Growth as a Christian: The Survival Principal (Part 6)

(1Pet. 1:24) Pressing on up that gentle grade I'm so thankful I can walk. About twenty of my high school friends are dead, ten or twelve out of my class. The running back on our football team tied the KY state record for most touchdowns scored in a single game, went to college, became a doctor, he lives down south and he's on a walker now. Several of the men I grew up with, up my holler (mountain slang: the hollow between two ridges or points), are dead too. [...]

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Growth as a Christian: The Survival Principal (Part 7)

God, The Eden Curses, Cancer and Me Throughout this article the human conscience, and how society tinkers with it, is very obvious so the word conscience will not be mentioned. When I finished Sin in church: Growth as a Christian: Part 6 at the beginning of last year, 2012, I did not know God had an astonishing Part 7 in which He would demonstrate His glorious power, kindness, mercy and love for an unworthy, unprofitable servant like me. Three curses: God actually placed three curses on mankind when man fell from grace [...]

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The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth as a Christian: The Need Principal

(John 15:14) God's ultimate goal is to develop a loving friendship, a personal relationship, with each individual Christian. The four stages of spiritual growth given in scripture are listed as #1 baby, #2 child, #3 young man and #4 old father. These well-known stages of physical growth are used in the scripture to illustrate the stages of spiritual growth in a Christian’s life. These stages of spiritual growth have nothing to do with a person’s chronological age because common sense tells us a fifty year old man who has [...]

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The Devil: The Deception Principal

Satan uses (Matt. 15:7-9) secular politics, social political correctness, civil law and (Rom. 1:18, Col. 2:8 & 1Pet. 2:1-6) false teachers in Church leadership positions to corrupt Church doctrine (teaching) and bring about REBELLION, DECEPTION, RECRUITMENT, AND SEDUCTION. The first part of this offering scripturally describes how Satan uses false teachers to try to destroy God's Church. The middle part scripturally investigates homosexuality, a contemporary, 2/26/12, source of discord and conflict that is causing a rift in the Protestant Church in America. The last part scripturally shows the proper [...]

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Judging: The Authority Principal (Part 1)

NOTE: The first part of this part gets a little "teachy" concerning prayer. The closer you are living to God the less these scriptural instructions concerning prayer will mean to you because you will already be doing them. BUT: They must of necessity be included so new Christians and weak Christians can learn to develop a more ‘pleasing to God’ prayer life. At the end of this part is an astonishing, scriptural creation sequence. These three parts are an amazing trip through the Christian experience into the heart of God. [...]

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Judging: The Authority Principal (Part 2)

(Mark 9:17-27) As you are beginning to see; the short conversation and the brief, tormented, seven word prayer by the nameless man with the devil possessed son contained every aspect of the Lord's perfect prayer. Please take the time to read the rest of Judging: the Authority Principal parts 2 and 3 and you will understand. (Matt. 6:9-13) Jesus said; "After this manner (on this fashion) therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed (to be holy, pure, to venerate) be thy name. Thy kingdom (realm) come. [...]

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Judging: The Authority Principal (Part 3)

(Matt. 6:13) “And lead us not into temptation (to test, putting to proof; in other words; a trial of your faith, to discipline, to experience adversity), but deliver us from evil (sin and its influence in a life):” Well! How in the world are we going to reconcile two such diametrically opposed statements? If Jesus is always right; AND HE IS; what is He talking about? FIRST; this whole prayer is for us, not Him. You really need to think about that for a minute. The most vivid example [...]

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Backsliding: The Failure Principal

A RE-EVALUATION ONLY YOU BUT FIRST A NOTE: If you have a Christian friend, acquaintance, family member, or just whoever who is backslid or in the process of falling away from church please send them a computer link to this article or if you can, please make a hard copy and personally give it to them. (Mark 8:36) Thank you with all my heart. END OF NOTE. ***Your Christian relationship with God, depending on your values, is directly proportional to your reaction to and your attitude toward what the [...]

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The Process To Obtain Salvation: The New Birth Principal

THE NEW BIRTH PRINCIPAL Normally a seeker of Christ doesn't know the scriptural process of getting saved. He or she is simply drawn to church and to Jesus. They listen to some preaching and teaching about Jesus and salvation. They realize they are lost and they want saved. A time of decision comes. They decide to either accept Jesus as Saviour or refuse Jesus as Saviour. It is obvious they already believe in Jesus if they are willing to pray. They pray and it is done; they are saved. [...]

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