(Heb. 11:4) Cain stood over the bloody, lifeless body of his brother. He was stunned, the bloody club slipped from his suddenly nerveless fingers; “What have I done? How can I hide THIS? How can I explain THIS?” Like so many of us do it never entered Cain’s mind what the God of Eden would think about what he’d done. It never entered his mind how what he’d done would affect his family either. Like so many of us do he thought only of himself.

Even Satan had been shocked by the sudden, high, wild violence of Cain’s sudden onslaught against his brother Abel but he recovered much quicker. “He has killed Able! I have killed Able! He whirled, and leaped, and danced around the small meadow. He shouted as loud as he could; I have killed Able! Yawwwwww! Eeeeeee! Yipeeeee! Yahooooooo! I’ve done it! I’ve done it!”

“Pride, jealousy and anger is man’s weakness! God said I’m not allowed to kill man but I’ve found a way! I’ve killed a fourth of the whole world population at one stroke! Yawwwwwwww!” (Isa. 14:12-14, Ezek. 28:17 & John 8:44) Satan did not realize he had also described his own characteristics.

Cain could not look into the spirit world, neither could he hear the sounds emanating from there so he was unaware that Satan danced and frolicked through the blood of his brother Able Cain had spilled there on the ground with a stone headed club.

But the God of Eden did know and the angels looked at Him with sympathetic eyes. The God of Eden was expressionless (Psa. 145:8-9) except for the sadness etching His countenance as He thought; “Well, it has started just like I knew it would.” Choices. (Rom. 8:7-8) The carnal (human nature with its frailties and passions, unregenerate) nature (Gen. 2:17 & 3:1-24) Adam and Eve had earned when they disobeyed God and chose to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Cain could not figure out what to do with the body so he let it lay; “Let the hyenas and foxes eat it and drag the bones away tonight; “Able will have disappeared and nobody will ever know about it.” and, still shaken, he walked away. Like so many of us do, Cain thought his sin would be hidden. (Num. 32:23) But the God of Eden knew and He whispered; “Be sure your sin will find you out.”

Abel wasn’t with his beloved sheep and, as it grew later and later, Adam and Eve wondered where Abel had gone. They also wondered why Cain was so subdued, silent, melancholy and even sullen. He seemed far away in some other place and some other time. They finally asked him if he knew the whereabouts of Able. Cain sat motionless for several seconds then he raised his bowed head, looked into their eyes with an almost defiant expression; “I don’t know where my brother went.”

(Rom. 14:9 then 1Pet. 4:6) None of them knew Cain had told a great truth, they wouldn’t have understood if someone had told them it was a great truth (2Cor. 4:16) because they didn’t know man had a soul, the inward man which is the personality, the self, the mind, the ME. They didn’t know the eternal Abel had gone someplace eternal. They only knew how they felt, it was now, Able wasn’t here and they were worried.

Adam and Eve didn’t know Cain had lied to them. Cain did know he had lied and despite his expression his heart was about to jump right out of his chest; that’s why he had sat there motionless with his head down, he was mentally collecting himself to face the questions he had surely known would be coming. Squatted right there beside him in the dirt of the cave observing and learning, Satan was ecstatic when he learned men would lie when they felt it was necessary. (John 8:44) Again, Satan had described himself.

The three Cro-Magnons, wild, hairy, and smelly sat in the cave in worried silence for a while until Eve spoke; “Cain, its getting dark, are you sure you didn’t see Abel today”. Cain stared at her silently then averted his eyes and mumbled a sullen; “No”. “There was a lion passed through here a few days ago, remember? Do you remember when it stalked around Abel’s sheep for two days? Adam do you think it might have returned and?”

Then she burst into tears and both men were shocked speechless. They didn’t yet know how acutely a Mother’s senses were attuned to their children, at least a good Mother’s senses are. Eve knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know what and she wanted to enquire of the God of Eden about it! They went into the cave.

(Gen.3:16 keywords: in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children) Satan was surprised: “A Mother’s sorrow over her children can last all the days of her life!” Satan had learned another lesson and he filed it away for further examination and use; “I can work with that, she’s got one child left, I can talk to him and I’ll twist her guts with it.” He especially hated the Mother anyway; “If it wasn’t for her bringing these squalling brats into the world there would be no people and I could regain my exalted place with the God of Eden.

Satan didn’t know it wouldn’t be long before there would be a Mother everywhere he looked, not long at all. Satan also didn’t know he couldn’t get his place with God back, the rebellion had become part of him and he’d lied to himself. He had gotten what he wanted when he had instigated murder and had exalted about it, he liked it too much, he had become a god, (Ezek. 28:15 & John 3:20) he was the god of hate, (Rom. 5:14) the god of death.

Over the altar a vaporous cloud, the Holy Spirit of the God of Eden, began to form and thicken. Satan left the cave in a hurry but he waited outside, listening. The three Cro-Magnons were transfixed. Sapphire lightening began shafting through the roiling cloud. The far thunder rumble coalesced into a voice they could audibly hear; (Gen. 4:9) “Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?”

They couldn’t move. Cain was afraid to breathe, afraid to talk; by His threatening silence the God of Eden demanded an answer. As time dragged on Cain finally croaked in a hoarse voice; (Gen. 4:9) “I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The cloud above the altar began roiling furiously and the sapphire lightening flickered tongues of blue fire through them and the flashes highlighted the roiling as the clouds rolled and folded in and out among themselves. Suddenly they could sense anger and threat within the rumble, the cloud and the lightening. It was absolutely frightening and the Cro-Magnons shrank within themselves.

(Prov. 15:3) They were about to learn the God of Eden can see right through lies. (Gen. 4:10-12) The God of Eden didn’t even bother to call Cain a liar. From the terrified, guilt ridden look on Cain’s face both Adam and Eve knew Cain had lied. The God of Eden just stated the facts; “What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.”

Then He passed judgment; “And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand; When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive (be gone away, to go up and down) and a vagabond (to wander, be sorry) shalt thou be in the earth.”

Then like murderers do, Cain showed he didn’t want done to him what he’d done to another when he gutturally whined; (Gen. 4:13-14) “My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth and it shall come to pass that every one that findeth me shall slay me.”

The Lord God of Eden spoke for the last time; (Gen. 4:15) “Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.”

(Gen. 4:15) “And the Lord set a mark (evidence, sign, token) upon Cain lest any finding him should kill him.” The presence of the Lord left the altar and that’s when Eve started sobbing. She sobbed there in the darkness and moaned with great gasps; “Both my sons are dead to me! Cain, what have you done to us? Why? Why? Why?”

Adam tried to comfort her but she jerked away and turned her back to him. Adam was angry; “Don’t she know I’ve lost both my sons too? Can’t she see I’m about to scream with tears too? Don’t she know I need comforted too?”

Finally Adam got up, went outside, gathered a great armload of various sized wood, came back inside and dropped it beside their fire pit. He went back out and returned with an ember from the outside fire and began building a fire. As he added larger and larger sticks to the growing blaze he began talking; “Eve, hush, we need to think and decide. Cain you must gather your things and go!”

Eve began shrieking louder. “Shut up woman! I need to think! Cain, the God of Eden has the power of life and death, He has given you life, gather your things and go before He comes back and takes your life. Eve, we must gather torches and find Able before the scavengers—!” Eve shrieked even louder.

Cain was frightened; “Me, alone, where will I go? How will I live? The Lord God of Eden has decreed the earth will no longer give its strength to me if I till the ground. How will I live? Which direction will I go?” In his agitation he tossed a large piece of wood on the fire, squatted across the fire from them and his frightened eyes burned into them. None of them knew there was a pocket of moisture in the piece of wood and it was already starting to warm from the heat of the flames.

The piece of wood was starting to catch fire and the flames licked eagerly at the dry outside and the moisture inside was starting to boil in the cramped confines of its pocket.

“Eve, Gather the pine limbs with the pitch on them for torches. Cain can lead us to Able. We must go tonight.” While he spoke steam pressure started building in the water pocket.

Like us all Cain did not want to be confronted with his sin and thoughts flashed through his brain; “I won’t do it! I am absolutely certain I will not return to where that awful thing happened to my brother! I won’t even think about it!”

He was already disassociating himself from murdering his brother and he opened his mouth to speak his sharp words to his Father but the large stick of wood exploded in its bed of burning wood and red hot coals! It happened fast but they all saw it as if it was in slow motion but they were powerless to move when the hot coals were blown right into Cain’s face.

He screamed in pain even before he fell backwards. He was screaming as he clawed the coals but some were stuck fast and his hands burned. He was screaming when Adam and Eve jumped to his side, Adam pinned Cain’s arms while Eve beat the hot coals away from his face with a piece of leather. Cain screamed and screamed and his burned flesh was an acrid smell in the confines of the cave.

Eve scrambled to get her leather medicine bag, she sorted frantically among the contents; dried mountain balm for fever, Yarrow for bleeding, hollyhock for colds, garlic for skin infections, goldenseal for stomach and thyme oil for chiggers and ticks.

Eve furiously dumped the contents on the cave floor; tiny bags of bachelors button, ragwort, grape hyacinth, woody horsetail, ginseng, foxglove, thistle; “There it is!” she grabbed the small clay container of burn ointment with its numbing, healing, soothing gel made from aloe, lavender and comfrey. She flew back to their side, slid to her knees and started working while Cain screamed and screamed.

The ointment soon started taking effect. Adam was insistent that they go; he led the way, fearfully grasping spear and torch; “I will not fail my son Abel”. Cain, moaning in distress, mumbling directions through his swelling, burned lips followed Adam and a desperately sobbing Eve brought up the rear, her spear dragging from her numb hand and the medicine bag slung by its strap across her shoulder.

Able was where he had been left, his body undisturbed, though the eyes of scavengers surrounding the meadow reflected the torch light when the people entered there. Adam and Eve moaned, wept, chanted and cried prayers the night away until the dawning of the day came.

(1John 4:8 & 16 keywords in both: God is love) The God of Eden, the God who is love itself, didn’t show Himself  but He was there just the same (Luke 19:41) and He wept with them. Cain lay and moaned from his pain and rising fever. (John 3:19-20) The god of hate was a no-show, he had not been summoned to come into the presence of the God of Eden and he dared not intrude.

Eve had lain down beside Abel, hugged his cold, cold body close to her warmth, crooned the old child words she’d said when her little boy was sick or afraid. She tried to will warmth and life back into his cold flesh with her body while she moaned and cried but it was to no avail; life had fled and his smiles were gone. Adam wept streams of hot tears that wetted the crude leather front of his shirt while he stood isolated beside her. They were so terribly alone.

In the early morning dawning Cain was in a tossing, tormented, fitful sleep. Mother and Father looked at the earthly remains of their son Abel and they couldn’t take their eyes off the puffy, skin spit, purplish, terribly bruised and abraded, devastating wound in Abel’s forehead. They noticed the horribly dark streaks where blood had dried when it ran out of his ears, mouth and nose. Finally their looking was over, it was time and they rolled Abel’s body in deerskin. Abel’s home had been in a cave and his new home would also be a cave.

Adam knew of a small cave nearby where they could place their son and his body would be safe. He’d found it while hunting wild goats on this mountain side. Adam carried Abel in his arms, Eve followed him and they buried his body in the cave located low on the mountainside on one side of a pass through the mountain range where it emptied into a much, much wider valley.

They lay his few stone tools and weapon with him, they painted a few pictures of his sheep he loved so well on the cave walls in indigo, black and scarlet made from berries, fruit and charcoal, they covered his grave with stones and sealed the mouth of the small cave with the largest stones they could carry or roll.

As Adam stood, just a few yards from the cave, at the mouth of this pass that ran north/south and looked across the huge, wide valley that ran east/west Adam did not know that many millennia into the future, in the year 2013, history would teach this wide, beautiful valley had been the site of more wars and battles than any other place on earth. Yesterday it had known its first battle and it was between two brothers.

(Josh. 12:7-24 esp. 21-22) Adam did not know one day in the far future a leader named Joshua and the armies of a nation called Israel would destroy 31 Canaanite kingdoms in this land and claim the land for their own homeland and they would call that homeland Israel.

One of those kingdoms they destroyed would be that of the king of Jok’ ne-am. The mountain upon which they buried Able was in what would be his kingdom which was called Carmel and this mountain would be called Mount Carmel in the northern part of what would become Israel.

(Josh. 19:24-26) Nor did he know that when the land formerly owned by the Canaanites was divided among the tribes of Israel Carmel would belong to Judah and the southern border of the land allotted to the tribe of Asher would border on this great valley.

(1Ki. 18:1-40) Adam did not know someday, just on around the mountain from where they buried their beautiful son, an Israelite prophet named Elijah in the name of the Lord God would challenge 450 prophets of Ba’al (master, owner) and the 400 keepers of Ba’al’s groves to a test of fire between the Lord God and Satan. (V.36) By that time Elijah called the Lord God of Eden the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel but it would be millennia before those three men would be born.

(V.40) Adam did not know Elijah would bring those 950 prophets of Ba’al to the beautiful brook there on Adam’s side of the wide valley. He didn’t know the brook would be named Ki’shon (winding) and its waters would flow red with blood when Elijah executed those 950 prophets of Ba’al on the banks of Ki’shon.

(Matt. 2:23) Had Adam been able to see all the way across the wide valley where the waters of Ki’shon flowed there below him he would have been able to see the place where the village of Nazareth would someday stand in a territory that would be called Galilee in the far reaches of time. Nor could Adam know there would be a prophet called Daniel (Dan. 8:21, 10:20 & 11:2 keyword: Grecia- Latin word for Greece) and Daniel would prophesy that Grecia would come to this land.

When Alexander the Great and his Greek army conquered the Mediterranean Sea countries he named this valley the Great Plain of Esdraelon (defined: Jezreel in Koine Greek) and that name held true because (Judges 6:33-7:25) long before Alexander and his Greek army came the Israelites would name it the Valley of Jezreel (God sows) where the Lord God of Israel (the God of Eden) destroyed the Mid’i-an-ites for Gideon and his 300 men.

Read your Old Testament; look at how many of Israel’s battles were fought in the valley of Jezreel.

Far, far into the future a French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, bent on reestablishing the Ancient Roman Empire for France, would look across the Valley of Jezreel and casually comment; “All the armies of the world could maneuver their forces on this vast plain.”

(2Ki. 23:29-30 & 2Chron. 35:20-24) But long before that an Egyptian Pharaoh, King Thothmes the 3rd, known as Pharaoh-nechoh, would kill Josiah, king of Israel, here and would say; “This valley is worth a thousand cities”. The reason he said that is because he recognized the valley is a vital trade and military route which connects Europe, Africa and Asia. It would also be a good place to disburse a population if One decided to populate a world!

(1Ki. 21:1) King Ahab’s palace would be in Jezreel, (2Ki. 9:1-37 esp. V.30-36) and King Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, would die there and the dogs would eat her flesh. Ahab would run but (1Ki. 21:15 thru 22:38 esp. V.37-38) he would also die exactly as was prophesied, the dogs would lick his blood in his chariot and Ahab would be buried in Samaria.

(Rev. 16:12 thru 17:18) Adam did not know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would reveal certain things to an apostle/prophet named John and instruct that prophet to write His Revelation to John in a book that would be called The Apocalypse (defined in ancient Greek: the uncovering, the unveiling) and in that book of prophesy (Rev. 16:14) God Almighty would gather the armies of the kings of the whole world to battle.

(Rev. 16:16) They would gather in a place called Armageddon in the great day of God Almighty. (Rev. 17:1-9) Spiritual Babylon (remember? Leviathan) would be personalized as a woman because it is a fornicator with the inhabitants of the earth in that it is the MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH and she would be drunken with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus and that would be the place where God sows His awful retribution.

(Rev. 17:9) That Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth will sit on seven mountains. Able did not know there would be 7 mountains where a place called Mecca would one day stand in a country called Saudi Arabia; and he did not know there would be 7 mountains where a place called The Vatican would one day stand in a place called Rome, Italy; and he did not know there would be a 7 mountains where a place called Jerusalem would one day stand in a country called Israel.

Adam did not know that one day a great north/south road called the International Highway, sometimes called the Via Maris, would be built through the narrow pass where he stood. As his eyes looked across the wide valley the International Highway would follow his line of sight and also cross the wide plain that would be called Jezreel to go on northward to other nations.

Most merciful of all Adam did not know in the building of that highway a great earth moving machine would dislodge, scatter and bury Abel’s fossilized bones, their cave paintings and his few stone tools. But there were other caves such as Skhul and Qafzeh that contained a few of the fossilized remains of Adam’s numerous progeny that would be found and they would turn Paleontology on its ear because those remains would suggest man originated in this part of Israel and not in Africa as archaeology and the sciences had believed!

Remember? It would be a good place to disburse a population if One wanted to populate a world.

Had Adam and Eve decided to climb the 1750 feet to the top of Carmel, and had they looked at a vast salt sea that would be named the Mediterranean Sea and they would have seen the place where an apostle called Paul would sail to be eventually be martyred for his part in building a far reaching organization that would be called a church which would be the God of Eden’s final step in His plan, His unveiling, for the redemption of mankind through the blood sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus, to cleanse the sins of those who would believe AND they would have seen, on the coast of Israel, (Matt. 16:13-18) the place where the seaport town of Caesarea would be built in a faraway time of the future.

Adam, like most of us, could not see ahead and all he knew to do was deal with the present. He put his arm around Eve and held her close and, at last, she hugged him back and gave him of her warmth and comfort. They stood there a long time in the huge new world, alone and heartbroken, as silver streams of silent tears coursed down their faces.

They wept over the death of their son Abel, they hurt, it was primordial; it was the hurt we would all feel when our loved ones die as the future of man unfolded, it is a hurt that came from the beginning of us. It is part of the Eden curse.

They turned away from that awful place and walked back to help Cain. They needed to get him back to the cave. Between them they half carried half supported the mumbling, fevered, staggering Cain on the long trip back to the cave. Days passed and Eve worked with all her considerable skill, Cain was vastly improved but it appeared as if he would be horribly scarred.

Eve was strangely torn, one minute she wanted to strangle him for what he had done to Able and the next minute she wanted to hug him close because he was all she had left.  More days passed, the wound was healed and she and Adam were shocked when the healing was done.

Cain was full from their midday meal and had drifted off to sleep in the warm sun. They didn’t bother him, let him rest, because all three of them knew it was time for him to leave tomorrow; they didn’t know how they knew, they just knew. Both had studied the horrible scar with its crevasses that looked like open wounds when Cain was unaware but they never talked about it. This time, in low whispers, they did discuss it.

Adam started it; “Eve, you know what that scar looks like don’t you?” She took a long breath of small breaths that was broken as if she was about to sob; “Yes Adam, I do, it’s exactly like the puffy, burst, bleeding, swollen, bruised wound on Abel’s forehead!” Tears were running down Adam’s cheeks and dripping off his chin when he quietly whispered; “Look at that scar around his mouth and coming down from his nose. It looks just like the dried blood on Abel’s face and those scars below his ears look like the dried blood that came from Abel’s ears.”

Eve had her arms across her knees as they sat there, she leaned forward and rested her forehead on her arms with her face down and Adam could see her tears falling into the dirt just behind her heels. After a while she whispered; “Yes, and they are dark red like the dried blood around poor, dear Abel’s mouth and where it flowed from his nose and ears.”

“Yes Eve, and the scar on his forehead is purple, red, and bluish and it is whorled and puffed out just like Abel’s wound. It is the mark the God of Eden said He would set upon Cain!” Cain began to stir and they hushed. When they woke up the next morning Cain was already gone. (1John 3:12 keywords: who was of that wicked one) It was better that way and they were both relieved because they had not known what to say. Again, they were alone, just the two of them, and the world seemed to have somehow gotten bigger.

(Gen. 4:16) Cain wandered toward the east and wherever he went was the land of Nod (lonely defect, exile, vagrancy, wandering) and it was the habitation of wild animals. He lived as an animal and survived as an animal BUT he had one weapon no animal had. He had a human brain, he could think. It was his greatest enemy too because he could also remember. His memory of what he had done to his brother never grew dim because every time he bent over still water to get a drink he would see his reflection and he would see Abel’s horrid wound in his own forehead.

Satan made a huge discovery too. He discovered he could be in two places at once. He did not understand it; he was right there with Adam and Eve, (Luke 24:39) yet he was also right there with Cain. He was immensely glad he was a spirit and did not have flesh and bones; “I wonder if I can be in three places at once, or a hundred, or a thousand”! Satan learned he had limitations too, he could not tell Adam and Eve things about Cain and he could not tell Cain things about Adam and Eve. But ‘sometimes’ he could torment them with “thoughts”.

The Building of Earth’s Population

Cain remembered how to preserve foods by smoking and drying, he remembered how to make leather and he knew how to hunt and fish. Oddly enough he did not count time. He might stay in some lonely valley 5 years if food remained plentiful, in another 2 years, or another 7 years. He was lonely. He did not realize it had been 102 years since he had heard a human voice. Memories of his family dimmed even more during the next 100 years of his lonely, harsh, vagabond, vagrant life.

Cain never realized Adam had been 80 years old when he was born. Time does not mean anything when you age so slowly you live to be nearly a thousand years old. He did not know he was 48 years old when the “great trouble” came and he had to leave. He didn’t know he could die from old age. As far as he knew people could only get killed and die; therefore, he was very careful and, over the years, he slowly began hating Able more and more for causing all this.

And How it Happened So Fast

We might figure Adam was 80 years old when Cain was born, Adam was 128 and Cain was 48 years old when he became an outcast. (Gen. 5:3) Cain did not know Adam and Eve had resumed sexual relations a few months after he left and when Adam was 130 years old Eve gave birth to another son whom they named Seth and Cain was 50 years old when his brother Seth was born.

(Gen. 5:4) Cain did not know that sometime during the next 105 years Seth had taken one of his numerous sisters as a wife. When Seth was 105 years old his son Enos was born. Adam was 235 years old when he became grandfather to Enos and Cain was 155 years old when he became uncle to Enos. (Gen. 5:4) Adam and Eve kept right on having babies, both boys and girls.

NOTE: (Gen. 21:12) Abraham’s son, Isaac, the chosen seed (Gen. 24:1-67 esp. V.15) married his blood kin 1st cousin. (Gen 28:1-15) Their son Jacob, the next generation chosen seed, (Gen. 28:1-5 then 29:1-30 esp. V.23 & 28) married two of his blood kin first cousins.  What modern society calls incest was practiced. SO: The fact that brother married sister and etc. in the above paragraph is true. It had to be, there were no people other than Adam and Eve’s progeny.

Enos either took an aunt or a sister as a wife and when he was 90 years old she gave birth to Cainan. Adam was 325 and Cain was 245 years old when that event happened. (Gen. 5:4, 7 & 10) Adam, Seth and Enos kept right on fathering sons and daughters and, of course, those sons and daughters were intermarrying with each other and having babies of their own.

AND: After Seth was born Adam lived another 800 years, after Enos was born Seth lived another 807 years and after Cainan was born Enos lived another 815 years, and they all three, Adam, Seth and Enos kept siring children. The point is: A whole lot of babies were born, grew up, got married and started a whole lot of other generations who grew up. Think: What if each wife gave birth every 4 years for 600 years?

Had Cain known what was happening, he might have been tempted to come back to their cave just to see. He would have found it empty, they had learned to build ever more sophisticated houses and with the growing number of them to feed Adam had moved them to a larger, wider valley with great fields to raise grain and rich pastures to feed their ever greater flocks and herds.

The other families were doing likewise and mankind was filling the hills, valleys and plains of the Carmel Mountain range there in what would someday be called northern Israel. With their domestication and cultivation of other wild grains in addition to corn and their animal husbandry of flocks and herds they were becoming self-sufficient and no longer had to live as hunter/gatherers. END OF NOTE.

Satan was aghast with the rapidity in which these despised humans were flourishing. Satan was pleased he could be with a hundred people at one time, then a thousand and Satan finally realized he could be with, teach, lead, charm, whisper to and torment these hated people no matter how many there were or where they were.

Here and there he managed to cause some of them to kill themselves by drowning, animal attacks, falls, accidents and etc. and their families buried them just as Abel had been buried. BUT, the math don’t lie and the scripture doesn’t contradict the fact that, NOBODY HAD DIED OF OLD AGE YET.

The burials of those killed were in caves and would be the source of the various archaeological finds of fossilized human bone, their stone tools and cave painting that would cause many in the paleontology community to rethink the evidence and decide mankind had started in Israel instead of in Africa as had been believed before the Israeli archaeological finds. Remember? It would be a good place to disburse a population if One wanted to populate a world.

(Gen. 5:12-14) Cainan was 70 years old when Mahalaleel was born, Adam was 395 and Cain was 315 years old. Cain had wandered far in the 265 years of his vagrant exile and it is doubtful if he realized he had started wandering back toward the rising sun, back toward the east, back toward Carmel. Cain did not know it was Satan who had tormented him in his memories about home. Only Satan knew how badly Cain had started hating Abel and Adam and that Cain was beginning to regard his Mark of Cain as a badge of honor.

Satan had reminded Cain in his dreams that Adam had brought the wood into the cave that marked him. Satan helped Cain forget the God of Eden; Adam had done it! “You need a god you can see.” Cain looked at the wind, stars and lightening. “Build them an altar.” Everyplace Cain stopped for a few months he built a stone altar to his gods, the god’s personified by Satan, the master manipulator who led, charmed and taught him.

Cain was 542 years old when he heard the sounds of splashing water and voices, human voices! “Adam and Eve? No, there are many! Those are women’s voices!” With the animal stealth and cunning he had learned in his fugitive wanderings the vagabond slipped closer and closer until, unseen, he could see and his jaw dropped;  Satan, ever watchful, whispered; “Look what you have missed cursed one.” And a bright sorrow ripped through Cain like lightening.

Then he understood; “My Father and Mother have conceived other children after I left, many of them from the looks of this.” “Your life didn’t mean anything to them Cain.” “I might as well have never lived because I meant nothing to them.”

The Cro-Magnons had long ago learned the benefits of cleanliness and now it was a daily ritual. The five as yet unmarried young women were having the time of their young lives splashing and yelling at each other and Cain was transfixed by the beauty of their nubile, suntanned, graceful, nude bodies. “Look at that one!” Cain’s glowing eyes fixed on a particularly buxom beauty and he vowed to have her.

Late that night when the beauty left her house to answer the call of nature she disappeared. When she did not return a search was made but it was as if the wind had carried her away for there were no signs of a struggle, no blood, no tracks, nothing. They did not know Cain was speeding through the forest and fields with his trophy over his shoulder, speeding away on the tireless sinew and muscle he had developed in his struggle to survive over all the centuries he had wandered.

Miles away in the morning light beside a campfire the beautiful young woman looked across the fire at the crouched form of a beautifully built, muscular, immensely strong man. She knew he had to be strong because he grabbed her as if he was one with the darkness, he had bound her and gagged her, then had carried her tirelessly, effortlessly, soundlessly as he ran mile, after mile, after mile, through the night.

As if aware of her stare the man slowly, reluctantly turned his face toward her. Before she could recoil in horror the Charmer spoke; “Remember the old stories? They were all true. It is Cain!” She suddenly remembered the old, old, stories told around the campfires. When she was a young girl she’d even heard it from Adam, the father of them all. It was once when the settlements had gathered for their yearly festivities.

Adam, the first man, the one who had personally known the God of Eden, had sat on a large rock above them and talked very loud so they could all hear, he had to, there were almost 2,000 of them and he told the story about how Cain had murdered Abel and how the God of Eden had burned the Mark of Cain on the murderer’s face with fire. Adam’s wife Eve, pregnant again, looked sad as the story unfolded. Adam once again cautioned them to never commit murder.

The young woman was charmed and she became fascinated with the story. Satan had brought the story to her memories many times in the ensuing years until she felt as if she had been there when it happened. She wondered what had happened to Cain and she suffered with him!

When he had whispered to Cain; “Look at that one!” Satan had chosen well. After all, he had been observing her and learning about her for more than a hundred years. The young beauty was a little rebellious, adventurous, bold, she questioned beliefs and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. AND: Satan smiled as her expression changed to one of awe, then to wonder, then to tenderness.

Cain was suddenly ashamed of his face when he reluctantly, slowly, with great dread, turned toward her but he was shocked when she spoke; “You are Cain. It seems as if I have known you all my life.” And she held out her hand. He slid closer to her, she put her gentle fingers on his scar and he flinched as if to turn away but she whispered; “No, I will make you forget the Mark of Cain.” He wouldn’t forget his mark of Cain; after all, it had won this woman for him and he was even more proud of it.

Adam was 460 and Cain was 380 years old (Gen. 5:15-17) and Mahalaleel was 65 years old when his son Jared was born. Adam was 622 years old and Cain was 542 years old (Gen. 5:18-20) and Jared was 162 years old when his son Enoch was born. (Gen 4:17) That same morning Cain’s son Enoch was conceived beside their campfire. They traveled due east another 7 days.

When she tired Cain tirelessly, effortlessly carried her but this time it was in his arms, not over his broad shoulder and her arms were around his muscular neck. Cain had gotten started much later than his brother Seth but he was finally starting to build his generations. Satan catches up fast when people are corruptible; (Isa. 14:13-14) “I am a god, I will build my own kingdom here on earth and men will worship me.”

(Gen. 4:17) When Cain’s son, Enoch, was born Cain had an “inspiration” to build a city because he had seen the houses and cities where Adam’s other children lived. (Jude 11) “Your child deserves something better than a cave.” This time Cain was not so far away that he knew sometime in the future his people would meet Adam and Eve’s other children.

Satan showed Cain something special in the stars. Cain did build that city from logs, stone and mud, he named it Enoch and he built his stone idol to the constellation of the “dragon” (leviathan) in the largest house! Satan was ecstatic. It was the first idol and the beginning of all of the worldwide idolatry which would worship him personally until the end of time.

(Gen. 4:17-22) Cain’s generations followed the same generational pattern as had Seth’s. Following Satan’s suggestions Cain had even tried to name some his children the same as Seth’s children’s names. Satan always tries to copy the pattern of good to deceive people. (Jude 11) Cain’s progeny somehow (Gen. 4:21-22) had a spark of inventiveness, a streak of mean, an inspiration” Adam’s people had not scripturally displayed.

(Gen. 4:18 & 5:25 keyword in both: Lamech: Hebrew: Strong’s Concordance #3929) Lamech is a name that has no definition and in that we see the fine hand of God because you cannot mix good with evil. You will accept the good Lamech or you will accept the evil Lamech. We all know Satan tries to copycat God but his people are evil because Satan is the evil god of this world. It is obvious Seth’s progeny were more gentle, they were farmers and herdsmen.

(Gen. 5:21-32) The Lamech of Seth’s lineage, Methuselah’s son, was the father of Noah and Noah found grace in the eyes of God (Gen. 5:6-32 esp. V.24-29) because his forefathers had walked with God and had raised Noah to do the same.

It is also obvious Cain’s progeny, fathered by a cursed, marked murderer, were harsh, evil, idol worshippers; (Gen. 4:17-24) To Cain was born Enoch (initiated); to Enoch was born Irad (fugitive); Irad begat Mehujael (smitten of God); Mehujael begat Methusael (man who is of any deity, great, mighty, idol); and Methusael begat the Lamech who was of Cain’s lineage. In their names of Lamech the evil had finally perfectly copied the good. (1Cor. 1:10-13 & 3:1-5) Satan loves confusion!

(Gen. 4:16-22)  The Lamech of Cain’s lineage took 2 wives. Adah (to bedeck, to adorn self) was the Mother of Jabal (a stream–>something moving) and his progeny became nomads. Adah was also the Mother of Jubal (to bring with pomp, to lead) and his progeny became musicians. Remember the music in Eden? What about most of the music today how it leads the emotions; fighting, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, fornication, robbery, murder and etc.?

Lamech’s other wife, Zillah (defense, shade), was the mother of Tubal-cain (a lance as striking fast, to produce wealth) who had found the secret of how to make brass and iron and he was an instructor (teacher) of the artificer’s of those two metals. Obviously, among other things, he made weapons and became rich. Zillah was also the Mother of Lamech’s daughter Naamah (pleasure, pleasantness).

NOTE: If God had inspired the writers to name every one in every generation the Bible would be a mile thick and who would read that? The scripture shows that Cain sired 6 generations and with that why waste space, it is plain who they were, what they did and how they were being groomed by Satan to set Satan’s plan in motion to corrupt the whole population of the earth. Satan was learning how to deal with man and in the far future Satan would work with Israel and even further in the future he would work during the church age.

Cain and his progeny surely had the tools with which to accomplish that; idol worship, music to guide moods, sex, weapons to kill and of course Satan was among them to diligently observe, learn by experience, teach, lead, guide, deceive, lie, charm, enchant, sing (make music), attract, delight completely and prognosticate. And the God of Eden was watching, holding their time in His hand.