The scope of this commentary begins in Eden and continues into the present day. (Col. 1:16) All things were created by God and for God. So, that tells us man has a “God Place” within him that demands man must worship someone or something to try to fill that “urge”. The vast majority of religions originating from man worship deities such as stone images, natural phenomena, imaginary deities, a prophet, a philosopher, a person; the list is long. With his self-created worship practices man always creates a list or [...]


The Reality of Hell, Four Other Non-Biblical Religions, Satan (Part 1)

In this first article: #1) We will examine how people twist history to erroneously “prove” the Bible is just another book of fables. #2) We will examine the awful reality of hell. #3) We will briefly explore four non-Biblical religions. #4) We will examine Satan the devil. Attacks on the truthfulness of the Holy Bible come in many forms, here is an EXAMPLE: Many people and organizations publish articles that declare the word hades actually originated from ancient Greek mythology because Hades was the name the Greeks gave their [...]

The Reality of Hell, Four Other Non-Biblical Religions, Satan (Part 1)2022-11-21T13:22:55-05:00

God’s Connection to Man (Part 2)

OBJECTIVE: #1) To explore the origin of man. #2) To follow the first-born lineage from Adam to Abram and the great everlasting COVENANT God made with Abram that resulted in physical Israel. #3) To explore the founding of the nation Israel, their bondage and how God introduced Judaism while Israel journeyed to their Promised Land. NOTE: God’s word gives us enough information to know how Satan works. It does not give Satan’s opinion, operation and war against mankind in every Biblical event (Rev. 12:9) but he is there. If [...]

God’s Connection to Man (Part 2)2023-01-09T08:02:04-05:00

Judaism Continued (Part 3)

OBJECTIVE: #1) To explore Israel’s entry into the promised land. #2) To see how Gentiles (non-Jewish bloodline) were included with Israel in their first Passover, with Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, through Abraham’s covenant on into Israel’s conquest of the promised land. #3) To explore how the physical nation of Israel and its physical religion of Judaism rose to its highest mark then entered a downward spiral of failure. #4) To determine, by scripture, the location of the Ark of the Covenant. (Num. 13:22-33) In the forty years in the [...]

Judaism Continued (Part 3)2022-11-21T13:28:00-05:00

The Unveiling of Abraham’s Concealed Covenant Begins (Part 4)

OBJECTIVE: #1) To explore the timeline of man. #2) To explore how Jesus fulfilled prophesy. #3) (Luke 1:35) To explore how the prophesy (to foretell events) hidden in the word overshadow took thirty years to complete. #4) To explain why the four Gospel books differ but arrive at the same conclusion. #5) To explore Jesus’ ministry. REMEMBER THESE DEFINITIONS! (Heb. 9:23 keyword: patterns) The Greek definition of pattern's is: Strong's Concordance #5262: an exhibit for imitation or warning, a figure, copy, an example, model, figuratively, specimen, and adumbration. The [...]

The Unveiling of Abraham’s Concealed Covenant Begins (Part 4)2023-01-17T09:05:27-05:00

The Unveiling Continues (Part 5)

OBJECTIVE: (Isa. 53:1-12 esp. V.7 keywords: a lamb to the slaughter) To understand the fulfillment of the prophesied sacrificial lamb. (John 14:7-8) Jesus’ previous statement; (V.7) “If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him and have seen him.” had gone right by the disciples. Jesus had spoken so many things in such a veiled way that Philip must have looked at Jesus with surprise; (V.8) “Lord shew us the Father, and it sufficeth (is sufficient for) us.” (John 14:9 [...]

The Unveiling Continues (Part 5)2022-11-21T13:30:59-05:00

Pentecost, God’s Identity, The Founding of Christianity (Part 6)

THE UNVEILING CONTINUES OBJECTIVE: To investigate the founding of Christianity. NOTE: (John 21:25) It is obvious there were conversations in various Biblical situations that are not recorded because they would be considered frivolous to the situation. Had they been recorded they would have diluted the content of the point being made and quite possibly the Bible could have been a mile thick and nobody would read it. Sometimes we simply have to flesh out the situation. They were people just like us and they had conversations concerning their time [...]

Pentecost, God’s Identity, The Founding of Christianity (Part 6)2022-11-21T13:32:46-05:00

Hell, Covenant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Part 7)

Objective: To understand (John 4:22) SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS. (Luke 1:1 thru 2:52 & Acts 4:8-12) Jesus is born a Jew and earned salvation for (Acts 8:35-38 & Rom. 5:8-21) those who will believe. (Mark 3:14-19 esp. V.18) The twelve disciples were Jews. (V.18) Simon was from Cana in Galilee (John 2:11) and is referred to as a Canaanite. The actual Canaanite tribes had disappeared as such in the time of Joshua and thereafter between about 1440 and 1100 BC. (Acts 2:1-8) The twelve disciples, (Acts 1:16-26) minus [...]

Hell, Covenant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Part 7)2023-01-17T09:06:07-05:00

Cornelius’ True Identity, Peter’s Spiritual Struggle, Cornelius’ Conversion (Part 8)

Objective: To realize the fallacy of modern man’s (our) tendency to filter our view of ancient Biblical times through the lens of our society, time and place (2Tim. 2:15) and to understand we must study to be approved by God. AND: To continue studying the beginnings of Christianity. HISTORY reveals: The ancient world was a far cry different than this one. In that time of bladed weapons and tools there were no antibiotics. Some plants had antibiotic qualities but they made little difference. A deep puncture wound or cut [...]

Cornelius’ True Identity, Peter’s Spiritual Struggle, Cornelius’ Conversion (Part 8)2022-11-21T13:35:51-05:00

Hell, Covenant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Part 9)

A brief, basic review of mankind’s history: (Col. 1:12-17 esp. V.16 keywords: all things were created by him and for him- God) Man was created with a basic need in his soul to worship. BUT: (Gen. 3:1-24) The man and woman told God by their actions; “We will worship God our own way!” God said; “OK, go do it your way, follow the devil out of Eden and die.” And Eden was gone. (Gen. 6:1 thru 8:22 keyword: offered) Again, except for the linage that produced Noah, man told [...]

Hell, Covenant, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Part 9)2022-11-21T13:36:53-05:00
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