NOTE: Do not forget: This commentary is based on scripture because the scriptural people lived. Their lifestyle is very, very skimpy in the scripture SO based upon research, imagination and inspiration their lifestyle, the origin of the Neandertals and Giants is basically conjecture, a semi-novel. It had to happen some way that is not given so why not this way or something similar?

NOTE: For a moment think about this example of the progress that can be made by intelligent people in a very short time. June 25, 1876 General George A. Custer and his command were destroyed by a combined force of Sioux, Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians in the battle of the Little Bighorn; 27 years later on Dec. 17, 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first powered airplane flight at Kitty Hawk NC. and 66 years after that  on July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon of the Earth.

It had taken a total of 93 years! These events do not apply to prehistoric man but the pattern of progress does. END OF NOTE.

REMEMBER: (Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

After all that had happened, after they were all alone for a while Adam and Eve decided to move to another cave on around the hill and live a sufficient distance to be away from what they considered the cursed cave; they took all they owned except the altar. They knew the God of Eden had surely deserted them because of the murder and He had never appeared again.

The silent, invisible God of Eden (Holy Spirit) went right along with them, thinking; “All in the process of time”. (example: Eph. 1:10 keywords: “That in the dispensation of the fulness of times”).  (Gen. 5:3) Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born in their new cave.

(Gen. 4:26) As a child Seth (substituted, to place, to mark) had heard many stories about the wonders of Eden and of the God of Eden in casual conversation around the fire but, in his childishness, he didn’t pay much attention. (Luke 2:49 keyword: twelve) But, one evening on the day Seth was 12 years old, for some reason, he started really paying attention to what Adam and Eve talked about. After all it was only 142 years ago they had left Eden and it was still fresh on their minds.

What started it all was Eve, big with child again, was too tired to prepare a proper supper and said they’d have to make do with dry jerky. No delicious stew tonight! She was worn out from tending the corn and Adam had been working on a pen close to the cave to protect the sheep. Wolves had killed several sheep over the past two weeks and were on the verge of wiping out the flock.

Their conversation was desultory as they chewed the jerky, complained about how hard they worked to eat their food and they scratched their chigger bites, Eve tended a cut on Seth’s 4 year old brother’s knee. Adam tended his own cut he had sustained and Seth was left to rub ointment on his 8 year old sister’s bee sting. Then Eve said she wished they were back in the perfection of Eden and that she hated this cursed world.

Adam dryly replied if she’d listened to him they wouldn’t be in the fix they were in. Eve hung her head in shame and that made her even angrier! (Gen. 2:16-17) “Before I ever joined you the God of Eden told you about it, He didn’t tell me!” Adam hung his head in shame. (Gen. 3:6) “If you knew so much why’d you eat it when I brought it to you?” Adam turned bright red and shut his mouth. Even cavemen knew you couldn’t argue with a tired, cranky, pregnant woman.

Seth’s attention, as he rubbed ointment on his 8 year old sister’s back, was suddenly focused on Adam. “For some reason” Seth was suddenly insatiably curious about Eden and the God of Eden. The eyes of the God of Eden were warm. What’s Eden? Where’s Eden? Who’s the God of Eden? What’s perfection mean? What’s cursed mean?” Adam’s stern look stopped the staccato burst of questions. Adam’s stern look faded into a heartbreaking sadness. Seth was a tenderhearted child, he pulled his sister along and they snuggled close to Adam to give him comfort.

Seth didn’t know he was already teaching kindness to his sister. The God of Eden smiled. Outside the cave Satan gritted his spiritual teeth in hatred; I’ll find a way to get this child killed too! The God of Eden hovering close to Adam and Seth actually grinned a bit; “It is time to rein in MY evil angel a bit with this one.” Everything was going as scheduled, right on time. Choices. And the God of Eden knew. The Cro-Magnons thought they were alone.

At first Adam was reluctant to talk about the God of Eden. How can you blame him, none of us like to discuss our failures and Adam’s had been awful and permanent. Suddenly Adam “felt an odd desire” to talk about Eden and the God of Eden. Adam didn’t know he was filling a willing vessel when he talked to Seth and that vessel wouldn’t spill one drop of the knowledge he poured into it. It happened many, many times over the years.

Seth and his sister never stopped rubbing soothing ointment on each other’s chigger bites, cuts, bee stings and poison ivy and Adam and Eve continued producing children. Seth and his sister helped with the other children, they learned to do their part of the work but a special bond was developing between them.

(Luke 3:23 keyword: thirty) When Seth was 30 years old Adam “decided” to take Seth to their old cave. They stood outside and could dimly see the altar near the back of the cave illuminated by the morning sun from the east and Adam fearfully told Seth about the activity on that altar especially the last time the God of Eden had visited them.

(Heb. 11:4 & 1John 3:12) “Son, it was because of the blood and the fat that Abel was accepted and, in his pride, jealousy and anger Cain murdered Abel. Never forget son, its the blood for life and the fat for abundance.Pleased, the unseen God of Eden stood silently beside them.

When Seth was 103 years old he married his sister in the marriage ceremony of the giving of water and food to each other while Adam anointed their heads with a bit of fat and a sprinkle of blood. They moved to their own cave; Adam’s cave was running over with people.

Satan was infuriated as he stood bound on the edge of the clearing; “I’ll find a way! I’ll find a way!” he impotently thought. At the same time he was with Cain too. He wasn’t permitted to know the God of Eden was there too, observing them. Cain had wounded a doe and was slowly jabbing it to death.

(Gen. 5:6) When Seth was 105 years old Enos was born. Other brothers and sisters were getting married, Adam taught Seth the ceremony and let him perform many of the marriages. Seth started teaching Enos the marriage ceremony when Enos was 12 years old and then took him to “the altar cave” when he was 30 years old; why break the age pattern? Enos was just as curious as Seth had been and “for some reason” he had secretly brought some fat and blood.

They stood outside the cave for a while, looking and talking and the God of Eden stood there with them. (1Pet. 1:12 keywords: angels desire to look) Satan wasn’t even allowed in the valley and he was furious; “What are they doing in secret?”  “Father, let’s go in the cave and see if the God of Eden will come to us.” Seth felt a chill; then relief; “Son we don’t have any fat and blood, we can’t go.

“I’ve brought fat and blood Father.” Seth looked at the huge goose bumps suddenly standing out on his arms, they were all over him too. He had wanted to do this very thing for years but he was afraid; now he was faced with it! His courage began to rise and he thought; “Well it’s better to die like Able than to not know.”

They went into the cave and the unseen God of Eden went in with them and stood beside them while they prepared the offering on the altar. They stepped back, bent to their knees and Enos asked; “Oh great God of Eden will You accept this sacrifice that represents the life You have given us and the abundance of Your gifts to us?” A cloud began to form, their hearts thundered, their breath was caught and they felt faint!

Sapphire lightening flashed from the cloud, the sacrifice was gone, a kindness emanated from the gently swirling cloud, the gentle thunder was muted and blue lightening flickered lightly as the cloud swirled in on itself. Their hair stood up and it felt as if their eyes were popping out of their sockets. Enos, with great respect whispered; “Oh great and almighty God of Eden will You help us.”

It seemed as if the lightening whispered but somehow the words were within them too. “I will help thee.” Astonished, the two Cro-Magnons, two men made in the image of God, looked at each other. Seth gave Enos a slight nod of acquiescence as if to say; “You’re doing alright, we’re still alive, keep going.”

Enos fearfully whispered; “Oh great and fearful God of Eden, our caves are filled and running over with people, our pastures are eaten down and almost barren by so many sheep, the earth is tired and our corn is small and insufficient.” Again the whisper that seemed to be inside their heads; “I will show thee.” And the cloud was gone.

(Eph. 1:10) Two days later Enos had an urge to “go far”. He and his next oldest brother packed food for a week, picked up their weapons and left on the morning of the third day. Three days later they found the most beautiful valley they had ever seen. It was wide and long with lush grassland and it contained groves of fruit trees scattered here and there.

While they searched for caves they could not help but notice how the slopes were abundant with tall, straight trees, with abundant berry bushes and grape vines, but there were no caves. They left the valley and started home filled with both excitement and disappointment.

When they arrived they found Adam and Seth experimenting with sticks, small stones and mud and they were building various kinds of tiny houses. The whole family gathered around and when the complete story was told they looked fearfully about. Then Enos told them they needed to go to the “altar cave” and thank the God of Eden.

(Gen. 4:26) That’s when they started calling upon the Lord, the God of Eden. The next day Enos’ next youngest brother led Adam, Seth and the first group to the beautiful valley and there they built the “great house” first. A runner was sent back with the news. “For some reason” the altar in Adam’s cave was left alone when they moved; only God knew how badly they would need it in the future when their world crashed!

(Josh. 4:1-9) Twelve men were sanctified with blood and fat and they carried 12 “new beginning” stones and built an altar in the “great house” of worship in the new valley. Most of the people went to the valley to build. Some were assigned to carry all their possessions and drive their flocks to their new homes. A tiny group was left to guard the Adam’s cave valley until all could be moved.

They were glad to leave the old worn out valley for the last time and go to where they could call upon the God of Eden at His Altar in His “Great House”. They didn’t know the God of Eden made every trip that was made, both to and from, right along with them. (Luke 2:41-49 & 3:23) They never knew the significance of the numbers 12 and 30. The God of Eden did know but it wouldn’t be revealed in this time.

It was in this huge, new, fertile valley the people, the Cro-Magnons, started domesticating the cattle and goats that ran wild there.

The God of Eden supplied ideas at the altar when they worshipped Him. Perhaps He smiled while He thought of another time and another place where He would build a strong nation to help another nation that would be called Israel and a part of that helper nation would be called the American West; “It is My world, they are My people, I can do anything I want to, today I’ll be a Cowboy and, unseen, the God of Eden, (Ex. 6:1-3) who would someday reveal His Holy Name to a man named Moses, went on the roundup.

Later for some “unknown reason” the family of Adam noticed wild oats, wheat and barley growing in the valley and it “appeared natural” for them to start domesticating these wild grains; “I can also be a Farmer, if I so desire.”

Enos was 88 years old when he took his sister for a wife (Gen. 5:9-10) and he was 90 years old when he begat his son Cainan and he begat many other sons and daughters. Cainan was only 68 years old when he took one of his father’s younger sisters, his aunt, Seth’s daughter, for a wife (Gen. 5:12) and when he was 70 years old he begat Mahalaeel.

That caused some gossip; “For one so young to father a child——–.” Mahalaleel was 63 years old when he took a double first cousin for a wife (Gen. 5:15) and he was 65 years old when he begat Jared. There was more humorous gossip; “—- a chip off the old block—-“.

Enos had been 30 years old when they came to the valley of the “Great House of the God of Eden”. They had been in the valley 195 years during which time Seth had discovered how to make a bow and the tiny spears he shot from the bow. At the end of that 195 years the valley had gotten crowded and Seth called a special meeting in the House of the God of Eden. The God of Eden was right there with them but He would not appear at the altar. Enos did not realize the God of Eden gave him some instructions in his thoughts.

Enos told the people to leave the house. He went back inside, started over and the God of Eden appeared. Before Enos could say anything the God of Eden spoke; “Ask them who wants to go!” and the God of Eden was gone.

Enos was shocked that so many wanted to go. Enos didn’t understand just how busy and successful Satan had been in the last 195 years in the hearts of some of Enos’ beloved people. The God of Eden did know, He had always known what they would do and He breathed the words; “Cleansing, choices”!

Enos had been strict and stern about worshipping the God of Eden and he had not realized many of the people were tired of having their lives interrupted by the meetings and Enos’ endless admonitions to; “No, do it this way. It’s what the God of Eden wants. He is the God of Eden!” “Well, Enos can keep his God of Eden. Who is foolish enough to think a cloud can talk. He just makes it up to force us to do things his way! (James 1:14) We’ll do what attracts and delights us (Heb. 11:25) and we’ll do what feels good to us!”

(Ex. 32:1-9 esp. V.6 keyword: play) Sounds a lot like what ancient Israel and, later on, (Rev. 3:14-22) what  many people in the Church would do in the far, far years of time doesn’t it? (Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Enos admonished them to build Great Houses to meet with the God of Eden wherever they settled, he appointed elders to be their leaders, he sanctified them with the blood and the fat and told them to send runners back to tell him where they had settled.

The God of Eden’s obedient angels led the groups who just wanted to find another place and still worship the God of Eden and Satan led the others. The obedient angels led their groups to fertile valleys in the Carmel mountain range but Satan led his groups far to the north and 2 or 3 groups to the south and none of Satan’s groups sent runners back.

Jared almost wore them out. “He’s so picky he’ll never find a wife.” Jared didn’t know he was picky. He didn’t want to marry one of the girls who let it be known they could be had without the benefit of marriage and, as the years passed, there were more and more of those.

(Rev. 2:20) There were more and more of the women who had children without benefit of any marriage. Enos dutifully came up with a cleansing ceremony anointing their heads with the blood and the fat and having them repeat; “I love the God of Eden.” 12 times to cleanse those women and their children of the stain of their transgression.

The God of Eden (Holy Spirit) did not attend those ceremonies but the god of this world, Satan, did. Oh how he did! He frolicked through the blood and fat and he juggled the; “I love the God of Eden.” repetitions in the air like a malicious magician. No, the people didn’t know he was there but the God of Eden was watching.

(John 8:44 keywords: murderer from the beginning: think Able!) It had gotten so bad there were regular fights over women and in the last few years there had been a murder now and then. Enos didn’t know what to do and the God of Eden wouldn’t tell him. The first murder had been a shock to the whole valley. They had gathered before the Great House of the God of Eden, Enos went inside alone as had become his custom.

He came out with a perplexed expression, there had been no instruction from the God of Eden, he had the young man tied to a post, a fire was kindled, Enos picked out a long branch that had a glowing ember on the other end, walked to the young man and prepared to put the Mark of Cain on the young man.

There wasn’t a sound from the gathered crowd and there seemed to be an air of judgment stirring among them even though some of them looked upon Enos with anger and resentment in their eyes. Satan grinned. He liked to see men filled with pride, anger, resentment and especially murder. When Enos looked into the young man’s terrified eyes his deadly resolve faded and he couldn’t do it. He stood looking into the man’s eyes as slow seconds slowly gathered into a full minute.

Enos did not understand how the flash of a pretty leg, a flirting smile, a roll of laughing eyes, the impudent flip of long hair, the swell of a breast, OR the brawny strength of broad shoulders, the swelling power of a thick neck, mighty biceps, or a strong masculine face could turn a head and cause an enchanted heart to race.

Satan did understand and even while he was traveling with his scattering bands of movers he was with the people in the Great House of the God of Eden valley whispering, suggesting, drawing attention to, charming, teaching, leading, attracting and delighting completely. It had helped immensely that he had taught them his kind of singing more than 100 years ago. It was what they wanted to do, he just helped them do it! He was also with Cain the murderer as he wandered back from where he’d been and he would help him select his bride (told in Part 4).

The terrified young man strained motionlessly at his bonds then he saw the fire die in Enos’ eyes and they were tender and kind again though they were wounded with great sorrow and Enos threw the burning brand back toward the fire. You are banished from the people of the God of Eden, untie him, take nothing but your murderer’s club with you, go far away and never return.

The young man was looking down in utter humiliation and shame; not from what he’d done, not from his banishment but from the kindness he’d seen in Enos’ eyes. In the three days he’d been traveling the young man made a decision that wherever he went he would, with kindness and great humility, tell everyone he saw to never commit murder. While he was asleep by the ashes of his fire that night Satan led a lion to kill and devour the young man.

Banishment became the standard punishment for murder and finally for a certain degree of just plain old meanness. Satan’s standard for those banished was death for the repentant when he could arrange it and life for those filled with pride, anger and hatred and Satan carefully guided them to those who never sent runners back to their home valley.

Jared, the son of Adam five times removed, actually the great, great, great grandson of Adam, didn’t know he was in the lineage of obedient, God of Eden worshipping men who would one day (Gen. 5:29) produce an obedient, God of Eden worshipping man named Noah. The God of Eden had a special job for Noah but nobody knew it, they were simply making choices.

Jared was 160 years old when he saw HER. To everyone else she was just an ordinary woman. But there was a certain turn of her head, a way she smiled, the brightness of her smile; yes that was all good, but, there was something in her eyes, an openness, a calmness and a certain goodness.

Jared made discrete inquiries among those he trusted and was delighted to learn she was a woman who was a devout worshipper of the God of Eden and she had never walked alone with any man. She stayed close to her family and was perfectly content to wait for whatever the God of Eden decided was to be her service to Him.

(Gen. 5:3-15) Her father knew all about Jared too; he was the first son of Mahalaleel, who was the first son of Cainan, who was the first son of Enos, who was the first son of Seth (substituted), who had become Adam’s first son by substitution.

Jared and his wife were married the day he was 161 years and three months old. (Gen. 5:18-24) On the day Jared turned 162 years old he begat Enoch who would father a child named Methuselah. The laughter and jokes were daring; “My, my, old Jared didn’t waste a day did he?” (Gen. 4:17-18) Cain hadn’t wasted any time either; the day Enoch was born was also the day Cain, beside their campfire several days journey to the northeast, impregnated his willing captive with whom would become Cain’s son Enoch 9 months later and Cain built a city and named it Enoch in honor of his son and Enoch would father a child named Irad.

(Gen. 19:1-3 esp. V.1 keywords: two angels & V.3 keywords: they did eat) & Heb. 13:2 keywords: some have entertained angels unawares) Angels can take on the body of men

Satan had wondered and wondered and tried and tried to get his man body back and couldn’t do it. Of course he couldn’t, God had it secreted away in its own place. But Satan had a new plan if he could get some volunteers. (Matt. 18:10) Satan kept talking to the obedient, guardian angels on the earth.

They had seen the depravity man was engaging in and that coupled with Satan’s persuasive, charming manner and convincing logic; “What’s the point of guarding them if God doesn’t give you the power to make them do what He wants them to do? Its hopeless, you always look like failures when we report to God. Look, we’ve fought each other ever since God sent you here, join me and we can really have some fun tormenting these cursed creatures. You’ve both seen the amazing things I’ve accomplished.”

That shrewd strike at their pride convinced them to join him. Right beside them, but unseen, the God of Eden was pleased; “If they only knew! (1Cor. 6:3) Well, they will be judged one day and they will be truly shocked! My plan is right on schedule because I know when they will make choices according to their values.” And God gave Satan a little more power to accomplish the next step in God’s plan.

History: (Gen. 5:21) By that time Seth’s first born son, Enoch, was 65 years old and had begat his first born son Methuselah. (Gen. 4:18) Cain’s first born son Enoch had already begat his first born son Irad who had begat his first born son Mehujael and then the God of Eden took a hand as shown below.

Cain had also been very fruitful, he had begat more than thirty children and some of them had already begat children, especially Cain’s first born son Enoch; and Cain continued to think; Let me see, 1, 2, 3, well, let’s see, Enoch had started when he was 16 and had begat at least two children every three years from that one particular woman, he was 64 now, good grief, he has at least 18 children, maybe more! They didn’t pay much attention to marriage in the city of Enoch unless someone insisted on it.

“Ahhh, Enoch!” It was Enoch who had tried to stop a bleeding wound with charcoal and the charcoal had left a permanent black mark. At Satan’s prompting Enoch took a sharp thorn, gouged his face unmercifully, rubbed charcoal mixed with berry juice into his wounds and made his own Mark of Cain to honor his beloved father. (Lev. 19:28) The art of tattooing had been born!

Let me think a minute, Enoch’s first born son Irad had started when he was 16 and Irad’s first born son Mehujael (smitten of God), Well, there was a problem there, Mehujael had also started when he was 16 but Mehujael didn’t have a first born son; all he could begat were girls. Irad was still going strong too, Come to think about it Mehujael’s 3rd oldest daughter was looking pretty good, maybe at next months fertility festival he’d–

Cain had started dozing; his last thought was; A person never knows for sure who’s who because we perform the fertility rites every time we worship our fertility goddess Pen-Vul. She surely blesses us with many children. The God of Eden did know who belonged to who and He had slowed Cain’s First Borns down a bit with Mehujael. He let Cain’s other children produce children as fast as they could. 

One of the far ranging bands of people who never reported back to Enos had wandered and wandered until they found what their leader considered the perfect place. It was in a place that would someday be called Neander Valley by English speaking people. It would be named after a 17th century German Pastor named Joachim Neander.

In that far time the name Neander would mean (new man). The stream from the valley would flow into a river named Dussel and a town would be located nearby which would be named Dusseldorf which would be located in a state, North Rhine-Westphalia, in a nation that would be called Germany. The German word for valley is Thal and the valley would be named Neanderthal (new man valley) in 1850.

God’s plan was working because in 1856 workers in a limestone mine would find some fossilized bones; a skull cap, 7 other bones and a few bone fragments in a cave. A scientist would name him Neanderthal Man 1; the discovery was 3 years before a man named Charles Darwin would publish his book; On the Origin of Species on Nov. 24, 1859.

In the far, far, far away time of 1901 scholars would argue about the name. They would institute an orthographic reform, drop the h and rename the valley Neandertal.

Then the paleontologists and scientists would enter the fray, they would decide the scholars were weird and they would not drop the h from the name of the very first known specimen of what they had found there in August 1856, homo sapiens neanderthalensis; to them the name was just too precious to change and the scholars could just go twiddle their scholastic thumbs in somebody else’s box of letters.

In the far reaches of time paleontologists and others would discover fossilized bones of Neandertals south of the line where the glaciers had stopped all over Europe and western Asia. They would publish papers, dispute claims, argue over dates when specimens lived because their fossil dating system was better, debate chronological ages of specimens and on and on endlessly to salve their pride, gain notoriety and collect funding. But Neandertal 1 from Germany would be the first.

Satan had tried and tried to return to his earthly Body and it could not be done. He would have loved to have been in a human body so he could enjoy some of the things the people did! After he had “charmed” the two angels into joining him he came up with a plan. He could think warm blooded hominids into existence but not one that could reason. So, why not take an angel that could already reason and think a man body on to the spirit of the angel?  

Satan and two of the new rebellious angels were just outside the Cro-Magnon settlement in what would be known as Neandertal valley and they were ready for Satan’s big experiment. They did not know the God of Eden was there too. God wanted to see Satan’s reaction to the success God had guaranteed him when he loaned him a tiny bit of new power; “I already know all about it, but its fun to watch the live action!” The God of Eden was sad too, it was another step men would choose to take in their progress toward destruction.

Satan laid the 1st spirit angel on the earth and made a heap of earth over it. It was hard not to think of the monkey faces he had made in the past but he tried his best. In his spirit form Satan bent close, touched his spirit lips to it and thought; “LIVE”! He was astonished at the result! It had changed into a man, he heard its heart start to beat, its breath caught and steadied, its eyes opened and Satan could see a dim reasoning awareness that might be a living soul.

It had a somewhat flat, monkey-like face with a large brow ridge above its eyes somewhat like a monkey but it was an angel/almost man hybrid. The flame of real intelligence burned very dim in its eyes and Satan thought he had finally made a man. Satan did spiritual cartwheels around the clearing, he whooped and screamed and finally shouted; “I’VE DONE IT! I’VE MADE A MAN!” The angel never noticed. He was now limited by a man’s body and could no longer see into the spirit world and he was no longer aware he was an angel.

(1 Cor. 13:1 keywords: tongues of angels) He sat up and slowly got to his feet as if getting used to his burly, magnificently muscled body. Satan spoke to him and he paid no attention. Satan had discovered the new man couldn’t hear angel talk either and Satan could only suggest, hint and lead. Satan wondered if he still possessed the man or had he lost him? He directed the man toward the Cro-Magnon settlement in the valley that would be called Neandertal.

When the unusual looking pseudo new man stepped into the settlement clearing the Cro-Magnon’s were astonished. Had they known how to measure they would have known they were a little less than 6 ft. tall and he was the same size as them but his head and face looked so different and his huge muscles showed a power and agility they did not possess.

The stranger and the Cro-Magnons stared at each other. The Leader, nervously handling his weapons, whispered out of the side of his mouth to his shaman (medicine man, priest); “What is that thing?”

The shaman was supposed to have all the answers and, to save face, he spoke the first words that came to mind; “NEW MAN.” and the obedient, messenger angel (Dan. 9:21-22 & Acts 7:53) who hovered near the shaman sped away; his mission of giving this man a name out of the mouth of the shaman was complete. He didn’t like to be near Satan and he wondered why the Lord God let Satan hang around because he was always spoiling things.

The obedient angel didn’t know God used both the obedient angels and the rebellious angels to achieve His purpose; to give man a choice to believe in creation or evolution! (Rev. 12:7-9) Neither did the angel think of the fact that, right along with all the other angels, he and Satan were also making choices! The new man could not talk!

Satan had made a discovery he didn’t quite understand; (Matt. 9:32-33 & Mark 5:8) the other angels could only be around, (or in) one man at a time instead of being around as many as he wished at one time like Satan could. Then he understood; “I’m the greatest angel, I can be around as many people as I want at one time, that’s why I should be god!” He was delirious with joy.

(Matt. 4:3, Acts 10:38 & 1Thess. 3:5) Common sense tells us if the devil can be tempting you there and me here and a lot of people everywhere else then he can be everywhere at the same time!

God smiled too, He planned to make a change in the genetic genome of the Neandertals that would be a shock! It just wasn’t time yet.

The leader and the shaman discussed what to do with the Neandertal. While they talked one of the women looked at the Neandertal’s magnificent physique and felt a damp drawing within her as she imagined; “Even his face looks strong”. Satan smiled while he kept on whispering, charming and leading her.

One of the young men, when he saw his woman’s look at the hairy, ugly new man, drew his bow, shot an arrow into its throat and the new man was a dead man when he finished threshing and gagging out his life in a gushing gurgle of blood there on the ground. The Neandertal’s angel stood beside Satan looking confused while Satan screamed curses nobody could hear. The Cro-Magnons buried the new man in a cave on the side of the hill in Neander valley.

(Psa. 78:49 keywords: by sending evil angels among them) Satan used the other angel the same way. As the decades passed men were growing more numerous and more angels were required to assist them (Heb. 12:22) but God had made all that would ever be needed in the beginning because He knew how many would be needed, and they, good or evil, never acted without God’s permissive will, as has been shown.

Over a great length of time, once in a while, when they saw the joy of having a human body, some of the angels who worked among men were easily convinced to think they too could fool God and they were easy victims to Satan’s charm.

Members from Cain’s side of Adam’s family had long since made contact with, and mixed with, the members of Seth’s side of Adam’s family. Both Seth and his son Enos were hugely disgusted, distracted and apprehensive with the mix.

Cain’s progeny bragged their goddess Pen-Vul showed them how to enjoy freedom from restriction in their fertility worship; “See that stone statue, we have a goddess you can see and touch! Look at the rows of breasts and the fertility organs! We don’t foolishly worship some God in a cloud that rarely shows up. The elders say he speaks to them (Heb.11:25) but the elders only want to rob us of our pleasures!”

Some of Seth’s people were charmed with the tattoos adorning some of Cain’s people and their incense, Cain had discovered back at the beginning of his exile, somehow eased the nervousness of new initiates into their worship.

In his sampling of plants to find food back at the beginning of his vagabond curse Cain had eaten the sticky top of a plant that quickly sent him reeling with hallucinations and it scared him out of his wits because it left him vulnerable to predators. Cain had enough sense left to climb a tree and hang on for dear life until the effects finally wore off. He swore he would never eat of that plant again, but, “for some reason” he couldn’t forget it either!

After his son Enoch had reached maturity Cain told him about the plant and Enoch looked very thoughtful. He asked for a description of the plant. He found it and ate the sticky top. The euphoric, ecstatic, hallucinatory result made him feel as if he were in touch with a deity! Satan was delighted. Enoch had found a “deity” who would talk to him on a “somehow limited” basis. Enoch’s experiments showed him the plant, dried and burned as incense, added a spectacular aspect to their worship of Pen-Vul.

Enoch named the plant Qunubu. Enoch did not know the knowledge of the plant would be taken beyond the flood by one of Noah’s daughters-in-law, he did not  know a flood was coming. One of the first clans of people, after Babel, that came into what would become the Central Eurasian Steppes called it Konaba, and a neighboring clan, with whom they would establish trade relations, would call it cannabis because of the confusion of their languages at Babel.  

Both Cain and Enoch were sure their fertility goddess Pen-Vul had overcome the God of Eden (Gen. 4:18) and broken the curse on Cain’s great grandson Mehujael because, when he was 150 years old, Mehujael begat Methusael. When Methusael was 37 years old he begat Lamech who would begat 3 Sons and a daughter.

Methuselah, the 7th generation from Adam counting Seth, took a wife and when he was 187 years old he begat Lamech who, in the future when he was 182 years old, would begat a special son named Noah. Noah would begat 3 sons and Noah would be 600 years old when the time of the great water would come. Noah’s father Lamech would begat other sons and daughters (Gen. 5:31) and he would die when he was 777 years old.

When the two men Methuselah and Methusael begat their sons, both named Lamech, on the same day, miles apart, in different cities, (Gen. 5:25, 28, & 7:1) the earth, as they knew it, had exactly 782 years to live.

Two hundred years after Cain’s great, great, great grandson Lamech was born (Gen. 6:5) many people in the lineage of Seth had been overcome by the lineage of Cain in many places and they had become idol worshippers and the images of Pen-Vul had sprung up all over Seth’s part of the world. Many Seth-ites had tattoos in various places on their body and some more devout worshippers even had the Mark of Cain tattooed on their forehead usually when under an especially strong influence of the incense, Qunubu.

The “First Borns” worshipped the God of Eden secretly in Adam’s cave at Adam’s old altar. Banishment did not mean anything anymore because more Seth-ites were leaving than could ever be banished and some of his people had invited Cain-ites to live with them without the marriage ritual.

When Noah was 12 years old Seth’s linage had kept the “first born son lineage” clean from the corrupting influences of their more and more horrid world but because of that the “First Borns” were in doubt about Noah.

(Gen. 6:5 & 11) The world had simply gotten too evil, corrupt and violent for Jared, Mahalaleel’s first born, to be sure of anything. So Jared and Lamech, with great stealth, so no one could follow them, went to their private altar in the Adam cave where no vandals could tear it down, made the sacrifice, prayed and inquired of the God of Eden about Noah’s future.

The cloud, the lightening and the thunder appeared and the soundless voice spoke in his soul; “Noah is the chosen one. You have done well. You have kept the faith.” Again the God of Eden was gone. They crept away crying silently and the other “First Born Sons” also wept when they brought them the good news about Noah from the God of Eden; “Noah is the chosen one!”

Noah was now 200 years old and strictly walked with God. He hated the evil, corrupt, violent world where he lived. He listened to the old stories and realized the old family structures had nearly been destroyed by the worship of the fertility goddess Pen-Vul and their use of Qunubu. Many people did not have family loyalty anymore and many did not know who was father to who because of indiscriminate breeding when they worshipped at the altar of Pen-Vul and their use of Qunubu. Satan did not care how many children they procreated as long as they worshipped him!

(Rom. 1:18-32 esp. V.26-27) Noah was shocked to the core of his soul when he heard the stories about the men with men and women with women who had started their own type of worship of the fertility goddess Pen-Vul. The idol the men made was a long, hairless, smooth headed, four-footed beast with tiny legs they called Pen-Pen. The women made their idol into a great, puffy, grotesque bird they named Vul-Vul. Those people did not worship fertility any more, they worshipped sensation and rebellion. (Gen. 1:28) Satan did not care if they produced no children as long as they worshipped him!

When Noah heard the stories he thought; “This is against nature, how can they begat children?” Many people were so addicted to Qunubu they wouldn’t work and became thieves and beggars from those who would work. Murder had become almost commonplace and Noah prayed desperately for the God of Eden to help him; (2Tim. 3:13) “Oh Lord God, please take me away from this place.”

“Evil men have almost destroyed the good. Our leaders and their governments have become corrupt and they are destroying the worship of Thee and there are so few of us left. (Gen. 5:24) Oh Lord God, take me with You as you did my great grandfather Enoch.” Satan danced, frolicked and laughed through the blood, tears and semen but Noah couldn’t see into the spirit world.

Strangely enough the use of the bow and its arrows had not caught on as had been expected. The confounded things were hard to make, too hard to shoot straight and it was far too easy to lose the arrows. The “monkey faced new men” kept coming around. They were too strong, agile and too good with their spears and clubs to easily kill unless four or five Cro-Magnons fought one of them or if there was a bow man to kill them at a distance. Strangely enough, in some places they were accepted.

Satan had long ago thrown up his spiritual hands in disgust with his Neandertals. They were simply not as smart as the Cro-Magnons. There was no sensory contact between the angels and the Neandertals they inhabited. The Neandertals started breeding among themselves and the 2nd and ensuing generations were native born Neandertal/Neandertal hybrids NOT the angel/Neandertal hybrids the first ones had been.

They had become a self-sustaining hybrid race of NEW MAN almost humans and that’s where the God of Eden planted a genetic change in their genetic profile that would turn the Cro-Magnon world on its ear and the complications of it would nearly drive Satan mad with frustration! These hybrids were even less intelligent than the first generation, they were regressing and they liked to live in caves.  

Satan liked to copy the methods of the God of Eden. In a place where, in the far, far future, a city called Varazdin would someday be built in a nation named Croatia, a group of 30 Cro-Magnon wanderers had built their own prehistoric city. Satan arranged the “accidental” deaths of 13 women in a landslide while they were picking berries near the small, isolated, Cro-Magnon city.

Somehow they had been blinded to the danger of the creaking, moving, ready to fall rock cliffs above their patch of berry bushes! AND: “Men, we’ve got these 6 children to care for and no women to keep our beds warm, its time to move.” Then Satan led three of these 2nd generation Neandertal women into their city; “Men, a flawed something is better than a nothing.”