NOTES: An interesting article in the March, 2014 National Geographic Magazine, “People of the Horse”, points out the development of various breeds of horse. Therefore it is obvious Noah had only 1 pair of horses on the ark.

“Most experts now believe that all dogs, no matter how different, originated exclusively from a single species: the grey wolf (Canis lupus) of central Asia. The evidence comes from a 2009 study in which a team of researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm analyzed samples of mitochondrial DNA (the DNA found in mitochondria, or energy making structures within the cells) from dogs around the world.” See:…

When that pair of wolves and that pair of horses came ambling into the ark they carried a tremendous variety of animals with them in their genomes! Same for housecats, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, cows and many others. It is obvious the ark wasn’t as crowded as we are led to believe! Animals are classified from the largest group to the smallest related group as; kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species; that’s why Noah needed only 2 horses, 2 wolves and etc. Please internet reference those 7 words regarding any animal and you will be greatly surprised.

I wondered what the population of humans was on the day the flood started. I researched the internet and was astonished by the wildly differing conclusions and the amazing number of complicated formulas (to me) used to arrive at those conclusions. I decided to try it this way.

This is the year 2014 as reckoned by the calendar used in America. This date is not used in the below calculations. This date simply shows when this calculation was made and when this article of commentary was written.

Number of Years Before the Flood

#1) According to scripture (KJ Bible: Gen. 3:24 to 7:6) I have used the ages of the First Born Sons and removed the overlap of their ages for accuracy and it was 1656 years from the time Adam left Eden until the flood came.

Number of Years After the Flood

#2) This is the year 5775 on the Jewish calendar so 5775 – 1656 = 4119 years have passed from the time of the flood until today. The earth’s population is roughly 7 billion people today.

Average Population Gained Per Year After the Flood

#3) Divide the above 7 billion by the 4119 years of time from the flood until now and it equals 1,699,441 (rounded off) which is the average number of people gained by the earth’s population each year since the flood. Three pairs of people, (Noah’s sons and their wives) started propagating after the flood and (Gen. 1:27-28) only one couple (Adam and Eve) started the pre-flood population?

To Figure the Population Before the Flood

#4) Multiply the above 424,860 which is the average number of people gained by the earth’s population each year before the flood by the 1656 years which is the time before the flood and it equals 703,568,160 which is possibly the number of people living on the earth at the time of the flood.

OF COURSE it isn’t accurate, but by how much? There are too many variables between the 2 time spans such as; did our major wars, conflicts, brushfire wars, purges, holocausts, other slaughters and murders reduce today’s population enough to make very much difference (Gen. 7:13) that 4 couples (Noah, his three sons and their 4 wives) started the post-flood population while (Gen. 1:27-28) only one couple (Adam and Eve) started the pre-flood population? Just remember the pre-flood people lived much longer and had babies over a much longer part of their individual lifespan than the post-flood people up until now.

Example: (Gen. 5:6-22) Seth begat Enos, Seth lived 800 more years and kept right on fathering children right along with Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, and Enoch his great, great, great grandson! (Gen. 5:4) Don’t forget Adam, Seth’s father, was also fathering children right along with at least part of these 6 men. All 7 of these men’s other children started bearing children as soon as they were able so it must have been a sky-rocketing population explosion. See (A) below.

So this method is as good as any other method because we really don’t know what life was like in the pre-flood era. Is rounding off the world’s population to 1 billion at the time of the flood unreasonable?

The number 1 billion does give us something dazzling to think about and (A) it is even more shocking to realize the pre-flood population might have even been greater than 1 billion, maybe 1.5 to 2 billion because huge families are very sparse today and they usually consist 6 to 12 children while the pre-flood families could have consisted of 25 to 40 children because, according to the life spans given in the Holy Bible, the vast majority of people before the flood lived to be 7, 8, or even 9 hundred years old and several generations were propagating at the same time!

Something else to think about is how far could those people have migrated in the 1656 years before the flood? Was the Bering Land Bridge between Eastern Asia and North America in existence at that time? How far did they go?

Writer’s Note: From Sept. 1949 to March 1950 William and Constance Stockdale and their dog walked 3,525 miles from Putnam, CT to Los Angeles CA; they walked 3,525 miles in approximately 7 months!

In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian anthropologist/adventurer, oceanic drift traveled the Pacific Ocean 4,300 miles from Peru to Tahiti in 101 days on a 40 foot square balsa log raft replica of ancient pre-Inca design he named the Kon-Tiki and proved how the far-flung Pacific Islands became inhabited. In 1970 Mr. Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a papyrus boat of ancient Egyptian design to prove ancient Egyptians could have introduced pyramid building technologies to pre-Columbian South Americans.

In 1977 he used a reed boat of ancient design and navigated the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is east to west between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It lays north to south between southern Asia, Africa and Antarctica with Australia almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean between those continents.

In other words Thor Heyerdahl sailed all over the world in boats of ancient design made with ancient materials. He proved intercontinental migration travel was possible by ancient people using the boats they designed and built out of the materials accessible to them!

So, #1) those pre-flood people could have gone all the way around the world and #2) the post-flood people, (Gen. 11:9) after the scattering at Babel, could have done it all over again.

Tubal-cain had visited the site where Noah was building his ridiculous boat several times. Each time he visited he looked at Noah’s monstrosity with more and more humor. The last time he had visited the site Noah’s boat was finished and Tubal-cain laughed so hard he had leaned against a tree and finally had lain down screaming with hilarity.

When he could finally talk he spoke loudly; “All the horses and oxen in the world can’t pull Noah’s foolishness to the sea, he’s landlocked!” and the whole crowd had burst into loud, long, raucous laughter. The people believed the ark would never float and they did not believe enough water existed to flood their world. Were they right?

There is a satanic agenda to undermine the Holy Scriptures and thus attack God’s existence. As explained in the introduction you do not have to believe in Satan to serve him BUT you do have to believe in God (faith) to serve him; its a matter of faith.

(Heb. 11:1) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”; 3 underlined words are defined. #1) Substancethe essence, the underlying reality of all things. #2) Hopedtrust, a burning expectation. #3) Evidenceproof, is what proves a point beyond doubt in a court. So, FAITH IS REALITY. But we are still left with several legitimate questions.

#1 Would the Ark Float

(Gen. 6:15-16) The ark was three stories high, 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, 45 feet high with an 18 inch wide window all the way around the ark except where the roof supports went up to support the roof. It wasn’t until the 20th century that ships were built as big as the ark because its size compares very well with a WW2 battleship or a modern day cruise ship.

Time, after time, after time, men have built scale model replicas of the ark to prove it would capsize and other men have built them to prove it would not capsize. All their scale models proved the ark would not capsize. It’s easy to research that on the internet. The builders of the ocean liner Titanic stated even God couldn’t sink their boat but God sunk it. God said His boat would float and it floated.

#2 Where Did the Water Come From that Produced the Flood

The Earth’s surface is 71% salt water. Another 2.5-3% is fresh water counting that which is “locked up” in ice in the artic, Antarctica and etc. Aquifers near the surface of the earth hold a vast amount of water as can be seen when they seep into rivers and the rivers keep flowing even in times of drought.

(Gen. 8:2 keywords: windows of heaven) Another vast amount of invisible water vapor fills the air that is released during temperature change–>; dew on your car, grass, lawn furniture metallic objects and etc.; fog on your glasses, windows, doors and etc. Even in the burning desert there are hundreds of survival stories when men spread a sheet of plastic or other waterproof material and caught the runoff of condensed water the next morning, ditto survival at sea. Science also can’t even begin to calculate how much visible water vapor is trapped in the visible clouds at any given time.

(Gen. 1:6-7 then 8:2 keywords: fountains of the deep) Recent scientific discoveries this year, 2014, state multiple oceans of water are locked up in the transition zone 250-375 miles below the Earth’s surface. So, there is plenty of water available for God to bring on His flood. Source:

Think about this: (Gen. 7:11 keyword: broken) When God broke open the crust of the earth to bring that transition water to the surface the circumference of the earth had to shrink! Mountains and other geological features were formed, even a super continent could have been broken up into several continents! Ask the internet; “What is the concept of a super continent.”

When God finished with the flood and restored the water back to its place in the earth the earth returned to normal size but the surface was drastically changed from what it had been! (Gen. 8:3-4) When God finished with the flood He put the fountains of the deep back where they belonged. END OF NOTES.

Tubal-cain remembered some folks had stopped by and said Noah was filling his ark-boat with a bunch of animals but he couldn’t remember just when it was, too much god Lachryma. He was sky high with his god and sky high with deep anticipation. A messenger had brought word one of his trade caravans was bringing two little boys they had kidnapped from a village far to the north and they were due any day.

They arrived late in the afternoon 2 days before the day the God of Eden released His deluge upon the earth. Tubal-cain posted a sentry down by his yard gate with instructions that he wasn’t to be disturbed under any circumstances. He locked his doors and he turned toward the shivering, frightened children and said in the sweetest, kindest voice he could manage; “You are safe now. Let me make you comfortable.”

“Here let me get you some warm food but drink this first, it will warm you.” Tubal-cain’s wolfish grin scared them even more, they cried harder and didn’t even hear his tender words. His anticipation had made him impatient and a couple of rough slaps made sure the boys took their drink of god Lachryma. He lit the incense of Qunubu and turned toward the two groggy, nodding, complacent 8 and 10 year old boys.

Tubal-cain was awakened by the thunderous roar on his roof. (Gen. 2:6) Man had never experienced rain and it scared him witless. He had awakened cold sober, his mouth was dry, his head was bursting and he stank from his debauchery. He ran to the kitchen window, the shutter had blown open; “&%$#@#$ water is pouring from the sky.” He rushed back into the bedroom, slapped the two little boys into a semblance of consciousness and turned to face the rain.

As Tubal-cain peeped out the window he didn’t know roughly 1 & 1/2 billion people were doing the same thing. The Neandertals and the giants were also looking out the entrances of their caves but none of it mattered to Tubal-cain. He was completely self-oriented and other people simply didn’t mean anything to him unless they could increase his wealth, add to his social standing, serve him, or bring him pleasant physical and emotional sensation. (Gen. 6:3) The God of Eden had given them 120 years to repent, they had chosen their gods, they had gone their way and the time of dividing was here!

Tubal-cain had never heard anything like this and the next morning the small stream that flowed below his house was almost in his house. He cursed violently, ran out in the drenching rain to his servant’s houses, pounded on their doors violently and cursed them into action. “#*&$% We must move! We must move! *&^%$## Get the pack animals, #@%$# 1/3 of you pack your things, 1/3 of you pack my things, 1/3 of you gather my herds!”

It was a sorry, soaked, bedraggled little caravan that slogged north through the deep mud and surging rivulets to one of Tubal-cain’s farms, with its sturdy, dry house. When they arrived he remembered he had forgotten the two little boys in his bed; “#$%@&%$# with ’em, children are a dime a dozen!”

(Psa. 103 esp. V.4, 8, 13 & 17) The God of Eden, in His Holy Spirit form, filled with lovingkindness and with gracious mercy looked with tender pity upon the two tiny, scrawny, battered forms upon Tubal-cain’s bed. (1John 4:8 & 16 keywords: God is love) The Lord God of Eden had protected them from the pain of what Tubal-cain had inflicted upon them the last 2 nights, they had only heard some far away thumps and slaps, they’d felt some painless jars and The God of Eden would not desert them now.

(Matt. 18:10) The God of Eden quietly enfolded their precious bodies in his, lovingly tender, spiritual arms and waited on the flood He had loosed upon the earth; “Their bodies will die but their souls will never feel the sting of death.” The gracious Lord God of glory, in His Holy Spirit form, was all over the populated world and millions of children were in His arms. But these two, well, these two were special and His spiritual eyes glowed; “I have something special for you Tubal-cain.”

Think it don’t happen? Go to The Holy Spirit and You Commentary, scroll down the table of contents and read the two articles, Part 1 and Part 2, titled “I Have Experienced Christian Physical Death“. The 2 scripturally required witnesses were an EMT and a mortician. Then you will believe because the scriptural proofs are given. The beautiful, gracious, loving Lord God of Eden is far, far, far more merciful than people give Him credit for.

Read some of the reports about the quietness, an acceptance, that comes over children that some killers have reported when they really bared their souls about what happened when they murdered children.–> “Its almost like they’re not there.” Read the single article commentary “Is God Fair” for your answer to that.

Satan had never seen anything like this. Nobody paid any attention to him, they ran for their lives and he was dumbfounded. He had been barred from the conversations between the God of Eden and Noah. He hadn’t understood why Noah was building such a huge boat; “Does Noah the fool actually think his big boat will ever float in that small stream beside his cypress grove? Is Noah stupid enough to believe his own preaching that a time of dividing will really come?”

The great salt sea was coming steadily up the Jezreel valley and as they crossed that wide valley Tubal-cain lost his pack train, herds and servants in the quicksand pit that had somehow formed where none had been. Tubal-cain had somehow missed being caught in the quicksand but by the time he got across the valley his horse was swimming for both their lives. When they were almost out of the water his horse gave up and started floundering and sinking but Tubal-cain somehow managed to jump off and he dragged himself out of the water.

Gasping, straining, gagging, he clawed himself away from the water. It was incredibly warm and Tubal-cain didn’t realize the polar ice caps were melting. He didn’t know there were polar ice caps. He was scared out of his wits and he fainted.

Tubal-cain awakened with a start and jerked so hard it hurt. The fury of the rain actually hurt where his skin was bare. He looked back toward the water and it was almost touching him. His fleeting thought; “I’ve lost all my gold and silver, everything else too, but I still own my lands; I can start over; #@$%&#$ this rain!” He didn’t know the time, he didn’t even know how many days had passed and he started running for his life.

He had been going due north but he did have enough sense to start veering northeast because the ground started gently rising in that direction. He felt like he was almost being herded in a certain direction. His heart was suddenly filled with hope; “I knew god Pen-Pen would save me!” Satan laughed and laughed at people wherever they were on the human inhabited world. Then it dawned on him; “#@$&%#@ my kingdom is disappearing before my eyes! I’ve got to lead them to safety! Somehow they didn’t hear him and he couldn’t find Tubal-cain!”

Tubal-cain fought and struggled across tiny valleys that at the wettest times were mere trickles but had been changed into raging streams by the pounding rain. His heart bursting with fear he walked on fallen trees across torrents of water and somehow he made it. He was going uphill at a slight grade, he realized he’d lost his clothes along the way, he was naked, he felt terribly vulnerable, his lungs were on fire and it felt as if no oxygen was entering them and he sobbed for air while he stumbled, fell, crawled and clawed his way ever higher and he was terribly alone.

Tubal-cain was starving. For days he’d grabbed a battered piece of fruit here, a dead rodent there, a handful of berries further along the way and insects when he found their tiny bodies. The bits of food helped somewhat but his flesh was melting away as his body consumed itself to provide energy for the terrible exertion of his mad flight. That’s why he was starving but somehow he lived and he headed ever northeast.

Tubal-cain didn’t know nearly half of the world’s population was already dead, cut off from safety in the lowlands by swelling, spreading, raging rivers and streams that prevented their flight to higher ground. The flood came, and came, and slowly overtook them on the tops of their barns, and houses, and in the tops of trees and they drowned kicking and threshing. The river people and the sea-faring people had boats. They had built their boats for fishing, exploration, travel and trade.

They had built their boats to withstand normal storms but they’d never seen anything like this. It was all they had and they vainly tried to escape in their boats but they were too small and flimsy and the raging rivers and seas slowly tore them apart piece by piece. All over their inhabited world people prayed, begged and screamed for their gods to save them but dead gods don’t answer prayers! They were filled with horror and terror and they screamed, begged and prayed until water filled their mouths, they strangled, threshed violently and were still; they were flotsam of the flood, abundant food for the water creatures.

Noah listened to the rain pound on the ark, he knew men called on their gods when trouble came and he quietly spoke words that had not yet been written on paper but they had been written in his soul by his society; (Prov. 11:28) “He that trusteth in his riches shall fall. (Psa. 115:4-8) Their idols are the work of men’s hands. They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not: They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not: They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat. They that make them are like unto them; so is everyone that trusteth in them.

Noah paused, looked at Ham, then slowly whispered; “Dead gods made by dead men.” The others looked at him fearfully, it was a time of death they could have never imagined. It scared all of them except Noah when the ark started rocking slightly then presently began to float.

Tubal-cain didn’t know he was being herded like a goat up the foothill slopes of what would someday in the far future be named Mount Hermon and its summit would straddle the border between nations that would be named Syria and Lebanon. He didn’t know the peak of Mount Hermon was 9,232 feet above sea level. He would have never believed it anyway; his bulging eyes could see the sea level right down there below him. He guts writhed and he would give anything for some food.

It seemed to take Tubal-cain forever to climb that swelling mountain. The rain flowed down the mountain, slickened the earth and rocks and it felt as if he had fallen a thousand times. Tubal-cain was skinned, scratched, cut and bruised from falls; the searing pain from his wounds made him cry, it felt as if his heart would burst and his lungs were gasping pools of fire in his chest.

Several times he had either slept or fainted from exhaustion, starvation, pain and fear but each time the raging, slashing rain had awakened him. He had taken shelter three times in shallow caves but the water always came and he had to flee. He had been cut off at dead-end trails 6 times and, horrified, he knew he was finished, it felt as if his head would burst with awful, horrid fear but somehow he was always shown a way to escape uphill.

He sobbed out praises to the unseen god (Satan) who had talked to him in the “far away times” provided by god Lachryma. Tubal-cain didn’t know Satan was forbidden to be on this journey and the God of Eden carefully charted his path! He didn’t know he would soon rendezvous with Satan the talking god and only then would he realize absolute pain, fear and horror!

When Tubal-cain reached the top of what would be named Mount Hermon he staggered across and looked wildly about in every direction with an awful sinking in his soul; “Trapped!” and he soiled himself with a vile, nearly rotten fluid. He looked due south, he’d heard a mountain was there but he didn’t see it. Tubal-cain was looking for a peak that was 7,336 feet above sea level and it stood on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon.

Those slopes extended all the way to what would one day be known as the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights. In the far, far future the Mount Hermon ski resort would be located on that mountain. But not today, the peak was out of sight under the water and Tubal-cain started weeping like a little girl, then he vomited thin, mucous diluted blood. There was no place else to go!

As he helplessly staggered in a circle he was suddenly transfixed with a sudden bright shaft of hope. There! There on the highest part of the peak stood a great dead tree! “If I can climb that tree I know my gods will stop this cursed rain and I will live! I know it! I know it!” Like a drunkard Tubal-cain staggered and reeled toward the tree and finally stumbled and fell over an exposed root on top of the ground. He hit the hard, gnarled bark of the tree trunk face first, he felt his nose break and his broken front teeth were like tiny bones in his mouth.

Tubal-cain was stunned, bloody, weak and shuddering. He spat out his broken teeth and he fainted again. When the pounding rain awakened him again he didn’t know if he had slept an hour, a day, or a week. He didn’t know much of anything until his eyes focused and he slowly counted 40 locust carcasses wedged into a long, narrow hollow in one of the root surfaces; 40, the number of testing and judgment in the Holy Scriptures that were already written in the endless mind of the God of Eden.

He reached out a cautious finger to touch them because he didn’t believe his eyes; “So much food. So much food all in one place!” He greedily crunched down on one and he’d never felt such lightning strike pain as when their hard carapaces touched the exposed nerves left dangling out of his front teeth roots which had been left in their sockets where his front teeth had broken off when his face hit the tree.

He fainted again. When he awakened it was with the blinding clarity of thought that he must climb to the very top of this tree and his gods would stop this cursed rain. Even though he was clear minded he never wondered about the impossibility that this tree could have grown naturally on the rocks on the very top of this mountain that had been ice and snow capped for centuries. He never wondered how 40 locust eggs had hatched, went through their larval stage and came out to fly and mate in the impossibility of the ice and snow. Tubal-cain was horrified that he might actually die and he desperately wanted to live!

Tubal-cain had to wrap his arms and legs around the rough tree trunk, pull up with his arms, grip the tree, push up with his legs and hunch his way up the rough barked trunk like some weird inch worm with arms and legs. Occasionally he slid back down a few inches and the pain was excruciating as the rough bark eventually shredded and ripped the tender skin on the insides of his arms, legs, abdomen and especially on his tender sexual organs.

He strained, groaned, wept and finally screamed but he made it to the first limb and there he rested, bled, sobbed and suddenly he clearly heard the two little boys he had left in his house (Luke 16:25 keyword: comforted) and they were laughing and shouting with childish joy.

Tubal-cain’s eyes snapped open, (Luke 16:23 keyword: seeth) he knew he was looking into the spirit world and there they were; plain as day, they were running and chasing butterflies in a grassy meadow just a few feet away. The light was shining and warm and they were well fed and beaming with energy and good health.

The meadow with the laughing little boys chasing butterflies started moving slowly away from Tubal-cain, he frantically reached out as if to try to grasp it but slowly, ever so slowly, it moved further and further away from him and they finally disappeared, laughing, into the distance. “Maybe they would have taken me with them if I hadn’t–” and his snubbing whimper stopped. Terror held him motionless when he finally realized what his many centuries of crime were going to cost him.

Tubal-cain realized he had been given a look into one part of the spirit world. The awful, dreadful realization he was almost ready to enter the other part of the spirit world tore at him with unimaginable horror; “I must not die. I must not go there.”, he sobbed and gasped with unbelievable terror and started climbing higher, ever higher until he had gone as far as he could. (Prov. 1:23-31 esp. V.26 keywords: I will laugh at your calamity) He finally screamed out to the God of Eden for help but all he got was a burst of spectral laughter.

Water was everywhere, he was shaking and shivering with spasms greater than any he had experienced on his long run from death and his bulging eyes watched the water break over the top of the mountain and slowly creep up the little slope toward the base of the tree. His vocal cords had finally shredded from gasping for air and screaming and he mutely watched the water climb up the tree toward him.

When the water touched his feet he spasmodically jerked up his legs as if his bare, shredded feet had been touched with fire and he thought prayed to every god he could remember but none of them answered. The water crept up his calves, thighs, waist and was up to his chest when he noticed great waves were crashing and swirling as far as he could see but the water around him was dead calm without even any ripples and Tubal-cain was even more horrified.

The calm water was up to his chin. When it crept over his mouth he stretched upward as far as he could. The water came inexorably after him until his hold on the tree pulled his head under the water and he turned it loose.

Tubal-cain paddled and floated as long as he could, more and more often he would slip under the water and have to struggle to get his head back above the water for a breath of air. He grew steadily weaker and weaker as he fought his losing battle for precious, precious life. There was no place he could rest. His arms and legs grew numb and heavy and they dragged him under the surface. He couldn’t make them move and he held his breath as long as he could.

He fought and fought to hold his breath for what felt like ten thousand lifetimes in those few endless seconds but the breathe reflex was too strong and he involuntarily sucked water into his lungs. He fought, strangled and struggled his way into convulsions and kept trying to breathe, he gaped and choked and felt himself dying and it hurt, every part of him hurt!

(1Cor. 15:55 keywords and thought: sting of death) Tubal-cain would have never believed such pain could exist until he felt his individual cells dying with great, silent shrieks of pain that burst with incredible lightnings of pure fire. It felt like his bones and internal organs had exploded into molten iron within him.

(Luke 16:28 key thought: spiritual torment) Then suddenly black spiritual talons sunk into the depths of his soul and jerked him free from his dead body into an even greater spiritual realm of pain and horror and he looked into spiritual eyes that made him spiritually cringe and remember his sister Naamah’s baby. <–(in Part 6)

The golden yellow, cold, depthless hatred in the eyes looked into his and he realized he was finally meeting the invisible god he had listened to all these centuries. Tubal-cain had never dreamed such hatred and evil could be concentrated into one being and he tried to shrink away but couldn’t, (Luke 16:24 key thought: spiritual pain) he was caught in awful, grinding, burning, slashing spiritual pain on the coal black talons and he knew who it was!

With blinding clarity he knew and he whispered one word of eternal recognition; “Lucifer”! and Satan greedily fed upon Tubal-cain’s horror and terror while he spiritually escorted Tubal-cain (Luke 16:23-24) to his new spiritual home in the fire. (Prov. 1:23-31) The God of Eden watched with cold, cold spiritual eyes, (Psa. 19:9) it was judgment and Tubal-cain had no god that could rescue him! Do you believe all this about Tubal-cain? Of course you don’t, its fiction. Maybe.

Here and there all over the inhabited world there were higher mountains than Tubal-cain’s Mount Hermon. Sometimes people or creatures actually reached their summit (Gen. 7:19-23) but there they died when the ever rising waters drowned them.

(Luke 16:22-24) If the angels carried Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom (paradise) who do you think carried the rich man to hell? Satan was furious and he hated the God of Eden because all the children and babies had somehow disappeared, their bodies were there in the flotsam of the flood but the bodies were empty! The God of Eden had taken them with Him and Satan was powerless to lift a finger to stop Him!

Still though it was a busy time for Satan while he escorted all those souls into the spiritual world but he knew he could handle it, after all, he could be everywhere at once. Except one place! He was not allowed to enter, nor could he see what was happening inside Noah’s ark. Satan, even as busy as he was, ground his teeth in frustrated fury.

The God of Eden didn’t care what Satan felt, (1John 4:8 & 16) His gallant, loving heart is filled to bursting because (Luke 16:22) He is playing in the green meadows of paradise with the children and they are chasing beautiful blue butterflies trimmed in gold and all the babies are cooing and laughing as they watch the excitement. Bathed in the unearthly beauty of the warm, gentle light, there in the endless green meadow, the children catch butterfly after butterfly while other butterflies gently landed on the babies. 

With shining, delighted eyes the children and babies gently examine the unearthly beauty of the royal blue and translucent golden butterflies, raise their pink, forever healthy, chubby hands and gently set the butterflies free with their chubby fingers while they laugh and laugh. (Rev. 21:4) These words are written here for us but the reality of the words is felt there; “no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain”. See the one article commentary Is God Fair on this website.

(Luke 16:25) The children do not remember those things ever existed and even the words that describe those awful things are not allowed in that special place in the presence of the loving, eternal God of all glory. (1Cor. 2:9) There is an endless variety of things for children to do there and the God of Eden is excited to show them to the children but they have endless now in His paradise to see them, and they will. Right NOW He is busy playing butterflies with the children (Rev. 10:6) in timeless, (Rev. 22:5) forever now. <–(it is in Part 26)

#3) How did the Plants Start Growing Back After the Flood

Even Charles Darwin, the molecule to monkey evolutionist, got into the plant discussion when he found 3 seeds trapped in the root of a tree that had been underground at least 50 years. He planted them and they germinated (sprouted and grew). I, the Writer, have dug wild herbs in the forest for years and have found many seeds trapped in the soil. Darwin also soaked a dead pigeon in salt water for 30 days, removed the seeds from its crop (craw) and most of them germinated.

I, the Writer, have personally seen brush piles floating in rivers and creeks every flood time, some brush piles get caught on rocks, they float there and months later large plants and seedling trees are always growing out of them. Sometimes they even cause streams to slightly change course as soil gathers there, it is what causes river bottoms to form in the mountains. It surely happens on all streams and there’s no reason it didn’t happen during Noah’s flood. (Gen. 8:11 keyword: olive leaf) Obviously some plants had the ability to survive the 150 days of the inundation under the water.

Plants and trees float, the seeds on the floating trees were kept from drowning and replanted themselves automatically. Of course there were plants growing in huge brush piles floating on the waters of the flood all over the world. I inadvertently became involved in hydroponic farming (all water with natural nutrients and no soil). Seeds germinated and the plants that were normally planted in soil grew to maturity, produced seeds and some of their roots dangled 3 feet down in the water.

There are also plants that grow naturally in swamps and in water. George F. Howe proved that seeds which were soaked 140 days would still germinate. And at the end of the 1st growing season seeds were being spread by wind, water, birds and animals.

Every farm worker and hunter knows seeds are spread from place to place in animal and bird dung. (Gen. 6:21) Noah had stored food for all that were aboard the ark and much of it contained seeds. The animals, birds, critters and humans started eating and continued to eat the food which had seeds in it.

The humans immediately shoveled the waste over the side before it accumulated. At least some of the seeds in the feces were viable after the first 10 days (150-140=10) of the flood, as the days passed more waste was shoveled over the side and the seeds’ germination chances became better because they spent less time in the water.

I have personally seen the results when tomato seeds passed through the human digestive system, through the sewage system and then the purification process at the sewage treatment plant. The semi-liquid, chemically treated, purified waste was left to naturally dry in drying beds. The liquid evaporated, the seeds germinated in the dried, purified waste material and produced tomato plants that kept growing.

It had been great to feed on the despair, fear and horror while he ferried all those souls to their place but then Satan ran out of people and his pride was dashed against the bitter waters of the flood. He tried to get into the ark but was forbidden. When he zoomed all around the earth he saw no land, no life and no people! All he could see was the ark and he fumed in galvanic frustration. His earthly kingdom was gone!

(Gen. 7:24) And the waters prevailed upon the earth 150 days”. (Gen. 8:1-3) “and after the end of the 150 days the waters were abated.” Do the math. (Gen. 8:3-16) As soon as the waters started abating things started to grow and they kept germinating and following the water level down as it abated until it got to the banks of rivers and streams where it had been before the flood.

(Gen. 8:13-16) The people stayed on the ark about 2 months after all the water was gone. When Noah finally exited the ark he found a green world. The proof of how the earth was reseeded is all around us if we just look.

(Gen.8:15-22 esp. 21 keywords: said in his heart) God told Noah to empty the ark so the creatures might be fruitful and multiply. Noah built an altar and offered burnt offerings unto the Lord God. And the Lord made Himself a promise He would never again smite every living thing (Gen. 9:9-17) with water. Then God (V.15-17) set a bow in the clouds that guaranteed, (V.12) for perpetual generations, God’s covenant with Noah, his seed after him and (V.15) with every living creature; just as God had promised Himself. It was a nature covenant.

Noah quietly spoke; “My sons the food we packed on the ark will run out and we need to start farming our food right now.” They didn’t know Satan was right there with them plotting how to corrupt them.

(Gen. 7:13 then 9:18) At the beginning there were 9 fearful people huddled together in the vastness of the whole world. (Gen. 9:18) Obviously Canaan was born on the ark. They must have felt very small and fragile when they tried to start farming and building herds and flocks from the few animals God had provided them from the ark. How would you have felt? What would you have done? How precious would the animals and crop seed from the ark have been to you?

(Gen. 8:20-21) Sure they were under God’s divine protection but obviously He wasn’t out there with a hoe tending their crops nor was He standing His turn on night watch with a shepherd’s staff to protect their animals from hungry lions and wolves. How much faith did they have the invisible Lord God would protect them in this cursed world?

Imagine yourself with that little cluster of 9 people, huddled around their puny fire at night, looking nervously into the vastness of the dark. They were living in fragile tents listening to noises in the night. In the daylight they were working, wondering and fearful; “Will our crops produce? Will our animals survive?” God didn’t come to them in His Jesus form, He didn’t squat with them by their fire and assure them everything was going to be fine.

Their lives must have been terrifying. They were once more hunter/gathers. (Gen. 7:22) At least they had plenty of fish, when they could catch them. Then they started having babies; more to worry about, more work to care for them. Then they became toddlers and children; “Don’t get close to the water, you’ll drown! Don’t follow Canaan into the grass, bushes, or trees he’s bigger, you’ll get lost; snakes, predators, lions, wolves.” On, and on, and on, endlessly.

But, through sheer guts, grit, courage and hard work they made it. Could you?