Unseen, Satan stomped and strutted right along with him. To his people Nimrod had gone beyond legend, he had become a god. But Satan knew he owned their souls!

Of course the priests removed Nimrod’s bull costume and Nimrod the mortal man hurried back to the festivities with the priests. It was then the Stranger slipped from their midst. (Matt. 17:2) The Stranger transfigured (metamorphoo- to metamorphose, to change) Himself, became invisible and was immediately with Noah, the beginning of the new lineage of the First Born Sons and their families who had gathered at their stone altar to worship the Lord God the whole night through.

The Stranger would be leaving just before daylight in the morning, He was going to give these people a changing of the time they’d never forget and it would reverberate down through history but first He had to warn His friend Noah that things were about to change.