Please bear with the first 14 paragraphs that scripturally explain how the other creation could have taken place. The actual events start in paragraph #15.

Remember in Part 1 it is noted that part of the definition of the word wisdom that is used to describe Lucifer is to teach. The Bible doesn’t say what information Lucifer was supposed to teach the man and woman (Gen. 3:1-6) but you can see in his relationship with them there in Eden he was, for effect, teaching the woman to commit suicide when he (1Tim. 2;14) deceived her by teaching her;–> (Gen. 3:4-5) “Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. “And with that Lucifer taught the woman God is a liar!

The Change

Lucifer lost his angelic name because of his rebellion against God’s instructions and his refusal to do the job assigned to him and he was renamed Satan (adversary). (Rev. 12:9 keywords: That old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan) Lucifer, will be named (1Chron. 21:1) Satan (the arch-enemy of good, adversary) and will be known as (Rev. 20:2) the Devil (a traducer: defined: to speak falsely or maliciously and to lead). Let us leap ahead in the scripture to get a brief view of Satan’s personality so we can better understand the last part of what happened in Eden.

(Job 1:6 thru 2:10 esp. 1:6, 8 & 11) In leaping ahead of where we study in the scripture we can understand (V.8) that God sometimes challenges and provokes Satan, (V. 9-12) Satan slyly challenges and provokes God right back and that gives us a better understanding of what might have happened at the creation of man. We can see it appears, (V.9 & 2:4) at least at times, that Satan does not believe what God says.

This scripture also proves Satan cannot discern God’s thoughts (read God’s mind) and therefore he cannot foresee what is coming in his own future unless God tells him and (Matt. 13:35 & Rom. 16:25) with that we can see one of the reasons why God has secrets and mysteries He keeps hidden in prophesy and parables (Dan. 2:25-30, Luke 8:10 & 1Cor. 2:6-8) that He will reveal as it pleases Him. (V.10) We can also see Satan is full of sassiness, pride and some God given power and attempts to challenge and provoke God right back.

This is important: (Job 1:6 & 2:1 keyword: present: defined: to station, to stand fast) God has the power to tell Satan to present himself whenever God tells him too according to God’s command. “Present yourself at a certain time (V.7) and give Me a report on your activities!”  BUT: (2:3 keywords: thou movedst me against him) God sometimes gives Satan the idea Satan has the power to move God to do something God does not want to do.

Summary to here: Satan is proud and rebellious. Satan is a teacher and a leader. Satan sasses and attempts to provoke God. Satan thinks he has the power to move God into doing something God does not want to do. God hides information from Satan, reads Satan’s thoughts, controls Satan when He wants to, gives Satan a false sense of power when He decides to, gives Satan a limited power over God’s people when He wants to test them (Job is an example) and God provokes and challenges Satan.

From the above summary you can see this information about the relationship between God and Satan is leading to a very surprising conclusion but first a question and some definitions are necessary. Why are so many references in scripture about reptiles? Please be patient while you read the next three paragraphs because a situation is hidden in the scripture that will surprise you.

(Job 41:1-34 esp. V.1 keyword: leviathan) When you read this scripture you will see it describes both  (V.15, 23, 28 etc.) a physical and (V.3, 4, 18 etc.)  a spiritual creature that is spiritually identified in (V.34) as the king of the children of pride which identifies him as Satan. (Isa. 27:1 keyword: leviathan: Hebrew word: livyathan: pronounced liv-yaw-thawn: defined: a wreathed animal like a serpent, the crocodile or some other large sea-monster which describe physical reptiles BUT: it is also defined: a constellation named the dragon; and, in the spiritual sense, it is also a symbol of Babylon. The whole verse (Isa. 27:1) is also a prophecy of Satan’s (devil) end (Rev. 20:9-10) at the final judgment.

Obviously this definition describes #1) physical reptiles, #2) a constellation of stars that relates directly to the worship of astrological signs and #3) the spiritual symbol of spiritual Babylon. Leviathan in Scripture: (Job 41:1-34 esp. V.34 keywords: he is a king over all the children of pride) This chapter describes both (V.1, 2, 7, 15, 23) a physical reptile AND (V.11, 24, 34) a spiritual reptile (serpent). (Psa. 74:10-23 esp. V.14 keyword: leviathan) Israel’s fall from grace was because of leviathan- Satan.

(Isa. 27:1) This prophesy is that God will punish leviathan (Satan) the crooked, piercing serpent (spiritual) and kill the dragon in the sea who is (Rev. 13:11 & 16:13-16) antichrist. (Psa. 104:26) God controls leviathan. All these scriptures describe physical reptiles and ALSO a spiritual serpent who is Satan.

(Isa. 14:29) At the beginning of this commentary chapter 14 of Isaiah was used to identify Lucifer and to help describe his rebellion against God. BUT: There is an odd statement within (V.29) that appears to be prophetic of both the physical and spiritual; “for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent. We know God doesn’t waste words and His words have a place and purpose.

So again we must use definitions to reason out the meaning of the underlined words in this scripture. Serpent’s defined: a snake from its hiss, to whisper, to prognosticate, enchanter, learn by experience, diligently observe<–obviously this describes Satan’s method based on his study of man. Root defined: bottom, heel, to strike into the soil or to pluck from it.<–what would Satan pluck from the soil? Fruit defined: bear, bring forth, cause to be, cause to grow, increase.

(Isa. 14:29: from 2nd paragraph above) Fiery: defined: burning, poisonous, a creature-from their copper color, to be the cause to set on fire, to burn utterly. Flying: defined: to cover with wings of obscurity, to faint from the darkness of swooning, brandish, flee away. Serpent: defined: a snake from its hiss, to whisper, to prognosticate, enchanter, learn by experience, diligently observe. These definitions lightly describe physical reptiles but there is much more emphasis on a spiritual serpent, Satan.

Notes to Set the Stage For “The Other Creation”

1) (Gen. 3:13-24) The order of events: (14-16) God cursed the serpent first and told the woman what would happen when she was cursed. (17) God told Adam the same thing as Eve and cursed the earth second, (V.19 & 20) and the third curse was when God sent Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden with a limited physical life span; “ye shall surely die“.

The last thing God did was seal Eden so nobody could get back to the tree of life. You can read these verses in a minute or two and that gives the illusion the events all happened very fast.

#2) They didn’t, (1Pet. 3:20) God waits a long time for things to happen. (Gen. 21:33 & Psa. 90:2) God is from everlasting (eternity)–>(without time)–>(always now) and time means nothing to Him. (1Pet. 1:20) God had a plan before He ever started creating and He already had the Holy Bible written in the endless reason of His mind. (Gen. 3:22) Remember; the Garden of Eden was in everlasting, it was now. AND:

(Gen. 1:20-21 & 24-25 esp. V.25 keywords: let the earth bring forth) Remember; that God spoke the animals, birds, fish, creeping things-> amoeba, protozoa, all of it into existence (Gen. 2:15-20 esp. V.20) and brought all cattle, the fowl, and every beast to Adam to name while they were in the garden of Eden.

#3) Here’s an example of how scripture gives the frame of facts and we, through the Holy Spirit, realize a lot of time has passed. A person can read about Jesus’ capture, trial, beating, whipping, crucifixion and death in 3-4 minutes but it took most of a night and almost all of the next day. Ditto crossing Jordan and a bunch of others. You get the idea.

#4) Paleontology, the study of fossils, gives us: the Paleozoic eras of geologic time in which various life forms appeared, Paleozoology studies fossils and ancient life forms and paleoclimatology studies what the weather must have been during those eras. I can personally remember when radiocarbon dating 14 was “the great new thing” and came to be the accepted method of fossil dating.

I also remember that, for a while, each of the 3 dating methods used at that time of my life conclusively proved the other two were wrong. All the above disciplines show us there was a reptile kingdom that lasted however many years they say, millions I suppose, billions of years? Who cares; fossils are old and they are there, there’s no disputing the fact there was a time when reptiles ruled the earth. So let us see how it could have happened!

#5) The fossil record is the basis for the great argument between creationists (that God created everything) and evolutionists (that things evolved and man evolved from a single cell something) about when and how everything got here.  Remember this: (Josh. 24:15 keywords: choose you this day whom ye will serve & Acts 2:21 keywords: whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved) God is fair, He gives us all an equal opportunity to believe or disbelieve in Him.

So, let us, you and me, go back to the Garden of Eden and use the above definitions and Satan’s personality traits to “flesh out” and study the sequence of what happened there. Just like in Job, suppose God challenged and provoked Satan and God said; “Do you think you can create something?” Suppose Lucifer replied in his rebellious and sassy way to challenge and provoke God; “Turn me loose and I can create too!”

Of course God knew from the beginning what Lucifer would say but Lucifer did not know that because he was not able to read God’s thoughts. Lucifer would never have believed God was using him to do a task that would give mankind a chance to make a choice in whether to believe God created man OR to believe the theory of evolution that said nature and chance provided the origin of man.

Lucifer was thinking; “In my splendor and my brightness (Ezek. 28:17 keywords: lifted up defined: proud) and my endless wisdom, I can move God because I am a god too, I make the most beautiful music that is ever known, I can be a God, I can create!”

Perhaps just before God loaned Lucifer the “creation power” He quietly told Lucifer; “When you enter the “outside world” I will give you a body like the one I have so you can do your creation work the way I did. You took over the serpent’s body to try to fool me when you deceived the woman and I cursed the serpent. You will leave Eden crawling on your belly in his body and tasting the dust of the earth.”

When God loaned Lucifer the “creation power” Lucifer never knew God limited that power. As Lucifer turned to leave the Garden of Eden, God had one more thing to say; “From now on you will be known as Satan because you are My adversary (Gen. 3:14) and you will now assume the shape of what I said you would be and Satan slithered out of the Garden of Eden into the cursed world.

(2Cor. 11:14) After Satan left the Garden of Eden he was ecstatic to find he still had the power to transform himself into the angel of light but before he could change (Rev. 13:2-8 keyword: beast) something else happened and it was shocking. Satan, the serpent, felt himself start to change and he rose up from a crawling serpent into a man; arms, legs, hands, feet, a chest and flat belly, he could walk and look around. When Satan came to a still pool he looked at his somehow handsome reflection in the water.

His eyebrows were more arched than God’s had been and they somehow looked sinister and threatening. His forehead was a bit flat and sloped slightly back instead of round and smooth like God’s had been, His mouth was permanently curved into a slight sneer, his cheekbones and chin were very pronounced and slightly wolf-like.

His ears had no lobes and they stuck straight up and were flat against his head and that gave him an intensely alert look, his eyes held a baleful, cold, wicked glitter with a dangerous hatred glinting from their depths, his hair was slightly tousled, and bristled which gave him a slightly wild, bestial look and Satan was immensely pleased with his reflection.

Though God in His human body (1Tim. 3:16 keywords: God was manifest in the flesh= Jesus) and Satan favored each other, Satan’s facial construction and awful expression was exactly opposite the tender, patient, kindly expression God had worn when He was in his physical body. It would be a long time before Satan would understand about Christ and antichrist and their physical bodies.

Satan did not know as soon as he finished his “other creation” attempts God would take this human form away from Satan, carefully seal it in some secret place (Luke 6:12-16 keywords: Judas Iscariot, Acts 1:25 keywords: Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place & Rev. 13:3-10 keyword: beast) and return it to him 2 more times. Three, the Biblical number of completion.

(John 8:44) Like all liars are sure everyone else lies, Satan was sure God was a liar too, after all He had proved it because Adam and Eve were still alive when Satan had left Eden.

Adam and Eve did not know millions of years passed while they, the animals, birds, fish, and creeping things-> amoeba, protozoa, all of it, were in the now of timeless. They were alive in a living, timeless time capsule called Eden, nothing could age! Satan was gone. It was simply now and they did not know Satan was using millions and billions of earth years “creating”.

Satan did not realize God had let him borrow some limited creative power but Satan’s soul was twisted (Ezek. 28:15) with iniquity and his creations were twisted caricatures of what God’s had been. Nor did Satan know God would increase that limited power little by little until God was satisfied that people would have a fair chance to disbelieve or believe in the great, loving, tender-hearted God of all glory or believe Satan’s great lie that would be called the theory (educated guesslook up the definition on Wikipedia and think about it) of evolution.

Satan worked hard because all he had was a ball (planet) of dirt, rock and water and he had to start from scratch; protozoa, amoeba, plants, all of it just like God had. He didn’t realize what the term cursed world meant because he had never seen any other world than this. It was a hot, humid world. As he explored, he found oceans, swamps, rivers, plains, mountains; the list of things seemed endless; (2Cor. 4:4) “I’ll show Him, I’m a god too.”

Like the definition of the root said Satan plucked up from the soil great gobs of earth. Satan felt free while he squeezed, molded and shaped the dirt. He could make anything, anything he wanted to. Strange visions of great shapes soared through his mind while he worked.

Satan sat back and looked with pride at the huge reptilian shape before him. He was especially proud of the great collar of skin covered bone that wreathed his creation’s neck like a bony collar and the huge horns on its head. It wouldn’t matter that man would sometime name the bones of his creation Triceratops.

He was proud he had made his creation much, much bigger than God’s puny animals so he formed another one just like the first one. He thought; “live” and they did! He was proud of this first pair, they breathed, walked and starved! “#$%&@# I forgot to make plants for them to eat!!”  

Satan traveled the earth and created variety after variety of plants and then animals from the smallest to the greatest and most were grotesque. He especially favored the swamps and here he created what would be called crocodilians in the far, far future. Satan was disappointed when he tried to teach his creations to talk.

He tried and tried and tried but all they could do was hiss, the small ones did anyway, the hiss from those larger ones sounded more like a roar. He “created” huge reptiles that inhabited the lagoons, inlets and tidal flats in the oceans. Others favored rivers and some lived in the grasslands, forests, valleys and mountains.

Satan didn’t realize millions of earth years were passing because he had no concept of time. Satan didn’t realize paleo climatologic and Paleozoic eras were passing as God cleverly changed the climate to suit His plan without Satan ever finding out. Satan created fish and put them into the waters. He didn’t realize his fish were crude, weird caricatures of what God had created and that sometime in the future man would give them weird names like Astrapis, Bothriolepis, Dipterus, Doryaspis, Pterospis and etc.

Satan knew his fish looked different from God’s but to him they were beautiful because he had made them. In the course of time God gradually lent Satan the power to make fish that more and more closely resembled His own creations.

In his great fury that these stupid creatures couldn’t learn to talk he created other reptiles to eat them. “I’d better not make too many of them or they’ll eat all the others, then they’ll eat themselves, then I’ll have nothing.” Satan loved the conflict, roars of pain and the spilling of body fluids brought about by horns, teeth and claws.

He noticed the small, very quick reptiles had no predator to hunt them. With great satisfaction Satan created huge, winged, leathery, fierce, fiery by their dull copper color, flying reptiles to hunt them down and the small, very quick reptiles added their screams to the dying because the bite of these flying reptiles was like fire.

He didn’t know that sometime in the far future when men studied evolution a man would name this type of creature Pterodactyl, the informal name for members of the order Pterosauria, the flying reptiles. Neither did Satan know he spent millions of years watching the gory results of his work. A reptile (serpent) kingdom.

Satan became thoroughly disgusted because, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t create a man and woman. He could scrape together some dirt but the blasted thing would not live! Satan sat on a rock as millennia raced by while he tried to remember how God had formed that confounded man there in the Garden of Eden. He wondered how God had made those warm-blooded animals too.

Everything was right on God’s scheduled plan and Satan didn’t know God had prompted Satan’s musings. He didn’t realize God had secretly loaned him a new power then God had grinned because He already knew how Satan would act.

“If I could just think warm blooded beings into existence like God did.” and Satan thought of a cat. Satan almost fell off his rock when a great cat appeared right in front of his eyes. It had huge teeth that curved down the sides of its mouth, chin and neck like sabers, it had stripes on its chunky, powerful, muscular body and huge claws on its feet.

Satan blinked, then he shouted; “I’ve done it! I’ve done it! Yawwwww! I’ve done it! Its warm-blooded!” Satan did not know that, sometime in the far future, man would name the warm-blooded ones mammals and give them individual names, sometimes after a prominent feature that described a physical trait, like their teeth resembling sabers for instance.

He danced a fair jig around the huge cat but the cat, stretching to lick its fur, paid no attention. In his excitement Satan had changed into his angelic spirit form and the cat could not look into the spirit world. Satan tried thought creation again, nothing. Over vast stretches of time Satan came to realize his power to create warm blooded animals came at odd times when he really wasn’t expecting it.

That’s how the dire wolf, little squirrelly creatures, bats, some birds and others came into existence. In the course of time God gradually loaned Satan more power to make specimens that more and more resembled His own creations, but never exactly like His.

Satan had tried and tried over the millions upon millions of years to create a man. One day he was looking over what, to him, was his beautiful kingdom of violence and bloodshed. Over and over he had formed dirt man shapes and had breathed and breathed over and over into their distorted nostrils but they had never lived. He continued making mammals when he could.

One of the most frustrating things that hindered Satan’s work were the great colds (ice ages) that came in the northern parts of his world for no reason, then suddenly the tops of mountains would explode and blow volcanic fire, ash and debris into the winds where they were scattered over the whole world.

Great rivers of molten rock would also help melt the ice. The weather would grow hot and the ice would retreat. When it was over Satan’s creative work would be in a shambles and he’d have to start over again there in much of the northern part of his world. The God of Eden would smile at Satan’s frustration; “It is a joy to see the rebellious one suffer.” and He would wait a while to start the next one. “I will give him five big and several small ice ages.”

Satan didn’t know when God gently loaned him a tiny ray of hope and a tiny bit more creative power while he sulked there. God’s great plan was right where it was supposed to be, His timetable was right on time and Satan’s rebellious efforts were serving God’s purpose.

God took His time in His efforts to give man a choice to believe or disbelieve in His existence, a choice to believe in evolution or creation; God was and is always fair; (Heb. 11:1-6) “Man will never prove I AM by science. I will not force man to believe in Me, knowing Me can only come by faith.”

There was humor in God’s eyes when Satan sighed. Satan was somehow filled with a new hope and a new determination; “I’ll get it right this time”. As carefully as he could Satan slowly followed God’s pattern of molding a man out of the dirt but somehow, almost like pictures, visions of those chattering chimpanzees and other monkeys back there in the garden of Eden kept interrupting his thoughts.

When he was finished Satan sat back and admired his work; “This is the best job I’ve ever done.” Satan never noticed his “man form” lying there in the dirt was only about 3 1/2 feet tall, nor did he notice it had a flat face, it had odd hands and feet too. Satan never realized God tweaked his memory and power at certain times so he would fail or succeed according to God’s will.

He would have been mortified and outraged if he knew he was under God’s complete control and was only an instrument God used to complete His great plan. “I’ll do it just like God did” and Satan started bending slowly forward; “I’ll blow the breath of life into this one and it will become a living soul!”

Just as Satan’s lips touched its nostrils and he got ready to breathe into his greatest creation Satan thought “let it live”. And it did, he heard the heart start to beat, it started breathing, it opened its eyes and they widened in terror and it started to struggle violently, senselessly in Satan’s grasp. Satan did not realize he did not have the power, and he would never have the power, to breathe into anything’s nostrils to make it become a living soul!

The struggling, monkey-like thing in his grasp did not have a soul in its eyes; there was only the blank stare of a frightened animal as it tried to claw and bite him so it could escape.

In his sudden burst of fury at his failure Satan grasped its neck and started to kill it, then he thought better of it; “It’s alive, at least its alive, I can study what it does and make another, better one later.”

He let it go and the small quadruped hominid, in a stooped posture, scampered away, raced up a tree trunk, started swinging from limb to limb through the trees while it screeched in outrage and fear.

It never entered Satan’s mind he had thought it into existence exactly like he had thought the mammals into existence, just like God had thought the Eden animals into existence. (Gen. 2:7) Satan didn’t realize he simply did not have the “breath of life” that created a living soul like God could.

In many places across the world Satan thought others like this one into existence. He made other varieties too that were patterned after this one but he was outraged and disgusted because none of them could learn, they could not speak, they had no soul, they were not man, they were only different types of monkeys, animals.

No matter what he tried they always came out quadruped hominids, monkeys, animals. They couldn’t even walk upright for more than a few seconds and every variety used the trees where they scampered to safety when danger approached and some of them actually lived in the trees all the time.


As Satan wandered he didn’t know he had stopped in a place that in the far future would be known as the upper part of the Hadar formation, central Afar, Ethiopia, in east Africa. That is where he sat down on a log in the edge of one of the open-savanna woodlands that dotted the lush grasslands and as Satan sat there he remembered and pondered.

There was humor in God’s eyes when Satan sighed and stood up. Satan was somehow once again filled with a new hope and a new determination; “I’ll get it right this time”. As carefully as he could Satan slowly followed God’s pattern of molding a man out of the dirt but somehow, almost like pictures, just like it did every other time, visions of those chattering chimpanzees and other monkeys back there in the garden of Eden kept interrupting his thoughts.

With all the skill he had developed through observing and studying the others, with all the memory he had stored in his brain about God’s creation of man Satan patiently went to work. Satan had lots of patience, lots of it; after all he was a timeless creation but he was in a place where time counted and he didn’t realize God was holding the clock. Watching.

When he was done Satan sat back and surveyed his work just like God had done, Satan was sure this was the best one he had ever raked together out of the dirt. He started bending, bending, bending closer and closer just like God had done. He capped his lips over his creation’s nostrils and started to breathe and thought; “Let it live, let it live, let it live.” It started taking tentative breaths, he heard its heart start to beat, its eyes fluttered open, the soulless pupils widened, it snarled in fear, its claws raked his arm and it tried to bite him.

Instinctively Satan, in his man body, jerked his hands back, the creature spun lithely away, raced toward the nearest tree, whipped its almost four foot tall body up the trunk and swung away from branch to branch chattering and shrieking. Satan, filled with red-hot fury, watched it go. It would be at a meeting of paleontologists millions of years later before Satan fully realized this one really was the best one he would ever think into existence. Think Lucy.

Satan did not know that far into the future on the 30th day of November 1974 paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald C. Johanson and one of his students, Tom Grey, would find a fossilized bone protruding from the sediment of what had been an ancient lake. He and his team looked further and discovered several bones, part of a jaw, a piece of arm bone, some rib bits, part of a thigh bone, a vertebrae, even part of a skull, that were all part of the skeleton of an ancient hominid and they figured they had roughly 40% of the fossilized skeleton.

Their hearts raced with each piece they found; “Could this be it? Is this the missing link that would finally prove the theory of evolution to be true and finally prove those stupid creationists wrong?” They figured the ancient hominid had somehow drowned in that ancient lake.

That evening Dr. Johanson and his colleagues met around the campfire to celebrate their find. (2Cor. 4:4 & Eph. 6:12) Satan, in his spirit form, was also there attempting to lead them to consume more and more alcohol. The Beatles were singing a song on their radio, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and Satan inspired the celebrants to name the ancient hominid Lucy. “Ahhhh, Lucy the feminine of Lucifer!”

Later, after her fossilized bones were dated as being someplace around three million years old, the Anthropological Society held a meeting and cited her as specimen A. L. 288-1 but she would be known by the name Lucy throughout the whole world and she would be considered the oldest hominid specimen ever found. The celebrants started discussing the fact she “just had to be” the missing link that proved that man evolved from ape. They didn’t even think of the word Creator or created, those words just weren’t part of their vocabulary.

It was then that Satan fully realized just how wildly successful he had been when he thought Lucy, the ape, the animal, into existence about three or four million earth years before. “I can’t get rid of God but I can take God out of men’s minds!” Satan had learned a valuable lesson.

On the same day after his failure with the one who would be known as Lucy, Satan wandered across the hill and on the other side he tried again. He tried 13 times and one by one, as he made them, as he gave them life, he then tore them apart when they showed no soul in their eyes; “Monkeys, apes, animals.” and he stomped out of the glade and left it strewn with the pieces of the 13 creatures he had made. Satan snorted with disgust at his own temper tantrum over his latest failure.

On that same expedition in 1974 the same team would cross the hill from where they’d discovered Lucy and would find enough fossilized hominid bones to reason they had discovered 13 specimens that were about like Lucy. They would reason a flash flood killed the family group all at the same time because there were no marks made by predator teeth or claws left on the fossilized bones.

They couldn’t visualize that a furious Satan had slowly torn them apart one by one and grimaced in hatred while they screamed and screamed in pain. After all, if you don’t believe there is a God you surely can’t believe there is a Satan.

In the future the Paleontologists held a meeting and in his spirit form Satan attended this meeting too. They decided to name the place “site 333” after the number of fossil bones they had found. It was at that meeting, as he studied and learned about men, Satan would fully realize what a precious advantage it gave him to have people believe there was no Satan.

It made his job much easier to deceive, teach, charm and lead those unbelievers because they’d never know he was there and he gently led the men into calling the group of bones the “First Family” of hominids. It sounded like they were the family of a President or King. It would make the theory of evolution that much more attractive.

One day Satan was changed to his angel form and when he looked around #1 his man body had disappeared. (Acts 1:25 keywords: go to his own place) #2 The body would be used a second time. (Rev. 13:10) #3 The body would also be used a third time to defy God. (Job 1:6-7) Satan was summoned before God to report on his activities. God radiated a terrible power and energy that left Satan shaken and afraid.

God told Satan he had enough time to back up his brag and that he had failed. God told every bit of it right in front of all the other angels too, Satan, in his pride, was mortified and seethed with rage (Rev. 12:3-9 esp. V.4 keywords: the third part) but he noticed a lot of the angels looked upon him with sympathy; “There must be at least a third of them who have sympathy for me. After all I am the great angel! Maybe I can find a way to talk to them later.”

Radiating that terrible power, energy and the attitude of reckoning God took Satan to the edge of the garden of Eden, a protected place. Satan noticed the man and woman and the animals in Eden were blissfully unaware of what was going on. “How did God manage that?” God didn’t say and Satan was afraid to ask.

(Isa. 14:29) Don’t forget part of the definition of fiery was to cause to burn. See what Satan caused–>: The other angels crowded around God and Satan, but they kept a respectful distance because they had never seen God as they were seeing Him now. Eden suddenly seemed to be high above the earth. “Here is what I think of your pitiful, puny failure in performing “the other creation”.

Great lights appeared as pinpoints in the sky above earth, the flaming meteors streaked toward earth where they hit with horrendous, fiery explosions that rocked the earth and the fire destroyed many of the reptiles and plants.

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses arose and destroyed the weather patterns. Periodically other meteors would crash into the earth. When the weather patterns were destroyed some places baked in drought and others flooded. Great fires raged through the drought-stricken grasslands and forests destroying everything in their fiery paths. Back and forth, over and over the weather tore at the planet as reptile bodies and the warm-blooded animals were buried in sediment to become fossils in the far future. It went on and on and on.

During all this, as hundreds of thousands of years passed, God was very careful to preserve unto the very end some of the areas which contained a concentration of the mammalian life Satan had made. One of those concentrations would be in the area around a deep lake that was a source of water in the times of drought. Mammals flocked to this source of food and water almost as if they were driven to it.

Time passed as the earth self-destructed around this strangely protected place and the animals fed, moved and reproduced. Animals converged there through the generations of destruction, the water gradually became poisoned as the poisoned atmosphere swirled through and poison rain fell. The animals started dying and their bodies fell or were washed into the lake.

At first it was a few from each generation, then more and more as thousands of years passed and the poison became stronger. All the time, year after year, water washed sediment containing decaying vegetable matter into the lake and covered the corpses of the dead. Everyone knows how this action produces fossil fuel as the sediment is pressed under greater and greater pressure and with it, if the chemical balance is right, the corpses become fossils.

There must have been a sadness in God’s heart when He thought about the far off time when men would settle near here. They would build a town and name it Darmstadt which would lay in the central part of a nation they would have already named Germany.

In the late 1800s they would discover the oil bearing shale created from the sediment in the ancient, now disappeared lake. Miners would open a pit to mine the oil bearing shale and they would name it the Messel Pit. They would find a great treasure trove of the mammalian fossils buried in the shale formed by the sediment in that ancient lake.

The miners would not care about the fossils. They wanted the wealth and they would mine the fossil fuel for nearly a hundred years before abandoning the ugly slash of a pit. Through all this mining other men would gather the unusually abundant fossils. Word spread and more fossil hunters came. The mine would play out in what men would call the 1970s by their reckoning of time. The town fathers of Darmstadt, Germany were ecstatic when they realized the 200 foot deep pit would make an excellent place to dump the town’s garbage.

The fossil hunters and paleontologists were outraged and fought back with all the resources they could muster to protect the Messel Pit. Of course, in that far off time, Satan would have learned the great value of fossils that would discredit God. The fossil hunters didn’t know it but Satan joined with them and fought with everything he had to help them.

The fossil hunters would win and in 1995 the place would be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The sadness in God’s heart was because He knew how this site would help men believe there was no God and they would believe in evolution. BUT: Man must have the freedom to believe or disbelieve in God; sometimes it hurts to be fair. (Psa. 86:15 and especially Rom. 9:22 keyword: longsuffering) Being fair hurts so bad it is sometimes called longsuffering. (1John 4:8 keywords: God is love) Love can hurt because it leaves one vulnerable; perfect love hurts worse.

While the angels stood there on the edge of Eden in the now of everlasting they watched as whatever dinosaurs and all other things that were left perished in the fiery burning rays from the unrestrained sun as their shelter, water and food disappeared. The angels who watched didn’t know thousands of years had passed while the destruction raged but GOD DID. Time had no effect on God and it meant nothing to Him BUT God did have a timetable to bring His great plan to fruition.

Watching from the place called everlasting the fiery events that destroyed Satan’s Serpent Kingdom happened as fast as the angels could look and comprehend; God made sure of it. Right there before their eyes they watched the world change and grow back into a lush, beautiful, perfect place as it had been before it was cursed so Satan could perform his puny “other creation”. The angels weren’t aware it also took thousands of years for the changing back to happen.


When it was over, God commanded the angels to stand aside and they did it in a hurry too. With a strange gentleness God sent the angels with His animals and birds from Eden and turned them loose on the beautiful, pristine earth where they began to multiply and spread across the land. He commanded the angels to carry His fish, both great and small, to earth and stock them in the oceans, streams and rivers where they too would flourish and multiply.

The angels looked at the small reserve of “special animals, other creatures and even a few special seedling plants and trees” God had kept aside and they wondered why. God silently watched the angels who were leaving with the “seed stock” of life on earth and He was thinking; “I will give those I have made in My own image the opportunity to believe (have faith) in Me or to not believe (have no faith) in Me.

I will be fair ***(Heb. 11:6)*** because a relationship with Me must be built on faith in Me (Ex. 3:14) THAT I AM! God summoned a few angels and gave them specific instructions to deliver “these special animals, other creatures and a few special seedling plants and trees” to places that in the far, far future would be named Australia, Galapagos, some other islands off Tierra del Fuego such as Falklands, Punta Alta and places like that.

(Col. 2:8-9 esp. V.9 keywords: all the fullness of the Godhead bodily) Satan noticed God had let three sheep remain in Eden. Satan didn’t know it was a suffering, silent, sacrificing, (John 1:1-4 & 1John 1:1-4 keyword: Word then read this->1John 5:6-7 keywords: and these three are one) humble prophesy of the coming work of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It was eerily silent there in the Garden of Eden when God quietly told the man and woman to stand before Him. (Gen. 3:10) “Remove your fig leaf aprons.” Silently, with burning embarrassment, they removed them and stood naked and ashamed before the great God of glory, the God of everlasting; their heads were down and their hot tears were the only tears that ever fell upon the perfection of Eden. God quietly spoke; (Psa. 51:14) “Thou hast sinned a sin unto blood-guiltiness and blood must pay the price to hide the nakedness of your sin.”

(Gen 3:21 keyword: skins: plural) And there before the horrified man and woman who had not realized the finality of death nor the horror of seeing the shedding of blood; there before all the silent angels God slaughtered the three sheep and made the man and woman coats of skins to hide their nakedness. Think: Sheep are relatively small, only the skin of the back is used for clothing and the man needed one skin to cover his midsection (hips); the woman needed one skin to cover her torso and one skin to cover her midsection (hips) = 3 skins. Three; God’s number of completion.

God knew He would reintroduce Himself to mankind in their fallen state. He would found a race of people (Hebrews) who would, in His way, prove His existence by the fact that though small and few in number they would exist intact though the millennia despite disappearing as a nation twice and their God given religion of blood sacrifice (Heb. 10:1-8) which brought only a remembrance of their sin would silently scream “One is coming! One is coming! One sacrifice is coming (Heb. 9-22-28) whose blood will be shed on Calvary and that blood will remove sin forever!”

Only God knew it was a blood prophesy about what would happen #1 (Luke 22:54-64) by the blood smeared fists of the temple guard on the blood splattered floor of a Jewish high priest’s house, #2 (Matt. 27:26) on the blood drenched judgment floor around a whipping post in a Roman governor’s palace then a jammed crown of thorns upon a head would produce a fresh flood of blood down a face (John 19:2-3) to be smeared and splattered by another smiting by the Roman guard #3 (John 19:16-30) then more blood squirting as nails held a body to a bloody cross on a dirty, bloody little hill in Jerusalem at a place called Calvary.

(1John 5:7) “and these three are one.” Three; God’s number of completion. (Heb. 10:10-14) AND NO OTHER SACRIFICE WOULD EVER BE NEEDED!

In the eerie, frozen motionlessness God quietly escorted the two people to the leaving place from Eden and with great tender sadness (Gen. 3:16-23) the beautiful God of glory told them in His own way that the earth is cursed. They did not yet know some plants would be poison, others would have briars and thorns, the earth was tilted on its axis and hateful, dangerous weather patterns would emerge; NOTE: science has proved if the earth was vertical on its axis the world-wide weather would be a low-humidity 78 degrees. END OF NOTE. The created (Gen. 1:30) that had only eaten green plants were now in a relationship of predator and prey. Insects would be a torment and on and on.

#1) they were cursed to have to work out their living tilling the cursed earth and in childbearing. #2) The curse of death was upon them (Gen. 3:24 keyword: drove–>to drive out from a possession) and God drove them out #3) and the curse of separation from God. Three curses! Three, God’s Biblical number of completion. Weeping they were forced to leave.

It makes one wonder if they cried great tears and with the snubbing pleadings of children they begged to stay but God turned a deaf ear and a cold shoulder and forced them away and turned back into Eden. They would confront the cursed earth and begin to understand it when they started trying to live there (Part 3).

(Ex. 33:20-23 Shekinah is a non-Biblical word used by rabbis to describe the full glory of God) In His full Shekinah glory God faced the angels. They were afraid to move, afraid to look away, afraid to look at Him, frozen. God’s eyes fastened on Satan; You will have a limited access to mankind upon the face of the earth (Job 2:6) but you will not kill them.” (Gen. 3:24) And Eden was gone. Just as God had known it would, right on His timetable.