NOTES: From parts 5 & 6 we see the 10 to 12 foot tall giants were genetically 1/4 human DNA, 1/4 native born Neandertal hybrid and 1/2 angel/Neandertal hybrid = 3/4 Neandertal DNA but only mixed as shown before.

Man in his urgency to obtain sexual release, his selfishness in obtaining that which makes him happy and (Exodus 22:19-20) his willingness to commit bestiality (sex with an animal) with a soulless, non-human hominid, an animal, had released upon the world a race of giant, soulless, man-like hominids who lived according to the pack instinct whether it be with those who had whelped them or to those who were like them. They did have a great intelligence but only in the likeness that a house dog has a greater intelligence than an armadillo.

If you want to read about the above possibility please ask your internet explorer about man’s closest genetic relatives (plural). Example: The geneticists say chimpanzees and man share 98.8% of their DNA. Also ask your internet explorer about repressive, dominate and recessive genes.

The ceaseless generational interbreeding between humans and Neandertal may be the reason such a great number of people of modern European descent have a touch (about 4%) of Neandertal DNA. Science doesn’t say how much DNA is shared between chimpanzee and Neandertal.

As mankind, both men and women, delved ever deeper into depravity, they would engage in deviant sexual relations with anything (Num. 13:32-33, Deut. 2:11 thru 3:13, Josh. 12:4 thru 18:16 Josh. 12:4 thru 18:16 1Sam. 17:1-4, 2Sam.21:16-22 and 1Chron. 20:4-8) and that is the reason the seed of the giants was carried across the flood in the genetic profile of one of Noah’s son’s wives. It was a genetic sequence God could activate when He wanted to test His followers! Think Goliath and David!

Satan forbids that any scientist would suggest God simply mixed the DNA to suit himself and, like their claim that 98.8% of DNA shared by monkey and man is from a common ancestor, they would have to admit the existence of God and all their grant money would vanish like a puff of smoke in the wind.

(Gen. 2:7) Only man is a living soul. Man’s soul and spirit (breath of eternal life: Rev. 20:10 thru 21:4 esp. 20:10 keywords: for ever and ever: you will forever be you) were tied together by God when He created the first man (Luke 16:22-31 esp. V.25 keywords: comforted, tormented) and they are eternally tied together. Through man’s failure in Eden your body became a temporary house but YOU the soul with its spirit of life are eternal. (John 5:27-29) You will forever be you, wherever you choose to go, just like all the rest of us!

(all the above scriptures and many others say:) No hominid apes and no other animals have a living soul! The fact we share some genes simply proves God created the great gene pool and mixed parts of it to create whatever He wanted, wherever He wanted, whenever He wanted.

(Gen. 6:4) This is the only verse that tells us about the giants in Noah’s time. The complete verse is written under the given numbers, #1 etc., with the defined word underlined. The matching highlighted numbers, #1 etc., give the definition in italics. These 6 definitions tell the complete story of the giants SO they are very important!

#1) There were giants #1) bully, tyrant:

#2) in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God #2) benei ha-elohim = angels:  

#3) came in unto the daughters of men, #3) females who are blood kin offspring of human men: 

#4) and they bare children to them, the same became mighty #4) powerful, warrior, tyrant, champion, giant, strong, valiant:

#5) men which were of old, #5 A) ancient time, beginning of the world: B) to strengthen, to save by flight: C) concealed, vanishing point, out of mind: This definition is very important because it tells 3 events: A) a time:  B) a situation: C) a state of being, watch for them as sub-titles:

#6) men of renown. #6) shame, a conspicuous position, famous, mark of individuality, to be lofty.

(Eccl. 1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” AND DO NOT FORGET THIS IS AN ALMOST NOVEL, A SUPPOSING, A WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED!!! END OF NOTES.

#5 A) a time: (ancient time, beginning of the world)

In this ancient time in the beginning of the world (1Tim. 2:14) Adam’s sin that he followed his wife’s lead instead of what God had told him to do and ate of the forbidden fruit (1Cor. 15:22) had brought the curse of death on all of mankind that would be born after him and mankind inherited Adam’s carnal nature (Rom. 8:6-7 two keywords: carnally minded: #1 carnally: defined: human nature with its unregenerate frailties, morals and passions AND #2 minded: defined: inclination, purpose, set the affection on, to be like, the feelings–> the soul) which is the director of our actions according to our values as directed by our conscience.

There was no regenerating factor yet that would change man’s soul and man was a slave to his emotions. Satan diligently observed and learned by experience and his influence became an ever greater catalyst to seduce men to, for effect, worship him (2Cor. 4:4) as the god of this world by using his learned skills in teaching, lying, leading, enchanting, charming, attracting and delighting completely. (2Tim. 3:13 comparative) Just as you have seen so far in the first 6 articles of this commentary because the first born sons and their God relationship were more and more ignored to an ever greater degree. It is obvious their society’s lifestyle became their god; god self! (Gen 6:5-6) And God was watching!

Satan worked hard (Gen. 6:5) to enhance mankind’s natural, unregenerate inclination toward becoming a “wicked” society whose “every imagination of the thoughts of their heart was only evil continually“. The emotion of pride, jealousy and hatred was why Cain killed his brother Able. (2Tim. 3:13 comparative) As you have seen in the first 6 articles mankind with its carnal nature was a willing participant in the degeneration of their society as lust, greed, deviant sexual desires, selfishness, envy and malice rose up from that foundation of pride, jealousy and hatred. SO:

Rumors came from far to the east that the god Qunubu (cannabis, marijuana: a mind-altering drug) had given birth to a son! The birth had happened in a nation called Aryan. Someday in the far future it would be named Afghanistan. They said he was born from the dried tears of Qunubu’s father Somniferum (opium poppy: a mind-altering drug). They said his name was Lachryma (tears) and he was slowly coming west toward them! NOTE: Look up Qunubu and Somniferum on Wikipedia for detailed information. END OF NOTE.

In their conspicuous position of wealth and influence Tubal-cain, Jubal and Jabel were famous and could also claim the title of Giant but it was in a spiritual sense because of their depravity in that their every effort was to enhance their own physical sensation and position of wealth, power and influence.

The various Cro-Magnon clans and cities strewn over what would be Israel, the Near East, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean States were ruled by councils of Elders. They were elders in the truest sense because they were the oldest and individually or as a group they had a vast storehouse of wisdom learned from their own long life and the wisdom handed down by their fathers.

In reality Seth had been the first Elder. (Gen. 6:1) As the population in the original valley had multiplied Seth had realized he couldn’t be everywhere at once and (Ex. 18:13-26) he formed a Council of Elders. When groups left Seth’s valley, be they good or evil, they appointed their own Council of Elders to keep order and direct their affairs.

Noah was taking a break from his carpentry work in Seth City the capitol of Seth Valley and the surrounding area whose furthest borders could be reached by a 4 day hike from Seth City. The Elders from far flung townships maintained a sporadic contact with the elders of other settlements and towns by using runners to carry written messages concerning trade, discoveries, deaths, births, methods, descriptions of what they found and to carry communications between extended families. Eventually these runners had earned the name messenger.

Noah had thanked the God of Eden for his food and his life and had started to eat when he saw a messenger come down the dirt street with his leather message bag slung across his shoulder by its leather strap and enter the building across the street where the council of elders met.

As he sat there slowly eating Noah suddenly felt the warm, safe, loved feeling he always got when the unseen God of Eden was near. Noah remembered when, just after his 12th birthday, the “First Borns” had explained to Noah the necessity that their altar, their worship and their mission was to be kept secret and they started teaching him how to worship the God of Eden in Adam’s hidden cave at the original altar.

They taught Noah to recognize, by his feelings, when the God of Eden was near even when Noah wasn’t at the secret Adam altar cave and they taught him about the records. They had told Noah he was the last first born son of the “First Borns” on this side of the dividing that would hold the secret and after the dividing he would appoint his own First Born Son to be the record keeper.

“Father, what’s the dividing? (Gen. 5:28-29) Noah’s father Lamech; son of Methuselah, (Gen. 5:21-24) the son of Enoch who had been taken because he walked so close to the God of Eden, (Gen: 5:6-20 esp. V.18) the son of Jared in the lineage of the “First Borns” of Seth, who was the son (Gen. 4:25) the God of Eden had given to Adam to replace Able; quietly answered; “That is not for us to know until the God of Eden wills it. The knowledge of the dividing was withheld and Noah knew it was futile to ask about the records.

Sitting there in the sun Noah’s thoughts fondly drifted back to the revelation he had received on the day he was 30 years old. The First Borns had fasted and prayed much for 3 days then they slipped away to their secret Adam’s altar cave. They worshipped the God of Eden and He met with them there.

As the cloud slowly rolled and folded in on itself and the sapphire lightening flickered their sacrifice of blood and fat away they experienced great contentment and joy and they knew this was a special time. It was in the presence of the God of Eden that Lamech opened the cleverly hidden secret chamber and returned with a bundle wrapped, padded, tied and protected in the softest sheep’s skin.

With great ceremony he gently laid it before the altar, blessed it and on their knees the First Borns gathered respectfully around, except between the altar and the bundle. With the greatest respect and delicacy Lamech untied and opened the bundle. When the clay tablets were exposed the First Borns as one drew in a deep, near gasping breath. Lamech carefully withdrew one and began to read; “And when I, Adam, opened my eyes the face of the God of Eden was there, only 3 hand spans away from my face, and I “somehow knew” He had given me His Breath of Life.”

As the beauty of the story unfolded tears made silver streams down their faces because it was the story of them, of man, of us, of you, of me. Lamech picked up the last clay tablet, stared straight into Noah’s eyes with an awful intensity until Noah felt chills race up and down his body; “This is my tablet.

(Gen.5:28-29) I have kept my part of the record for 212 years. I scribed here on the bottom of my last clay tablet, the very last line, only yesterday”; “And on the day he was 30 years old I, Lamech, told my son, Noah, he was the last of the First Borns on this side of the dividing and he is to be a keeper of the record of us for the God of Eden, that he would write the record of his life here on this side of the dividing.”

Lamech paused and picked up an older tablet and read the story of the time, when Noah was 12 years old, in this very cave the God of Eden had told them Noah was the chosen one. A low rumble of thunder and the quickening of the sapphire lightening from the altar and their feeling of joy plainly showed the approval of the God of Eden.

Lamech continued; “Noah, my son, the God of Eden has chosen thee to take the record of us across the dividing and continue the record there until the God of Eden tells thee which of thy sons will continue the record.” Noah was afraid to ask questions, afraid to speak, as the First Borns laid their hands upon his head and prayed for the God of Eden to protect him. Noah didn’t know how bad he was going to need divine protection!

Sitting there thinking, Noah had to smile. He had always taken speaking and writing for granted, they were just there! Then the tablets had revealed the God of Eden had taught Adam how to speak their words and in the process of time the God of Eden had taught Adam to inscribe those words on clay tablets.

Then the God of Eden had commanded Adam to write the record of The God of Eden and His relationship to man and pass the keeping of the record down the lineage of the “First Borns” and to keep that record secret or the ants would eat them and the bees would sting them until they died.

Adam had taught his generations to talk in words and how to write those words but he never divulged the SECRET. It wasn’t hard to do because the very same day the God of Eden had given Adam that command of secrecy Adam was out in the forest and he saw a huge colony of Siafu ants march over top of and envelop a sleeping hog.

When they started biting, the terrified hog ran about the glade in a blind panic until it finally ricocheted off a hollow stump and disturbed a bushel basket sized, grey paper nest of Vespa hornets. Like some tiny, violent, furious, insect cavalry the hornets streamed out and were attracted to the movement of the running, squealing hog.

The already miserable hog had not really known total misery until the Vespa hornets caught up. Hogs are tough and durable and that one held true to its breed. It lived a long time; running, squealing, wallowing, screaming and slowly dying right in front of Adam’s horrified eyes.

Oddly enough that “event” had happened before the eyes of every First Born on the day he was given the title of record keeper; except Noah, he had seen the same thing the day before he had started the three day fast that would make him the last First Born keeper of the record this side of the dividing; that’s why his mouth was so dry he couldn’t swallow and he could only croak out his ascent when he’d taken the vow of silence.

(Eccl. 1:9) “and there is no new thing under the sun.”  

Tubal-cain hated the elders. He hated the elders belonging to the groups whose altars the God of Eden very seldom visited. He hated the elders whose altars the God of Eden never visited. He even hated the elders in the vast majority of Cro-Magnon humans who didn’t worship any god other than self.

All the elders harped incessantly against the use of Qunubu, the fertility gods Pen-Vul, Pen-Pen, Vul-Vul, the gods in the constellations and the idols made to represent the things of the earth. He especially hated the “First Borns” that were left, they weren’t elders (John 14:26) but they claimed to be in some kind of special contact with the false, invisible God they called the God of Eden. Of all the First Borns, Tubal-cain hated Noah the most.

“Baah, old wives tales!” They all talked far too much about the God of Eden and Tubal-cain was sick of it. They held the majority of the people to a lifestyle that was critical of the worshippers of Qunubu, Pen-Vul, Pen-Pen and Vul-Vul. He was beginning to realize just how much power he and his immediate followers had. They were a minority but he thought he could whip them up to a very vocal, rude, sometimes violent minority. Sound familiar?

That was when Qunubu’s son Lachryma came into Tubal-cain’s possession. The east country trader/dealer carefully demonstrated how to place Lachryma in a dish, burn it and inhale the smoke. Tubal-cain had never experienced anything like it in his life! The dealer looked furtively around and carefully showed Tubal-cain some seeds he said would grow into Qunubu’s father Somniferum.

He showed Tubal-cain how to plant the seeds in dry, sour soil. It cost Tubal-cain a king’s ransom but he was glad to pay for Lachryma and for the dealer to stay and teach him to harvest Lachryma. “See, you make a tiny wound into the fertility of Somniferum’s immature seed pod, his white liquid syrup bleeds out, let the liquid dry into a yellowish softness, scrape it off, dry it, burn it and breathe it in. It is the breath of life!”

A year in this place, thoughts of his wife and children and the dealer was glad to head back east with his small caravan of Tubal-cain’s wealth. Foolish man! Make a deal with the devil and you get a devil’s reward! Tubal-cain, Jubal and Jabel ambushed the caravan, killed the trader and his three servants and they returned to Seth City far richer than before the trader came.

With his new wealth Tubal-cain started a movement to suppress all this talk about the God of Eden. When an elder died Tubal-cain pulled every string he had to see the elder who was chosen was like minded with him. Once in a great while a certain key elder would be found dead from mysterious reasons and Tubal-Cain’s man filled the spot.

He incited the false god worshippers to dance, parade, riot and scream and convince that unknowing, unthinking, uncaring majority the false god worshippers were being suppressed and their rights as humans were being violated. Political correctness was being born in the bloody streets and country roads of Seth’s valley. Satan was delighted and helped all he could by blinding people to the truth, seducing, charming, lying and deceiving everyone he could. 

Then Satan had a blindingly brilliant idea that nearly took his breath away; “Why not help man find a way to say they were worshipping the God of Eden without having a relationship with the God of Eden?”

(2Cor. 11:13-15) He found his man in Shaqar-Owr the great, great grandson of Jared by one of his other children who did not follow the ways of Jared and the other First Borns; “I’ll inspire him. (1Tim. 4:1) I’ll teach him how and what to preach!” Of all things on the earth Satan hated he hated Noah the most so he started plans to seduce Noah into the sins of the times or to have him murdered; “Oh, how badly I hate Noah!”

A man who would be named Moses in the far future would love Noah because (Mark 12:19 & Ex. 17:14) Moses wrote the first 5 books of what would be called the Holy Bible and he would need the inspiration of the God of Eden and those ancient clay tablet records, especially how the earth began, how man began, how man fell from Eden, how man lived, how man fell again and the names of those involved. Do you believe it? Of course not, ITS FICTION! Maybe???

Tubal-cain and his brothers had finally “discovered” how to breed a giant. Their 12′ 6″ 1800 pound discovery was sitting leaned back against a tree in Tubal-cain’s yard. His belly was full and he was content. Abath the giant had huge, dense bones to carry his heavy muscles. A giant could outrun a horse, move quickly and lift incredible amounts of weight.

Wherever his “pack” went, he went, even if it was just Tubal-cain, the leader of the pack. Abath didn’t realize his towering, frowning presence helped Tubal-cain’s debtors rapidly find sufficient funds to gladly pay Tubal-cain what was owed him. Tubal-cain’s other two giants were almost grown now but he kept them secreted away while he cemented his relationship with them as leader of their pack.

Had Tubal-cain known what to look for and had he been able to see what was in Abath’s throat he would have seen all the organs were there for Abath and the other giants to be able to talk. (1Sam. 17:2-9) Had Tubal-cain been able to understand he would have known the God of Eden had not yet released the gene that would permit speech. But how can one look for the work of a God they don’t believe exists? If you do not believe in God you cannot believe in God’s enemy Satan the devil!

Watching Tubal-cain’s giant caused Satan to remember the hundreds of giant men he had thought into existence when he had his chance at creation, it humiliated him but he could not stop thinking about how close he had come to making a real human giant. Satan did not realize the God of Eden was rubbing his nose in his failures just a bit.

His first one had been a 60 footer who could not even sit up and he had sat and watched while it struggled and smothered to death from its own weight. He tried 50 footers, 40 footers, on down the scale until he had his first success with a 10 foot tall 1200 pounder but, like the rest, it was an ape, an animal named Blacki in a place that would be called China. He had made his attempts all over the world in such places that would be named, Russia, America, Australia, Republic of Georgia and etc.

It would be millions of earth years later before Satan would realize how wildly successful he had been. He would be present when certain men would fabricate giants out of dinosaur and mammoth bones and claim to have found the biblical giants and try to make money from their finds.

He would be present when legitimate fossilized and preserved bones of giants would be found and the fearful members of scientific institutions and governments would confiscate and secret them away because of the possibility the remains would disprove their theory of evolution and prove what the Holy Bible said about creationism was true.

There were those who would form “fossilized giants” out of clay, stone and other ingredients for practical jokes. Satan would dance and gloat at all their meetings, arguments and confrontations that would go on for centuries. He would whirl with glee through the lie filled air while angry, red faced men would do anything to prove their point of view was right. (Rev. 21:8 keyword: liars) The God of Eden would be there too and He would be counting.

As the years passed and more giants were bred by accident or by design. Once in a while odd, chilling stories came by the messengers. Some people had devised a way to entice giants to fight each other. One owner would pretend to attack another owner, the other owner’s giant would step forward to defend his leader of his pack and the first owner’s giant would step forward to defend his owner and the fight was on with incredible results. Fortunes were made and lost in betting on these fight to the death encounters.

As these staged fights grew in popularity the stronger, valiant, warrior giants became champions and they were men of renown. Even the female giants were discovered to have the same pack instinct but somehow their fights didn’t catch on like the male giants and they never became renowned.

The “owners” of the giants were hugely disappointed when they discovered the giants were sterile and would produce no offspring. The giants would try with great gusto when the sexes were placed together. Their coupling, was viewed with great glee and became an attraction in itself, but it produced no “baby giants”.

One chilling story that came by messenger was from a far-flung town about a giant that started eating the organs torn from dead body of his antagonist right there in the arena in front of the audience. The Cro-Magnons had never seen or even thought about cannibalism and they were astonished and sickened.

When his owner attempted to stop him the giant killed him on the spot, attacked the onlookers killing 7 more men, injured several more before he broke his huge, stone headed club handle, then fled into the forest. The men went home, grabbed their weapons and a group of 30 men went after the giant.

They cornered the giant in a brushy ravine and went in after him. They had never seen anything like it in their lives! Every man had a bow and arrows among his weapons. Flint arrowheads were brittle and broke easy. Flint was difficult to knap into replacement arrowheads and they were tradesmen, herders, farmers, traders and builders and they were, at best, poor bowmen.

The differing weights of the flint arrowheads made accurate shooting nearly impossible and, like the whole Cro-Magnon society, hardly anybody had cared enough to devote the days and days of practice required to be proficient with a bow, except for one man.

They fought a pitched battle with the giant through the brush and trees, the terrain scattered them and they could not understand how a giant could be so fast, elusive and could set ambushes in such a cunning fashion that he seemed to materialize out of thin air. The giant was hit 4 times with the flint tipped arrows but they simply did not have the penetrating power to kill the giant.

The event that ended the fight was when the giant suddenly sprang out of an ambush and attacked a group of 3 men. He pounced on the first man like a gigantic cat, broke his body, tossed him aside and turned on the other 2 men. The second man was so scared his arrow completely missed the huge body but the third man coolly drew his bow and shot his arrow into the giant’s throat just as the burning eyed giant almost had his hands on the second man.

The giant grabbed his throat and, as blood squirted between his fingers, the insane fury left his eyes. More men heard the fight, ran to the clearing to help and stood transfixed while the bloody, moaning giant staggered about. He finally fell to his knees, his eyes like those of a dying animal, he fell on over on his side, threshed about and finally ceased to move.

There were 9 men dead, 2 dying and several more injured with bruises, contusions and broken bones and several others had various lesser injuries. They did what they could for the casualties, sent a runner for help and waited. That giant became very famous.

When it was discovered the accuracy and penetration of the bow shot that killed the giant was caused by one of Tubal-cain’s iron arrowheads and much practice they wanted to know why. The bowman explained that all his arrowheads weighed the same and when he shot he expected the second arrow to fly just like the first one had. With enough practice he could put his first arrow where he aimed.

Tubal-cane’s arrowhead business doubled. As the news went through the Cro-Magnon world his arrowhead business went through the roof and he had to put 4 more men to work. As people contemplated what awful damage the giant’s stone headed club had done and how puny their own stone headed clubs were Tubal-cain’s iron ax head business also went through the roof and he put another 6 men to work.

Other stories in an ever-increasing number came that told of various predations an ever-increasing number of giants performed against their masters. Some masters wouldn’t feed their giant enough and it was only natural the giant would go hunting for food, usually in a neighboring man’s flocks. When the giant’s presence was given away by the bellowing, braying, bleating panic-stricken flocks and when caught in the act he would fight back, generally with disastrous results for the human.

At the beginning, men had not accepted the idea of a sword very well and sales had been desultory but the volume of buyers increased as men began to fear lurking giants behind every bush and they also gladly bought the wooden shields fronted with a light, thin layer of iron that Tubal-cain had designed.

Men had an ever better way to defend himself against giants and an even better way to kill other men over various grievances such as when a giant’s master would not replace the animals his giant had taken from his neighbor. “@#%***#@ That’s his tracks right there!” “You’re a @#$%**@ liar!” And a man would die.

All these things had happened in the process of time and Noah was surprised the day he realized it was his birthday and he was 400 years old. (Gen. 6:8-9) People knew Noah was the latest in the lineage of the First Borns that went all the way back through Seth to Adam and, like them, he was a just man and perfect in his generations.

(2Pet. 2:5 keyword: preacher) It didn’t bother Noah one bit to tell a man when he was wrong and to tell that man the God of Eden would one day bring judgment on their evil and adulterous generation. That was also the day Tubal-cain decided to have Noah murdered.

There was just something about Noah; it was like he had an authority about him and people were a little bit afraid of Noah. (1Pet. 3:20) Those people were so far gone spiritually they didn’t realize it was the God of Eden who had His hand of protection upon Noah. Despite all of Noah’s preaching the people paid no attention (Gen. 5:30) not even his own brothers and sisters and all their progeny.

(1Pet. 3:20 keyword: longsuffering) They scoffed and made fun of Noah behind his back when he said the God of Eden had feelings and that He was tired of being longsuffering (Gen. 6:5-13) because they were wicked and corrupt and their ways were filled with violence.

(2Pet. 2:5 keyword: preacher) Tubal-cain was sick of Noah’s constant harping and calls to repentance and the next week he hired 3 assassins to go to Noah’s house in the night and murder him. He wanted Noah’s death to be as slow and painful as possible.

(Num. 22:22-24) The three assassins slowly crept close to Noah’s house. It was a moon lit night and they went slowly so they would not be seen. They suddenly saw 2 men standing in the shadow of the porch. The guards looked strange in their shining clothes and in the moonlight their drawn swords glittered like fire.

The assassins withdrew and reported to Tubal-cain all they had seen. Tubal-cain ranted and raged until the leader of the assassins quietly said; “You were not there, you did not see, judge us not until you have seen.” The simmering anger in the burly assassin’s voice was like a shot of ice water in Tubal-cain’s veins and he became thoughtful.

“Return here in three nights, you will have all the help you need.” Their nerve much bolstered with Lachryma, Qunubu’s son, 8 assassins came down the road to Noah’s house three nights later. The two shining men who carried the swords of fire met them just outside Noah’s gate; “Begone from here, you have no business with Noah!” The burly assassin leader spoke in a low, deadly voice; “Step aside guards, we’ve come for Noah!” Several seconds passed as the tension grew and grew between them, then the assassins attacked.

At the dawning of the day the next morning a passerby found the unmarked bodies of the 8 assassins dead in the road in front of Noah’s gate, their cold faces stamped with a look of horror! The passerby left at a dead run and presently he was pounding on Tubal-cain’s door.

A few minutes later an ox cart and 4 men left Tubal-cain’s house and retrieved the assassin’s bodies from in front of Noah’s house before anyone could see them and ask Tubal-cain any embarrassing questions about his failure. Noah never knew about the incident. (Num. 22:22-29) Tubal-cain did not know even a jackass knows better than to fight an angel!

Tubal-cain wondered what had happened at Noah’s gate; “They did not have any wounds, how did Noah arrange that?” Tubal-cain began planning his next attack on Noah. “Use the giant.”  “Hummm, I think I will use the giant; wonder how I can do it?” Satan rolled his spiritual eyes in disgust; “Make him think Noah is attacking you!” 

“I wonder how can I make him think Noah is threatening me?” The closing in had happened and Satan shook his spiritual head in spiritual frustration; “I am stuck in here with this dolt and I do not know what is going on outside these stupid, stupid walls.” He felt like he was going to cry; “Stupid, stupid Tubal-cain!”

Almost 2 weeks later Noah came down the main street of Seth City. He saw Tubal-cain’s giant sitting patiently in front of a store, he was too big to go inside. Tubal-cain stepped out of the store into the street, he gave Abath an affectionate pat as he got up.

Noah did not know Tubal-cain was watching him out of the corner of his eyes. Suddenly Tubal-cain’s eyes widened in fear, he gasped and stumbled into the street where he fell screaming; “No! No, don’t hurt me!” The giant looked wildly about in confusion. Noah looked even more confused and raised his hand.

(2Ki. 6:14-17) Then the giant’s eyes focused on the shining man with the flaming sword who stood in front of Noah. “A sword! That is it, that is the threat against my leader.” Abath, the giant, did not know he was the only one there who could see the angel! Abath did not know Tubal-cain was play acting so the giant would attack Noah and the giant lunged toward the guard thinking in his guard dog mentality; “I’ll kill him, then I’ll kill his pack leader!”

The guard’s sword flickered upward into his chest, pierced his heart and flickered back out with blinding speed. The giant grabbed his chest with both hands, staggered backward groaning great gasping groans of agonizing distress and fell on his back in the street with a crash that shook the ground, shuddered and was still.

Tubal-cain was aghast at what he had seen. No unarmed man had ever survived an attack by a giant! Still looking confused Noah dropped his hand, stepped around them and made his way on up the street. Upon examination no wound was found upon the giant. Tubal-cain’s shock was wearing off and he realized he had lost face in front of the residents of Seth City and much of his credibility was gone.

With his head down he hurried away toward home and Satan hurried right on home with him. (Luke 8:26-33) Even a hog won’t live with the devil, but mankind will, especially men like Tubal-cain. That giant also became renowned but Noah had become even more renowned and people feared him more than they had before. “Stay away from Noah, he raised his hand and the giant died, magic!” Superstition gets it wrong every time. They never thought about the power of the God of Eden Noah always talked about.

       #5 B) a situation: (to strengthen, to save by flight) in the definitions at the top.

As we have seen at the beginning of the time of the giants in Part 6 the first 3 giants had started developing a way to communicate by using subtle hand movements and signals. And we have seen how the 3 original giants were teaching other giants their method of communication when they could find them.

The centralized location in the Vindija Cave Valley in a country that would someday be named Croatia which was a crossroads of central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean Nations was an ideal location in which to disburse information and the 3 giants did that every chance they had.

The humans did not realize the giants could communicate. If a giant went hunting he was sometimes gone for 2 or 3 weeks and the owner thought he was gone. When the giant returned the heartbroken owner was so glad to see his prize return he never thought to wonder where he had been. It was no different than a modern hunting dog owner concerned about his lost dog.

The giants had established their own system of messengers and were strengthened. All animals communicate with their own kind. Example: If a predator hunter kills enough coyotes in a particular location the survivors will leave and no coyotes will enter that location again for a couple of generations and the location will be considered “hunted out”. “Don’t hunt there boys, we’ve killed them all!”

Compared to the human population the number of giants was very small and that scarcity of numbers lent to their renown because it is in the human nature to exaggerate to draw attention so self can feel important by knowing something others do not know. Example: A traveler is visiting a far flung town in the south. He sees a giant pick up a 600 pound cow. He gets back to his hometown and brags he had seen a giant pick up a 1000 pound bull.

Another traveler has just arrived from a far flung town to the north; “Boys, that isn’t anything. I saw a giant up north carry a 1000 pound bull for a whole day to get it back to his master so he could doctor it because it was sick!” That first lie was a cause to regard the giant as a man of renown. The last lie was a cause for the giant to be regarded as a man of RENOWN.

The incidences of conflict between man and giant grew more frequent and more people turned against the giants and viewed them as bullies and tyrants. With the new technology in weapons more often than not these conflicts resulted in the death of the giant.

Society was starting to change as more and more people accepted the rights of others to live how they pleased. With that the “rights” grew larger and the “wrongs” were considered much less. Most of the elders still preached the things the God of Eden called wrong but less and less people paid attention. It sounds like modern America, doesn’t it? The unseen God of Eden watched and kept an account. Only He knew the scales of sin were tipping toward judgment! (Isa. 5:20) “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil;”

Since Tubal-cain’s failure to have Noah murdered by his giant and his subsequent loss of face he had kept to himself and steadily distributed weapons, Qunubu and Lachryma. People soon forgot and Tubal-cain hatched another plot with Semjaza, one of the youngest, most beautiful, most ardent Pen-Vul worshippers he had ever known.

They shared the incense of Lachryma, worshipped the fertility goddess Pen-Vul together and prayed fervently to the earth god who directed Tubal-cain. Satan vowed to do all in his power to answer Tubal-cain and Semjaza’s prayers.

Noah was astonished when a beautiful woman flashed him a coy, yet flirtatious look when she passed him on the street. Noah perfectly well knew he was a very plain man, maybe even a little homely and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Long ago women had started using red ocher to color their cheeks and lips and charcoal to line their eyes. Noah thought it a disgusting habit but this woman somehow made Noah forget and he stood there with his mouth open while she strolled on by with liquid movements of her voluptuous body.

Later the woman reported her success back to Tubal-cain and they worshipped together again and Satan was glad to accept their thanks; “Tubal-cain, tell her to hire Noah the carpenter to work on her house.”  “It’s my house, I rent to her for her business!” Satan sighed; “It’s going to be another long session!” The God of Eden smiled; “You have not seen anything yet!”

Noah had enjoyed a special week of closeness with the God of Eden. At the end of that week Noah was surprised when Semjaza, the beautiful young woman, hired him to do some carpentry work on “her house”. The next morning Noah was filled with the fire from the God of Eden when he went to work. The beautiful woman was painted, primped and primed to work her feminine wiles on Noah.

Satan smacked his spiritual lips in satisfaction and anticipation; “Today Noah shall start worshipping the fertility god Pen-Vul and maybe we can even introduce him to Qunubu.”  Tubal-cain did not know anything until nearly noon. He and a fellow worshipper had worshipped Pen-Pen nearly all night with the help of god Lachryma. It always distressed Tubal-cain to worship Pen-Vul with a woman and it was good to cleanse himself with a man.

(2Pet. 2:5 keyword: preacher) It was nearly dark when Semjaza came to Tubal-cain’s house. Her face was cleansed of paint and powder, she was decently clothed with no body parts showing, she had a sweet, smiling humility when she announced; “This day Noah introduced me to the God of Eden, He has cleansed me and He has changed me. I will be going to live with the family of one of the elders who worship the God of Eden.”

With that she turned and left his house. Tubal-cain wept as he punched the wall of his living room until his fists were bloody. Satan whizzed through Tubal-cain’s house screaming spiritual curses of frustration. He finally whizzed out the window and did not come around Tubal-cain for almost three weeks. It took nearly that long to figure out who he hated the worst, Noah or Tubal-cain.

#5 C) A state of being: (concealed, vanishing point, out of mind) in the definitions at the top.

Here and there, once in a while, over the years a giant would quietly disappear. No body was ever found. No person ever came forth that had seen the giant. No explanation was ever offered. Giants cost a small fortune to produce and another small fortune to raise.

But they were worth a large fortune for the prodigious amount of heavy work they could perform and they were worth a larger fortune if they were a champion fighter. They were too big to disappear. But disappear they did, as if they were a puff of smoke in the wind, here and there, now and then, over the years!  Do you believe all this? Of course you don’t, its fiction. Maybe! WHY? “There is no new thing under the sun.” It is the way we are today.