Nimrod was discontented as he sat there in the darkness watching the festivities. He had half-heartedly participated in the beginning of the worship mainly because it was expected of him but a sense of discontent had destroyed his mood. “Its that &%# Noah, I know he knows the secret of brass and iron.

The old ones, the ones who came across the flood, talk about it but they were too young to know the secrets. They say Tubal-cain guarded the secrets so he could corner the market and be the only supplier but I’ll guarantee Noah knows.” Satan was silent, watching, thinking, wondering; “I feel a strangeness in the night.”

Nimrod’s feeling of discontent had become a full-blown sense of foreboding. Something was wrong. He couldn’t put his finger on it and he stared uneasily into the darkness outside the torchlight; (comparative: Matt. 24:11-14) “Its that &%# Noah with all his preaching about repenting, turning back to the one true Lord God and worshipping Him before the Lord God brings a judgment upon us.”

Nimrod got up and looked at the torches lighting every balcony of the tower. As if some decision had been made he walked quickly to the tower and went in one of the numerous 1st floor doors. He surveyed the great 1st floor worship hall, empty now, even the dais from which the priests spoke. All the revelers were outside. Then Nimrod walked quickly to the door that led to the large stairway leading upward to the other floors.

He passed the door that led into the 2nd floor worship hall. The stairs going on up to the 3rd floor were a bit narrower. That’s the way it went, the width of the stairs was ever narrowing as they led to the ever decreasing size of the floors above until he came to the 7th floor, the priests’ hall, then he took the last flight of stairs that led to the 8th floor, the incomplete floor, the god floor.

He stepped out on the veranda on the side facing the festivities. The flickering torches somehow magnified Nimrod’s size. Someone saw him and shouted, others saw and shouted until a great roar of approval went up. Nimrod stepped to the wall, opened his arms wide and accepted their homage as his due.

Satan spoke into Nimrod’s thoughts. Nimrod had an idea. He stepped grandly back, went inside and rushed down to the priest’s quarters on the 7th floor. He grabbed the bull disguise, rushed back to the incomplete 8th floor, put it on and stepped out to the rail once more. The shout that greeted him this time shook the surrounding trees. Satan spoke again. Nimrod sinuously weaved his body back and forth like a serpent when it charms a bird, he shook his great bull’s head and made feinting moves as if to gore some unseen victim and the crowd of worshippers went wild at the dark, somehow menacing figure, weaving and goring in the flickering torchlight above them.

The drums thundered, the people danced and screamed in adoration, they weaved and pretended to gore each other, some started sexual acts right there in the crowd, others saw and emulated them and here and there couples stole away into the darkness to commit sexual acts of unmentionable perversion until the whole of it was a mass orgy. Satan gloated while he danced and swayed with them; “When they worship their desires of their flesh they worship me too.”

Nimrod went back into the top story, the god chamber; “I am a god!” As his excitement ebbed his discontentment rose; “Why in the &%# should a god be so discontented. I feel like something terrible is going to happen!” He went out the door opposite the worship service and stood in the cool starlit night. “Oh how I love the gods in the stars. The moon will be up soon. I know he will make me feel good. I wish the sun would hurry, maybe this feeling will leave me.”

If Nimrod had known what the sun would bring he would have bitten off his tongue and spit it over the wall! Presently Nimrod began to trace the outlines of the signs in the sky (zodiac) that were painted there on his walls. Nimrod felt like he had all the world’s knowledge about the zodiac; after all, he could see them from his “observatory” and his priests could draw them on his walls!

Nimrod would have passed out cold as a refrigerated cucumber had he known that far, far, far into the future an international partnership of Europe, North America and East Asia in cooperation with the Republic of Chile would build an observatory 16,400 feet above sea level on the  Chajnantor plateau in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. There would be 66 antennas weighing more than 100 tons each that would be controlled by a super computer which could focus them on a speck or on a universe and combine the 66 radio images into 1 picture.

In this observatory man would be able to see cosmic dust circling a planet a million light years away. They would call this observatory ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) and it would cost over 1 billion dollars. The Lord God, hovering unseen, watching Nimrod and Satan, already knew about ALMA. He was impressed by neither Nimrod’s tower nor would He be impressed by all the observatories built in the time between the two constructions: (Rev. 20:10-15)Even though they look until their eyeballs burst they will never see Me but they will meet Me, all of them!” And the Great God of all glory, the God of Eden, stared directly at Satan, the devil, with cold, cold eyes.

The moon came and Nimrod could see the buildings of Nimrodtown in the moonlight. He felt a great sense of pride in his accomplishment. Then a realization hit him like one of his bricks right on top of his head! He looked closely and he remembered that he had felt compelled to lay out the town the way he had. At the beginning, when there were only 900 or so of them, he had laid out his town (Gen. 5:32) with the Ham-ites on one side and the Japheth-ites on the other.

The near purebloods were in the center of their two areas and the intermarried on the fringes with wide gaps between the two groups. As children were born and started their own families they had neatly filled in the empty places and he suddenly realized there were 2 main family groups with about 30 sub-family groups spreading out in a circle from the center of Nimrodtown. It was almost like a plan! Satan was also shocked when he realized the neat order that separated the blood kin families into lesser kin families and he wondered how that had happened? The Lord God, the God of Eden, sadly whispered to Himself; “You’ll know tomorrow why I planned it!”

From his tower Nimrod could also see a few dying supper fires in Noah’s little self-contained town of houses which comprised the 3rd main family group, the Shem-ites, well beyond the border of Nimrodtown. They had their own flocks, herds and agricultural fields. Nimrod cursed softly; “Its odd how the First Born son of Shem, Arphaxad, had stayed with Shem and Noah in his stupid little town and from then on every First Born son of a First Born son had stayed there with their families.” Unseen, God grimly thought; “You’ll soon understand Nimrod!”

Noah was always very careful to keep the First Borns and their families separated from Nimrodtown and hatred flashed through Nimrod like red hot summer lightening; (Gen. 11:10-18) “Noah never goes along with the program, (2Cor. 6:16-18 esp. V.17 keyword: separate) he always has to separate him and his from us. Oh moon god how I hate Noah and the First Borns, Shem, Arphaxad, Salah, Eber, Peleg, (Remember? Sometime toward the middle of his life the scattering would occur) Reu, his brat Serug and their families! At least I’ve brought some of the people in their later generations to my one true god worship; ME!”

Nimrod prayed fervently: “Oh gods of the stars help me kill Noah! It is his preaching about repentance and the Lord God that causes so many people to question me. He is always a thorn in my side because of the doubt he creates with his preaching (Heb. 11:7-16 esp. V.7 keyword: Noah and V.13 keywords: strangers and pilgrims) that we are strangers and pilgrims in this world and we will inherit a better country if we will believe in and worship his invisible Lord God!”

Nimrod decided to visit the tranquil, empty town he loved so well. He slipped out a door in the bottom story opposite the festivities of their worship and walked toward Nimrodtown. He walked the 1,000 feet of road to his town and on the edge of Nimrodtown he stopped and looked back toward his torch lit tower; “Its almost done, tomorrow I’ll focus all our efforts and I’ll finish my tower within a month.” Somehow the thought did not help and he strolled on through Nimrodtown. If he had known what was coming he would have laid down in the street and wept. He saw a figure coming toward him and he wondered who would dare miss the joy of worshipping the changing of the time?

As the figure drew closer, Nimrod recognized Noah; “Oh gods of the stars you have answered my prayers, you have delivered Noah to me and he is alone, I’ll break his spine and leave him dead in the street!” (Heb. 1:9-14 esp. V.14) The shining guard who was always with Noah materialized out of the shadows. The two men stopped about 25 feet apart; “Well Noah, I see you’re still afraid to get out by yourself since you’ve still got a bodyguard!” “I’ve told you a thousand times I don’t have a bodyguard! The Lord God protects me.”

As he had a thousand times before Nimrod wondered where Noah had managed to hire a bodyguard; “I know every human on the earth but I don’t know this one.” The bodyguard stepped a few steps closer to Nimrod, Noah’s eyes remained fixed on Nimrod’s face and Nimrod finally understood; “Noah can’t see him, what in the %#$@& does this mean?” Nimrod looked into the eyes of Noah’s guard and they were like hot yellow fire and his face suddenly looked like lightening.

He’d heard the repeated stories from the other side of the flood, especially the one about Abath, (part 7) Tubal-cain’s giant, who had no wounds but had died in the street when he tried to attack Noah; “Is that how Noah did it? Does Noah possess some kind of magic power to warp men’s minds and make men think they are being killed?” Nimrod was afraid! The truth of what he saw never entered Nimrod’s brain.

It was simple. Noah believed God would protect him so he did not need to see to believe. Nimrod did not believe in God so it did not matter if he did see because he would not believe anyway. Sounds like today doesn’t it?

The angel’s face was within 3 feet of Nimrod’s and Nimrod felt like he was going to fall into the flaming depths of his eyes. He wanted to shrink away but his resolve stiffened and he raised his chin; “If this is where I die so be it! I’ll not run, I won’t cry, I won’t beg and I’ll #$@% well take it like a man!” But Noah started talking and the guard slowly withdrew.

“Nimrod the judgment is here. Your little, foolish changing of the time worship of false gods means nothing. It is now time for God’s changing of the time.” There was something irrevocable in Noah’s voice and again Nimrod wanted to shrink away and his thoughts screamed; “But we are already celebrating the changing of the time!” Noah spoke softly and Nimrod strained to hear every word. “I have been instructed to tell you what I know about the secret of the brass and the iron.” Noah told him and then gave him his final instructions.

Gather the leaders of your families and instruct them in what I have said, gather them and tell them tonight because during tomorrow you will no longer talk.” Noah stared at him with something strangely implacable in his eyes and cold chills ran over Nimrod’s huge, muscular frame and he suddenly felt like a child. Nimrod’s thoughts were like a scorching fire; “So this is it. This is the foreboding, the dread.” and he turned away into the night back toward Nimrodtown.

Before Nimrod got back to the changing of the time festivities he could tell the drums were silent. When he arrived the musicians were sprawled among their instruments in various states of intoxication from the Qunubu and strong wine. He needed to tell the family group elders the secret of the brass and iron and he searched and finally found one of the sub-family elders, the man was sprawled with two women in a tangle of arms and legs and when Nimrod finally slapped him into a state of consciousness he doubted if the man understood much of what he told him.

The next one, a main family Japheth elder, was still talking to a woman when Nimrod found him and he appeared to understand every word. Nimrod fought blind, unreasoning panic as he searched them out. Some were too far gone to understand, others understood partially and some appeared to understand rather well.

Nimrod’s uproar gradually awakened the revelers. As he moved through the great celebration field people here and there started leaving. The word had traveled on ahead of him; “Nimrod’s on a rampage, better go on home.” Those leaving increased to a stream. Nimrod’s curses and shouts increased the stream to a flood. Nimrod wore himself into exhaustion trying to find all the elders and he finally gave it up and sat by one of the fires smoking Qunubu and drinking huge draughts of strong wine while they left and he began to get tipsy.

He did not really know if he had spoken to all the family elders or not, he was too drunk to care now. The last of the celebrants were leaving and Nimrod spied a nubile young woman in the crowd. He leaped to his feet, kept right on going and sprawled on his face; “I’m drunk! I don’t give a @#$%”. The young woman looked at him, he motioned for her to come to him and she did. How can one refuse the summons of a god?

Nimrod and the woman staggered off together. Nimrod’s wife was sprawled on the porch of their house, they giggled and stepped over her, she did not move. As they stepped across her Nimrod saw a pile of stinking puke beside her head. He felt a momentary pang of remorse but it vanished when the young woman pressed herself against him and they went on into his house.

They were both too intoxicated to do much other than hold each other before they passed out. Nimrod was laying on his back and she was on her side, snuggled up to Nimrod’s huge body. Being so much shorter than Nimrod the top of her head was snuggled almost into Nimrod’s armpit. Nimrod’s last thought was how beautiful her alabaster skin looked in the moonlight.

Satan had suddenly found himself barred from Nimrodtown. Try as he might he could not get through the hedge around the town. “What’s going on? What has God done now? Where’s my power?” There was no answer and Satan had to cool his heels in the fields of grain that surrounded Nimrodtown.

The Lord God looked carefully, every soul in Nimrodtown was fast asleep and He started flipping the long dormant genetic switches and the changing of the time started taking place. The Lord God had carefully crafted these genetic switches in their bodies from the time of their conception because He had known this awful day of scattering was coming.

He looked at Nimrod and the young woman last and whispered silently to Himself; “Nimrod, you have great potential, you could have led your people to worship Me but you did not and you will not. You made your choice.” It was a special time for a special man and the Lord God, the God of Eden, sadly flipped the last genetic switch.

Satan was finally allowed back in town and what he saw silenced him; “What? What? What?” It was well after daylight when a scream and shouts awakened Nimrod but his first sensation was that the woman beside him was somehow smaller. He looked and recoiled in horror! When she felt him jerk back she was instantly awake. He had never seen a mongoloid (oriental) face; “What the &%@#$, who’s this? How’d she get in here? She’s yellow. What’s wrong with her eyes?” and he automatically raised his fists to fight this strange creature.

When she saw his expression of revulsion and the rising anger in his eyes she slid out of the bed, glared at him, screamed something at him in a gibberish of almost words and fled naked into the street, she still thought she was the same physical woman he had gone to bed with last night. Her oriental body, face, shape of her head, all of her was so different! “Is she human? Where’d she come from?” Nimrod followed her into the street and she fled. Nimrod was confused. There was a rising babel (a confusion of voices and noise) coming from everywhere in Nimrod’s town beside Nimrod’s tower. People looked at their own family members, recoiled and started fighting without looking at themselves!

Naked as the day he was born Nimrod dashed on down the street and raced toward the center of town, his wife hadn’t been on the porch. As hung over family members woke up and started fighting each other they thought they still spoke the Eden language brought across the flood. They did not know it was possible for other languages to exist.

The fighting began spilling out of their houses into the streets and people started realizing they were the same color as the people they were fighting. They started understanding that other people had different colors and different languages. It was chaos! There was no order, nobody knew what to do other than to fight for survival. It was the law of fang and claw whetted to sharpness on the whetstone of the law of the feud!

“What in the #$%& is happening?” There were strange beings running, screaming, shouting and fighting everywhere and Nimrod made the snap decision that they were people; “Where did they come from?” He hadn’t gone 50 yards before he saw a huge black man with strangely kinked hair being beset by 3 slender brown men and a woman. Astonishment stopped him in his tracks as he saw a group of women of 4 different colors clawing, screaming, pulling hair, cursing, rolling and suddenly one red woman with almost oriental features staggered out of the melee with a flint knife protruding from her side. Unseen, Satan danced with glee through the blood, tears, blows, screams and curses.

On down the street a white man ran out of a side street pursued by three smaller black men with flowing straight hair. A crowd of whites were fighting a crowd of red men with strange, nearly oriental features. People were fighting everywhere, cursing, screaming and shouting a gibberish of almost words. Weapons were being used here and there and more people ran into their houses to obtain more weapons; “What in the $#$#%% is going on? Did other people survive Noah’s flood? Are we invaded? Bodies are becoming more frequent!” Nimrod was in a daze of non-comprehension.

Nimrod ran on through his town suffering shock after shock. There were pure white beings with blond, red, black and brown hair and lots of them had strange, ugly, nearly colorless, blue eyes. There were large, small and medium sized people of different colors. Here and there he could hear a familiar word or phrase but most of it was howling gibberish. “My town is being destroyed!” Every time he tried to stop a fight they turned on him and started fighting him. He soon had several superficial wounds and he had killed three people.

“I’ve got to stop this, but how?” His town was tearing itself to pieces and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it, he didn’t know whether to scream in fury or weep in chagrin because he felt like doing both at the same time! And Satan laughed at him!

(Acts 2:4-12 esp. V.8 keywords: hear we every man in our own tongue) Then he saw Noah coming down the street as calm as if he were on a morning stroll. Nobody knew he was speaking the Eden language because every person understood him in their own language. His voice somehow penetrated every heart and the fighting stopped wherever he was; “You are still you but you have changed, it is the time of scattering.”

Satan shrilled curses and whizzed up and down the street in a frenzied fury; “Let the killing continue! $%#&@ Noah, I wish he’d die, I wish he’d rot, I wish worms would eat him alive, I’d give anything to be able to kill him. I’d make it slow. I’d have a great pile of wood and I’d burn him with it one splinter at a time! I had made it! Eventually they’d have killed each other off and I’d be rid of them and God would have to start over! I would have won! Satan was having the same problem with the other First Born Sons on other streets in Nimrodtown and his curses and ranting were the same words as here but it was about those First Borns instead of Noah.

Gratitude to Noah overshadowed the hatred and even blossomed in Nimrod’s heart, for a while. Nimrod noticed the sullen, fearful, angry people had stopped fighting and were following Noah. At the edge of Nimrodtown Noah told them to go to the huge open area in front of Nimrod’s tower and wait for him; “Do not fight again!” then he turned down another street that was filled with angry, scared, fighting people. Other sullen, still angry, scared people followed the other First Borns out of various streets and were also sent to the holding area at Nimrod’s temple. It took them several hours to gather the survivors and the walking wounded in front of Nimrod’s temple.

Noah organized working parties of the same color and language to comb the town and gather the children and old people who were hiding, to gather the seriously wounded and to count the dead. Another group of a different color and language was sent into town to obtain food, cooking utensils and fuel and told to come back and start preparing food for the whole crowd.

A third group of yet another color and language was appointed to fetch medicine and bandages and start administering to the wounded. Then Noah appointed a fourth group of people of still another different color and language to start fetching water. Noah placed the First Borns in charge of the working parties. SEGREGATED! Racism and tribalism had been born on the bloody streets of Nimrodtown.

With a semblance of order restored and the people busy with tasks the uproar gradually abated and Nimrod’s hatred of Noah returned; “Noah’s in control and I’m not. He can communicate with everyone, he’s in command and everyone is following his instructions. The flame of pride lit Nimrod’s fires of jealousy and hatred and Nimrod took a step toward Noah! (Dan. 10:13-21) Invisible to all but Nimrod, Noah’s guardian turned his head and looked steadily at Nimrod out of his blazing eyes and Nimrod hurriedly turned away. Satan and the guardian stared at each other for several seconds. Satan felt a weakening and he knew this was not the time because he too would be overcome so he also turned away.

When Nimrod hurriedly turned away he looked straight into the eyes of a large, very black woman with a broad nose, very large lips, black, strangely kinked hair and an intensely plaintive expression in her soft brown eyes. They stared intently for a few seconds and Nimrod knew he was looking into the eyes of Agaruk (water carrier), his wife. The blinding light of understanding widened his eyes, she tentatively started to smile, but his sudden look of revulsion caused her smile to die.

With his eyes on her slender ankles and large, rounded hips Nimrod sneered and shook his head in disgust. She sadly turned and followed the other water carriers toward the river, thinking; “My body has changed but my soul did not. I’m still Agaruk and I still love you. Your body remained the same but your soul changed. You are no longer Nimrod and you no longer love me.”

She was correct. Nimrod was a god of shambles, a ruler of wreckage and he was furious; “I will be a ruler, I will be a legend, I will have a kingdom!” She was correct, Nimrod’s soul had changed. Nimrod had become a tyrant! The First Born Son’s families were coming and as they arrived they stood apart in their own group.

When the segregated working parties returned from town they brought 33 seriously wounded, dying casualties and reported there were 666 dead. Noah gathered the silent crowd in a circle around a cleared place, told the First Borns to line up the 33 wounded in a row on their makeshift stretchers. Satan felt compelled to stand in the front row. He was invisible, he was not allowed to influence any person, he was strangely folded in within himself, he was writhing, powerless and furious.

Then God came, He too was invisible and Satan was shocked because God radiated the same terrible power, energy and the attitude of reckoning He exhibited when He had destroyed Satan’s ugly, pitiful attempt at creation (Part 2) and Satan was suddenly afraid. None of the people there knew these spiritual events had happened, not even Noah!

Is what would happen below a physical prophecy of what would happen in (Acts 2:1 thru 8:40) and those healed would change into Christians? Of course not, its fiction, maybe. Just remember: (Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be, and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Noah turned in a slow circle looking into the eyes of the people. He radiated a terrible, brokenhearted sadness but there was an irrevocable sense of judgment in his words; “What you will see is what you could have had but you threw it all away when you followed the foolishness of Nimrod’s teaching and the dead gods he taught you to worship.” Then Noah bent beside the first casualty, a white woman with a terrible, swollen, bloody club wound that had cracked her skull. Her eyes were rolled back, she was pale from shock and blood trickled from her ears.

Noah knelt beside her, laid his hand upon her head and prayed a tender supplication to God for her. Her eyes came back, her features started changing and when the change had finished (Rom. 11:13-25 & Eph. 2:11-13) she resembled someone who was physical, blood kin to Noah. Her eyes were filled with glowing life, wonder and a strange peace. She touched her head with a bloody hand then stood erect. She slowly looked at the assembled people just as Noah had then quietly with firm steps she joined the group comprised of the First Born’s families.

The next casualty was a large black man. An arrow had hit him just under his heart and it protruded out his back. He lay on his side on the litter, bloody froth bubbled from his lips and fear filled his eyes. It was easy to see the arrow had pierced a lung and the man felt the cold, cold hand of death squeezing away his life. Again Noah knelt, touched and prayed. When he was done he grasped the arrow, broke the flint head off and easily withdrew it.

It was easy to see the man suffered no pain and the wound in his back was healed before the arrow exited his chest and that wound was also immediately healed. The crowd gasped as one. The man’s features and body started changing before their eyes and they gasped again. The effect was much more dramatic this time because the change was so great. When it was done the man also favored Noah’s near, blood kin and he too chose to join Noah’s family.

Noah worked steadily but was unhurried as if he had all the time in the world. He did too because God had told him so and He had assured Noah he would remove their pain! Noah knelt beside the next victim, a slender oriental man with a flint knife buried in his neck. (Matt. 28:19-20) That’s when the people noticed the casualties represented one each from every race and every sub group.

A whisper swept the crowd and they were gripped with a horror because they knew something supernatural was happening, they did not understand and they were afraid. The same thing that had happened to the large black man happened to the oriental man and he joined Noah’s family. (Matt. 24:14) Was this a physical prophesy that Jesus’ gospel must be preached to all nations before the end comes? Of course not, its fiction, maybe.

Remember? (Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Noah knelt beside the next casualty, a strongly made red man with faintly oriental features. He had been stabbed in the back several times and severely beaten. Nobody there knew he was a representative of a people and what would happen to them. The thing that mattered was that in spite of all that had happened to him he lived. Noah touched him, prayed and the terrible stabs, bruises and contusions vanished before their eyes, his physical features changed and he too joined Noah’s family.

The fifth casualty was a woman from Noah’s family who had been in town when the race war had started. (5, the number of grace, ahhh) (Luke 21:17-28) She had several terrible, mortal wounds but she had somehow survived even though it appeared many people had hated her and had tried to kill her. (Ezek. 37:11-28, Eph. 2:14-22 and Rev. 20:3-9) She too was healed but she did not need to change because she already was. (Rev. 20:4) Was this a spiritual prophesy of Christ’s physical 1,000 year rein with Israel? Of course not, its fiction, maybe. You decide.

(Matt. 24:48-49) Time seemed to drag on forever because the people (Gal. 1:8) grew restless at the sameness of it and wanted to go their own way. In real time it only took 99 minutes to heal the 33 people, 3 minutes each, (1John 5:6-12) three that were one made those healed into one family. (Rev. 1:19 thru 2:22) But the others grew tired of it. Check the given scriptures; does it sound like today, 4-25-14? You decide. Then Noah preached and told them just how it was.

Noah somehow appeared larger. His eyes glowed and there was a strange power of absolute sureness flowing from him and they were afraid. “These many years you and yours have mocked me and the message of repentance and obedience I have brought to you from God. You did not repent and then obey. You refused to hear the many warnings. (Ex. 34:14-15) You have gone a whoring after other gods, gods that cannot hear, see, smell, taste nor feel, gods that are dead and cannot love you.”

(2Pet. 2:2) “You have followed the pernicious ways of Nimrod and have mocked (John 5:26) the glorious God of life. You have followed the ways of Lucifer, the god of death. (Gen. 3:4) He is the god of death because what he did in Eden will cause each of you to die. Now you can count your dead and water the ground with your tears and with your blood.” Satan cocked his head and wondered what he meant.

“You worshipped the changing of the time dictated by the stars, sun and moon. You ignored the one true God who told you to go forth and subdue the world, to be fruitful and multiply. The one true God made the stars, sun and moon and the changing of the time is surely upon you but not the one you thought. The judgment of God has fallen upon you for your time has surely changed.”

“Your time here is gone and your time of gone from here has started. Your time together with each other is gone and your time of scattering has started. You may think it cruel but you were warned. You will take your false gods, your idols, with you in your hearts but remember this; those gods failed you here and they will fail you wherever you go. You can go through your town and obtain your necessities for survival but if you touch one of your idols you will die! NOW GO!”

The people, some of them weeping too late tears, went toward town, separating into groups of like colors and like languages as they went, segregated, (Gen. 11:7-8) scattered. (Gen. 11:7) As they went toward Nimrodtown their confounded (mixed) languages sounded like (Gen.11:9) a Babel (confusion) and so would their tower be named.

The segregated people were pitiful. The segregated groups could no longer talk to each other and their physical characteristics were different from each other. Their “religion” was destroyed. All they had to count on were those of their own color and language. They were frightened.

It was a “cast down time” because they were suspicious of each other, angry, muttering, some crying, some cursing, many wounded, almost all had good friends that had suddenly vanished into stranger-hood with Noah’s people, some were looking in vain for lovers or sweethearts, all were suffering a depression that was palatable. Then the real fear of their reality started; “Where will we go? What will we do? How far away is gone? Who will protect us? We won’t have houses! How will we live?”

Noah’s family stood outside their small town and watched their preparations. Noah had said his family would worship God tonight and inquire of Him where He wanted them to go. Subtracting those recently killed and Noah’s family members less than 4,000 people made up the total of the 32 small groups of people who were leaving.

Yes, some groups had more members than others but the average was around 125 people. None of the groups stopped to pray and ask the Lord God for directions. They did not think about how much better their circumstances were than Noah’s family had been when they had exited the ark, it would not have made any difference if they had. It was a time of selfishness.

They gathered their pitiful possessions and realized just how poor they really were; some bows and arrows, flint headed clubs, flint scrapers and knives, a few clay pots for cooking, clothing, skins, skin bags to carry water, grain seed and whatever preserved food they possessed and most of them realized they could only take what they could carry.

The stronger clans with more people simply took what they wanted from what had been the communal herds and flocks until none were left and the majority of clans were left without any domesticated animals. Those clans who took the domesticated animals could take heavy things like plows, heavy bags of crop seed and etc. on the backs of their animals and they did not offer to share. It was a time of selfishness.  As they scattered the time had changed into survival of the fittest.

It was odd how they scattered, almost like it had been planned. Satan also went right along with them and he missed the fact their scattering happened the way it did. They didn’t pay any attention to him, it took a while for him to understand and when he did he exploded into a paroxysm of fury and whizzed angrily through the beautiful, pristine, dangerous world; “They can’t understand me! I’ll have to learn each of their languages a word at a time!”

He whizzed, buzzed and screamed through forests, prairies, valleys, by the water, in the dry places, he whizzed high into the air and screamed and screamed! The people didn’t care because they could not see nor hear what happened in the spirit world. God, the great God of glory, the God of Eden, could see into the spirit world because He was there and, in spite of His sadness, He laughed out loud at the suffocating frustration suffered (Luke 22:53, John 14:30 & Eph. 6:12) by the prince of darkness, the dark prince who so wanted His throne.

(Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

The forlorn little groups looked mournfully sad as they left. They went in every direction, small groups dressed in various shades of brown, carrying all they owned, watching their children closely. Sometimes they looked back at the other groups growing smaller and smaller. They had cried until there were no tears left and finally the tiny groups had disappeared. Sometimes it was because of the distance, sometimes they disappeared into the forest and sometimes they disappeared behind some small rise in the ground.

The last thing each group saw as they lost sight of the vast plain of Shinar was Nimrod’s shining white tower there in the far distance. They did not have a word for pyramid in their languages but the shape of Nimrod’s Tower in the far distance looked like a pyramid and they would remember that shape because it carried the solace of oneness, safety and a god to worship!

These hunter/gatherers, or their progeny, who left Shinar without flocks and herds meandered far before they found “that perfect valley with the perfect cave” in which to stop, OR: seashore, OR: lake, OR: mountain, OR: rolling prairie, OR: whatever. Some of them started dominating the world all over again by building structures, by agriculture and by animal husbandry.

Only God really knows the struggle for survival, knowledge and territory these small groups overcame. In this far, far time before Jesus Christ these people did not know they carried in their loins and in their brains the founders of great civilizations like the Ming Dynasties, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and etc. Think about it!

As these little families, tribes and clans developed and spread out to inhabit this rich, vast, awesome, sometimes frightening new world how many times was the art of making brass and iron discovered, lost and re-discovered throughout the centuries? One day their “keeper of the secret of brass and iron” is killed by a bear and the secret of brass and iron is dead also. “We’ve lost our power!”

There are only three results possible; they go on and do the best they can without brass and iron and remain stone age; they re-discover brass and iron; or they meet with another family, clan, or tribe who will share or trade their secret knowledge of brass and iron; “My beautiful daughter to your chief for the secret of brass and iron.”

Just think about how this scenario must have happened over and over. Our puny little modern history knows about only one Bronze Age and only one iron age in the time after Jesus Christ resurrected and went back to take His throne beside God. While you are thinking about the above situations think about this: Iron and Bronze Age Europeans took the Americas away from Stone Age Native Americans! Does that prove the point? 

NOTE: (1Tim. 1:4 & Titus 3:9) The sixteen grandsons of Noah – is a good site to find who went where and did what after the scattering. I will not get us bogged down in the tedious boredom of genealogical investigation. There is enough information on the internet to rupture an elephant under the load of written documents so please go there if genealogy is your forte. I have already proved the feasibility that every continent and island in the world could be reached by these ancient people traveling by land or sea.

One thing I would like to point out is a partial list of nations (internet obtained) where pyramids or worship and royalty centers built on the pyramid design are still found; Greece, Thailand, Sudan, Spain, Cambodia, Egypt, Peru, Russia (discovered in 2013, under investigation), Canary Islands, China, Nigeria, Numidia (ancient Algeria) Bolivia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, Tahiti, Brazil, Western Samoa, Iran, England, Italy, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Bosnia (under dispute), and earthen pyramids called mounds in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, and Arkansas in America.

Pyramids called ziggurats were built by Sumerians, Babylonians, Elamites, Akkadians and Assyrians. Pyramids called cairns are located in Germany, Scandinavia, France, Switzerland and Poland. This also proves a point that:

It is obvious the pyramid shaped design from the tower of Babel went with some of the various groups in their memories. As they settled in various places and grew in numbers they remembered the pyramid shaped tower worship from Babel, probably through their ancestor’s handed down stories, and with the power of greater populations they built types of pyramids to honor their own idols and false gods even while they conjured up a vast array of mythological figures they also called gods. Pyramids are the common Babel thread they remembered! END OF NOTE.

Satan traveled with them and perpetuated the continuity of Satan while he diligently observed and learned by experience. He taught, led, lied, enchanted, attracted and delighted them completely, charmed and inspired them. While he learned their languages Satan realized a startling discovery that had been right under his nose all the time. He’d been using it in a small time way but hadn’t understood that (Rev. 1:18) Adam had given him a key.

(1Cor. 15:22 keywords: For as in Adam all die and Heb. 2:14 keywords: him that had the power of death, that is, the devil) Adam and Eve had acquired a carnal nature because they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Rom. 8:6-7) That carnal nature was passed down to all people born after them. “Adam actually gave me the key to the power of death over men!” Satan slapped himself on the top of his spiritual head with his spiritual hand; “DUMMY!”

Satan had seen only one small war but it had killed 666 people in a little more than 2 hours; “I’ve got to study what provoked them to do it. They were different colors and they couldn’t speak the same language, hmmm, why, what were they feeling?”

Then he had a blinding thought; “They want a god to worship. (Col. 1:16 keywords: created by him, and for him) It’s just part of them. They must have a god to worship! But they want a god who will let them feel good in forbidden ways. They want a carnal god of sensation. (Heb. 11:25) They want a god who expects nothing from them except for them to pleasure themselves. They would rather have a god who will let them have physical pleasure instead of a God who will give them spiritual pleasure! WHEEEEE! I’VE GOT ‘EM!” 

Do you believe all this? Of course you don’t, it’s fiction. Maybe!