When the first thought came to write this commentary, I was repelled by the idea of giving Satan equal billing with Jesus. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The burden grew worse and would not go away. Of course, I prayed about it as the seemingly endless days drew on while the burden to do this work increased. I believe God planted questions in me because my curiosity also started increasing as the time passed. I believe God gave me the incident of horror with Satan so [...]


The Beginning (Part 1)

REMEMBER THIS:  Theory is defined: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principals independent of the thing to be explained. Wikipedia states: The English word theory derives from a technical term in philosophy in Ancient Greek. To me philosophy sounds like an educated guess. (Col. 2:8) GOD SAID; “Beware (behold, perceive, take heed) lest any man spoil (to lead away as booty, to seduce) you through philosophy (love of wisdom) and vain (empty, void of truth) deceit (delusion), after the [...]

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The Other Creation (Part 2)

Please bear with the first 14 paragraphs that scripturally explain how the other creation could have taken place. The actual events start in paragraph #15. Remember in Part 1 it is noted that part of the definition of the word wisdom that is used to describe Lucifer is to teach. The Bible doesn't say what information Lucifer was supposed to teach the man and woman (Gen. 3:1-6) but you can see in his relationship with them there in Eden he was, for effect, teaching the woman to commit suicide [...]

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The Curse (Part 3)

Remember that Eden was timeless and earth years didn't count there, no time had passed in Eden while Satan built his reptile (serpent) kingdom and God destroyed the macabre results of Satan's failed "Other Creation". God destroyed Satan's miserable creation and let the earth build back like it had been. God restocked the earth with the creatures from Eden. Here's how He did it. SO: Back to the Beginning (Gen.1:11-27) During His creation sequence God created the DNA gene pool and He mixed it to suit Himself to create [...]

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The Murderer and His Seed (Part 4)

(Heb. 11:4) Cain stood over the bloody, lifeless body of his brother. He was stunned, the bloody club slipped from his suddenly nerveless fingers; "What have I done? How can I hide THIS? How can I explain THIS?" Like so many of us do it never entered Cain's mind what the God of Eden would think about what he'd done. It never entered his mind how what he'd done would affect his family either. Like so many of us do he thought only of himself. Even Satan had been [...]

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The Corruption of Seth’s Seed (Part 5)

NOTE: Do not forget: This commentary is based on scripture because the scriptural people lived. Their lifestyle is very, very skimpy in the scripture SO based upon research, imagination and inspiration their lifestyle, the origin of the Neandertals and Giants is basically conjecture, a semi-novel. It had to happen some way that is not given so why not this way or something similar? NOTE: For a moment think about this example of the progress that can be made by intelligent people in a very short time. June 25, 1876 [...]

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The Gathering Storm (Part 6)

There, in the far, far future, near where, the modern city of Varazdin would be built in a nation named Croatia Satan again copied God's method because Croatia is a country that is a crossroads of central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean nations, a country well situated to disburse a population and/or disburse information. In the beginning we learned Satan hated humans because he was proud and jealous that God had taken such special care to make them in His own image. He hated all the hybrid types [...]

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The Time of the Giants and the Clay Tablets (Part 7)

NOTES: From parts 5 & 6 we see the 10 to 12 foot tall giants were genetically 1/4 human DNA, 1/4 native born Neandertal hybrid and 1/2 angel/Neandertal hybrid = 3/4 Neandertal DNA but only mixed as shown before. Man in his urgency to obtain sexual release, his selfishness in obtaining that which makes him happy and (Exodus 22:19-20) his willingness to commit bestiality (sex with an animal) with a soulless, non-human hominid, an animal, had released upon the world a race of giant, soulless, man-like hominids who lived [...]

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Evil Imaginings (Part 8)

NOTE: Some of this information was taken from Ch. 5: The Book of Jasher mentioned in (Joshua 10:13 and 2Samuel 1:18) and translated from Hebrew to English in 1840. The book of Jasher is not authorized to be a part of the KJ Bible and is considered by this writer to be a historical Hebrew document. Any information used from the book of Jasher will be noted by a # and the end of the Jasher information will be noted by a #. END OF NOTE. Noah was 480 [...]

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The Ark (Part 9)

The next visit between Noah and Naamah was a week later at her home on her small farm. To preserve all decor Noah insisted Methuselah accompany him. As the day of the visit approached Noah became more and more fidgety, nervous and sweaty. He had trouble sleeping and had to pray desperately for the God of Eden to cleanse his thoughts of any impurities! He had never wanted to see anyone so badly in his life. When Methuselah's niece, Naamah, admitted them into her home her color was high, [...]

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